Next time you’re at a dinner party at which you are accused of murdering the host’s wife, remember to wear waterproof mascara! Rookie error.

I’m going to ask you guys a favor: if you’ve already read the sketch version of this chapter and are enjoying the current updates, please refrain from posting spoilers or hints to spoilers in the comments! I don’t want to discourage anyone from posting or looking through the comments for pages, since you all have very nice and valid things to say :3 If I can do it, so can you! haha… Thank you!

Quick comic pimp for today: Paradigm Shift! I was bouncing around from link to link when I found this, and thought it was worth a closer look. Extremely solid art (a bit more manga than I usually read, but good is good) and a very well paced and engaging story. The pacing is what stunned me, since the archives go back through 10 years of effort. But the story reads as smooth as you could hope, and has a few good twists :) I guess I caught it at a lucky time too since it is starting up again after a 1/2 year hiatus. Check it out!


  • You know who he should kill Dagre.

    And then bring back Phe!

    I really wish I had read the whole sketch comic (I didn’t get too far xD) but still I don’t mind waiting. :3

  • Shea

    Hahahahah oh god that would be terrifying. A bloody, calm Luca walking in on you after his wife died.

  • “Ladies.”

    • Lovely ladies
      Waiting for a bite
      Waiting for the customer
      Who only comes at night
      Lovely ladies
      Waiting for the call
      Standing up or lying down
      Or any way at all
      Bargain prices up against the wall

      I don’t know why but that song instantly comes to my head when he says that.

      • Here’s something new. I think I’ll give it a try.

        • SneezeDragon

          Come closer, you. I like to see what I buy!

          • Carpathian Forest

            Can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t read my poker face.
            …… ACK WRONG SONG, I DID IT AGAIN.

      • Katie A

        Nah, think it’s more like:
        “They all deserve to die. …
        Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief
        For the rest of us death will be relief.
        They all deserve to die.
        And I’ll never see my Phe
        No I’ll never hold my girl to me.”

    • Nate

      Total slaughter.
      Total slaughter.
      I won’t leave a single man alive.
      La di da de di.
      La di da de dud.
      An ocean of blood.

  • And now he tells the ambassadors that it was all a joke. Then Phe walks into the doorway and wraps her arms around her husband and everyone starts laughing. Please? Pretty please with a Andrias japonicus on top? *insert “the lip” face*

  • Rosemary

    Oh dear. Poor ladies. You really got the sense of panic in this page.

    Ah, Paradigm Shift. I actually met the guy who makes it at Anime Boston this year and bought a book. I’m so glad he’s coming back from hiatus now. :)

  • Lovely, suspense filled page… but my eyes are drawn to Luca’s “Ladies” comment. I’m having a very hard time keeping comedian Demetri Martin’s voice out of my head. XD

    • Zeo-of-the North

      Just think about Hello “Ladies”

    • Hot Sauce

      This is exactly what I thought xD

  • Billy the Kid

    we can read the rough sketches? why didn’t i know this till now! WHERE DO I GO TO READ THEM!?!?!?!?!? god i can;t wait to see what happens next!

    • No, you can’t XD They went offline the day I started posting here!

      • Michaela

        cruel cruel person! XD

      • Billy the Kid


  • Lllllllllllaaaadies. :D

    Then Luca pulls a Dark Helmet and yells, “FOOLED YOU!” And Phe pops out of a cake or something. Eh? Eh? :)

    I love the expression contrast between the panicking ambassador and the calm-as-hell Luca. It is very creepy.

  • Maphysto

    Ohhhhhhhh fuck.

    Luca looks very dangerous in that last panel.

  • Heheheh, I’m sure that’s EXACTLY the person they wanted to see. :’)

    The fact that he didn’t even change clothes is… damn, Luca’s almost as scary as Dagre here. Yet I almost get the feeling he’s going to let them go..? GAH, or he’s about to tear their throats out. I JUST DON’T KNOW. o.o

    I love the setting. It’s a lot simpler than what you’ve done so far, but it fits in just perfectly and enhances the atmosphere. :D

    • He did manage to comb his hair.

      • Ah, so he did. How thoughtful.

      • Elaine

        And wasn’t Luca’s coat all torn up before? I can’t tell if this one is. Though he definitely has more blood on it. Did he hug Phe for a little while longer or did he do… something else?

    • I thought that he might let them go too, but it looks like he’s closing the door behind him in that last panel and that can’t be a good sign.

  • Wood

    How could people possibly think they killes Phe ? Phe was the best ally they had in the Palace ! The only one actually. Phe was their only hope to accomplish their mission.

    • They’re from Caris. Caris are the nazi communist of Luca’s world. Everything that’s wrong in the world is there fault.

    • Starface

      Before they went to dinner, the elderly ambassador was talking about how they could “work with the wife.” They were plotting SOMETHING, obviously, until Phe overheard Tesa calling her people cannibal lunatics. Now they wouldn’t want to risk her ruining their supposedly clean slate, would they?

      • Wood

        “Work with the wife” in this case obviously meant use her as an interlocutor since there was no way the emperor himself would listen to them.

        I mean, I still don’t see how killing Phe would help them. Plus, killing the wife of a cannibal lunatic while still in his house ? Not exactly a clever move. They don’t strike me as the kind of people who would be selected for suicide missions.

  • Oh man, I feel so sorry for the poor clueless emissaries. This cannot end well. :(

  • Evan

    I still don’t understand the whole “hands-ripping-the-gloves” thing, but I’m sure it will be resolved.

  • NoobyBanana

    Oh wow, those poor ambassadors. ;_; You did an excellent job of conveying Tesa’s terror here. Her fingers grabbing at her face is especially creepy. How did Luca find them hiding in there? o_O

    The last panel is a little confusing though. In the previous panel the wood door is on Luca’s right and his right hand is on the door. Then in the last panel everything’s switched to his left.

    • Oh, well, he’s closed the door. I can add sound to make that clearer.

      • NoobyBanana

        Ohhh, that makes sense now. =) Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Bob

    What is the room they’re sitting in usually used for, is it some kind of jail?
    Cause I find it disturbingly empty and dark.

    Just imagine, you are ambassadors with the world’s best intentions, your mission seems to fail BUT you’re invited to a dinner when you can turn the table in favor of your country, THEN the only person that wanted to give you a chance dies, THEN you see his husband (who didn’t like you very much at the beginning) going mad, THEN you’re thrown in jail, THEN The Madman Cometh…

    and THEN, it will get worse (tun tun tun tun)

    • Owl

      Small dark room, no furniture, guard posted outside, and there’s a very jailcell-like tiny eye height window in the door.

      Yep, that’s a cell.

      • Merrin

        Aaaand don’t forget the drain on the floor and the water hose outside the door.
        My guess is that the room is used for uber hard beatings / slaughter. Once you are done, you rinse the blood with the hose.

        This doesn’t bode well for the ambassadors…

  • Calamari

    What I’m wondering is what that red thing in his left hand in the second to last panel is, and where it went in the last panel. I can’t really make it out, but it looks kind of like…an umbrella? Or an upside down deformed bird?

    Also, calm Luca freaks me out more than Dagre, if that’s at all possible. And yet I really like his character for some reason. (Flawed characters! They are my (not so secret) love and joy!)

    • That’s his belt XD Its been around, he just hasn’t been in a well lit room for a few pages.

  • Owen

    Go back and read that in Sean Connery’s voice.

    • Carpathian Forest

      “Rough.. Which ish how yah mothah likesh it.. WHADDYA THINK OF THAT, TREBEK?!”


    Ooooh i wish i could read the original sketch comics but at the same time I don’t want to spoil it for myself.

    I feel really sorry for those two ladies. I have the slightest feeling that he isn’t going to kill them, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case…. ASDFGHJKL DAGRE I STILL BELIEVE YOU’RE THE REAL CULPRIT!!
    And if I’m right, when Luca finally finds out, I wonder how he’s react… Though I’m usually wrong about these sort of things. Still, the fact that you have me pulling out my hair right now is a sure sign that you have created something pure genius. Kudos and cookies for you!! XD

  • Maphysto

    God, I can’t get over his expression in the last panel. You’re very good at capturing emotions…that is easily the face of a man ready to kill.

    Now the only question is whether he just orders their exectution or does it with his own hands.

  • LeDayz

    I got caught with Tesa’s panic when Luca closed that door…

    Ooooohhhh, shiiiit!

  • The O!

    I have been re-reading the comics and I can’t believe the impressive (albeit subtle) evolution of your art over time. The quality of the pages has gone from lovely to mind-blowing. This last page has the best artwork yet!

    Thank you for sharing your art with us!

  • Leo

    when I see this, all I can think of is the Spy from team fortress 2 coming in and just saying “Gentlemen”

    • Master Of Chaos

      I thought of the same thing. XD

  • I bet he’s gonna offer some kind of deal.


    Idk, I’m pretty clueless. Good job!

    • Actually, I was thinking Luca might make some kind of deal, too, although…. one that’s a lot more brutal DX

      • TheMeekShallInheritTheEarth

        Heres the deal: I kill you and you die.

  • Flamma Man

    All I can think about in the last panel is “Oh God, this isn’t going to be pretty.”


    their just playing hide and kill

    as you can tell
    luca’s pretty good at it

  • Rika84

    I think that one word might scare me more than Dagre.
    And that creepy tiger’s been haunting my basement for days.
    I feel bad for the girls though…
    This Tesa gal needs a hug.

    • That’s exactly what she needs :)

      • Cedarwolf22


  • Emperial

    I think he means, “All the single ladies!”

    • He needs to change into his leotard uniform for that

      • Metta

        Can’t…get image…out of head >_<;

      • Emperial

        I take this to mean he has a leotard uniform! <3

      • Jac

        “Why, it feels like I’m wearin’ nothin’ at all!”

        Stupid sexy Luca.

      • oh god why didn’t my mental filter block that image

  • Blue

    aahhhhghfjx I can’t get over how beautiful that blood pattern on his coat is (god I sound like a serial killer haha) It looks like it was done in watercolors or something <3

    And I was SO relieved once I realized that was running mascara and Tesa wasn't clawing her skin off. As dramatic as Phe's scene was it is not a performance I can not handle being repeated every few pages lol. I love Luca in that last panel though. Perfect crazy/calm face.

  • Miso

    “The Meek: An Online Graphic Novel”

    More like “An Online EPIC Novel” AM I RITE?!?! :D :D;;

    Anyway, this comic is amazin’! I really like the first chapter, but I think Luca’s my favorite character. His dialogue is believable, and he’s flawed, both physically and emotionally.

    Oh man, I had ta figure out how to use “RSS” ’cause I wanna know when ya update. Haha, it was kinda tough, but hopefully it works!

    I also love your sound effects! The “cl-clack” is subtle as hell, but it shows that he has a slight limp, right? I vaguely remember you making a deviantArt gif of Luca walking….

    One quick thing though: on the fourth panel, shouldn’t Tesa’s hand be showing her thumb, since her palms are facing her face?

    *_* I can’t help but use emoticons I REALLY LIKE THIS COMIC YAY

    • Oh god, did I reverse her hands? I think I did. Thanks very much for pointing that out XC

      • brushmen

        …or you can darken/blend-out the right hand in the background, and have the “left hand” be the right hand. So she’s semi-trying-to-cover-mouth.

  • Mark

    Aha. I thought they’d try and get away but it looks like the palace guard beat them to the punch.

    Not that they did it, of course. I’d place bets on Dagre, if anything.

  • GerunKnarlson

    Oh, dear. We’re all gonna die.

  • sweet_gardenia


    Oh gods, I’m suddenly hearing that in Jerry Lewis’s voice and that is disturbing and hilarious

    ARGH THE SUSPENSE I will surely implode (and I remember the old sketch pages but am keeping my mouth shut)

  • Ofidian

    “They’re” going to kill you? They? Luca is going to do it himself. I do not think he would let anyone else do it.

  • Enchiladas

    Oh my god. That last panel just made me splirt out my orange juice XD

  • Gentlemen!

    • Marbles

      Promise not to bleed on my suit and I’ll kill you quickly.

  • Metta

    This is gonna get messy D:

  • Essie

    I’m confused. When he opens the door in the second-to-last panel, the door is on his right side. But in the last panel, his left hand is on the door. Oo

    • He’s closing the door behind him :)

  • Mr.Tophat

    So…. He is saying “Ladies” But he’s thinking. “KIIIIIIIILL”

    One word of advice. BEG YOUR GODAMNED ASS OFF!

  • Mani

    It’s a shame Lethy’s about to die (my guess). She seems to have been an excellent ambassador – mannerisms, approach, level-headedness – she’s got it all together.

    I’m wondering if we’re going to see what his shredded-gloves thing is all about now – when he uses that power to paint the cell with these ambassadors (I think?).

    Good job on making us feel real crummy for what’s about to happen to them, though – Tesa’s panic is palpable.

  • Guzba

    Doesn’t look like he brought a weapon into the room with him :o, maybe he’s just there for a nice chat!

    • Mr.Tophat

      something tells me he is at the point where he would much prefer to use his own two hands >.>’

      • Good point. If only he didn’t have broken fingers…

        • Haha, and one useless leg. Revenge fail

  • Wildace

    This is gonna get ugly in the worst way.

  • XIX

    I notice Luca’s fingers aren’t purple. Is that intentional?

  • Silvermoonlight

    There going to die arn’t they?

    If Luca does kill them this will start all out war…

  • powree

    I think the last panel looked a bit odd regarding continuity. The ambassadors are at Luca’s left, but in this last panel, Luca is looking to his right. I’m curious, that’s all…

    Cant wait to see next page!!!

  • Elaine

    That’s… terrifying.

  • Hel

    Scary, scary Luca.

  • rainey


    I feel so sorry for those two. :’D

  • Now one of two things can happen. ONE Luca will play the calm gentleman role and deal with the murder of his wife in an orderly fashion inflicting no harm on these two “Ladies”. TWO (which I think is gonna happen) After having a talk with Dagre he is going to RAAAGGGGEEEEE and scare the s**t out of those two “Ladies”.

    Again I have to say you are awesome and illustrating emotion, even when it is hidden *cough*Luca*cough

  • StephenM3

    Absolutely did not pick up the fact that he closed the door behind him until I read the comments. I’m really glad I did, because that detail really means a lot in this situation! He seemed humorously congenial before, but the door close makes his approach much more intimidating.

  • So, massacre are coming. Yay ^_^

  • Cedarwolf22

    Wow what did I miss here like four pages /slow

    They certainly like their cells dark and dank there! Not even a little smidgen of a window with bars to look out of? 8(

    Well, if Luca regrets nothing else from this, he’s at least going to regret the choice of wearing white. That sucka’s going to stain.

    • Yeah, its not even white, its like beige XC Can’t even bleach it! At this point it’d be simpler just to bathe in blood and roll around in an oil slick or whatever just to use the suit one last time cuz its a goner.

  • Richard

    It doesn’t make sense. Even if he did close the door, his eye position’s all wrong. Did they just scoot over to the other side of the room?

    • jacob

      it looks like he closed the door

    • Maybe he’s avoiding looking at them so he doesn’t ‘splode?

    • Littlemog

      I didn’t notice until you pointed it out – I believe he’s closed the door, turning around as he does, his body is now facing the wall so his eyes should go somewhat in that direction. It certainly looks better with him looking to the left of the frame instead of straight to the camera, and leads your eye back towards the penultimate panel – the eyes are pointing straight at the two women.

      If anything does need to change, maybe the door in the penultimate panel a smidgen, rather than break up the positioning and expression in the last panel. I like the waist up shot that emphasises the blood stains. This teaches us – if someone’s wearing white, they’re going to end up covered in blood.

    • shafrelk

      it just looks like he opened the door all the way and is kinda inviting them to go outside? or taunting them with the outside? or something like that?

    • makani

      Ah I see it now, he’s closed the door. The light source is that same light on the wall in the second to last panel, makes for a reference point

  • speearr

    The most disconcerting detail is the drain hole in the center of the cell, partially obscured by a speech bubble…. Makes cleaning out the cell later easier…? :/

    And the hose and water pipe just outside the door!

    • BentKatana

      Oh man, I didn’t even notice that! :o Special holding cell that Dagre reserved ;D

    • Metta

      Ohhhh, not cool…just noticed that D:

  • Ignadir

    This is very bad. The muddled colours, blood, this just does not look good for the ambassadors.
    Which would be bad, I like Lethy. :C

  • Oh dear. Oh man. This is going to be bad, isn’t it? ;__;

  • Mallow

    The positive person in me is hoping that the ambassadors make it out of this alive. Who knows, maybe Luca simply scares the shit out of them and then shoves them home to inform their queen that he’s serious about reparations… since making that same point by killing the ambassadors only gets the other guys pissed…

    But considering who’s buddies with Luca… I’m not feeling too confident. :c

    Can’t wait for the next comic post, though. Very curious to know if they’re terrified of Luca finding out what they did or unfairly accusing them of it.

  • Marbles

    Tiny nitpick incoming! >.< Last panel, shouldn't there be a slot in the door? I'd have imagined the slot was just off the panel to the right, but that makes my eyes think the door is really wide.

    This page is still perfect though. :3

    • nomad

      Perhaps the speech bubble is covering the slot in the door ?

    • I see it too, but maybe it’s not a slot? At least, not a slot going through the door. Maybe it’s a space for a labeling card, a removable placard describing who or what is in there?

      • Yeah that seems possible

  • Nikaleles


  • BentKatana

    Never has beginning a conversation with “Ladies” been so terrifying. D:

  • Poor sobbing sod

    Maybe my darkest nightmares will come true and this will turn into a tentacle hentai series.

    But probably not.

    • doodpeal

      ROFL. That would be the day.

  • Emma D

    “If you want to sound creepy, add ‘Ladies’ to everything you say” –Demetri Martin.

    • Zeo-of-the North

      That’s correct! Ladies………

      • Poor sobbing sod

        Dinner is served! Ladies……

        I am thinking he’s saying it in a silky smooth voice: “Laydeeeezzzzzzzzz…”

        • mattie

          You you like some more drink? Ladies…

          • mattie

            *Would you

          • Poor sobbing sod

            You asked for some hot coffee Laydeez? I burned my hands making it but is should still be pretty darn gewd.

  • marinated_fish

    Like a scene from a horror movie…

  • Konira

    You changed the room. From what I remember, it was a quiant little bedroom in the sketches, dank cell seems more appropriate.
    Or maybe me remember a quiant little room was wrong. It’s been two years since I’ve read the sketches. XD

  • Maggie

    Oh, wow! Luca looks so different, the circles under his eyes are so much more pronounced than they were before Phe died. He looks utterly burnt out and empty inside. Incredibly work, I can only imagine what’s going to happen to them.

  • DoggySpew

    Ruh Roh !

    • steffyanie

      I second this!

      But oh gosh, I love that last panel there. ♥

  • kateatzpirahna

    Third panel actually makes me wince, her pulling on her face with those nails :S

  • AGGGHHH. Meeksuspense = Death.

  • DoggySpew

    Oh, shouldn’t the last panel be mirrored ? Since in the fifth panel he has the door on the left (for us) and in the last panel on the right.

    • DoggySpew

      Ignore me, answer is in a previous comment.

  • Skie

    …What if Phe simply choked on something? As far as we know, no one knows the heimlich maneuver in this world.

    Wouldn’t that just be a kicker? Killed by a bone, believed to be killed by poison, and then turning into the spark for a world war.

    …But as for Luca:
    Oh yes… There will be blood. I SUSPECT AMBASSADOR MURDER!

    • Carpathian Forest

      Right, they don’t know the Heimlich maneuver, but they can do a tracheotomy o_o

      • Skie

        For SCIENCE!

        No one needs those barbaric, crushing techniques.

        • mattie

          Besides, I don’t think she was choking, there was, like, a rash, spreading from her neck upward. Go back and take a look. It’s more likely that it was an allergy.

          • Carpathian Forest

            Not breathing = choking, or suffocating, last I checked. I could be wrong, though.

  • awol360

    I’m having a Demetri Martin moment, just like Emma D with the last panel; ” I see you’ve been enjoying my dungeon . . . Ladies. As you can see, my evening wear is a little bit messy . . . Ladies.”
    It’s so wrong but that’s the first thing that came to mind. Then the usual impressive things kicked in. But it leaves me wondering how the ambassadors didn’t see this coming and try to slip away (except that they probably aren’t talented enough to do such things) and how Kahn-ish Luca’s going to get to send a message to Caris.

    • Erica

      Probably because the ambassadors didn’t do it.

    • Reed

      I guess even during Luca’s little chat with Dagre, someone had an eye on the ambassadors so they didn’t have a chance to slip away. After all, they sat right next to Phe *and* are foreigners. Lucas guard would be foolish to let them leave, while there wasn’t an explicit order by the Emperor.

      Also, great page again! I’m really worried for the two of them.

  • Blunderbuss

    ……….. UH OH. D:

  • Ella

    Hopefully he lets Lethy return to the Queen with Tesa’s head :D

  • ryan

    that’s mascara? shit man, I thought she had like… clawed her face off in fear.

    • Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. This is a sign that you need to wear more mascara (followed by gentle weeping)

      • EllieWhite

        Um..there was weeping going on, but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t gentle…

  • GENTLEMAN. That emperor is a spy!

    But yeah it doesn’t look good for those two at all. Maybe he kills them. Maybe Dagre eats one. Maybe they are friends and split one a piece.

  • It suddenly made me very sad that there are only four more pages left of this chapter. ]:

    • Yes, but therea are 45 pages in the next one :) And the one after that, and the one after that…

  • Name

    Sorry if it’s been asked, or if I’m just utterly forgetful, but



    • Rhymes with mud

    • Sabina

      Maybe you mean the gloves? He ripped them apart at page 35

  • Oh noes, the suspense. Love the calmness Mr. Emperor has in the last panel.

  • Tashka

    What’s in his hand!!??? I’m suddenly very scared for them!

    • luftwaffles

      Are you talking about the second to last panel? I interpreted it as his belt… but I could be wrong.

      • It’s a sash. I noticed he has a tendency of tying long sashes around his waist, so there’s a bit hanging freely.

  • Trent

    I’m like…terrified for the ambassadors. I don’t think they did anything wrong.

    This page is scary.

  • Kyir

    However many times I read this that last line just turns out as the start to a pick-up line in my head.

    • Ladies… is it hot in here or is it just you? Cause I totally have this giant hose right outside.

  • Jimmy

    I won’t miss the little blonde one.

    • Comett

      I completely agree. Perhaps she’ll get knocked off but the tall one will live? Keepin’ everyone happy. :D

  • Drascin

    What I feel would be most appropiate is Luca very calmly, very coldly, telling the ambassadors that they are now at war over the assassination of Empress Phe (fuck you, Dagre, seriously, we all know it was you). Then kicking them out of the country under no uncertain terms, and then afterwards for everything to go to hell. Luca never struck me as someone to go for sneak attacks – he seems the type to give a warning to Caris as a whole.

    What I expect, on the other hand, mostly because I’m a pessimist and I always expect comics to go wrong, is for Luca to kill them.

    Here’s to hoping my hope wins over my expectations. Either way, ambassadors, I would make sure to not say a word out of line…

  • Nrolad

    Haha, Luca looks like a butcher on a mission :D

    poor ambassadors.

  • Vert

    Why kill both and leave no one to send the message? Kill the Queen’s cousin, send the head back with Lethy. Not only have you made your point, but you’ve traumatized a perfectly good ambassador probably beyond repair. You know, that little extra twist of the knife.

    • I think if Luca is going to kill anyone and leave the other alive, it would be the tall one. That would leave Tesa traumatized for life. She’d run back to the queen all freaked out. That would scare the crap out of anyone including the queen.

      UAHGUH I just don’t know anymore >_< These last five pages are just… driving me crazy!

    • See though, that would make -sense-. I think Luca is past making sense at this point. xD

  • TBman256

    I’ll bet that they’re innocent but Luca will be like “It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s that I don’t care” and then he melts their faces.

  • I keep noticing black stuff on Luca’s hands, what is that! :0
    Not just this page either.

    • Katie

      His ripped gloves.

  • Kristy

    Is that a light bulb in the second to last panel? I didn’t realize technology had advanced that far.

    • Vert

      There’s a mention somewhere in the wiki of radio broadcasts.

  • Mary-Meg

    D: oh dear..

    no matter how hard i try, i keep reading “Ladies” in Mung Daal’s voice from Chowder.
    it dosent make this any less suspenseful though.

    • Masha

      So I’m not the only one?

  • Pen


    Sorry, couldn’t help myself :P

    Just recently discovered this comic and I absolutely love it so far. Poor ambassadors.

  • Kingjing

    Oooooh shit.
    I don’t think this will end well… :O

  • Carpathian Forest

    Man, for some reason I got the idea to go Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Mai Valentine style, on the third panel.
    “My breasts are in danger!” x

    • Carpathian Forest

      Ignore this one :@ my computer was fucking up, at the time.

  • Carpathian Forest

    I had this great idea for the third panel, to have Tesa go out Mai Valentine style, from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, and yell “My breeeaaaasts are in dangerrrrr!”

  • FadedServility

    Not only has her mascara been ruined by her tears, her hands have reversed (or her thumb fell off) in her terror. Maybe you should rename the chapter to Luca AND Tessa’s really shitty day.

    That aside, I really love the drain and the hose right outside the cell. Mascara, mascara, that sound so much like another word I know, if only I could put my finger on it…

    … Ladies.

    • makani

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