Oh Dagre :/

Thanks a ton to everyone who came out to Fanime and said hi :) It was great meeting with and talking to you! I am also happy to say that I sold out of all of my remaining signed/sketched Chapter 1 books, that’s quite a load off.

The reprint of Chapter 1 will not be available until late July/ Comicon. So if you are still hankering for a copy, you can look forward to getting it around then! Chapter 2 will be coming out after that. These new versions will contain some extra content not available online (and will be cheaper/ printed much nicer) so I am very excited about that.

Anyways, I’m already working on the next TWO pages for this week’s updates (omg) so please check back soon!


  • WHOA

    • StoneTiger

      And now the shit just covered the FAN! *run away*



    • Even creepier is Phe’s dead face in the bottom left panel. Staring.

      • Like this? 6_9


        • JoRoar

          6_9 eyes?… LIKE THE SPACE PIANO-MAN?!

        • Gharuel Shaan


  • I think while I enjoy Dagre’s surprise-happy-lunchtime, I’m in love with that top panel. Poor Luca. D:

  • 0_0 This was unexpected.

  • Rosemary

    Yay! Creepily refreshing the RSS feed worked!


    Yeah, that was more or less my reaction to today’s page. Can’t say I saw that coming.

    • Rosemary

      Also, Luca in the 4th panel = my heart broken. You could probably weaponize the woobieness in that one panel and stop all wars forever.

  • Christine

    OMG! *fear*



  • …jesus. O_O

  • Spray him with water Luca!
    Cats don’t like that!

    (The Dagre must need a damn big litterbox.)

    • Rosemary

      But tigers do like water, in fact they like going swimming!

      OH SHI–

    • Yeah, his poops must be pretty nasty :

  • Eternity Eclipse


  • Deanna

    I really don’t understand the tiger bth ._. granted, this looks fantastic and i cant wait for the rest xD but i hope it explains the tiger soon ._. i dont get it

  • I actually said “woah!” out loud when I came to the last panel.

  • Cinsa


    I did not expect that at ALL. D8>

  • hey, I have that poster. Everyone should buy that poster.

    I hung it above my computer monitor. Luca’s eyes sort of follow you around, accusingly. (it’s a good poster, though).

  • Esile

    Did. Not. See. That. Coming.


  • Awww… I saw your table at Fanime, but I didn’t have time to stop by cause someone was guarding my table :(
    Maybe next year.

  • Holy crap, when I loaded this page I actually felt my heart stop for a second. Dagre is absolutely TERRIFYING in the second panel. Poor Luca! He’s trying so hard to remember Phe and her wishes, but I honestly can’t be surprised by his probable turning. What mere mortal – especially one so plagued – could possibly stand up to something like Dagre?

    …except that Luca got nom’d. WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NOW? D=

  • Chris

    It is not often in reading a comic that I do a complete spit take and let my mouth hang open for a few seconds. All I can think about is WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!!

    Brilliant, my mind she is blown thanks to you.

  • AH WAT?
    every page for the last four or five pages have all been completely unexpected in every way.

  • Hot Sauce

    Phe’s limp, greenish body and face are just so creepy and lifelike. When she gets toppled over by Dagre she looks like a pile of rags. ;___;

    • Maphysto

      You mean deathlike.

      • Hot Sauce

        “Realistic” I guess would be my better choice. :B

  • A.A.

    OH SHI-

  • Kate

    … I’m sorry… did he just EAT him?!?!?!?

  • Gosh, Luca looks so adoreable in the fourth panel. Since page 33 he has an instant-hug-face! Ok besides the creepy one on page 35, haha.

    Damn, Dagre, you nasty bitch. If your ears weren’t so cute ‘n fluffy I’d like to slap you >:C

  • Maphysto

    It can’t possibly smell good in there.

  • Allison


    That is basically the best thing that could have happened. I think i may have commented one time ages ago, but you’ve motivated me to emerge from lurkitude once again.

  • om nom nom

  • I bet Luca’s pretty tasty.


  • Lisa

    WTF. Please tell me he didn’t just eat Luca.

    Also, Dagre’s tongue is fricken BEAST. I love it, despite the fact he’s kinda slurping Luca up with it… Aw, damn. </3

  • Annabella

    Oh dearrrrrr.
    I wonder what it’s like to be encaged in those strong, strong jaws… *FLASH! DAGRE FANTASY!*

  • Suddenly at this very moment, Luca’s past problems become much less significant.

    • Haha, if you put that caption under the last panel it’d be like a Gary Larson cartoon.

      • Connor

        That would be perfect lol, I love gary larson’s stuff! but I think I’m loving this page even more. The expressions! The colors! The composition! Tasty stuff, no pun intended! (well, maybe a bit)

      • Done, and done, in true Larson written style.


        • Enchiladas

          XD Oh jeez! You now owe me my drink that is now spattered on the table.

  • niffick

    Dagre is the scariest cat-llama-lightbulb hybrid thing I have ever SEEN. D:

  • Great meeting you at Fanime! :D

  • RVK

    Those jowls go on for forever. I bet he drools worse than a basset hound. :<

  • brad

    oh snap, i totally don’t remember this from the sketches

  • Link Man

    The second panel reminds me strikingly of the Smeagol scene in The Two Towers, when he asks “Why does it cry, Smeagol?”

    In fact, if the Dagre scene is a visualization of Luca’s internal turmoil, then this page could be similarly transformative.

  • worrier

    One of my favorite things in stories are powerful, supernatural forces, and Dagre isuch an awesome character. He reminds me of Shere Khan from the Jungle Book, or Gmork from The Never-Ending Story. I don’t want to sound impatient, but is Luca’s chapter coming to an end?

    • Each chapter is 45 pages, so yes, soon!

  • RnH

    Whoa! Luca just became a lunchable!

    Oh wait. It’s dinnertime…

  • The rest of the chapter will be Luca exploring the inside of the digestive tract a la magic school bus. awesomeeee

  • StephenM3

    Double Super Secret Psycheout! Luca gets eaten, Phe survives somehow, and she carries out his reign of violence in his memory.

  • Okay, I don’t know if it was intentional, but the shape of the highlights on Luca’s eyes in the first panel very effectively convey the sense that his eyes are darting around a bit. FAN-fuckin-TASTIC, man.


    Good god. that was highly unexpected. Nice work making me jump out of my seat.

    Also, as is necessary:
    LUCA! O^O

  • Colt-Khaboom

    Is it ridiculously specific to say that I like how the flashback panel of Phe has rounded corners? Because I like that.

  • Durithyll

    i — wait — you — what — he…

    dude what!? he just ate my guy!?

    ok. i’m just going to insist that this is more of a “i’m going to devour your soul but not really so the good guys can come save your ass so ha” kind of situation, instead of the the “om nom nom your aftershave tastes like crap so ha” sort of situation. ’cause his not be dead-dead sort of makes me happier.

    so… update. or something. love the comic by the way, beatuiful art, interesting characters (which is why you shouldn’t feed them to large animals). but now i need an update. so, no more compliments until then.

  • Erode

    Great gorilla of Manilla! Did Dagre just freakin’ EAT Luca?!

    Damn, didn’t see that coming. At all. o.O

  • Assassin

    I bought a poster from you when I was dressed as Kaito, I was gonna buy a book on Monday but you weren’t there. D:

  • Ryl

    Meep! =X

    Poor Luca, trying so hard to be the person in which Phe believed, and Dagre’s going to push him over the edge now. He looks so broken in that second-to-last panel with the tears and their tracks streaming down his face. You don’t notice it right away, but I love that he has blood on his shirt from holding Phe.

  • I love the contrast between dead Phe and alive Phe. You can see the life drained from her eyes when dead, it’s scary to notice this.

    Great job!

  • Kendra-la

    Omnomnom. *u*
    OoO Nooo! Luca!
    Dagre, spit him out! Right now!

  • Elaine

    Yay, I love this comic!

    It’s now officially my favorite.

  • Sky

    Whooa why is Phe looking like that in the third panel? Is he just imaging that?

    • Blunderbuss

      It’s a rounded panel, usually used for flashbacks. In this case, it goes back to where they were in bed together and she was calling him ‘my sweet Emperor ‘.

      • Sky

        Ahh! Thanks! :)

  • Jenni


    Oh poor Luca! Nu nu nu. Poor poor man I feel so sorry for him.


  • Lunaroki

    Don’t worry folks! I’m sure Dagre only ate Luca in a metaphorical sense. Luca’s about to go on a fun-filled magical mystery tour of all the reasons he should hate everybody in the world for taking his Phe away from him. Dagre’s not done with him yet.

  • Mr.Tophat

    Dagre Snacks! Made with real Luca!

    … I hate myself for doing this… Om Nom Nom!

    There…. but still…. HOLY &!@#! Dagre! You don’t EAT your potential allies!!!

    • Fayve

      My imaginary subtext for that last panel was “Om nom nom nom” as well :P

    • Malex

      I’m guessing that Dagre has problems with impulse control.

  • PaperTanks

    Phe’s eyes are like “oh holy cow” in that 4th panel there.

    • Ahaha yeah that would be an awkward time to reanimate

  • Libby Rust

    God dammit, and I just ate sushi! Don’t be doin’ this kinda sh!t to me, man! You’re giving me heart failure! X__________x

    Although I must say… You know, from the moment Dagre showed up, my first thought was, “Oh god, he’s SO totally going to eat Luca.”

    I just wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. O.o

  • cheri

    So I totally imagive Dagre’s voice the same as the Tiger Head Cave Thing from Aladin.
    Am I the only one? XD

    • Crystalite

      I didn’t, but I probably will from now on after reading this comment. LOL.

    • Dear god. WHY DID YOU DO THAT. I knew there was a reason why Dagre freaked me out.

  • MasterofRaviel

    akdjsa it was really great meeting you too at fanime x3

    ajldsjalkjdfklasja THIS CHAPTER! can i concrete my love for the Dagre now? lol

    • Carpathian Forest

      Am I the only one freaked out by that statement? I hope you don’t go explaining what type of ‘cement’ you use o_o;

  • meganite

    See? Toldja tiger looked hungry.

  • rainey


    Luca’s googly eyes make him look so adorable in that fourth panel, aww.

  • NoobyBanana

    Ok seriously, when the page loaded and I saw Dagre’s huge blank eyes staring out at me in the second panel I nearly wet myself. No joke, that thing is TERRIFYING. But poor Luca! D: This is just not his day.

    Also, I just noticed that you left Dagre’s whiskers out of the last panel. :O Was it intentional to show more of Luca being nom’d be Dagre?

    • That was intentional because I am a goddamn idiot XD I’ll put them in later today

  • Simply Me

    I’ve had to do a double…no, quadruple take on that last panel. The first time I stared at it, then had to go read the commentary, because I was certain I was missing something. Dagre couldn’t POSSIBLY eat Luca, there hasn’t been much of a plot for him yet, and besides, Luca is a MAIN character! So why did Dagre eat him?! It makes no sense!

    Even as I am typing this, I had to look a few more times. :/

    • pileup

      Hey, I didn’t notice until my friend, who I’d handed my laptop to, was like WHY DID DAGRE EAT LUCA?!

    • Vert

      Cats, even big ones, can pick up and carry things without doing (serious) harm to them. I suspect Dagre’s just “playing”. He might simply be transporting Luca someplace (into a flashback?), or preparing to rough him up, but I’m sure Luca will emerge from this (covered in more stinking cat slobber than was ever meant to exist in one place).

  • Blunderbuss

    Awww. I was worried that since Phe was dead, that Luca would readily take up arms for slaughter – but he still loves his wife and the promise he made to her. It’s lovely to see that, despite their unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship, he still really loves her more than his revenge.

    At least until Dagre is finished with him. Luca’s not even a villain yet and he’s still got the ‘tragic’ part down. ;_;

  • Poophoop

    The people outside will hear his scream and know that he has gone crazy.

  • Loral

    Awww man, I came by the table but somehow missed you XD I eagerly await the second printing… gives me time to save up monies!

    And if the tiger just ate Luca I think I’ll cry…..

  • pasha

    hoooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    Also, way to make Dagre is a legitimately nightmare-worthy character.

  • Emma D

    I’m imaging this is gonna end up as some kind of posession, with Dagre taking over Luca…presumably now by eating him? XD

    And I imagine Dagres voice to sound like the bad guy from toontown…Probably the least accurate estimate out there.

  • Marion

    Hah. The words ‘consumed by madness and wrath’ get a whooole different meaning :-)

  • steffyanie

    ……. I will continue telling everyone that Dagre is beautiful and I love him. Because that is how I have felt since he has shown up. I adore him.
    But oh god, in my adoration, I am also terrified. I think it’s the eyes.

    Also, I love the people that read this comic almost as much as I love the comic itself ( a whole lot). I’m so happy there are so many other people that thought, “OM NOM NOM” for the last panel. xD

  • Owen

    I have literally just woken up from a dream about a cat that tried to eat me.

    • And your pillow was gone D:

      • Owen

        My pillow and my LEGS!

        Actually, in my dream it was holding onto my arm in its teeth and I was swinging it around trying to get it off… Somehow it managed to explain through a mouthful of arm that it was doing this because it had taken offense at something I’d said. I don’t know why I’m telling you this.

  • “Eat one helping of Luca every morning, they’re GRRREEAAAAATT!!!!”

    sorry. i had to.

  • Enchiladas

    Is it bad that this made me hungry for Midget Gems?
    They’re so tasty.

  • Fra

    hello! I live in Italy, is there any chance of buying the first chapter printed via the internet? I really love your comic :) best wishes and keep up the wonderful work

  • Silvermoonlight

    I don’t think Dagre will eat Luca, he needs him, I think the evil b*******d is powerless without him I also think that he’s the weak one for needing a human to bring pain to other humans. Really great panel very much the stuff of nightmares.

  • fuzz

    Sigh, is it too much to hope Luca WON’T become the bad guy? Staygoodstaygoodstaygood XP

  • Kish

    luca will fall to a pit of emptiness that is dagres stomach…

    wait, i’ve been reading fullmetal alchemist too much…


    *waits in excitement* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGRRRE! *hyperventilates*

    • So Gluttony has a dragon-form (like Envy) too =O

      • Michaela

        sure :B he weighs enough >> <>

        • Kish

          Then it must be!

  • Fleece

    W… T…. F….?! O____o

    Wait…. this can`t be something that`s just metaphorically happening in Luca`s head, since Dagre is totally not just the feline personification his madness, but an actual real character, right? Soooooo that means this is actually the last we will ever see of Luca and from now on, he will just be someone who looks like him but is actually Dagre-possessed pseudo-Luca???? He won´t go mad, he will actually be possessed??? Boy, I so hope I am not right! I wouldn´t like that at all.

    • Nrolad

      yes i agree, i think from now on, real luca is gone, and soon an evil one will appear.

  • WAIT, WHAT? Totally did NOT expect that!

  • Suzanne


  • insanityblob

    First of all, I LOVE THIS COMIC. And second of all, has anyone here read “IT”? Because Dagre’s eyes remind me of the deadlights and it’s creeping me out in the most awesome way.

    • He thrusts his fist against the tigers and still insists he sees the oh wait

  • Mani

    Whoa. Really, SO happy to see this comic continue to surprise me.

  • Nrolad

    I wonder what luca taste like :D hahaha. OM NOM NOM

  • Marbles

    Dagre, NO. You’re on a diet. BAD KITTY!

    • Michaela

      that is the awesomest comment ever. EVER. *roflmao*

  • pileup

    And yes I still want a Dagre. Am I insane?

  • Roberto

    The tigers sudden transitions are all sorts of serious humor. Really loving the new introduction ;].

  • Jac

    Gah, this chapter….



  • Magical_Mushrooms

    This really isn’t Luca’s day.

  • Calick

    I’d like to know why Dagre calls him “Bezo”…Did I miss something?

    • Owen

      It’s been mentioned in the Wiki but not in the comic, apparently (I only know this from the comments two pages ago).
      (Tl;Dr the uncalled-for copypasta: It’s a nickname.)


      Shortly after his birth Luca fell into the care of his aunt, Mazini Duvida Gulo. It is disputed as to whether or not he was abducted by his aunt or given into her care by either Sadar or one of his wives. The former theory is better supported, given the nature of Luca’s reunion with his tribe. Mazini went into hiding and finally settled in the coastal town of Polisa. She changed her name to Mazie and Luca’s name to Bezo. The two of them maintained a small store together until her death. ”

  • amadre

    I feel horrible now, b/c all I can wonder is how it smells inside of Dagre. I mean, looking at those teeth for the past few pages, he can’t floss often, much less brush. Poor poor Luca, on so many levels.

  • EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh violence and droopy drooly purple gums D: I’m a bit morbidly fascinated, but there isn’t even blood yet. Great way to leave us hanging!

  • Occy

    Oh man… I lol’d at Phe in the corner of pannel four… I have no idea why and now I feel horrid.

    • ahahaha well I appreciate the honesty XD XD

  • Asadfdfasfdff

    (still no intelligent comment for how much I love this comment and OMFG DAGREFFFF)

  • sofistik8d

    aw heyo naw

  • DeliciousPineapple

    Dagre: Do as I say!
    Luca: I has an idea–
    Dagre: NO *noms*

    Well that sucks. I love this comic, and Dagre’s face in the second panel. He’s so terrifyingly awesome.

  • kat

    aaw, I feel so sorry for Luca. He looks so broken.

  • Mage

    I just want to be in awe again of how instantaneously recognizable everyone’s faces are, and how well the different tones for the different setting are executed.

    Also, Dagre! D: No eets the Luca. We likes the Luca. No eets.

  • Bekah


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dagre is more terrifying in each comic! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Who am I kidding–I love it!

  • I think Dagre might just be putting some fear into Luca, not actually eating him. Also, anyone notice how Luca’s glove is all ripped up?

    • Fleece

      Oh, that would be good! (the not-actually eating part) Maybe Dagre will…. eee… hold him in his mouth for some time?? And wave him frantically around in the air like the scariest rollercoaster joyride ever. As if Luca were a badly behaving kitten who needs to be taught a lesson.
      But until now I was left with a false impression that Dagre will just use his powers of cunning verbal persuasion. Boy was I wrong! O_o

  • Lada

    I can’t help it. I had to giggle at the sudden nomage.

    …But damn if Dagre isn’t a scary mofo D:

  • Arospace

    So much for the emperor. I wonder if you die in real life if your hallucinations eat you…

  • awol360

    There’s a lesson in this exchange. Never let supernatural beings into your house/life unless you know how to get rid of them. Because if you’re the only person who can see them they might not have the best intentions for you.

    On another note, I’m having a complete Lord of the Rings orc moment over here.

    • Gharuel Shaan

      Useless comment is useless, but… FUCK YEAH. XD BRAAAARGH!

  • Omnomnomnomnom.

    Poor fellow :<. I love Dagre's expressions. Correction: I love all of your characters' expressions, thou art the master of expressions. I want to hug Luca in the fifth panel. Not in the sixth, he's all covered in Dagre saliva, nasty stuff, ew ew ew ^w^.

  • Heather

    ………………………………………………….wtfudge?! U-n-e-x-p-e-c-t-e-d!

    I can’t stop looking at Dagre’s drool >.< I especially love how Luca is cringing in the fourth panel.

  • Emperial

    Stricken with grief and anger at the death of his beloved wife, and then eaten by a giant, slobbery cat. Luca is not having a very good day.

    • Painfully Dull

      I would dare say not. Mayhap someone needs to get Dagre some nice cat-nip and let poor Luca be.

  • Applepie


  • Emperor for dinner… this makes me wonder what Dagre eats for evening snack. (Luca better makes it out of there!!)

    Poor poor Luca – his miserable/sad/scared expression in the 4th panel, aaah, it’s breaking my heart, Poor poor man! ;_;

  • Esteban

    I can haz emperor?

  • Littlemog

    I love the way Luca’s hand is all splayed out in the last panel. I know, little things – hands are so expressive it’s lovely when they’re done well. The last panel in particular looks like it may have been extremely difficult to frame – well done.

    Thats not to say the other panels aren’t well done either – they’re all good and throughout the comic I have never, ever, had any confusion as to which panel to read in which order or “that panel is so different in quality to the others!”

    Personally, I think whiskers would get in the way of the last panel, unless you drew them in such a way they didn’t obscure Luca (and his “aaargh!” hand) which may be feasible, depending on how much he’s snarling.

    I demand more of Dagre’s adorable ears.

    • Well I wanted the panel to be as realistic as possible so I made sure to ref using my brother and my pet giant tiger demon. I think I did okay!

      • Littlemog

        Aww. My pet tiger demon never does what I tell him. Just lies around all day. Doesn’t eat people or anything, no matter how much I tell him to eat my siblings.

  • Lydia

    I like how Dagre just got fed up and ate Luca. It’s just one more reminder of why we do not cross giant nutcase tiger things.

  • TBman256


  • Hana

    Uh oh.

  • Marcutiolives

    Is this what Dagre does whenever he has a disagreement with someone?
    No wonder he and his brother fight so much.

    • Poor sobbing sod

      That and his bro’s hard to swallow.

    • Haha XD

      “Its your turn to take out the trash”
      “I did it yesterday!”

  • Flamma Man

    I’m guessing Dagre was never really physical this whole time, that this was all in Luca’s head and Dagre ‘eating’ Luca must be symbolic in a way.

    That or Dagre actually DID eat him.

    • TBman256

      maybe the same is true of angora’s grandfather

      • Mani

        I think so. Remember that we only saw Angora’s grandfather in her dream.

      • Mani

        And that in these three pages, Luca is the only living person in Dagre’s presence (whereas before, Dagre seemed to “appear” while Phe was around – but then, as a shadow).

  • Sybyll

    Holy Shennanigans Batman, he done eat him!

    • napsterkitten5

      Strangely enough, I thought of the batman spotlight when I saw Dagre’s eyes. XD

  • I think I’m going to have to re-read the story I am really confused after the last few pages. The artwork is wonderful you are amazing at showing emotion, but the story has temporarily lost me. I’m sure it will start making sense to me again at some point and I am enjoying it regardless, I look forward to the next page :).

    • msouth

      I think these dots are an earlier appearance of Dagre, if that helps:


      If I’m right about that appearance, I don’t think he’s imaginary, because there was no one in the frame to imagine him. I don’t know the stuff another commenter said about Dagre being Angora’s “grandfather’s” brother…I guess I’m lost, too. But rereading it all will definitely not be a chore :).

  • NaomiKnight

    Luca in the bottom-left panel absolutely tears my heart out.

    Excellent work, as always.

  • Becca

    Awe. In the panel with Phe I can totally picture Luca flashing back to her with some sad melody in the background. If this was a cartoon, of course. Very nicely done, as always, very captivating. :^)

  • Phe is lookin’ at Luca funny in that second to last panel.

  • Rika84

    OH GAWD!
    Was not expecting Dagre close-up to suddenly appear on my screen.
    Oh man. Oh man.
    I’m freaked out.
    *beats on Dagre to spit him out*

  • Poor sobbing sod

    Fool of a took anyone?

  • BentKatana

    Wow, this shit’s intense! :o

  • :3 It was great to meet you at Fanime.
    I love your comic. I made a handful of my friends who haven’t discovered it yet read the copy of the first chapter I bought. They are now readers.
    Also, you are very good at jerking heart strings and making people look absolutely batshit crazy.

  • freekedoutman

    oh wow that daemon tiger is creepy, good job on making it freaky as S***

  • new reader

    He… He ate him! I was not expecting that to happen.

  • sweet_gardenia

    …but does Luca taste like chicken? mmm yes Dagre you can has Lucaburgr

    I’m going with the symbolic descent into madness here but I could be wrong in which case OK FOLKS COMIC’S OVER go pack your bags up nothing more to see…

    • Well you probably know that Daggy has to toss a fool.


  • Milanor

    Excellent, excellent job as always.

    I have a question about Luca’s gloves. On page 35 they seemed to get shredded by his rage – I always thought it was just representing his anger and despair in his command to be alone. Now, noticing that the details there and that the gloves are still ripped…does he have some sort of unexplained power? Or did he just clench his fists really hard or somethin’?

    • You will definitely be finding that out soon!

  • Carpathian Forest

    COOKIEEEEEEEEE RAGHRAGHRAGHRARHGARHGHARHGH. When all else lacks reason, devour ’em all.

  • Mani

    I don’t think the canine on his bottom right was chipped in the last two pages, as it seems to be in the last panel of this page.

  • Hundreds

    Would you ship the comic to Australia? ;___;

  • Melissa S.

    I never fail to be excited to see a new page. :) Very lovely art, if not too lovely of subject matter

  • I-Know-Not-Who

    :( Poor, poor Luca… Quite the decent into madness, I must say; he lost everything that kept him tied to sanity (I’m not sure if the children count, as it seems like they’re just kinda -… There [minus Rana, maybe]. Or at least the way the siblings talked among themselves about their parents, and how they spoke of their parents) – his wife.
    So, is Dagre /really/, /really/ there…? Or is he just a figment, or representation of the mind…? O_O And since Dagre’s Angora’s “grandfather’s” brother, would that make Angora’s “grandfather” a mere figment or representation of the mind, too (lol that makes Angora sound mad)?
    Gah! The possibilities~! :3
    8D Can’t wait for the next page!

  • Sparn

    arrrrrgh. I was at fanime on Friday and Saturday and saw your table and noticed an awesome poster, and I remember thinking “Oh man I should come back later and get that” but I ended up never getting back around to Artist’s Alley.

    Tsk. I wish I had made a point of doing so.

  • Luna Astaer

    It was so cool meeting you at Fanime! Thanks for the signed poster, hope to see you there again next year :D


    i guess he got tired of the cheeseburgers

  • I’m hinging now on this being some crazy dream. Maybe Phe will even still be alright, but its a small hope.

  • Scaaaary! °________°

  • Prite

    Dagre, no! Y– no! Put him down! DOWN! We don’t do that in the house! >:(

  • Mr.Tophat

    Huh… i just looked up the word ‘Bezo’

    Its a term used to refer to ones best friend. Huh… So… Dagre eats his friends? Wonder what he does to his enemies….

    On that note. The word is primarily used in North England, primarily Doncaster or so says this website… SO DAGRE’S FROM DONCASTER! QUICK! KILL DONCASTER!

    • Haha, someone told me that it means “kisses” in another language :) The “Bezo” in the comic is not used in the same way as it is in our modern day languages though!

      • I think ‘beso’ in Spanish means kiss/kisses

        • Yes. “Kiss”. (besos = kisses)

          Unless Bezo means… KIZZ! xD

  • Amber

    Luca’s expression in the second to last panel is just heartbreaking. D: He needs a hug.
    Also, I’m impressed that Dagre can speak with his mouth full of emperor.


      Sorry, that was the first thing I thought of when I read your post. xD


  • evee

    I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s being eaten
    I thought he was picking him up
    You know how cats pick stuff up in there mouths and carry it somewhere

    • Rika84

      I could see that if Dagre was holding Luca’s coat or something in his teeth.
      But he’s taking the guy into his mouth head-first.
      I would find it hard to believe he’s coming back out of there in one piece. XD

  • Quats

    I first noticed Lucas’ amazing eyes in the first panel — the shading, the reflections perfectly set to suggest the extra dampness of the eye from his grief without being melodramatic about it — then realized the rest of the eyes in this strip are tremendous all the way around. Even Dagre’s glowly Eyes of Mad PowerNess (you’d think “round” wouldn’t convey much, but that little furrow of brow over them and the glow really goes extra creepy). The warm affection in Phe’s remembered eyes. The wisftulness from remembered-Phe, and confusion and even fear in Lucas’ eyes in the fourth panel.


  • CarmenSanFransisco

    Dunno why people are freakin’. Batshit crazy emperors are a delicacy.

    • Zeo-of-the North

      I know right!? what are you guys crying about in many cultures this is a rare delicacy! Lucky tiger thing.

  • Kurp

    Beautiful comic!

    I am curious, in the first panel close up of Lucas’ eyes I can’t help but see a sperm germinating an egg. Maybe I’ve been watching too many Peter Gabriel vids on youtube… though I wonder if this was intention symbolic imagery?

    • That… was not intentional XD I was trying to make his eyes look watery. Now I can’t unsee the sperm…

      • Kurp

        I kept thinking “Aha it’s symbolic of Dagre ‘seeding’ Luca’s mind with evil, destructive thoughts!”

        Sorry sometimes I over analyze these things!

    • ahaha, I lol’d so hard

      • Connor

        Lol now I’m seeing them as like twin embryos and I’m worried that when they get bigger the one in the right eye is gonna end up eating the left one, he looks a bit scrawny in comparison. Maybe he can do it dagre style…wait wow that just sounds like the most horrible play on “doggy style” ever XD. Oh lord please excuse my unintentional yet horrible, horrible sins.

  • Robert

    He isn’t really going to eat Luca is he? or is this another metaphor, Dagre is devouring the last of the goodness/mercy in Luca… or perhaps its something more sinister… can Dagre take on another form?

  • msouth

    I just want to point out that at least some of us want to vote on TWC because we think the comic is awesome. I don’t really care about the incentives, I just figure if you get more readers by people seeing it there (that’s how I found the comic), you will be more motivated to keep going, etc.

    So, please let us keep voting for it, and instead of an incentive you can put this post there if you like :).

    Maybe I’m wrong and people are only voting for the incentives, but I’ve basically never considered it a factor, I just want a great comic to get publicity to increase its sustainability.

    • Magical_Mushrooms

      Yeah I agree, I’d love you to go on TWC again (I mean, I love the incentives I must say, but I just love to feel like I’m…helping lol) It’s got a great sense of community about it.

  • Lizzie

    Haaah… woah. I’m kinda scared out of my wits now. But it LOOKS incredible.

  • matt

    good gad, i love this page so much. thank you kind artist/writer person.

  • kittengrl39

    I… can’t hate him after this. No matter what he does. Even if he starts a genocidal war, I’ll always remember that he had a moment of doubt.

    • madmab

      i’m not so sure he’ll be able to start a genocidal war now……

  • Carpathian Forest

    He looks so distraught in the second panel. I know exactly what he’s thinking.
    “Oh god.. Oh god.. Going to.. Eat. No. Can’t do it. BUT….”
    – Gobble gobble gobble –
    “Ugh Dagre.. You fatty, you did it again.. Next time have a little self control.”

    • Emma D

      I love you. Seriously.

  • Yu

    Not gonna deny it, that last panel made me rofl
    Also, what kittengirl39 said.

    Luca is so cute ):

  • Poor sobbing sod

    Augh. Trademarked by Lackadaisy, hahaha. XD

  • Grey Knight

    The ‘Man who hates the name of Love’ that White Forest God was talking about. I think we’ve found him!…and just lost him again..hehe…
    If that Tiger Demon thing spits out an evil version of the Emperor, we are under no obligation to spare that guy’s life in battle.

    For the true Emperor!..OF MANKIND! @_@

    • Grey Knight

      I mean ‘Man who hates IN the name of Love’..

  • SpiroExDeus

    Before I say anything else might I say: OMNOMNOM!!!

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system:

    Every time I read ‘The Meek’ I find myself waiting impatiently for the next panel and checking more regularly than is reasonable just on the offchance that you’ve gone mad and produced many panels a lot sooner than expected.

    So, basically I’m hooked. Sign of a good webcomic.


    • Aw, thanks XD Well, next page should be up tonight.

  • Well damn. I’ve known about the comic since before you started it (from dA) and only just read it. Now I want to slap past me in the face for not reading it for so long, this was amazing and a very odd page to stop on. I almost want to laugh, but I feel bad, but laughing kind of overrules sorrow about this…

  • InkWolf

    D: aww poor Luca. the second to last panel is so heart-breaking, then Dagre does THAT o_o’.

  • Drey Sabriel

    Oh, hey. I just got the yin-yang connection. Yang being the tiger, war, ferocity, active, and Yin being the dragon (giant salamander?), peace, coolness, passiveness.
    Of course, everyone else probly got this back on the page where Dagre is first even alluded to. I am slow XP.

    • Terr

      Drey: Rather than yin/yang ideas from Asia what about South America?

      Aztec. Tezcatlipoca vs. Quetzalcoatl. One’s a jaguar, the other’s a feathered snake.

      Not a big jump to tiger-vs-salamander, especially if the salamander has feathery axlotl bits.

  • Kazhmyr

    Augh! I was at Fanime and I didn’t see you! where was your booth? How did I miss it!!!!!??????!!!!!!

    • D:!! It was in the Artist’s Alley! Next to the Kurot/ Lackadaisy/ Hanna stuff! That’s okay though, maybe I’ll see you next year or at another convention :)

  • Paul J

    Love the drooping jowls. The graphic medium is perfect for depicting the physicality of Dagre’s evil.

  • MissMercurial

    This is my reaction to both the comic and the fact that I missed seeing you at Fanime ;^;
    C-comiCon? Maybe?

  • LeDayz

    Consumed by a crazy tiger demon rather than grief…
    (oho, consumed by rage, which has letters in Dagre’s name, hmmmmmmmmmm)

  • MineTruly

    This is so poignant. All we saw was them arguing with each other, but you can see how much he really loves her. It reminds us that couples who fight all the time can truly love each other at the same time, which is something that’s so easy to forget.

  • AAGH! D:

  • spiffy

    he faltered.


  • alaska

    every time I look at the last panel all I think is “OMNOMNOMNOM”

  • Quinsane~

    Reminds me of Aladdin. o.o

  • Zeo-of-the North

    I just Love that “LOL Im okay guys” look that Phe has going there

  • Beatrice

    I always wanted to say this for awhile.

    OM NOM NOM~!!!

  • …. You were at Fanime?
    Fanime con? IN SAN JOSE?!
    Please, please tell me… Are you going next year? *snif*

    • Haha, it is true, I was at the 4DE table! I may be there again next year if I have time! It’s also likely that Tessa Stone, who makes Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name (another fine webcomic) will be there too.

  • LadySkipper

    OK… Luca’s face next-to-last panel… I think I died a little inside from not being able to hug him…
    He srsly needs to break out the where’s-my-cow at some point

  • Siobhan

    Ohhhh~ seeing phe’s vacant staring eyes peeping over the edge of the 4th panel there makes me want to cry and hide at the same time!

  • squints


    creepy as hell, and amazing. i want it as a wallpaper.

  • This is seriously amazing. Poignant and chilling flashback panel. Bravo.

  • Jordan179

    One Morality Chain … broken.

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