This is the last page that takes place in the dining room :) :) I’m so happy. Next few pages are going to be so kickass, only 5 pages left in the chapter!!

And now for some webcomics pimpery, you should really go take a look at this fantastic comic that was brought to my attention… it is called reMind and the art is amazing. I have to mention the art first because of course that is the first thing that caught my eye, but the story is also very well done and as original as they come (it has lizard people which is an immediate plus for me). I swear to god, webcomics nowadays are getting better and better. Everyone should feel so lucky that this kind of reading material is free to enjoy! Anyways, go take a look!


  • OHMAN, I can imagine the drip-drip of Dagre’s saliva in the silence. @_@

  • They’re not going to go kill the Caris ambassadors are they?!

    • Octoshooter

      I figured they were as good as crucified as soon as Fey died.

  • cassandra

    so um this tiger guy…was he that creep shadow thing in this guys bedroom?

    • amadre

      I’m assuming yes. Mr. dagre’s shadow looks exactly like the thinger in the bedroom (gee…taken out of context, that last sentance would be very very bad…)

      Also, I don’t see any hints of any other paranormal creatures stalking our beloved leader, ergo, yes. ‘Twas the Dagre.

  • Poor Luca! He only wants the best for his people, his kids…he’d even fall under the evil of Dagre so that nothing happens. ):

    Oh, and Luca is extremely AWE!! in this page! <3

  • Katie

    I really like how when Luca wipes the blood from his nose there is still a smear… your attention to detail is impeccable!

    • Elaine

      I totally agree!

  • Khasm

    Absolutely amazing work as usual! Can’t wait to read the rest!

    Glad to see you picked up ReMIND, it’s definitely one of the higher quality new webcomics in town! Kudos to you for giving them some pimpery. :D

  • Alexis

    Is Dagre talking about the country when he says Car is?

    • Interloper

      Dagre just knows how much Luca loves his Porsche.

      The country’s name is Caris.

  • Cheri


    Make time go faster so I can see these last few pages!!!

  • Chi

    Dagre is creepy. He’s like some tiger-blood hound-snake-Darth Vader hybrid.

  • Your recent updates makes me feel so spoiled. Awesome art all over and lots of exciting and story driven stuff happening. You rock! :D And I want to draw Dagre sooo bad right now…
    And hey, grats on passing those CSETs!! :D

  • Merrin

    floating Dagre is floating

    • Flamma Man

      Well, he DOES have a really long neck.

  • It’s time to FUCK UP CARIS.

    And I’m so ready to see it.

    Uh oh! “People” isn’t spaced out into syllables?

    I loveeeeee Luca’s face. in the second and last panels. Pull yourself together, man. GET THROUGH THIS.

    Dagre’s nose in the first panel… looks almost comforting. :> I guess he can be kind of cute when he’s not OMG DROOL FOUNTAINing all over the place. THOUGH I LIKE HIS SLOBBER, TOO, DON’T GET ME WRONG.

    wheee ending this before my capslock key gets any more abuse. :’)

  • Ryl

    I love that you can read Luca’s thought process from panel to panel as he responds to Dagre’s words. The lighting is spectacular as always, and visibly adds to the shift in his emotions; it’s rather interesting to me to see his face downcast and shadowed but in the end he’s “looking into the light” of Dagre’s eyes. It’s like the path for him to walk has suddenly been made obvious and he sets himself to do so. It’s great!

  • Jenn

    Holy cats, Der. These last few pages have been so intense. Luca’s expression and Dagre’s pause in his last panel gave me shivers. I can’t wait for the next page.

  • Simply Me

    Seriously, the things I wanted to say about this page have been said!

    Although, I can say that Dagre (in panel 5) looks like he is trying to be convincing, but can’t help to feel smug that his plan for manipulating Luca is going so well. Almost like, at first glance he looks expectant yet sad, then you look again and you see an evil grin behind it.

    • Simply Me

      Oh, and just noticed something. Wasn’t the majority of the blood coming out his other nostril on the last page? Seriously confused.

      • pft, haha yeah. I’ll fix it.

  • Emma D

    I love the last panel so muuuuch~
    (And not just because I’m totally a Luca fangirl)

    :D Can’t wait to see the next page, as always!
    It always makes me so happy to see an update for this!

  • DoggySpew

    *Jumping in anticipation*

  • Allison

    No, no, that is the saddest panel ever when Dagre says ‘your chil dren.’

    I seriously teared up.

  • Emperial

    Luca, nooooo! ‘Cause you just know this isn’t going to end well, he’s totally making a deal with the devil.

    But on the other hand, yessss, can’t wait to see where this leads!

  • You’re amazing. You really are.

    *sits on edge of seat and awaits next page*

  • TLL

    That cinnamon-flavored cupcake. >:( He really knows how to manipulate Luca, kind of off-handedly threatening what the poor guy’s got left…

    And here, I was thinking that Luca might try to make a deal or something, since Dagre’s a heap-big-powerful-spirit. …’Course, I dunno what all Dagre can do…
    But, of course, Luca’s not in his right mind as well. …This chapter is powerful.

    *obligatory mention of ‘people’ not being separated*

    • durr XD I have yet to do one page without a typo!

  • Does Dagre change shape…? His anatomy is such a mindfuck, it’s awesome, but I just want to make sure I haven’t been staring at the computer screen so much, lmfao.

  • rufftoon

    For this page, especially loving the last three panels. A very nice change of expression there, not overacted.
    The whole sequence with Dagre is still some of my favorite pages you’ve done so far.

  • Billy the Kid

    I hated luca at first… but now I love him! he’s now my favorite character! but i’m sort of confused… is he a good guy or a bad guy… :S

    • Link Man

      He’s Anakin.


        • JoRoar

          I seriously laughed out loud at that.
          GO DARTH LUCA GO

        • Billy the kid


  • Erode

    A very random comment, I know, but I love Dagre’s crazy giraffe neck in the third panel. And Luca looks younger in the last panel; maybe because he’s resolved to protect his children?

    I’m also very eager for your next chapter. Are we revisiting Pinter and Angora? Sticking with Luca? Meeting new folks? Looking forward to it as always! ^_^

  • LeDayz

    I love the thin panel where Dagre’s neck is all stretched out – I LOL’ed

  • Cody

    Your web comic is great, and the recommendation for reMIND was dead on. I have to agree, this is a great time to be able to read such great comics online.

  • GlassShard

    That tiger is a son of a bitch! Like seriously, he’s so mean.

    Luca is good stuff. I like villains who are villaining in the name of love, or heartbreak, or For The Greater Good. It means more when they’re defeated or killed at the end. Then you get an audience that’s all yay! The world isn’t going to be razed! But then they’re all waaaah! when you hit them with a final panel of the villain seeing visions of their dead wife or whatever as they’re coughing up their perforated stomach. Conflicted audience is win.

    That tiger though, he’s a jerk. I wonder if he’s evil for the sake of evil or if he, too, has an unjustly slain dead wife somewhere. HUMANITY CHOKED HIS TIGER-WIFE SO HUMANITY MUST DIE.

  • Luna Astaer

    Ohmyfreakinggod, I love Dagre’s messed up talking, it takes me a couple times to read what ever he’s saying, but then I just get a better feel for what it would sound like if he were actually talking and oooohhhhhhh poor Luca!!! :(

  • Maphysto

    Hoo boy. This doesn’t look good for the ambassadors. They’ll either be sent back to Caris with news of war, or summarily executed, and their heads sent back. Given Luca’s mood, I’m betting on the latter.

  • I’m terrible because my mind keeps coming back to the thought of how much all those whiskers must tickle.

  • Cheri

    At least Luca got some tail just before shit went down.

  • Susie

    IT’S A TRAP!

    Sorry, just thought it needed to be said :)

  • Flamma Man

    Well, shit is now officially about to hit the fan.

  • Carpathian Forest

    Ahh man, what a way to give him an offer he can’t refuse. I feel bad, he’s totally twisting Luca’s arm, but what can Luca do, really? He’s his love and part of his sanity, so I imagine he’s vulnerable and willing to do anything to compensate for his loss, even if it means bargaining with a devil itself.

    • Carpathian Forest

      He’s lost his love*

  • Carpathian Forest

    I also noticed that Dagre’s neck may possibly be getting longer and longer with each frame. His neck is trying to consume the entity that is their world o_o!

  • Guh, I’m always just awestruck by how intense every single page you do is. You’re so good at capturing those ‘moments’. I love how you achieve this is very few panels/words too. You’ve got mad skillz.

    Oh and Dagre just totally creeps me out. He’s burned his way into my mind. It’s those big flood light eyes of his…

    *__* I’m so excited for more!

    • ffff what no you don’t get to say that to me XD You’re a comics hero, nothing gets to impress you!

  • FadedServility

    “Pe-ople” should be “Peo-ple” when Dagre splits it with his monosyllabic-drool-speak. It would be more Pee-o-pull when read the way it is now. Otherwise, I love Luca’s recovery here. I always feel better when my kitties headbutt me, too.

    • Yeah, I did it that way first but it just looked so weird. Peo ple? Then again Pe ople also looks weird. Hmm

      • ampquot

        pee pol :P

  • Blue

    I bet the cleaning staff is confused as to why there’s always fur and puddles everywhere when the Emperor has to make a big decision >_>

    I really love the second to last panel. The bright light makes you focus on his eyes, so he seems sort of beseeching, but as your eyes travel down you see that barely hidden line of pointy teeth and he just looks sinister. Dagre is a manipulative bastard and I love him <3

  • Anemoritos

    Hi, i’m from DA, i loved your comic, i’m so waiting for the outcome.
    I find very sad that Phe has to die =( but i also like it in a way that it was totaly unexpected. You really know how to keep people at the edge!
    and the coloring!!! awesome!!! and it’s so much work too!!!……………. hahahaha i guess i have just become a fan of this comic hahahahahaha

  • Crow

    Hehe, it’s probably inappropriate to say considering the poor guy is in such despair, but disheveled Luca = HOT. Lookit that hair, I just wanna snug him!

  • Mordecai

    The last three panels are among the best I’ve seen; the way the plot pivots through them, and Luca’s expression in the last panel, are just superb.

  • Tam


    friggin’ love Dagre, hot piece of tiger that one >8C <3


    is he smiling in that bottom middle panel or is he frowning?

    • Good question :) That’s up to you to decide.

      • Gharuel Shaan

        Smiling. Definitely smiling. o___o;

  • Wow, so this is like a Sultan+Jafar relationship, right? Or Luca is conscious of his actions/decisions all the time?

    • Hopefully it was obvious from the chapter that he’s conscious of what he’s doing. Ie he’s not being hypnotized into behaving a certain way or anything. But the motivations driving his decisions are the main issue XU

      • Then he is an asshole. A lovely asshole with good intentions.
        I just asked because of the sudden shot of the big eyes and Luca staring at them :/

  • Also, he looks great with that hair XD

  • Amy

    EPIC! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Also, I am kind of confused as to what happened to Phe. Did she choke and saving her went sour? Was she poisoned? Dagre is making it sound like this was no accident. I’m so confused! But intrigued!

  • Rachel

    Ahhhhh, this page is so good. I love the panels on the bottom, where you can feel Luca thinking, and you can feel Dagre’s pressure.
    I also love the recommendation of reMIND. I’m already hooked.


    You know, when the second chapter started, I thought it was going to be that really boring part of the comic where not much happens. BUT HOLY AJSHFKLJSHFKJ I’M PULLING OUT MY HAIR!!! I MUST KNOW HOW IT CONCLUDES!!!

    just five more pages to goooooo NYAAAAAGGHGHHH Dagre, WHADYA GOT UP YOUR… FUR… SLEEVE METAPHOR THING???? I swear, no matter what Luca does, he’s going to be my favorite character. I always fall in love with the sympathetic-type ones T__T

  • pasha

    No Lucas, 8( Think of Phe.

  • Ian

    Could you please add a donate button, so that I can give you money. Also, when are you going to bind this into a real book so that I can buy that?


  • makani

    I love this page, it’s paced so well, like I can just hear the silence (er well the disturbed silence) as he sobers up and Dagre waits patiently for his inevitable agreement.

  • paperjellyfish

    Dagrrrraaaaaahhhh, I cannot take you seriously with your tongue hanging out like that. I want to poke it. >_<
    Mmm, I feel bad for Luca. Emotion-based decisions suck.
    But I still think it would be funny if Dagre was like, "I already told you! Kill them all! DUUUHHHHH" [floppy tongue smack].

    • Eric

      Aren’t those jowls, rather than his tongue?

      • paperjellyfish

        On the second to last panel his tongue is peeking out on the right side.

  • Meganite

    Oh my God. Dagre is using the manipulation tactics my mom uses =( There is no hope for Luca!

    Also, Dagre is longcat’s big brother.

    • MassiveGeek

      I KNEW IT!

    • haelyrom

      YES. He is. Oh wow.

    • Poor sobbing sod

      Wow that’s cruel. My mom beats me with grinding logic. O.0

    • mattie

      Your mother comes in through your wall, kills your wife, and threatens your children?

  • Bartimaeus

    Creepy tiger is creepy.

  • Pottumuusi

    Kill them! Then we have pizza and margarita shooters! Do it, Luca! Kill them! Do it. Do it!

    • Edhelith

      No one has margaritas with pizza!

      • PixieCorpse

        Mm, margherita pizza…[drool].

      • rims

        Ahaha! You both get +10 geek points for the reference!

      • Bridgebrain

        How many times do I have to tell you… CRACKERS DON’T MATTER!

  • Morgue

    Dagre is one creepy mofo.

  • brad

    his tongue just doesn’t fit in his mouth does it

    • Maelstrom

      Now that you mention it, where is it on the third panel?

      • Haha, damn you XD I was hoping nobody would notice.

  • Nrolad

    is Dagre sniffing Luca at the first panel? that is so weird.

    and yeah chapter 3 is going to be about Soli right? :D can’t wait.

  • Minerva

    Glowy mind-control eyes in panel 5! Or so it appears. :p He -has kinda backed Luca into a metaphorical corner though. :c
    Yush, can’t wait for the next chapter! *jumps up and down excitedly*

  • Mr.Tophat

    Luca. You have a bit of a gravy stain on your shirt. May wanna get that.

    • Eric

      Blood, I think.

  • Marbles

    Panel 5 – sad face <: [

    In other news – finally, a baddie who's both manipulative AND violent! A lot of the "devil on your shoulder" kinds of bad guys I've seen are basically cowards. It doesn't seem so with Sir Slinky Neck. That's his name now btw.

  • brumagem

    D= He has turned to the darkside!

    Constructive Criticism: I think the faces are a little too blank in panels 4 and 6…could just be me.

  • Maelstrom

    “Yes, that is what I want, go away you massive zoo exhibit.”

  • I am sure it’s already been said but that second panel is sort of amazing. Something about it, I can just really see the motion in it. Like I can imagine him moving his head up and eyes to look at Dagre. And it looks awesome.

    Both you and Sarah Ellerton plugged that one comic xDD maybe I need to add it into my very small read list…

  • Me

    I love the second panel. He just looks so vulnerable.

  • Alex

    Every time I see Dagre these days, I find myself unconsciouly saying in like a deep….sing song voice, “He-llo Be-zo”

  • Topsy Krets

    Dagre wants a cheese sandwich

  • Panda

    I think you may have meant “war” not “car” in the first panel. Or maybe not.

    • He’s saying “Caris” with his.. uh speech impediment I guess XD

      • Michael

        There’s a lot of words in this panel which are awkward with Dagre’s sight dialect. Like “allow”, because of the double ‘L’, “Caris” and “children” because they split into other English words, and “people” because of that silent “O” that looks like it should be non-silent when split up no matter which syllable you attach it to.

        Could I suggest splitting up “children” as “CHIL DREN” so that we don’t momentarily read the first syllable as having a long i?

  • Kris

    Dagre: “You must chop down the mightiest tree in the forest…with… a HERRING!
    Luca: D: I shall do no such thing! It CAN”T be done! >(

    Had to do it. :I

    • Marion

      … Ni!

  • luseylottay

    And despite that neck that would make a giraffe jealous, that huge tounge doesn’t seem to fit in his mouth does it o.o

    Speaking of tongues, where did it go in panel 3?

  • sweet_gardenia

    “make me a sam mich ”

    hahaha I thought for a second those streaks of white in Panel 2 were spatters of drool before I realized that it was Dagre’s whiskers. Thuffering Thuchotash! splat splat splat.

    also I know that is dagre’s looong long neck but I totally thought ” monorail cat ” ugh Dagre is so creepy-cute. And there goes Luca. Suck it up brother and go lay the law down. I guess if he didn’t do it this way we wouldn’t have a story

    waits anxiously for next page

  • OwlofAthena

    Well I was wrong about him looking sad but for some reason it makes me like him more.

  • XIX

    Who else thinks that Dagre’s omnicidal attitude is motivated by a lack of cheeseburgers?

    I’m just saying what you’re all thinking.

    • Rika84

      Dagre can NOT has cheezburger. >=3
      Not till that tongue learns to behave.

  • Gleebits

    i have to wonder whether Bezo ever found it odd that he’s taking advice from a demonic tiger

    Then again Winnie the pooh never questioned it

    • I think it’s because Luca was saved by Dagre, apparently, or at least if my theory is correct. http://www.meekcomic.com/2010/01/31/2-23/
      I think they are talking about Dagre there.

      Whatever war Luca was in in the past HAS to be somehow connected to the fight Grandfather and Dagre had if not THE SAME war… It would explain to a point why Dagre is so blood thirsty towards Caris, and why Angora was warned to beware of Luca. Dagre, through the pain and torture Luca went through during the war and the death of Phe ((T____T)), has the manipulative advantage to turn Luca into a madman.

      I’ve been theorizing a LOT about all of this. I have no life lol!

      • But I thought comics = life…? haha

      • Farmer John

        I don’t think Luca is behaving like a madman. And I don’t think he’s making an ’emotional decision.

        That look on his face in the last panel is one of solid resolution, the act of a rational though impassioned mind.

  • Leosarr

    I think Dagre is pretty original among demonic beings bent on world destruction. He/she could have gone for the classic glow-in-the-dark eyes. But no. He/she went for the flashlight-in-your-face eyes ( 5th panel )

  • rockfish

    Luca was tortured by Caris and he’s evoking that image with his children to send him on a killer warpath. Oh, God <3

  • BentKatana

    Sersiously, it’s so nice to read all these awesome works for free! Oh man, so close to the end of the chapter!!! I don’t want to see the kids all upset, though. :( For some reason, I imagine Phe’s funeral as Queen Amedala style, I dunno why. Aw, I can’t believe Phe is really dead, I loved her character so much!


  • Carpathian Forest

    I’m going to express this comic through interpretive song and dance.
    Aw man.. Did I get carried away again?

    • danielle

      I love you forever for that….where are the muscular yet effeminate men in weird nazi costumes when you need them?

  • Noname

    I DO LOVE IT *___*
    just thanks)

  • StephenM3

    Is it just tricks of perspective, or is his neck actually getting longer as this conversation goes on?

    • It started out sort of scrunched but he’s been extending it :)

  • Shea

    Dagre’s nose is adorable. I want to kiss it.

    • hahaha, gross XD

    • Lizzie

      What? No! What?

      Well, …if you ignore the jowls, sure. And the soul piercing search-lights. And the teeth…

  • RVK

    The middle panel makes me think “LongDagre is long”

  • SpiroExDeus

    Dear Wayback Engine,

    I have to confess I am annoyed with you. As you quite obviously have the technology to travel through time on the internet it seems rather annoying that you have not utilised it to produce a WayFRONT engine, especially as from my studies of Einstein I have come to gather that travelling forward in time is a much easier trick to pull off (I am doing it myself at the rate of one second per second – I would also submit that it has always been much easier to accelerate than to change gear and reverse).

    May I suggest that when you start this long overdue project you start with the domain http://www.meekcomic.com. In doing so you will be providing a valuable service to ALL on the internet (but especially me).

    Yours Faithfully,

    Tim. (Aka SpiroExDeus)

    • Thank you Tim. Please notify me once this machine becomes available, as I can see one or two other practical uses for such a device.

  • Skiff

    I don’t usually leave messages on comics, but I just wanted to say that this latest arc has been incredible. The tension you’re building is immense, and the art is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much! x

  • fox-orian

    Oh man I haven’t looked up reMIND in a while. Last I saw it, it was only a few pages new. Now in the 50’s.

    Can’t wait ’till I get that point with Synthesis ;~~~;

  • Caris B.W.

    This comic really threw me for a loop when the country of Caris was introduced ’cause, hey, that’s my given name. Now it kinda makes me feel like I was ruled by a horrible murderer and I am hated by a neighboring emperor.

  • This is such an amazing comic, your art and storytelling is fantastic!

  • worrier

    Dagre used PEP TALK. It’s super effective…
    That broken yet determined look is so fascinating to see on Luca. And DAMMIT! Why is it that when I look at Dagre, I see the Catbus from Totoro? Now I’m gonna see his drooping mug the next time I watch that movie,

  • Handgunman

    How NOT to obtain peace with a foreign country:

    Sit next to a queen who dies at the dinner while the emporer already doesnt like you

  • Stig Hemmer

    I wonder if the people who killed Phe realize just how BIG a tornado they have unleashed?

    • Mr.Tophat

      If they did they wouldn’t have done it XD

  • When I was reading the second panel
    I thought Dagre was referring to a child named “Ren”
    so I was like “WHAT? DOES LUCA HAVE A LOVE CHILD?!”

    and then i realized, “oh, he meant CHILDREN”

  • Kass

    “Tell me what I have to do.”

    • Michaela


  • codeman

    anyone else of the theory that dagre killed phe to start a war? those two ambassadors don’t exactly seem the “aggressive negotiation” type.

    • RosaleeLuAnn

      Thats my suspicion…
      But then, I’d be perfectly happy to be wrong.

  • I’ve been following this since the first chapter. I must just tell you how much I appreciate your characters and the story is really good so far. I absolutely love the way you coloured the comic. :)

  • Maphysto

    I’m gonna be seeing that last panel in my dreams tonight D:

    Also, the Dagre plush is nearly perfect…the only thing it’s missing are the ‘eyebrow’ markings that give him that earnest, concerned look.

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    Oh, God…

    I have never seen anyone capture emotion quite so poignantly as this. He doesn’t just look distraught, he doesn’t just look torn up inside. Panel two, he looks dead inside. So many authors like to describe someone as looking hollow. I have never seen anyone manage to capture it in drawing, not this well.

    That is the face of a man who has the potential to do anything. Lord have mercy…

  • TBman256

    Dagre forgot to switch his High-beams off :P

  • Ele

    This page. Every time I reread it, it doesn’t matter, it’s still so intense. The shadows and colors are breathtaking, literally, they make you stop and pause with the panels and widen your eyes more and more.

  • Jojo

    I really like the way the beast speaks. It reads very well and adds an unusual sound to it.

    • Thanks! With a neck that long, he has to force each breath/ syllable up the throat, which gives him a stilted cadence.

  • A

    Is the broken way Dagre says some words (“a llow”, “hel lo”, “child ren”) supposed to tell us he speaks slowly or is he just bad at pronouncing these words?

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