• smarkey

    Oh no, she’s really dead!! DDD: This is so sad. So, so sad. :C

  • Poor guy :<

  • chris

    Fantastic facial expressions, both on this page and the previous.

  • He’s not kidding.

  • Nicole

    Luca. ;u;

  • ERA Lanke

    ;_____; poor guy

    but his leave face is scary o____o

    omfg dagger i bet you killed phe why D8 /cries

  • Pirate

    Oh god, those first four frames are fantastic. The dramatic changes in his expression are really well done.
    Can’t wait for the next page!

  • Matoyak

    …wow. O__O

  • Billy the Kid

    I’m a little scared… you made me shat myself listening to king for a day :(

    • Billy the Kid

      OH! you gave him dentures! I just noticed

      • If you look closely they’re a little bit more white than the other teeth XD

        • Billy the Kid


  • Hmm …

    Who is saying that “Ah hah.” at the end?

    You’re going to make me wait and find out aren’t you? Probably better that way. :D

    PS: Poor Phe and Luca. Excellent work on these last few pages they’ve been beautiful.

  • spiffy

    panel four is really amazing.

    i think i might react the same way.

  • Misteree Gurl

    Oh No! Is Phe really dead? This can’t be!

    And what jerk is laughing at the end?! Kick his a** Luca!

  • I nearly had a heart attack when I came on here and saw the new page!

    Poor, poor Luca. God, you can see how much this is killing him. That’s horrible.
    You’re excellent at showing emotion and making your readers feel emotion. Great job!

    I have a feeling we’re going to find out a bit more about Dagre in the next page, because I have a feeling that is who is laughing.

  • Shit. Mental collapse started.


  • I am so so sad. :( Poor poor Phe.

  • Oh god, that fade-to-dark is heartbreaking. Not sure if this was intentional, but I noticed that since Phe began dying, all the reflected light in Luca’s eyes went, like the life was taken out of him as well. Or maybe the lighting in the room is just non-reflection-inducing? Either way, this is AMAZING.

    and HEY those are some very Mocheril-esque bubbles in that last panel…

  • Holy-fucking-teeth, DS! You weren’t kidding when you said you figured out how to draw them!

    Also, my heart is breaking. You are a wonderful story-teller. This whole chapter has been so unexpectedly visceral.

  • OMGhostie

    O_O Well, someone’s pissed. What’s up with his hands…? Is he just so pissed that he ripped them through force… or does he have magic hands?

  • I feel bad, but I laughed at this page. I think his face in the big panel is a little too over the top. Kind of kills the atmosphere D:

    What’s happening with his hands? Whoa.

    • Maybe XD But that’s how I roll, I guess. Oversaturated, overexaggerated, and full of dramas.

      • Willa

        I think it is perfect. The incredible outrage in his expression emphasizes the pain-driven insanity.

      • Bob

        It’s not over the top. The detailed grimace and teeth show the savagery under the angst. It’s well-done, like a fine steak. But I want Peg-legged Stalin there to go insane, disrobe, and molest dead Phe so what do I know?

  • Freaky face, very intense.

    Are his hands giving off heat?

  • Anode

    Is he gripping so hard that his hands are busting out of his gloves?

  • Ambrosia

    So..sad.. :(

  • Limes

    Like most(?) other readers, I’ve been pretty moved by the massive shifts in Phe and Luca’s relationship, especially ending here. I’ve been pretty curious, however, if the loss would have been as effective if the reader was given the entire chapter all at once? I feel everything may have happened too quickly to elicit the same response, which makes me wonder if there are actually some sort of pre-chapters, giving us more buffer time to love Phe, and therefore feel a greater loss. Of course, that’s thinking in terms of a printed product – I think it’s pretty interesting that this method of distribution actually evokes a greater emotional response out of the same amount of work.

    • I don’t want to give anything away in terms of how I’m writing this, but your concerns will be addressed eventually :)

  • sladinforever

    Poor Luca. I wants to hug him. I bet the laughter is the eyes and shadow we saw after Phe and Luca did it. Seems plausible to me

  • Nate

    This is a much heavier psychotic break than I remember reading in the old version. It’s also perfect.

  • Rachel

    Oh man. My boyfriend and I have been waiting for this page. I caught him checking the page on his own, even.
    And I don’t think Phe’s death was too soon. I was attached to her within the first three pages, which means you are, once again, an excellent writer.
    Oh man, oh man, oh man.

  • ahhhh Luca why are you so scary. :(

    His rageface reminds me of a wolverine! Not sure whether that was intentional or not, but it’s fitting nonetheless. c:

    But gosh… Why you feel the need to tear the poor man apart baffles me. You build him up and give him so much development so quickly and then DESTROY HIM :<

    And hm, is that Dagre? Or his younger self again…?

    • He is from the wolverine tribe :B Ferocious, gluttonous, with a tendency to hoard and value their possessions!

  • I teared up. Something fierce.

    It’s like those old cartoons where Tom will start laughing and the laughter turns to uncontrollable crying. Just…man. It hurts seeing Luca go through this.

  • Evan

    Can you explain what’s going on with his gloves, please?

    • That will be obvious fairly soon! Just be patient!

  • Nikaleles

    Nooo. Why are you doing this. I’m crying now.
    … This is amazing.

  • Hundreds

    Aaaargh my internet would load only the first two panels!! The rest of the page won’t loooooaaad NOOOoooooooo Dx

  • Maggie

    Oh no oh no oh no *sob*

    I didn’t notice until I re-read it that he’s holding her and not just sitting next to her. My heart, it is ripped out :(

    I get the feeling that the creepy tiger thing (Dagre?) is about to appear. I seem to recall one of the random Meek sketches from your deviantart account with Luca holding on to Phe’s body and looking up at the tiger and uh oh…..

    Also something very strange is going on with his hand. I get the feeling its cursed or is infused with some very bad energy (emotion-reacting?).

    This is so unbelievably sad, you made me feel so much for this couple in such a short time. Fantastic original characters, I’m on the edge of my seat with this page as much as I was with the last. And sobbing. Lots of sobbing too.

  • Hundreds

    stealing your boyfriend’s laptop to view the comic properly, you’re doing it right!

  • sunnyface

    I found your webpage just recently and… whoa! my life couldn’t be more completed than when I saw an update! You are amazing!!

    Poor man. Seeing him sad makes me depressed :(

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    Also, pretty good idea what’s going to happen. >w> Oh ho ho ho….

  • Herisonne

    Oh I just want to cry with him.

  • AlbinoBee

    What’s happening to his hands in the fourth panel?

  • Comic


  • Chris

    “warning gloves may explode when you get angry”

    luca should have read the fine print when he bought those gloves.

    • It’s not the glove’s fault that he’s sort of crazy (or is it)

      • Chris

        Oh no, Luca sold his soul for a magic pair of gloves.

  • Joe

    One of the interesting things about this comic, although not really having to do specifically with this page, is the lack of visible technology.

    We haven’t seen a single household appliance, mode of transportation, or weapon so far, so it makes it difficult to determine exactly how technologically advanced the society is. For all we know, they could be flying around in hovercars and shooting lasers, but more traditional in architecture and social customs. This is at the same time interesting and annoying. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.

    • Yes, next chapter. There wasn’t much here since we’ve mostly been in jungles and bedrooms and other closed off areas, but we’ll be getting into the “real” world soon.

    • Fleece

      I always thought it was most closely like a very early 20th century. But I greatly enjoy that this world here is so original that you can´t exactly point at any period in our own world and say it´s like this.

  • SilverInk


    WHY?? Who killed Phe?

  • Kimberly


  • antrea

    omg i feel like someone very close to me just died D:
    fourth panel is scary and why is phe dead :'(

  • Shantal

    I saw this death coming because I read your old Meek Comic. XD Anyway, his face scareded me. I literally screamed a little when I saw it, so it’s a great effect you did there with his expression and stuff.

    You can really feel his insanity.

  • Nephry

    You know, at first it looked as if his gloves were ripping, but now I notice that it looks as if there’s some of “distortion” around his clothes as well. It is a somewhat confusing, though very subtle effect that forces the reader to take a closer look at what’s happening. Well done!

  • Sky

    Whooa, I was wondering about those fingers of his and what he meant by “What they did to me”! ….Although I still want to know WHAT they did to him! Thems some strange things ah happening!

  • major_killjoy

    The last panel just killed me. ;_; Now I’m wondering whether the poisoning was intentionally directed towards Phe (like hardcore Pasori warmongers), since she was the only one stopping him from going Genghis Khan on their asses.

    • Actually Genghis Khan was pretty awesome. He would assimilate his conquered areas instead of… uh wanting to kill them all…

  • Oh man, I’ve been waiting so long for this. :D Whew! It’s getting a little dusty in here. >_>

    I bet you’re pumped for the next few pages. Beautifully done as always. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this despite having billions of years worth of work to do. :X

  • silentbuffalo

    You… you actually killed Phe? But but… I liked Phe! D: And they had just gotten over a big fight and were happy and dappy again! I know that for a story to… well, be a story, it needs to have some kind of storyLINE as in, something bad happened or at least something to work forward to. *sniffle* If you had taken out the ambassadors, they could still feel righteous anger whatnot, or whatever was intended to make the storyline go forward, riiiight? Go on- just a couple of switched faces to meat-hater over there… NOBODY WILL KNOW. I will keep it a secret, I promise.

  • paperjellyfish

    Yay! Teeth! (I just think teeth are interesting.)

    I like the little people/big room alone-ness of panel 6.

  • If someone told me to leave with a face like that I wouldn’t just be tip-toeing out, I’d be running as fast as I could. @_@

    • La-Price


  • Enchiladas

    My thought process upon looking at this page:
    ‘Oh god, laughter, he’s snapped- Oh wait a sec- HOLY CRAP….Awww.. AWWWWW!’

  • Hmmm?

  • Kate

    Ohhh no. Is it creepy black shadow thing with red eyes talking (or laughing) in the last panel??

    • Sam

      Good question.

      • Essie


  • NeverfilledVoid

    That doctor sure gave up fast. o.o From now on, I don’t think the ambassadors will have an easy time to make him agree on peace. Luca deserves a bear hug. <3

  • Loral

    Did she…. die? No!!!!

    • Of course not, she’s fine. :|

      • My personal conception of the “neutral-face” is that of dry sarcasm, but that emoticon exudes slightly confused concern.

        • Lillian Bell

          I’m mainly picking up the sarcasm.

  • Nadiasama


  • DoggySpew

    I think Luca is laughing at the absurdity of it all in the first two panels. Then snapping.

    • DoggySpew

      Oh and Luca is hugging Phe in panel 3. Breaks me heart.

  • This was totally worth the wait, I’m not going to lie, literally every day I go to your website to see if you updated :)
    Oh wow, needless to say this is a really powerful page, beautiful to say the least. The fourth panel was crazy, you seriously have a skill at displaying emotion! The last panels are actually my favorite, the lighting and just the emptiness Luca is faced with now that he’s completely alone (referring to 6th panel) and that tear in the last panel, oh god it’s so powerful.
    I think I know who’s responsible…

  • BentKatana

    Oh man…is the tiger laughing behind him? Did LUCA kill her?! (Only it was really the tiger? Dagre, right?) Oh snap, love this comic!

  • LordOfChains


    just cuz.

  • Fleece

    What, when the people left, they also turned off the light?

    Hoping to see the giant tiger in the next page.

    • Ravath

      I guess it’s not about ‘switching off’ the light. I guess it’s ’bout passing time. And that suggests that Luca is sitting there with body of his wife for quite some time. Notice that laughter only appeared in something which seems like night-time or late evening.
      Also : I said he’ll go berserk. For a while, at least. And pieces of gloves flying around surely say ‘or i’ll burn you with my mind’. Or something similar. Anyway, interesting touch. I’d like to see his hands right now.

  • Wood

    What’s this “giant tiger” people are talking about ?

    Also, are his fingers burning through the gloves ? What exactly happened to his hands when he was younger ?

    • The giant tiger is Dagre, a demon that haunts poor Luca. I’m not sure of it’s backstory other than what I’ve read on alexd1’s deviantart, but from what I know he means serious business. Dagre is also refered to Mocherils brother in the first chapter, I believe.

      Here’s a link to a picture:

      • James III

        I definitely think Dagre is the one who killed Phe, though I don’t imagine he’d be revealing himself to Luca now. But I could be wrong, maybe he’s just going to play on Luca’s hatred.

        Here, “Grandfather” states that his brother (who I am going to assume is Dagre in a marvelous leap of faith) is out to get Angora’s people. Assuming Angora’s “people” are either the Carissi or simply live in Caris. So Dagre simply has to take advantage of the unsteady relationship between the Carissi and Luca (who is most assuredly the man who hates in the name of love).

        Not to mention that the name of Chapter 2 IS “The Lady and the Tiger”. Worth noting, I thought.

        By the way, DOES Luca have powers? I thought that was uncharacteristic of this universe until I remembered Angora controls plants with her MIND.

        • James III

          In other words, tl;dr.

    • For the tiger:

      Read the first chapter! D:

  • Fergus

    Wow, this comic is great. But… what tiger? I read the whole of chapter 2 again and I saw the shadow with the glowing eyes… but still, WHAT tiger?

  • sofistik8d

    wow, that expression really rocks you to the core.
    i dislike these long waits for updates even though it’s totally worth it :(

  • Omg, his teeth! You rock at drawing teeth! And those wrinkles around his nose, wow – I love studying how you exaggerate expressions. :)

    Also, poor Luca… : ( I’m gonna miss Phe too!

  • ampquot

    Looking forward to Suda’s and Rana’s reaction.

  • smorki

    …wait a minute, wasn’t some blood already on Phe’s neck when she started choking?

  • Emma

    I love mental characters.
    I have to admit, his face in panel 3 turned me cold after all that laughter.
    This reminds me of a nightmare I had when I was much younger….

  • Lizzie

    Oh, Luca… poor devil.
    Well, now that you’ve ripped out everyone’s heart, what next I wonder? Hmm, I wouldn’t have thought there was anything to learn about his hands shaking. I just thought it was stylized rage.

  • Ponthion

    You’re putting up a new page just to show another face that’s giving me nightmares? Haha…

    This was intense.. At the last two pages I thought I’m going to cry, but this one made me cry for real. And I don’t know what to say now… ugh

  • cay

    does luca put in fake teeth or something when he’s around company?

    because i remember him not having the front ones in the earlier ones.

  • Gleebits

    Behold the almighty glove shattering force of my rage! Luca Sadar Duvida Gulo of Earth, you belong to the Red Lantern Corps!

  • I like that he stays dry-eyed until the people leave the room. Nice touch, and very true to his character.

  • Talonheart

    Huh… Dunno if it’s my imagination, but I was under the impression that Luca was missing his front teeth..? He was show to have a gap, or something, in many earlier pages of this chapter. = Was it a mouth guard, or did he like to keep raisins there as a snack..? Just wondering, because now I’m confused. ><

    • Talonheart

      Ah, nevermind, just checked the Meekipedia and read that he wears dentures in public. =) That explains it!

      • AlexTenshi

        ohhhhhhhhhh that explains it

    • Danreiv

      He is.

      You can see the 2 upper incisivs are more white than the other teeth, also they don’t look attached to the gum unlike the others. Fake teeth ;)

  • AxelxGabriel

    Ok guys, You see that point between the first and fourth panel? That’s the exact point all his sanity was just snapped in two.

  • AWESOME page. That burning/shimmery/mirage effect on his hands is great.
    *sigh* Poor Phe, poor Luca…

  • haelyrom

    This page is amazing. :)

  • The part of me that hopes Phe is still alive and this isn’t real is clinging to the fact that the response to her death has had minimal response–she’s the wife of the Emperor, so where are guards and intelligence officers corralling the guests for questioning, making sure no one who was present at the dinner party leaves the palace, etc.? I understand that in theory, these things would be contingent somewhat on Luca’s orders/response, but still, such people would have a job to do to protect their rulers and figure out what happened. Someone already mentioned that it seemed as though the doctor didn’t do a whole hell of a lot–at the same time this would have a nightmarish, surreal quality for Luca, that seemed too much like a vision or a dream to me: those dreams where exactly what you fear happens and there’s nothing you can do.

    Mostly I’m just trying to convince myself she’s not dead, just like Sirius isn’t dead. :D

  • rainey

    I backed away from the screen a little at Luca’s angry face. THOSE TEETH

  • Peter-the-Fisherman

    It’s ok Luca, I cry like that too. (Insane laughter followed by a sorrowful/angry explosion).

  • Jimmy

    she’s gone, isn’t she? :(

  • sweet_gardenia


    oh gods I love pyschotic break scenes in stories and this one was done SO AMAZING. I shuddered. I would join everyone else in giving hugs but I think Luca would buzzsaw my face and arms tatermitt style

  • The Pink Ninja



  • faq_32

    what is going on with his hands?

    • He’s conjuring up some dark magic or something O.O

      (you mean the teeth panel right?)

  • Lazysmirk

    Great dentures. Really.

  • OAO omygawd!!! this is so sadd!!!
    i could cry omygawdomygawd she not dead right?! right?!…cause..

    oh gawd the emperor will go crazy!!!!

  • Mani

    I love the fact that we haven’t seen a detailed image of a person other than Luca (except maybe the doctor’s hands) since he started running to his ailing wife.

    Subtle but consistent representation of where his focus is, of everyone else being small and irrelevant to him (even the ambassadors, who many might think would be the focal points of his rage, aren’t seen after she starts choking).

    I also check this comic daily for updates. For reasons like this. Excellent work.

  • Aw, Luca. I’m scared for what’s going to happen next…

    Also, thanks for the fave on my napkin pic! It made me laugh! And a quick question, I am really struggling with coloring skin, and I checked out your tutorial. Do you have the shadows on a different layer? If so, what’s your technique for this? I want the family portrait to come out as amazing as possible, so I need all the help I can get!

    • For that coloring tutorial, yes I had the shadows on a separate layer. I don’t color like that anymore though, I use one layer for skin and do all of the painting on that layer and merge it with other layers as I go. Its more cohesive that way, I think…

      • Barbara

        So, I would paint the basic skin color, then on top of that the shading and all that and merge it down?

        • If you’re following that tutorial, then yes. I’d also suggest doing a color balance once you’re all flattened to make all the colors cohesive.

  • haime

    his gloves look like they are gonna burst into flames

  • AlexTenshi

    WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! ……….when did he get his front top teeth back? o_o

    • AlexTenshi

      nvm XD

  • Simply Me

    Hmmm, I don’t really get whats going on with Luca’s hands in that fourth panel…

    That last panel is absolutely lovely, and so emotional.

    • TLL

      i’m pretty sure they’re burning–the shimmery/wavy effects are heat emanating from them, and bits of glove have burned off. Plus, y’know:
      Hands are subtlely burning in this picture too, and referred to–ever so eloquently–as ‘his whatever deathands’. Which might be my favorite phrase ever now.

      TL;DR, Luca has thooperpowerth.

  • Maelstrom

    Not sure what’s going on in the fourth panel! Did he yell through his gloves? :O

  • Koi

    I thought he was missing his two front teef : D
    …Same thought for page 33.

    But other than those thoughts!

    Wow, such emotion… You really captured the ‘crazy’ aspect.
    And this not only strikes fear into my heart, but wrenches tears from my eyes… ; _ ;

    • It is the magic of dentures!

  • marinated_fish

    Creepiness ensues.

  • Pfhortipfhy

    I hope you did well on your test!

  • Xero

    I’m a bit confused as to what happened. Awesome comic so far, though.

  • Poor sobbing sod

    Aha, so that’s why the room is so big. This way the tiger will fit in. It’s easier to draw like that.

    If I’m correct.

  • Ryl

    Just wanted to say the tears streaming from his eye in that last panel is absolutely heart-wrenching, particularly since it’s at the end of the page and you know he’s held her lifeless body for hours. :(


    i like to think that the crazy laughing from earlier somehow echoed around the building and came back

    cuz what else could it be?

  • Why are his hand and collar disintegrating?? :o

  • Maruviel

    … I dont like that his hands look like they’re on fire/melting. Like there’s some “source” causing the distortion. Very creepy :< (thinks of the odd ghost in the bedroom) nuuuu~

  • Sparky

    Holy friggin cow. I’d leave. Fast.

  • SkaSki

    Oh god, the rage! I’m pretty sure I know what the laughter is coming from but I won’t spoil it! Great job on the emotion here, his anguish is almost tangible.

  • Emi

    That’s just so sad..

  • Emperial

    Ohmygod, Der-shing, you are made of AWESOME. This is possibly my favorite page ever so far. I want that fourth panel for my wallpaper.


    • Wait till the next page then, haha!

      • Emperial

        You totally spoil us. <3 I leap with excitement!

    • Luzerne

      That would be a pretty terrifying wallpaper.

    • lol, I totally want that panel at my front door! XD

  • FuulieQ

    Holy damn, Luca, they are called BRACES. o-o;;

  • powree

    So she’s really dead????

    • She has kicked the bucket, yes.

      • lol

        • Kebkeb

          that’s not funny why you laugh? sad sad sad

          • Sir Reginaldo

            She was my favorite character so far. She had balls enough to stand up to Luca and probably is the reason Luca survived this long.

  • Isaia


  • aspectabund

    Okay, I must know – I thought he was missing some front teeth? It totally looks like it during the bedroom scene. Does he have some fake ones to put in for formal occasions OR DID YOU FORGET?

    Hahaha, that aside, whoa, anger! I super like the change in colour mood in the last couple of panels, too. C:


      Haha no he has dentures

  • Okay, uhhh…. What in the hell just happened?

  • Deanna

    Sad timmess D:

  • Konira

    Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho, I can’t wait for the other ones. Great job on the effect and that pure rage. Very lovely. I’ve wanted to see Luca’s stuff at full force for a long time.

    • Full force?? haha we are not even close

  • Zoula

    Awesome page, but isn’t he supposed to be missing his two front teeth? Or did I get mixed up? xD

  • CFM

    Oooh…. boy….. the suspense is going to get to me….

  • Trish

    This is the greatest Web Comic I have stumbled upon by far!
    …Well I didn’t stumble using Stumble!. I just clicked links… n such.
    ANY way, I loved Phe!!
    Poor Luca :(
    Poor kids!

    Wonderful, wonderful artwork! Makes me want to pick up the tablet again.

  • TR

    :< but… but…


  • she ,died…

    man just…now i’m really into that comic…you made me love both the main characters you presented me, the art is amazing, and man the storyline is so cativating so far! you deserve a award…and…

  • TBman256

    can’t wait to see if Luca has some special powers

  • Katherine

    With regards to his dentures, did you purposely colour the teeth in the front to make them look unnatural from the rest? because if you did, you earn a total WIN for thoroughness.

    and even if that’s not the case, this comic in all earns a major WIN! :O

    also, a question-what were they doing in the last page to her throat? What was their intent for slicing it like that? just curious.

    • Haha, yeah, you can tell they are a bit whiter than the surrounding teeth. I figured the denture makers would err on the side of pearly whites.

    • Emma

      Its a kind of sugery to help breathing.
      You cut holes in the throat to allow accress to the windpipe, I think.

  • ImmortalMuffins

    Is it bad that when I look at Luca in the fourth panel, I think of that scene from Lord of the Rings when Bilbo is trying to get the ring back from Frodo? I mean, he honestly does look like a possessed hobbit like that.

  • Tia

    aw, now i feel a little bit sick.

  • Rachel

    Awww, damn. Poor Luca. </3

  • Kat

    What a sad, lonely life.

  • Reo

    Oh my, Luca is broken.

    @ Katherine-they performed a Tracheotomy, to give her a chance to breathe if the windpipe was swollen shut/otherwise obstructed.

  • awol360

    The funny thing is, part of me sees Luca turning around to find the Big Black Cloud of Death from Lost lurking behind him.
    In all honesty, great stuff. The art constantly reminds me of Penny Arcade (in a fashion) with a greater depth of realism, shading and human proportions. Have you taken many art classes or are you self taught (not asking to be rude or to slight you, just curious)?
    You’ve caught me hook, line and sinker; I’m excited to see how your story unfolds.

    • I’m ‘self-taught,” though I find that phrase to be misleading since I’m constantly learning from other artists in a more informal way. Thanks for the nice words :)

  • pd

    The rage is just…I can’t decide if I like the distortions or the animalistic baring of the teeth more.

    Loving the pacing, it’s got me on the edge of my seat hoping that the next click brings me a new update….

  • Ellemar


  • I love his mood shifts in this page. The last panel doesn`t bode much good…I love Luca in it though, I just noticed the tears on his cheek after a second look. His emotions are so extreme and quickly changing, yet it`s very believable in this situation. Poor Luca…

    • Kish

      what tears on his chee– O THERE THEY RRRRR!!!!

      I don’t notice much… XD


    NO! I can’t believe she is dead! I’m as mad as when they killed off Rita in Dexter. However, magic does exist in this world. Maybe a magical resurrection will take place?

  • I really love the first three panels at the beginning of the page, you’ve been able to render Luca’s reaction very well with such a sequence :)

  • Reading through the comments I am constantly bewildered and amused by the selective amnesia of your readers. X3

    • Well it helps if it doesn’t take me a year to do one chapter XC

      • Haha, yes, maybe. Though topics like Luca’s front teeth come up every 2nd page or something. XD

  • Mark

    Haha, magical resurrection. Taking all meaning out of PC deaths before you can say ‘plot coupon.’

    So, half-crazy Emperor whose wife was quite possibly the only thing holding him together. Who was just died (possibly murdered) next to two ambassadors of a country he personally loathes.

    I sense Conflict.

    • Inkblot

      Get me some Claire Bennet blood over here, stat!

  • korilian

    Holy sh*t! I didn’t expect her to actually die! I mean, she’s got her own wiki page!

    • Inkblot

      Which, last time I checked (some months ago), referred to her as dead.
      :( Poor Phe…

      • Really? I don’t think so… I’ve been keeping it spoiler-free for as long as the comic has been online (unless you saw it when I made it in early 2009 :B)

  • This whole scene is so powerful, it takes talent to get this image out in such a way that it still haunts me!

    I really wonder how this will effect the plot, I suppose now that his love is gone there’s nothing stopping him from being a true tyrant monster.

    Still I hope she’s okay!!

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    and of course the second thought was..

    “She’s going to die.”

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    Wow. Great story. I look forward (Well, maybe not the word.. trepidation?) to how the story progresses, even though I seem always to get attached to characters who are then summarily killed off.

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  • Erick


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    If Luca is going to be the gun, who is pulling the trigger? Someone wants him to go to war.

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    I’m not sure exactly what happened to him when they “stole his body” but I do not think that this human form is quite exactly him… I’m curious to see what lies underneath.
    You’ve really captured the emotions of this so well. Great work.

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    But… But… Phe…. *sniffle*

    On second thought, I have a feeling that these recent events can’t bode well for our dear Emperor’s sanity, in the eyes of his people.

    ….Oh, dear.

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    Thank you.

  • Evan

    Hey, I was wondering if you’re planning to make a map of the world that this is set in?

    • I actually do have one! It is 3/4 done, and I haven’t had time to work on it recently. It will likely show up in the book though :)

      • two suits

        Isn’t the entire story taking place in something like post-apocalyptic-California? ‘Cause the map in Pinter’s tent waaay back in 1.17 sure looks like the western U.S. on its side. hmm…

        And, awesomely freaky teeth in panel four!

        • Red

          Looks like it. I did an overlay and they were almost exact…I hadn’t even thought of it being in our world till you mentioned that!

  • DeliciousPineapple

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    Also, does he have fake teeth in?

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    Ok, I think I know where this is going:

    Phe: “You can have your revenge or you can have me”.

    Luca: “Ok, you win, I’d rather have you.”

    (Make up sex).

    Phe, at dinner: “Oh, hell, I’m dead!”

    Luca: “REVENGE, THEN!”

    Guests: “Aw, jeez, look at the time.”

    Spooky ghost thing: “Schwing!”

    Betcha five bucks he boils the ambassadors in fancy olive oil.

    (LOVE the comic! It just keeps getting better…)

    • Genebit

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    • GAH! that was so long ago!

      thanks dude :)

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      Like Soli in chapter 3 could be the woman who cries but sheds no tears.
      Maybe, maybe not

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  • I keep seeing everybody say that they cried when reading this page (I’ll admit, I got extremely teary eyed) and I can just imagine your joy.
    I mean, as a writer I would be ecstatic to bring out emotion from my readers, it must make you so happy to know that you’re able to cause emotion like that.

    Great job! Can’t wait for the next page.

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    • Nikki

      aha! I just made a comment about this too.

    • He’s wearing dentures :) As for the squiggles…

  • One thing I noticed, was that the dinner plates, dishes and bowels disappeared…

    • Or is that not one of the dinner tables? I am mixing up the furniture placement, and I remember they brought all the food out on an extra table….
      …i dunno. Semantics.
      ignore me XD

      beautiful and scary.
      You keep leaving these pages on cliffhangers and its kiilliinngg meee
      I am so addicted!

    • shhhhh XD

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    I was just wondering why up until now, it had seemed like Luca was missing some of his front teeth, or at least there was a noticeable gap on the top row of teeth whenever he had an open mouth.

    Is it just me…? :/


    I notice things like this.. I’ve read EQ comics where the elves only have four digits, but have seen a fifth finger occur only once… My funny attention to detail.


    • Erode

      Luca wears dentures while in public

  • tree

    I think I read somewhere that he wears fake teeth and pretends to be healthy, when he’s really not so as not to worry anyone(or let them assume he’s weak) which is why he wears gloves to hide his hands and…I guess the teeth bit too to maybe look more decent to people.

  • stevierox

    If you look carefully, you can see his front two teeth are way nicer and shinier than the rest of his teeth. That absolutely suggests fakes.

    I’m sure Luca’s pretty self-conscious about his injuries, hence the gloves, fake teeth, etc. Not only could it be a sign of weakness (like tree said) and it could also be a way to hide the reminders of what happened to him during the war…

  • Fluro


    Dunno why, this page makes me love luca ;n; i want to draw him again (better than last time cos i failed then)

    more comic plz

  • MrWeasel

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  • this is the point where the story hooked me, too.
    Are his hands doing their magical juju in the fourth cell?

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  • mattie

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    Because I see heat waves.

    • what the bloody hell…( youll have to excuse me im not as silly or idiotic as most people who write on threads. im more seriouse so yeah )….are you talking about…..

  • Wow, his hands do heat up O_o, didn’t notice that the first time around :P

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    great page, though! i almost cried D:

    • He wears dentures, which he removes when he doesn’t need them (they are sort of annoying to wear)

  • cassandra

    once you get to this part….he has all his teeth lol before he didnt lol he had a gap :P

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    Btw, while this page does sadden me, does anyone else find panel 4 to be something hilarious to put on your door or on a private journal?

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    Coming back to this page, I realize that he kind of resembles the Dagre in panel 4, with his eyes and his mouth.

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