I think that panel might be the saddest thing I’ve ever drawn : Gotta draw some kittens to make up for that one.

Since I’ve been very negligent with my comic pimpery lately, here’s one: Goblins by T. Hunt. I’ll be honest here, the art and subject initially turned me away even though I’d seen it on the top ranks of TWC for a while. But after I started reading I realized that the comic really deserves to be up there. Fantastic adventure writing, wonderful character development and, surprisingly, some of the most detailed art I’ve seen in a comic for a while. You can follow a shallow cut on some random armor for several chapters, that how good the attention to visual detail is. I have to say, even though I’m not into fantasy gaming or whatever this is supposed to be about, the story and art really grew on me and I have no problem admitting that I’ve been refreshing his page madly despite knowing it updates once a week. I’m becoming like me own readers, horror D: Haha, anyways, go take a look.

One more update this week will put me back on pre-computer mess time! Check back sometime during Sunday for page 40 :D


  • whooomeek


  • Ryl

    Aw…finally, freely flowing tears from Luca. The poor guy is broken at last. :(

  • I am really digging the emotion you’ve conveyed here. I hope THAT’S our Big-Ass Panel on deviantART.

  • makani

    you have no idea how much I love coming to this site on non-mondays and finding a new page. It’s like when you think a box of cookies is empty and you really want a cookie so you look inside it anyway and lo and behold there actually is one perfect cookie left and it is awesome

    • omg that happened to me last week. I feel like we’ve forged a strong mental connection, here.


    …Upon staring for a while and letting this sink in, I have to wonder why Phe was so important to Dagre…

    Uahh that tongue. Why do you have to put so much texture in it; it’s so creepyyyy :’D

  • B_Ren

    Man, Dagre freaks me out.

  • ::|

    • …my comment only posted as a face for some reason…lame.

      now what I wanted to say…

      I’d say ‘at least he’s still alive’, but that doesn’t really feel right under the given circumstances…Luca needs hugs and puppies. Maybe hugs from puppies.

      Not kittens because I think that’d just be a cruel reminder of our large tiger friend.

  • spiffy

    someone please remind me why i giant tiger just ate luca, again? xD

    • He picked him up and threw him against the wall! or door, or whatever.

  • StephenM3

    Dagre almost looks… sympathetic in panel three.

    This… this is a very powerful story here. Perhaps the best portrayal of good people doing bad things I have ever seen. Thank you for this!

  • Karkalla

    Ah, this is breaking my heart :[

    Still amazing though~

  • sweet_gardenia

    And Dagre gets the gold for the 50 Metre Fool Toss! The crowd goes wild! HAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

    But seriously that panel is heart breaking. The dialogue is wrenching. Poor Bezo that he must be driven to this…

  • DeliciousPineapple

    Sooooo, Dagre isn’t some dream and what he does to Luca affects him in the real world. Poor Luca. He needs a hug. And a necromancer to bring Phe back. :C

  • Did he eat Phe? O_Ó Most disrespecful!

    • Chris

      it looked like he ate Luca to me before, or at least bit him

      • Chris

        oh wait, never mind; now i see what you are talking about Phe is gone

        • Shannon

          Well, Dagre did TOSS him, Phe may just not be right next to them anymore.


  • Kt

    Still getting a G-Man vibe over here…. “Not that I am im plying that you havebeen slee ping on the job”

    • Maphysto

      I’ve been thinking the same thing, only a lot deeper and with an intimidating snarl in his voice.

  • Loved the last few pages, loving this one also. Some pretty strong, emotional moments.
    That last panel Dagre’s tongue reminded me of something else…hmmm…need to pull my brain out of the gutter.

  • The fourth panel actually made me cry.
    And Dagre’s shadow in the last panel.. showing how powerless Luca is against him :( Ugh, makes me feel oppressive.

  • Emperial

    Oh, gods, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse. Painfully brilliant, Der-shing.

  • Flormar

    What happened to his gloves? It looks like they’re burning or spontaneously combusting
    So much pain! Very well done, but maybe you could have added a transition just so people can see that the dagre threw him against the wall – just a suggestion though
    Very emotional, congratulations for an awesome pic again!

    • Eric

      His clothing is torn. I can’t tell if he is bleeding in the second panel or not. It looks like his nose is bleeding in the fourth.

  • Allie

    Up until now I’ve been mostly in awe of just out COOL Dagre is. Kind of in the way I think all big cats, or other predators like alligators are cool. But then in panel three I had a very gut reaction. Something about the way he looks at Luca is so very a predator-about-to-eat-you-look. Dagre isn’t cool anymore, and I need a teddy bear!

    As always, beautifully drawn, and very powerful! :)

  • Michael

    Is there a reason why Dagre can pronounce “Bezo” polysyllabically in the last panel when he couldn’t before?

    • No, its a typo :) Thanks for catching that.

  • Sky

    Ooh! Emperor was not for eaaatiiingg, .. emeror was simply for tossing across the room~! .. XD Poor Luca!!

  • This scene just keeps getting more intense!

  • Interesting choice of words… “… Dagre, don’t make me be alone” when Dagre WAS the thing who made him be alone!

    • Was he?

    • Maggie

      I would have to say the girl with the black hair and the purple clothes that served Phe’s food seems the more likely candidate :)

  • MAYBE??

    • Crap that was supposed to be a reply.

  • Adie

    “This is our bur den” I thought he was trying to say ‘bear den’.

    Dang. You can always count on me to kill a mood. Still, great comic!

    • doodpeal


      Wow, that is a mood killer. But really funny.

  • Enchiladas

    Der-shing, you are so cruel to Luca! Look at him, give him a break! Let me have him for a while and I’ll take him to a spa or something. All on me.

  • Littlemog

    So Dagre didn’t want Phe dead? Ooh, now that’s a twist. I thought Dagre wanted war (“Kill them all!”) while Phe wanted peace. Unless he’s just manipulating him.

    Non-predictable comic is non-predictable. In that good, coming back for what’s happening next way, not that “argh god whats going on I’m so confused!” way.

    • Eric

      “Unless he’s just manipulating him.” Dagre is evil. I wouldn’t trust him.

    • NeverfilledVoid

      Dagre is probably trying to gain Lucas trust by blaming someone else.

  • XIX

    One thing I’ve been curious about is what the languages and accents sound like. Additionally, do the Ambassadors have accents?

    Personally I imagine they all sound European, at least until Your Awesomeness decrees otherwise.

    • doodpeal

      For some reason, I always pictured Luca to have some sort of a Russian accent. I dunno.

  • Hel

    Wow. I just love the work on this page, and how deeply you feel Luca’s pain in the fourth panel. This has been a great chapter with a great storytelling, pacing and charachter insight. I just love this story more and more, you just… well, feel it. Happening somewhere in time and space.
    I’ll keep admiring this page unitl Sunday xd

  • Wood

    And the think I notice here is that the guards are carrying rifles, which says a lot about the technological level of the “Meekverse”…

    Is this the first time we see firearms in The Meek ?

    • Enchiladas

      I think when Luca had his first little meeting with the Ambassadors, the guards there had firearms? Just in the distance lol

    • Well all of the guards in this palace have been armed so far, what with the ambassadors being around. You can look back to page 7 or something, I think that is the first time we’ve seen one.

  • Poor Luca… D:

    Wow, you’ve really made this scene way more heartbreaking than the first draft! And I thought it couldn’t get any better.

  • Mr.Tophat

    Eish. Luca’s getting chewed up and spit out by his life…

    *ker, boom boom, Che*

  • Leedin

    This is absolutely brilliant. Dagre is a top notch portrayal of pure hatred and insanity, all the while cunning and plotting, to boot! I am very excited for upcoming pages, thank you so much for this wonderful display of art and story telling!

  • DoggySpew

    What a bunch of useless guards.

  • Emma D

    Waaaait. If those guards hear a thud shouldn’t they be running in?

    Anyhoo. I love the emotion is this one! The tears are so well drawn, too. How do you do it?
    By the way. Luca is official my favourite character. I love angst. XD

    • He clearly told everyone to LEAVE in a big scary voice… They’re just following orders!

  • Dandizette

    I’ve never posted before. This comic keeps me coming back for more. I am addicted. I check all the time for updates. Excellent work!

    I would also like to point out that in your archives, there is no link to page 2.37. It hops from 2.36 to 2.38.

    Anyway, please, keep up the excellent work. Creepy, emotional and all too real. Kudos!

    • Oh, thanks for letting me know about the archive page skip XD

      • Dandizette

        You’re very welcome. XD

  • Fleece

    Whew! Travels-along-the-digestive-track cruise got canceled! Good!

    I like the twitching. And that you added the panel with the guards.

  • KT

    Man, every page of yours I see makes me want to up my game. You get better and better all the time. I love the way you’ve used the lighting in this scene, especially on this page where it really makes Luca look tiny and alone next to Dagre. Fantastic.

  • Nrolad

    wowww…i just noticed something, in the last panel, Dagre shadow looks the same like the shadow in Luca’s bedroom before.

    so Dagre was there all along. yup that defiantly increase my suspension that he is the one who killed phe.

  • Esile

    I think everything’s already been said that I was going to say… but…

    Kittens please. o_o

  • Rika84

    “Wham” = lol
    Luca not eaten = YAY!
    Luca is crying = … ;-; That poor man… omg…
    I almost don’t want this scene to ever end. It’s so full of emotion.

    • Rika84

      Is it just me, or is his nose bleeding in that crying panel? o_o *gives Luca a tissue*

  • marinated_fish

    This is… intense.
    The storytelling has really grown, I think…

    Uh, this time I feel like there are a few too many movement lines, either that or they’re popping out too much. (Since I remember you saying that you don’t like to put too much of those in. ;D)

  • Lizzie

    Well… I’m glad he is not eaten. But there are not enough hugs to fix this!
    I’m coming to realize that there’s a lot to be learned about Dagre. And how our Luca wound up in this mess.

  • Flamma Man

    Well, nuts, that first panel kinda puts a dent on my theory of Dagre being in his head.

    Although, maybe he smashed into it himself?

    Kinda doubt it though.

  • Herisonne

    Ah. I miss voting for your comic..
    But I still don’t get what hapenned to Luca’s gloves. They exploded when he tightened his fists? He ate them out of distress? They’re biodegradable gloves?

    • Don’t worry, you will find out soon!

    • Zieber

      They exploded when he tightened his fist lol so epic. I hope it’s that! Luca reminded me of Ratagin from the Great Mouse Detective (when he went crazy laughy freak out). Great surprise to the story Alex

  • Eagle-elf

    I still don’t understand who Daegre is.

  • ZethRina

    Oh god, Luca! The poor guy!

  • Topsy Krets

    He really should stop cutting onions at such a late hour

    • Please stop posting with that name

      OMG this is page 39 and if you minus 16 you get 23!!!


    I’m still trying to determine whether i should find the big tiger intimidating or silly

  • Oh Dagre…why ya gotta be such a butt head…

    And wow, good job on being so quick about getting this page up without dropping the aesthic

  • cheddot

    “Total Slaughter,
    Total Slaughter.
    I won’t leave a single man alive.
    La de da de dai,
    La de da de duh,
    An ocean of blood.
    Let’s begin the killing time.”

    • Nove

      You’re my hero. <3

    • James III

      Let’s be friends :3

    • Jac



    • featherwolf

      Wewt Trigun!

  • Garrett

    soooo… those two guards dont go see what happened? They r probably like: “Oh hey man did you hear that?”
    “Its just Bezo acting up again, no need to check anything out.”
    “oh okay that sounds cool, so did you see that big game last night?”
    “Yeah it was a good game.”
    Some guards I:I

    • The emperor is in a scary mood right now (as far as they know). They’re probably more like
      “You gonna go in there?’
      “Are you??”

      ahaha also I like that palindrome emote |:|

  • Carpathian Forest

    Ah man, this one even made me emotional. I’m so fucking kicking a baby today, TODAY IS MY DAY. MOTIVATE ME, ALEX MOTIVATE ME.

  • Ange

    The text for Dagre gets a bit confusing. Is the purpose of writing his speech like that is because you want the audience to read it as if the words are broken up into smaller words?

    I’m just asking cause I wanna make sure, I mean no harm. ^^;

    • Mage

      I was assuming it was to give the impression of broken speech, or just a weird way of talking. I think it’s pretty effective, and it makes you work harder to understand what he’s saying. I mean, imagine how you would talk if you had that tongue! XD

    • He has trouble breathing/ talking (his neck is really long and also that ginormous tongue doesn’t help XD) So his words come out one syllable at a time!

      • DoggySpew

        I wish I had 200 million dollars, so that I could make a movie out of the Meek that would do the comic justice.

        • Be careful for voice actors though…that could totally ruin your idea! You don’t want some woman with a squeaky voice acting as Phe. D:

          • DoggySpew

            I’m thinking more of Angelina Jolie as a voice for Phe. And Clint Eastwood as Luca’s voice.

    • TheMeekShallInheritTheEarth

      My reading ears compare his speech pattern and inflections to the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin.

      Maybe Phe is allergic to cats??

      • Cheri

        That is exactly what I said!

        Talking Tiger Head Cave Thing from Aladdin, yep!

  • fishy-kun

    Somehow between the dinnerparty and the appearance of Dagre, Bezo’s gloves have disintegrated. This could either be symbolic or something from a tragic past. Or both.

    Another update! So nice. :D

    • Michael

      They started to fall apart when he yelled at everyone to leave in 2.35, like he was yelling at everyone so loud that that the sound could break things, and he accidentally had his hands in the way when he did it.

      • MarkXII

        Actually, there is another reason, to be revealed later.

        • TheMeekShallInheritTheEarth

          I am thinking is it the inverse of Angora’s powers/abilities

          Growth/Life – Decay/Death

          P.S. I have been following goblins for a year now, and as a Geek, LOVE the humor. The story is entertaining an fun.

  • Anon

    Yeah I was also initially turned off by Goblins’ art style but it’s pretty good once you give it a chance.

  • Carpathian Forest

    Angry noodle tiger is angry.

  • Billy the Kid

    awwwww!!!!!! he needs a hug! *hugs* oh man! now i’m covered in tiger drool… why is dagre calling him bezo? i thought his name was luca :S

    • “Bezo” is sort of a nickname :B

      • lol sort of? I’m sure his aunt would disagree :P

    • Haha, kinda reminds me of a joke:
      Q: What name are you going to let a 500lb demon tiger call you?
      A: Anything it wants!

      • Maphysto


      • Billy the Kid

        hahahaha! you’re my hero!

  • Kim


  • i don’t know if i’m the first one to notice but, isn’t panel two the same pic as panel two on page 2.36? haha.

    poor luca!:( and i’m pretty sure Dagre picked him up and threw him against the door. Poor guy:(

    • Not the same drawing, but the same angle.

      • Jac

        I’ve a feeling that that angle will be drawn many times when these two interact. That says something about their relationship. :|

  • ….Way to make me get all emotional for Luca. ;A; You know, you wouldn’t think you could ever be sad for a warlord/dictator (what is he again? >.>) but you manages to do it.

    Poor Luca ;n;

  • Rebecca

    Why does everyone want to see this made into a movie? :/ It’s the same with Lackadaisy. Sigh.
    I always miss Dagre’s shadow. Always, always, always.

    • Yes, a different medium would be nice… like interpretive dance *waving arms*

      • I vote for Disney-style movie. With no violence and blooming flowers instead of bleeding.

        • WonderGirl

          And Robin Williams as the voice of Dagre. XP

        • Jac

          And Angora could be kind of hyperactive Pocahontas! :D

  • OH MAN, this is making my heart cry. Luca is my favorite character!! I LOVE YOU LUCAAA!! DON’T LISTEN TO THE EVIL CEILING DAGRE!!!

    • Surely he should be Basement Dagre?

  • Mr.Tophat

    For some reason i began picturing Dagre playing with some string like a kitty.

    It is oddly hilarious.

  • Kylie Emm

    Question: I must have missed something…. why is everybody calling Luda ‘Bezo?’


    And… how did Dagre get in there? Or is he just a figment of Luda-Bezo’s imagination?

    • Beth

      Dagre seems to be some sort of god (or possibly a demon) since he is “Grandfather’s” brother. I’m guessing he can materialize wherever he likes?

  • Kylie Emm

    Wow kay ‘LUCA.’

    Ultimate idiocy attained.

  • Fluro

    OH so one of the guests poisoned phe?

    also your pages are beautiful and inspiring, makes me wanna draaaaaww

    • RynneG

      Huh…that would actually make sense, I didn’t catch that and was confused about Luca letting ‘them kill her’…I first assumed that Dagre killed her somehow to punish Luca/Bezo.

    • Well Dagre seems to think so :)

      And yay, drawring is fun

    • Maphysto

      Eh, I don’t think that’s the case. Remember, at the very beginning of the dinner Luca ate from all the dishes, so he would’ve been poisoned too. Phe’s reaction to whatever killed her (rash/asphyxiation) seems to imply an allergic reaction.

      It’s possible she was simply allergic to something in the food and Dagre is capitalizing on her death to manipulate Luca, or he could have triggered her death personally to insure she doesn’t interfere in his schemes.

  • Hot Sauce

    His face actually made me tear up. ;__;

  • Angelina F

    what does the name bezo actually mean?? God that tongue.

    • DoggySpew

      According to Meekipedia Bezo means “Boot”.

  • Okay, now I lost hours of my sunday reading Goblins. You really are right, it’s addictive once you get past the initial impression.

    Also, I love Luca. I don’t know what it is with tragic characters, but… poor guy.

  • If Dagre wasn’t creepy enough before . . . the glowing eyes reflected in his shadow on the last panel? Sent chills down my spine.

    • AUGH! I had not noticed that detail before… chilling!

  • BentKatana

    Sunday?! THAT’S TODAY OH BOY :D!!!11

  • Android 21 3/7

    With that gigantic smile of his, all I can see Dagre saying is “Hey there! How’s it hanging?”

  • Whew, Luca isn’t dead. Just very sad. Which is still depressing. :(

    Also, guns? Have these appeared before? Here I was thinking this was straight medieval fantasy…

    • BentKatana

      I think there were guns in the first chapter…weren’t there, lol? I don’t remember, it seems like forever ago…I think this is more futuristis-kindaof-a little-fantasy, but don’t quote me. Sorry if I’m wrong, alexds1! :/

      • Not in chapter 1, but definitely throughout this chapter (in the backgrounds and stuff).

  • this is awesome. really. i feel so sorry for him that i’m already ready (oops) to forgive anything horrible he can do in the future. and he will, i believe. but perhaps i just say this because he remings me of Londo Mollari.

    also, your characters are wonderful, your character design is interesting, you manage to keep drama and sense of humour together and OH MAN PLEASE MARRY ME

  • Meganite

    So sad! 3rd panel is my favorite, the composition is really great. It’s a bit hard to tell Bezo’s pose in panel 2.

  • Omg, if his eyes are reflected in the shadow…and in Phe’s and Luca’s bedroom, when the shadow was on the wall…that must mean Dagre must have just been standing there the entire time!

    • That seems to be the implication. >_> Dagre is one sneaky manipulative git of a cat, it would seem.

  • thetaIX

    Is this comic gonna make me sad like The Abominable Charles Christopher? :L

  • Jared

    You know what’s starting to anoy the fuck out of me when I read your comic? That some words are split between two seperate lines. That’s not proper sentance structure at all. I can understand doing it if you’re trying to convey a specific style of speech, but if that’s the case why not use comas or periods? It does the exact same thing, and it doesn’t look like shit.

    • For Dagre you mean? Yes, that is his speech pattern, not me misunderstanding proper use of the English language.

    • Baneena

      Before you start complaining and swearing for no apparent reason, I think you should learn to spell properly.

      anoy —> ANNOY
      sentance —> SENTENCE
      comas —> COMMAS

      Good day to you, douchebag. :D

    • Pfft

      It doesn’t do exactly the same thing. The pause you take when reading a space is shorter than when reading a comma or period. I think it wouldn’t fit as well to have commas chopping up Dagre’s spooky little way of talking :P But that’s just my view. I don’t think it ‘looks like shit’ at all.

  • Loral

    Ohgodohgodohgod I need more Meek!

  • Mani

    I really love how Dagre is a MUCH more insidious and effective manipulator than your usual “THEY KILLED YOUR WIFE NOW YOU KILL THEM ALL” Disney villain.

    The fact that he brings up Phe’s wanting peace as though it were a virtue, while blaming her death on Luca’s INaction – good stuff.

  • Maria

    in the first panel…. the first guard has no eyebrows! i finally figured out why he seemed odd…. was that done on purpose?

    Anyways, awsome comic! ^^

  • Mairead

    This is beautifully drawn, as always. I have a question, though: what exactly is going on? As I scrolled through the comments, everybody seems to be more in the know than I in regards to certain characters–like Dagre. Have I missed reading a prequel comic? Or am I just really slow? xD

    • Coentje

      It is because a lot of people have read the meekipedia or have read the pages in drafts which have been online in the past I believe. Personally I have read some of the meekipedia but stopped when I encountered hints of spoilers. I like to see how the story develops on its own.
      That’s also the reason why I usually avoid the comments as hell, because some comments can contain (unintended) blatant spiolers.

      • Don

        I am in the same boat as Mairead. But I believe the first comment I read for page 37 was from the author and that contain a huge spoiler in the first line. And it was hard not to look at that line since it was fairly close to the last few panels.

        Unless someone can point out that spoiler in the pages before 37, I have to say to the author, “Be wary of the beans you might spill.”

        With that aside, great art and story so far. I mean that!

        • Which comment? the fact that they were brothers? Actually that information appears in the actual Chapter 1 comic (http://www.meekcomic.com/2009/05/23/chapter-1-page-29/) , so I figured it was okay to post :B I do not post spoilers in my own comments, though I can’t vouch for what people post in the stuff below the author comment box.

          • Don

            I stand corrected. I totally forgot about that panel. To be honest, I was thinking that Luca and Dagre were brothers in some way ( in a “my brother died in the war and was reincarnated as an evil tiger spirit” way). :P

            Again, I apologize and thanks for the reply. Still trying to resist the urge to look at Meekipedia. Can’t wait to see more!

          • No need to apologize! I definitely don’t expect readers to know as much as I do about the comic (haha, at least, I hope you don’t). As for the wiki, the only information it contains is 1) very basic information about characters that we haven’t met yet (you’ll recognize that they are characters before clicking for sure) 2) summary information for things that have already happened or 3) supplemental information that is fun but not necessary to know to enjoy the comic. I update it at the end of the chapters with the newest stuff, so for example right now the Phe article doesn’t mention that she is uh no longer with us, but in a few weeks it will. So you can browse through that safely as well if you want :)

      • Mairead

        Thanks for the reply. I ended up browsing on Meekipedia, and that cleared up some confusion–but I did what you did as well and left the site before I learned too much. I like letting the story developing on its own, but a little background information is definately good. (Like the fact that Luca was called Bezo as a child.)

  • I still can’t belive she is dead…. I liked her so much! TT_TT
    My favorite character…. *sob*

  • mattie

    Wait, how did his gloves tear?

  • NaviGirl

    @DoggySpew, I think Phe should be voiced by Demi Moore because their voice is melancholy with a down-to-earth personality yet powerful and strong.

    As for Luca, maybe Jean Reno, Mickey Rourke, Kelsey Grammar, or Shaun Toub. I am not saying Clint Eastwood is a bad actor, I think he’s too all-american to play a thick accented, Stalin-esque dictator. I just don’t see him in that role. The others I picked played characters similar roles I described. Bottom line is Luca is a complex character. His voice actor has a gigantic shoes to fill in since Luca is part of the main three of this comic.

    • NaviGirl

      My mistake, Phe is not Melancholy but I imagine her voice to be smoothing and motherly but keeps Luca on a short lease more less. Also, Laurie Metcalf can play as Phe. She played as Jackie Harris from the show, Roseanne though I like Demi Moore as Phe b/c she’s pretty.

  • Caroline

    Well, on the bright side… Luca did get to have sex with her one last time. AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS IN LIFE, REALLY.

  • Bau

    Lol folks back here use “bezo” as an affectionate nickname for babies mostly, it’s babyspeak for “kiss”. Best nickname for an emperor lol.

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