Obviously Dagre is a bit more straightforward than his brother, haha… there’s a reason for that, but in the meantime I guess you can be glad that there is not another vague prophecy in this comic.

Today is my last non-finals day before the school year is over! Almost there!


  • Cheri


    Dagre’s neck defies logic and I love it. =]

  • Jesper

    Hoo boy hoo boy hoo boy now there’s gonna be war :O
    Dagre is an awesome, magnificent bastard. I do believe he has a lot to do with Phe’s death.

  • Lis

    Dagre’s creepy eyes and tongue…

    I love this.

    And yay, no vague prophecy!

  • Lynz

    HOLY CRAP!!!
    I love love love love looooooove your work so much!

    This is so good! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


    I find it really interesting/cool how just doing the close ups on the Dagre’s face really changes the apparent emotion in his expression. even though I’m assuming it’s the same insane grin all through the strip, cutting off the corners of the mouth makes it seem kinda sad or desparate…. really fascinating!

    (sorry, randomly musing over your art. take it as a compliment!)

  • Pixie

    Yay for update! Boo for Dagre and his suspected role in Phe’s death and in general, his want to kill everyone. *gets a squirt bottle to spray Dagre with* Bad deformed kitty!

  • Dantino

    I am SOOOOO on the edge of my seat. This is really unfolding nicely now, i can’t wait to see what happens! :o

  • Fluffy


    Why does he look like a llama ? Its the long neck maybe… or the hypnotizing eyes * O*

  • Podima

    It’s a nice touch that, even with the extreme closeup in the last panel, you can tell that he’s baring his teeth even more in a nasty/crazy grin by how all the skin is bunching up. How many different references did you have to sort through to portray that well? It’s fantastic!

  • Laurens



  • BentKatana

    Congratulations and good luck! Oh no, does he mean all of the people represented by the embassadors?! :o Oh snap…

    • Gavin

      I don’t think he means *just* the people represented by the ambassadors. Like his brother, Dagre is a force of nature. My take is that Dagre doesn’t care who the emperor is. The emperor is a pawn who is useful because he’s in a position to get a lot of people killed (including his own). When the emperor is weakened by war, I have no doubt Dagre will find another, more useful pawn.

      Very interesting storyline, and like pretty much everyone else in the world, I love the artwork.

  • NeverfilledVoid

    Man this is so awsome!
    I noticed how Dargre looked more like a dragon when his brother mentioned him. Maybe it was just the narrow frame that made him apparear like one.
    Alittle critique: I think his… neck hump should be more above his frontlegs, because it look abit out of place. o.o

    • errr

      I think I missed something. When did this happen? ><

    • I think it’s supposed to be like that.

      Or, at least, it makes it muuuuuuch creepier

    • Arcshot

      I believe this is why it looks much more like a dragon in the first mentioning…The neck is ungodly long.

      • NeverfilledVoid

        And that his face is croped. Long neck equals long mussle in my mind, I guess. o.o

    • Dagre… all of him is sort of out of place T_T ahaha

  • Bogrim

    Llama associations, anyone?

  • DeliciousPineapple

    Yes because I would totally listen to the creepy disproportionate tiger with glowy eyes and whose tongue seems to have a mind of its own.


  • rainey

    His glowy eyes are so…glowy. MOAR BLOOM

  • foxlets

    Luca is Dagres brother :O

    • Erica

      No, I think Mocheril is Dagre’s brother.

  • Ross

    It appears that you designed Dagre to be unsettling by appearance alone. His disproportionate neck and conflicted expression of sad eyes and wicked grin really give me the willies. Well done.

  • Herisonne

    No! Don’t listen to the uglyest tiger.

  • Lurker

    Don’t give in to peer pressure, Luca!

  • kat

    Man, what a well done villain. Truly, original and very creepy.

  • Elyssia

    I love how you break his speech into mono syllables. I can imagine a heavy, creepy intake of breath between each one, like he was panting or something as he spoke.

    This is my first post btw, Long time lurker. Phe made me cry, but it took an evil, distorted tiger the size of a yacht to get me to post.

    We need something happy to lift the mood, when are Angora and Pinter coming back?

    • Haha, well Chapter 3 is a bit more silly, and Angora and Pinter will be back in Ch 4!

  • Enchiladas

    Jesus. That has got to be the creepiest goddamn thing I’ve even seen! XD That neck is just….uuuahaaahhhhhhsavemenow.

    Yeah, good thing about Darge is that he is straight to the point. He should host game shows, save us a lot of time XD
    …and there would still be a tense atmosphere, because he is friggin creepy.

    • Carpathian Forest

      Whe-el.. Win
      Your prize
      DIE DIE
      So-rry a-bout
      that… Tou-rette’s….
      – Dagre hosting a game show.

  • Emma D

    Although, in the 2cnd to last panel where his mouth is cut off, he looks almost…desperate.
    And brother? Don’t remember ever hearing they were brothers…ah, I probably just missed it.
    :D Keep it up!

    • Erica

      I think she’s referring to Mocheril as Dagre’s brother.

      • Emma D

        Ah, thanks.

  • Juuust finished reading through the comic. It’s utterly brilliant. Your sense of character and fantastic artwork would win me over on their own, but the events in these most recent pages seal the deal. O drama.

    I love Luca’s expression of utter defeat in the middle panel; he really looks ready to accept everything Dagre’s saying. I feel like there’s something off in the last panel though – I’m left wondering whether Dagre’s snarling? It looks like his muzzle’s crinkling up more than before, but the big speech bubble obscures it too much to be sure… The size of the speech bubble vs. the size of the text inside it kinda mutes his final statement too. It feels like it should be one of those killer closing lines but it doesn’t stand out as much as I’d expect. I dunno, I may be noticing that especially because of the oo-drama LEAVE, eheh.

    • Good points… I’ll finish the chapter and then go back and look at the panel. I agree that it could be improved!

      • Mordecai

        Agreed. It must be a bit hard to make him snarl, since he seems to be drawn not to have gums or upper lips to speak of; wrinkling up the snout without having him draw back his lips and bare his gums looks a bit off. Mostly though I think it’s that we’ve seen another shot of him from the same angle immediately before; I think with a different panel 3, panel 4 would look much more powerful.

        Regardless, wonderful wonderful wonderful!

  • Paul

    Always do a background check on your animal/demi-god familiar. If it turns out his interests include initiating apocalyptic wars, you may wish to consider requesting that a new one be assigned to you.

    • Given that you have a choice in the matter :B

    • David J Prokopetz

      It’s possible that the “starting apocalyptic wars” thing is really more of a hobby, and thus never came up. ;)

  • Jeez in the last page Dagre’s neck didn’t seem half as long, but let-me-tell-you if you were going for the eerie look you captured it perfectly, his disproportionate neck length, his tongue hanging out and his eyes that glow with a certain…madness might i say. Beautiful!

  • Emperial

    Dagre’s neck is so awesome. Why was my first response to this page “D’awww, adorable!”?? Despite being murderous, disproportionate, and unsettling, seeing Dagre in full just elicits a desire to pet the kitty. Even though he could most likely eat me in one bite.

  • Lunaroki

    I get the sense that Dagre is one of those characters whose body shape is not fixed like most but constantly dynamically shifting. It’s kind of like he’s only really concerned where a few key parts of his body are at any given moment and everything else shifts and morphs and stretches to accommodate. Creepy kitteh is creeeeeeeepy!

    • Sean-Z

      The other thing you have to consider is that before we even saw Dagre, we were told by his brother that he is severely weakened. So, maintaining any semblance of a solid form could very well be too difficult given his “weakened state.”

  • DukeSparky

    In the first panel the face that Dagre made had me thinking he was gonna ask, “You gonna finish that?”.

  • Dagre and Mocheril are basically playing God, aren’t they?

  • Cestus

    …This…can’t end well.

  • Littlemog

    I think as far as the “not sure if he’s snarling” on that last panel goes, showing some gum might help. They’re showing in the penultimate panel, presumably he’s snarling more on the last panel but there’s actually slightly less teeth/gum showing?

    That said, personally my eye was drawn to his glowing eye and I didn’t even notice until reading the comments.

    I love the dramatic lighting cast by his eyes, the superfine whiskers and Luca’s bedraggled hair. The rendering of scale (Luca vs Dagre) is awesome too, as is the icky detailing on Dagre’s tongue.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking about revising that last panel. The point was to show his eye but I think the extra glowing might be getting in the way (or I did not balance the panel well enough in general)

  • Littlemog

    Oh, and those ears. I love how there’s no overboard ‘dramatic monster has to have dramatic every-body-part!” They make him look like a teddy bear.

    The scariest teddy bear in the world.

    • LeDayz

      I too love the cute roundy ears, though he is much more scary in this page than the last..

  • eli

    He is excessively creepy. Great design <3

  • melodycass

    wow just wow

    is he crossed with a graiffe and a tiger….and a anteater?

  • Fleece

    I love how Dagre never closes his mouth. Adds excellently to the overall excellent creepiness everyone has pointed out.

  • Owen


    Well, yes, I guess that would be the obvious solution.

    • Thats like the party line for this guy though. You ask him for the time and he’s all “KILL EVERYONE”… it gets annoying.

      • Owen

        Some people just can’t take no for an answer.

  • StephenM3

    I really like how the spacing of multiple-syllable words works to describe his way of speaking. I can really hear a particular kind of paced speaking, as if he’s forcing himself with concerted effort to talk.

    Any reason he says “away” without the gap?

    • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about

  • Maphysto

    I love the way his eyes glare out even more as he contemplates mass death and suffering.

  • Kish


    where’d you get the idea for dagre and mocheril (yes i remembered his name woot!)? i mean, yeah they’re giant animals, BUT HOW WAS IT DONE!? XD and the giant-long neck, whattabout that?


    • Uh, its awesome? The way I’m writing this story is I think of all the things that I find to be awesome and put them in one place.

      • Kish

        i see, i see. C:

  • DoggySpew

    Okay, I’m now voting for a wide screen wallpaper of Dagre. Anyone in says “Aye”.


    • melodycass


    • Aye!

    • Aye

    • sofistik8d


    • Christine


    • Aye!!

      • Allie

        Aye aye!

    • There was one, earlier in the year XD Maybe I’ll bring it back for something.

  • Joe

    Dagre’s single syllable speech is AWESOME.
    So awesome that I alliterate in glee.

  • cheshire

    I love Dagre’s character design. I love those creepy characters :D

  • Calcumon

    He’s a monster! I love it!

    He doesn’t look too worse for wear from his fight with Mocheril. But, is that a trickle of blood on his fangs in the last panel? Maybe he just has poor dental hygene.

    Also: Aye!

    • He’s not very healthy! Should brush his teeth more often…

  • I offer myself to give him a manicure.

  • Pretty sure Dagre has a very different definition of “them”… :3

  • Mish

    Oh sweet lord, what have you created?! Seriously… oh mother of mercy, that thing will haunt my night terrors for a good few years yet o_o

    Monster demon deformed dragon tiger?! Where does that even come from?! Brilliant, awesome, cool, ingenious…

    and Absolutely F***ing Terrifying.

  • paperjellyfish

    I think it’s funny how Dagre’s sitting in the first panel – splayed legs and tiger butt plopped on the carpet.

  • Aw, damn. I love this fucking comic more with every new page!

  • Milo

    One who hates in the name of Love? Check :D

  • Omegasama

    Creeepy… Dagre is really REALLY creepy.

  • Allie

    Them all must mean Angora’s people.. because her grandfather said something about their people being killed, and she had that blonde hair…

    Only I still don’t know how it turned green, but that’s fine.

    • Ellemar

      Wow, we haven’t seen Angora in so long, I almost didn’t know who you were talking about.

    • According to the Meekipedia:

      “Angora’s greenish hair is attributed to moss and small plants that have adhered themselves to the hair. She has no explanation as to how this could be, nor how the plants have manage to survive and thrive in such a foreign environment or after washings.”

      • Jac

        What I’m wondering is how her eyes changed color.

        • Rachel

          They didn’t.
          They’re green in the present and the flashbacks.

        • Her eyes are actually green with orange in the middles. Its an actual type of eye color, not me being sparkledog-ish.

          • Misse

            Angora’s eyes look almost exact to my own. It is actually a pretty sick eye color to have. =]

  • Christine

    Dagre in the first panel, with his odd speech pattern, is the creepiest thing that I have seen in awhile. And yet, I can not stop looking!

    I absolutely love this comic, no lie. It’s so well written and the artwork is amazing. More, please!

  • Rika84

    Your Dagre has been giving me nightmares. o_o
    It’s terrifying but so dang beautiful.
    I love it! He talks in such a cool way as well.

  • Anon

    wow Dagre is freaky as fuck

    for some reason I imagine him moving like a muppet, swaying about and all that, and it is very creepy

  • Kt

    He sounds like the G-Man in my head.

    • I came here to make that very same comment.

      I read all of his dialogue as the G-Man. Breath pauses and everything.

      • Marbles

        Rise and shine, mist-er Be-zo. Rise and shine.

    • Vert

      I hear him as the Shadow from the 5th Element.

      “Mo ney… is of NO… im port tanssss…. I.. want… the… ssstones.”

      Gah, my forehead is bleeding just thinking about it.

  • Comett

    Poor, poor Luca. You’d better have something nice in stall for him eventually (ie, Phe reincarnation, heaven, endless supply of chocolate) after all you’re putting him through now. :(

    • Chapter 5: Endless Supply of Chocolate

      wait no

      • Chapter 5: Endless Supply of PAIN!

        (Pain au chocolat, that is)

      • Turun


  • StoneTiger

    He is the God of War…
    He holds the chalice of Death in his right hand…
    He holds the sword of Fire in his left…
    His head is crowned with Entrails…
    His feet are covered in Ash…
    Not one Nation shall be spared His crushing Fist…
    Not one living thing shall remain standing in His sight…
    Pray now in your last moments He takes you first…
    For no one wishes to be taken last…

  • pd

    Cool, I can just stick to being confused by his weird pauses!

    Weirdly long body and tongue, glowy eyes, desire to destroy everything–Dagre is disturbing win.

  • steffyanie

    Dagre is so beautiful. I love how creeped out he makes people feel. He’s just… aaaah~ ♥

  • Mister Blake

    Should “away…” in the first panel be 2 words: “a way?” Or does Dagre sometimes use more than one sylable without pausing? This isn’t a gotcha, I actually want to know so I can picture how he speaks. Also, is his name pronounced “Dager” or “Dagray?”

    • Typo?? what typo

      And it is pronounced “da gruh”

    • Pattom

      It seems like Dagre speaks in a way that’s (extremely) unconventional to human ears, pausing and placing emphasis at the wrong moments. For example, he spoke both “listened” and “prepare” in two parts (“list ened” and “pre pare”), and pronounced each syllable of “Hello Bezo” as its own word. As a few people mentioned above, Dagre’s awkward version of English is a lot like that of the G-Man character from Half-Life 2.

  • Ellemar

    What the fuck man, that tiger D:
    I am so creeped out by him, with his crazy eyes and his tongue hanging all over the place.

  • I like that, though Dagre’s eyes are superbright and his face is clear and detailed, you never quite see his whole body, you only catch glimpses of his hind legs and sometimes his tail in the shadows. Very creepy. Very cool.

  • Heather

    Dagre is amazing. My boyfriend and I were speculating on what manner of thing Dagre is… I see him as a sort of otherworldly spirit-ish thing, being able to appear to people selectively, disappear in a blink, and pervade the mind. I think he’s been with Luca for a very long time, since Luca doesn’t seem to be at all surprised to see him (not that there’s room for much other than what just happened in his mind right now). So I wonder, is Luca’s instability due in part to Dagre’s influence, or is Dagre a product of Luca’s instability? Plotwise I kind of doubt that last supposition. Dagre’s absolutely entrancing and terrifying. You get the sense of revulsion for something that is not only foreign but unmistakably not *right*. He looks like something deeply perverted from what it should have been, like wet paint running down a canvas and distorting the subject. He looks like he is melting like putty. He just looks like something that simply should not be. I get the impression of a personality mixed between a large cat and a snake. Silky, scheming, elusive, predatory, dripping with malice and a broken sanity. I hear a lot of rise and fall in his voice, moving slowly and articulately over his words. It ‘feels’ less like silk than molasses. Viscous, but not slippery. (To Mister Blake, personally I hear his name as “Dog-ruh”.) My boyfriend, on the other hand, imagines his voice as something dry and cracked, coming from something that is unused to speech. Something that wasn’t meant to talk at all. (That idea sends shivers down my spine.) A softly growling, gravelly, dusty voice. He kind of leans toward the figment theory, but agrees that it would probably serve the plot better if Dagre were his own entity.

    Sorry! It’s late, and I’m fascinated. Also, if we had the money, we would totally pay you ridiculous amounts of money to crank out more Meek, faster. But this is in a world where winning the lottery is easy, and creating comics as good as this one doesn’t require careful and deliberate attention to detail, and where faster is always better. Alas, such will never be true. :P

    Poor Luca. :( And poor Luca’s people. And whatever gods preside over this land have mercy on the people who did this to Phe, because congratulations, you have just become a formidable and powerful man’s number one enemy. Luca is going to snap and stay snapped after this. Someone else said the other day that Luca was only playing nice for Phe’s sake. Damn straight. The gloves are comin’ off, I don’t see how they couldn’t be.

    • I actually think Dagre might be responsible for Phe’s death. He wants genocide, and taking away Luca’s only stabilizing influence is one of the quickest ways to get it.

      • Drascin

        Pretty much, yeah. I think that Dagre had a hand on this is obvious. Phe was more or less all that stood between Luca and mind-destroying rage. Now, after a mysteriousshadow apparition with bright eyes appeared after her, it just so happens Phe suffered a mysterious death, and Luca is likely to go insane.

        Pretty “serendipitous” for Dagre, no?

        I’d love to see Luca tell Dagre to go screw himself in honor to his wife’s memory, though. Would cement his badass credentials forever. Pity that with the whole prophecy thing it’s unlikely to happen.

        • Pattom

          That’s actually something that got me thinking: is it possible Dagre could have made Luca poison Phe without realizing it? Mind control, or possession, or anything like that? That way, if Luca ever confronts Dagre with, “You were responsible for my wife’s death!”, the honest response is, “Yep. But you were the one who actually killed her.” No matter what Luca does, Dagre wins and owns his soul. Or something.

  • EEEEeeeEEEeeeeeeeeEEeekkkkkk, Dagre, why ya being so creepy D:

  • Tiuni

    I really love how you elongated his neck, it gives an extra creepy factor. And his eyes, so powerful! I’m really curious to see how his story goes with Mocheril’s story.

  • Mr.Tophat


  • ZethRina

    Well Now I’m going to have nightmares of that creepy ass tiger!! Jesus Dagre, why so creepy? And poor Luca!! Anyway, wonderful job as usual!

  • I have to comment, this page is so beautiful. Your comic is fantastic! The current story line is so moving. Keep up the great work.


    I ish long dagre
    many lolcat jokes can work with this cat as some may have already seen

  • Bartimaeus


  • Phantastic

    Aw man, I love Dagre (just like everybody else)! I love how surreal he looks, all lazy loops and sagging jowls. I can’t wait to learn what his beef with the human race is, or what happened between him and his brother. He sounds like a maniac.

    Can’t wait for the next page! This story is so exciting.

  • MissMercurial

    I love the way you’ve written Dagre’s dialogue.
    Also, I just realized that he creeps me out so much due to that neck his proportions, so good job there on making a recognizable “tiger” while twisting it to the point of being disturbing.

    If “it wasn’t supposed to be like [that],” what was it supposed to be like…?
    Very intrigued!

  • Wood

    I really wonder who Dagre means by “them”.

  • RJF

    What are the prince and princess doing while all of this is going on?

  • You need to put your “vote for me” button on your comic page. That way I show you the love I have for this great comic!

  • Poor sobbing sod


    • makani

      That’s what I was going to say! xD


      • Poor sobbing sod

        The Makani speaks truth. Now we must go down into the Antlion colony to retrieve the Larval extracttttt, only that way we can safe the Phe deSadar.

        • makani


  • Comett

    To avoid nightmares I will forever imagine Dagre in a clown outfit.


    • Interloper

      Ohh yes, Be zo
      They float

    • Poor sobbing sod


  • trill

    lol, today’s MY last non-finals day tooo!

    i LOVE dagre btw!!

  • Nico

    Lovin’ where this story is going…love the art the most! Keep it going!

  • I love that Dagre can’t quite get the English right it makes him rather creepy. I was just looking at him and my guess is that he’s Grandfathers brother who he fought before he sent Angora away. I also think there’s a flash of him in that panel.

    I really do feel that he’s going to manipulate Luca in to both skinning the ambassadors alive and starting a war, I just wish I knew for what means and what he will get out of it. I love Degre’s white glowing eyes and how you’ve twisted the concept on it head in that instead of that look being used to show something pure like in most comics this instead shows a being that’s evil and powerful.

    What is Dagre though is he a demon or a god? Or is he a forest spirit turned evil?

  • Leslie

    I heart Dagre.

  • Shame

    Amazing comic :D
    And excellent page ;)

  • MLS

    Hey man, I gotta tell you that I’m really impressed with this comic so far. You have a really nice handle on POV and the script so far is blowing me away. I love that you can actually contain yourself and not give things away, and thanks for not doing the super cheesy, over done ‘mystical prologue omnipresent narrator that explains everything’ crap.

    Keep it up. This’d make a sweet novel.

  • Jac

    Dagre: the EVIL longcat.

  • Rob

    man that guy is scary.

  • napsterkitten5

    He reminds me acutely of a Shir-Khan from Jungle-book (the book, not the Disney version).

    Nicely done!

  • marinated_fish

    Dagre’s unmoving features make him even creepier, like he wears a kind of mask.
    No real tiger, that guy

    It too reminds me painfully of the second strip of

    Oh no!

    • Nate

      Kinda gives off that uncanny valley feeling of just ‘horribly horribly wrong’, close enough to be recognizable but not enough to be comfortable. Like some intelligence alien to our physical plane tried to take the form of the tiger, but can’t quite grasp all the details, and just sort of wears it as a terrible flesh mask. Or maybe Dagre is just so belligerent and evil that any form he takes will be twisted and warped, like there’s just so much wrong with him that he simply can’t avoid displaying it. Or maybe he’s doing that on purpose just to mess with people’s heads.

  • Linda

    Don’t listen to the voices Luca! Don’t do it!

  • scalesandfins

    Heyyyy meowface llama how you doin?

  • Slade

    That is one creepy looking kitty…..I liked the giant salamander more.

  • sweet_gardenia

    ” We will prepare to do what we were born to do…BROADWAY! a-yatta tatta tat tat tat bdishdish and one two three kick ”

    Or alternately….CHEEZBURGR. You get to pick Dagre.

    Poor sad sad Luca…I love the drama

    • amadre

      I vote for broadway. I really like the mental image of the Dagre in a tophat and a cane.

  • Carpathian Forest

    He’s part tiger, part halogen lamp, and part noodle. BUT HE’LL ALSO FUCK YOU UP!

    • lol oh god this made me laugh so hard XD

      • Carpathian Forest

        Bwahahah, I find the humorous side of things, and then I strike with compliments. Great work Alex.

        • Carpathian Forest

          Oh, and he’s also Solid Snake. BUT HE’LL STILL FUCK YOU UP!

  • Carpathian Forest

    In all seriousness though, I take careful note that he says “We will prepare to do what we were born to do.” “Kill them all!” Dagre says ‘we’, could it mean that Luca and him are possibly the same type of entity? O.o

    • LlubNek

      Naw, Dagre is the “same sort of entity” as the olm, Luca is the “same sort of entity” as Angora. Luca could be the agent/mouthpiece for Dagre, or Dagre could be a familiar/hallucination of Luca’s.

      I expect Dagre and the olm are somewhat limited in how they interact with the world in general. They may communicate with their agents, but not with people in general. They may posses a great deal of power, but this would be power over their agents, through their agents, or granted to their agents. Obviously they can interact with each other though, or the olm would not be wounded, since we’ve seen nothing else that could likely harm him, and they may posses some more subtle powers which they can use without being noticed.

      Dagre and the olm seem to be gods or spirits with specific roles:

      Dagre’s tongue hanging out of his mouth, the skin hanging loose about his neck, and his appearance over the banquet table, give an impression of hunger, like an emaciated Kali:

      Bearing the strange khatvanga (skull-topped staff ), decorated with a garland of skulls, clad in a tiger’s skin, very appalling owing to her emaciated flesh, with gaping mouth, fearful with her tongue lolling out, having deep reddish eyes, filling the regions of the sky with her roars, falling upon impetuously and slaughtering the great asuras in that army, she devoured those hordes of the foes of the devas.


      Meekipedia also mentions something of interest here with regards to Luca:

      From palace accounts the Emperor is a very heavy eater, consuming several large meals a day. His physician has made it clear that such gluttonous behavior can lead to undesirable health effects, although no noticeable weight gain has been recorded over the course of his regime. Because of this, some have surmised that the Emperor may be hiding a serious illness.


      So if Dagre is the Devourer, a spirit of greed, gluttony and insatiable hunger, then the olm is a spirit of nature, appearing in a natural setting and granting power over nature to his agent, Angora.

      Luca looks set to take the role of villain, or at least patsy. He’s in a position of power, got a serious unreasoning grudge, and is under the influence of an obviously malevolent spirit beast.

      It looks like Soli is set to become the anti-hero and Angora the stabilizing influence or force for good.

      At any rate, Luca’s been well introduced, and other than maybe following up with his kids, it looks like this chapter is done. And I’m getting long winded.

      • Carpathian Forest

        Thank you for the bit of information, unfortunately I’m not allowed access to meekipedia for some reason, due to me using a government computer, lol. I don’t get to see all the fun stuff I normally do, because I’m out in Iraq, and work computers are very restrictive :-(

        • LlubNek

          I’m surprised they blocked the wiki but not the comic… Do they just block any address with “wiki” in it?

          • Carpathian Forest

            Not sure tbh, especially since this comic contains nudity. Bluecoat proxies are retarded.

  • Rebecca Burgess

    Love how his speech is all broken up, also love the exaggeration in how he is drawn, very creepy!
    This tiget thing is his brother? Have I forgotten something from earlier?

  • addiepants

    oooooooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

    that is all.

  • onyx

    Dagre speaks like V-man from Half Life.

    This makes me lol.

    The only difference is Dagre is very very threatening @.@


  • Ross

    Luca is the man who hates in the name of love.
    Is Phe’s spirit the woman who cries but sheds no tears?

    • No, it’s probably the main character of the third storyline. Something with an L if memory serves.

  • AlbinoBee

    I am in love with Dagre’s insanely long neck.
    Just saying.

  • LeDayz

    I’m having a LOLcats moment here with Dagre, Giant Evil Tiger Spirit would NOT be amused:

    “I iz Siamese, if you please!”

  • “[…] but in the meantime I guess you can be glad that there is not another vague prophecy in this comic. ”

    Wait, *vague* prophecy, isn’t that kind of redundant? :b

    Also, great comic!

  • Mujaki

    “What’s that, Sandvich? Keel them all? GOOD IDEA! Ah ha ha ha!”

    • ichigoli

      baloney is perfect fuel for killing TINY BABIES WAHAHAHAHA

      • I am amused by entire itty-bitty TINY TEAM!!

        • Jac

          I now have this image of Dagre OMNOMNOMNOMNOMing a sandvich. XD

          • Calick

            Looks like, in the next page, Luca IS the Sandvich xD

  • Charion

    Looks creepe and kind of retarded..

    • Gavin

      I wouldn’t say he looks like a crêpe; more like a giant striped flan with big glowy eyes. :o)

      • muffinpoodle


  • Slade O Niel

    Honestly, I have to give kudos to the artist for that tiger god/spirit/monster (take your pick) It portrays the instability of the situation well. Plus the glowing eyes creep me right the heck out. Granted I was traumatized by the ghosts in Ghostbusters 2 so…

    • Isamaer

      He looks like insanity.

      I fear for the people of the empire.

      • mattie

        From that little “a conversation with my past self” comic during the fight with Phe, I’m getting that he may have been insane long before this.

    • Gharuel Shaan

      No, you’re right, they are pretty creepy. And awesome. But creepy.

    • JIAN

      Well, I think we’ve found the “Man who hates in the name of Love” guy that was mentioned by that white god/spirit/monster/grandfather-of-that-girl thing. I hope this works out… And by ‘works out’ I mean he doesn’t lead thousand soldiers to destroy the know world… Though that would be kinda epic XD

  • Satyrblade

    Welcome back! I’m glad to see you’ve overcome the computer issues and returned the strip to an even higher level of quality. THE MEEK is one of my favorites these days. Thanks for your great work with the strip. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. :)

  • Wow, way to lay the guilt trip on him, Dagre :(

  • LOL alex, I see you’ve discovered Goblins .-)
    I just found it a couple days ago and read it all in one go O_O

  • Ryl

    Probably what I love most about this page is the contrast between Luca’s stricken, shadowed eyes and Dagre’s bright gleaming ones.

    Beautiful job with the whisker and fang detailing in the last two panels. And, btw, Dagre’s neck is creeeeeeeepy; you really don’t get a sense of it’s length in the previous page’s perspectives so seeing it’s serpentine stretch in the first panel was a bit of a shock.

  • Nadine

    My sister introduced me to this comic, and i LOVE it! its absolutely fantastic, very original and beautiful. That being said, Dagre is freakin creepy as hell! The long neck, the mouth are all very Pan’s Labyrinth to me. Glowey eyes are find, but the long neck that looks like it can barely support itself and the mouth with the tongue hanging out makes me think that its a reanimated corpse. *thumbs up* If you can creep me out with a drawing you gotz skillz! Love it

  • Valarath

    Wonderful, it brings so much suspense to it all, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Great contrast.

  • Nrolad

    oooh how did i not notice this, Dagre is the big lizard (grandpa) brother…go to page 1.29

    damn, this is getting exciting :D

    and who knows maybe Dagre is the one who set this up. he is the one who killed phe so he can make luca mad and follow his orders like an angry dog.

  • Poor sobbing sod

    Dang someone made a comment about a clown and now I imagine invisible wires keeping D’s head up.


  • Soma

    I feel like there are a ton of things that I am supposed to know and understand by this Dagre thing being here that I am not understanding. Did I miss a chapter or something? Are you just explaining they are brothers, or were we supposed to realize it. Was this something explained if you read the older comic? gahhhh, this is totally losing me. ?_?

    • Go back and read Chapter 1 XD Its in there!

      • Soma

        woah. man. i guess sometimes I need to go back and refresh my memory. It’s hard to keep up with remembering everything when you’re only reading one page a week :P Thanks! I feel silly now!

  • Just found out about this thing, and HOLY CRAP IS IT AWESOME. Read it all in one sitting, and I can’t wait where it goes next.

    Also, that tigerbeastiethingy is going to haunt my nightmares…

  • Kyn

    So Dagre talks in a staccato? That sounds distressingly dainty @.@ And makes him 10x freakier!

  • Mark

    If those Ambassadors are smart they’ll have decided that it’s time to leave. The kind of leaving that doesn’t involve stopping to pack.

  • Jolly2

    I looooooove Dagre’s paws, and the colouring, the backgrounds the whole…air of the page. It’s amazing ;; <3 makes me so happy each time I see your comic and makes me want to try harder to become a better comic artist XD

    Biiiig fan!

  • Jimmy

    It vaguely gives the impression of some sort of giraffe wearing a tiger skin. In a good way.

    • Nrolad

      it looks more like a camel to me.

  • Yeili

    If he doesn’t get his revenge I will be PISSED.

  • Natasha

    You are amazing and I love this comic! <3

  • Laura

    I don’t believe any words in the dictionary have the capacity to express my love for this comic. Dagre’s design is WONDERFUL [and creepy in a good way], as well as all the other characters. Originality at it’s best! <3

  • Caileigh.M.

    Is it bad that I totally love the tiger?? Because I love tigers so much and this one is the best looking one ever! (Apart from the creepy long neck thing! In a good creepy way though) :D
    And I love this comic! I started to read it last night and couldn’t stop! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • I love Dagre’s presence on the page. That extra long neck really adds to the creepiness. It makes him seem less like a giant spirit tiger and more like some dark thing trying its best to maintain the form of one *shivers*

  • Marion

    I love Dagre’s lunatic grin. He truly is what an embodiment of Chaos and Destruction should be: paranoid and utterly, utterly MAD.

  • Riddle


  • Carpathian Forest

    Whose Line Is It Anyway? Starring: Dagre!
    “Sa-tan is my ma-ster…”
    “Not fun-ny I guess…?”
    “I al-so know how to tap-dance.”

  • toc

    the amount of detail in this comic is utterly stunning.
    from the tiny fur marks on dagre’s markings to his teeth and the background….just amazing

  • foxlets

    Hmmm… I wonder dd Dare hd anything to d owith Phe’s death?

    • foxlets

      Dagre i meant XD

  • HalfDragon

    Dagre, part tiger part giraffe.
    Somehow feels little undead to me.

  • degoe

    When he said ‘Kill them all’, didn’t that make anybody think of Spartacus?

  • Bekah


    Creepy! Best!

  • Sightedwolf

    When I read Dagre’s laugh I hear Heath Ledger’s Joker laugh. Am I the only one?

  • Marmisille

    …Something tells me Dagre has frequent neck pain.

  • Koi

    You know, I imagine Dagre’s voice to be something like the voices of the giant robots in the beginning of The Fifth Element.

  • Der

    Hes like the cheshire cat’s awesome uncle or something :3

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