TESA wtf r u doin
I was really amused by the person who commented last page that she needed a hug XD They were correct.

In other news, this chapter will be concluded by next weekend. This is not a prediction, this is a fact. So please check back frequently this week, I have no idea when I will finish the next three pages but they are going online as soon as I do.

Okay, enough about me. The pimp for today is for the comic Sfeer Theory which I didn’t quite want to pimp yet because there are only 8 pages but they rock so hard that I felt like I should bend my rules a little. Also the main character is also Luca so again, a no brainer XD Excellent art and worldbuilding for so few pages, go take a look!


  • Erica

    Eheheh….Tesa….probably not a good idea. ^^;

    • Losech

      I agree with you there, probably not a good idea. Luca doesn’t really look to pleased to have her hugging him like that. I know I wouldn’t .

      • Wood

        Also his jacket is all covered in blood, like eeuugh ! Gross !

  • Kristin

    OMGOODNESS. I cried when Phe was dead and I was seriously wondering what would happen to these two. I was on edge waiting for this page. I need the NEXT one!! I love this comic, not going to lie.

  • Jane Galaxy

    He’s like damn woman that weave is nasty, you are FOOLING yourself to think that headband distracts the eye.

    • TLL

      oh my god this. I laughed internally so hard, it almost became a lol.

    • Hahaha, this is the best.

    • lollll

  • speearr

    This page should make me feel relieved after the tension of last week…. but no. I feel worse now… something’s about blow I just know it lol…


    I’m very pleased with this twist, personally. It opens up a lot more doors than if he’d have just killed them/sentenced them to death…

    Though part of me wants to say DON’T LISTEN TO DAGRE’S LIES

    Pretty pretty art as always. <3 I love Luca's eyes in that third panel.

    • He probably still is listening to Dagre’s lies, just trying to be subtle about it.

  • Mog

    Very nice page once again. Not what I was expecting Luca to do, but we’ll see.

    Also, totally pre-ordered the book. You deserve all of that money with the talent you have.

  • She’s gonna get blood on her D: Or dried blood…ewwy!

    • Unfortunately Newton’s First Law of Gross Fluids means he gets her mascara/ snot all over him XC

  • Mica

    Does The Meek comic for sale resemble a single issue comic or a graphic novel in book binding? If it does resemble a single issue, will there be a graphic novel-esque compilation when more chapters are complete?

    • puck

      I’m interested in knowing this too since I have the self-published, single-issue-style version already. Unfortunately, it was mauled by the mail-monster, so either way I could be adding another book to the shelf… ;-)

      • Oh nooo XC Was it really mauled? I had no control obvs but I’m super sorry anyways!

        • puck

          Pretty badly mauled with gigantic creases on both sides and some small tears, so it would only be worse if Dagre had chewed on it. Still one of my prized comics! The collector in me is picky though, so a re-print is a good reason to throw more money at you. :)

          (And then I’ll have to get the GN version too. :)

    • Its going to be a single issue comic, a lot like the one that I was doing myself except this will be printed in a different way… its uhhhh can’t remember uh its not inkjet is what I’m trying to think of. Basically this type of printing lasts longer and looks better.

      Eventually chapters 1-3 will be collected into one volume (a book) but it will likely not have the extra content found in these smaller ones.

  • She’s about to get smacked, I’m sure.

    I need one of those books! Congratulations again on your deal with 4DE, I’m so glad to see such a fine comic going to print.

  • Ofidian



  • Oh man, this isn’t reassuring at all hahaha O_O
    Luca is just too calm, too calm… Calm before the storm, rite? What kind of help exactly is he going to ask?

    Aw man, I can’t even begin describing how crazy I am for those last few pages (and Soli). Just… OHMEHGODLIKEWHOA!

  • Tesa, what are you doing? This is not about your hugging needs! It’s about Luca’s. Stop getting tears all over his blood soaked uniform. :P

    Now I totally need monies to pre-order the comic. A non-online minicomic about Pinter? Augh! I want it so bad.

  • SneezeDragon

    How many wanna bet she’s gonna get the life squeezed out of her in less than 30 seconds… Eep!

  • Katie

    Aw man, my ‘something bad is happening oh god close your eyes’ radar is going off like mad.

    Which is a bummer, because I’ve grown fond of the ambassadors and their ineptitude-induced antics.

  • *starts singing*
    I sense there’s something in the wind
    That feels like tragedy’s at hand
    And though I’d like to stand by him
    Can’t shake this feeling that I have
    The worst is just around the bend
    *end singing*

    I sense a b**** slap coming. Luca you pimp! :3

    • lol. I had a mental image of Sally singing, then sudden cut to Luca punching the ambassador, FIN. bahaha

  • Comett

    “Excuse me, Tesa, you are dirtying my suit.”

  • Rika84

    aww, I’m in tears. Luca has been through so much in the last few pages.
    I say he should take the hug while it’s being offered!

    • Rika84

      Revised: Take the hug while it’s being thrust upon him.

  • “Dagre she touching me, she’s touching meeee :C”


    “Madam, please don’t get your tears on my bloodstained shirt. Thank you.”

  • If Luca wasn’t gonna torture them, now he will! x)

  • DoggySpew

    NO Tesa! BAD Tesa! DOWN Tesa. Go back to the corner and be a good girl.

  • Mallow

    Luca: … (How dare you stain my wife’s blood with your tears. >:C)

  • Lee

    “Get back to the kitchen”

    I pre-ordered one. Go you, and good luck!

  • Flamma Man

    I am NOT liking the look on his face in the last panel and…wait…

    THAT’S IT?!


    • Flamma Man

      Wait, never mind, three more pages.

      Whew, I thought you were going to torture us there for a second.

      • lol that would be the worst ending ever XD XD Or in other words, an ending written by Larry Niven.

  • Robert

    Wait… so these Copys of Meek Chapter 1 include content that wasn’t in the Copys sold at Fanime?

  • Tesa = too dumb to live. Seriously. XD

  • Oooooh! I have a feeling that the whole exploding glove thing is going to either happen again, or be explained, next page!

  • *Can’t preorder until I’m 18 which is a couple of days into July murr murr murr murr*

    Luca looks seriously grossed out in the last panel. That makes me worry. :U

  • My fave part of this pace is the last panel. Luca’s face there is priceless :D

  • Minerva

    Oh you Luca. Make them think you don’t blame them, or at least aren’t angry with them, and then you have them under your thumb. Nice. (that’s how it looks anyways)
    I love the :c face he pulls in panel 2.

    Comic get! Hope you find some advertisers, is that a usual trait of 4DE comics?

    • Re: advertisers, no its not… My publisher asked me first if I wanted to and I thought it would be cool to open the opportunity if anyone wants it. If not, then we can put an ad for another great 4DE comic there instead, thankfully Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name and Lackadaisy are so natural to pimp.

      • Minerva

        S’good idea! Anyways, even if you can’t find an advertiser, who WOULDN’T want to pimp Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name or Lackadaisy? I’m sure it would help cover manufacturing and distributing costs significantly if any other advertisers bite. :)
        …Maybe? :p

  • Emma D

    I love his face XD

    • Poor sobbing sod

      I got Tesa all over me! Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!

      • “Oh please, someone bring me the disinfectant spray!”

        In a way I still feel sorry for her though :<

  • Enchiladas

    Lol I love this page, quite a nice little twist that he wsn’t going to do something them right there XD I wonder what Dagre told him to do- its making me nervous!

    Oh yeah and I love Luca’s eyes, they’re so big and dark lol

  • mandy

    Bahaha! Luca’s look of disgust amuses me.

    Although, I don’t like how calm Luca looks. And here I was thinking shit had already hit the fan. :/

    I’m loving where you’re taking this…minus the killing Phe part.

  • Tiffany

    I love his “WTF is this shite?” look. I think I’d do the same thing… or punch her “My wife’s DEAD and YOU need a hug?! Not cool. T_T” but then again I’m just….. mean….. >> Love you’re comic! XD

  • StephenM3

    Re: “I find it difficult to believe,” “will refrain from jumping to the conclusion” and “am asking you both please for your help”

    Most shocking twist yet!!

  • StephenM3

    Oh! Also:

    Due to some circumstances, I don’t really have a place to get things mailed to me at the moment. Do you have any idea what the chances are that Chapter 1 will be for sale after two months from now?

    • Oh, they will definitely continue to be on sale at the site! Or better, at your local comic shop, if you ask them to order copies :)

  • Damn, I’d so go for one of those ad spaces for my book if I had money. Will this happen again for Volume 2? I’d really love the advertising. <3 If it'll happen again I can save some $$$ up.

    Haha, Luca in the last panel is soooo NOT impressed! Love that expression of sheer annoyance, I bet he backlashes somehow!

  • Maelstrom

    I’m typing from a friend’s laptop because 30 seconds after I read the message, my computer exploded. Please give it back.

  • Mr.Tophat

    My god. Luka has mastered the art of the barely-contained-rage-face!

    Truly a sight to behold. Unless your Tesa. Tesa has to stop doing anything related to holding.

  • ZR

    He’s got the phrase “I CHANGE MY MIND, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!” written all over his face in that last panel. XD

  • Jimmy

    I haven’t ruled out the possibility that the official investigation is some sort of torture. Maybe he just needs their help in being tortured? (I have got a real hate on for the little blonde one…)

    • mvmarcz

      You’ve got me in mind of the “investigation” scenes in Goya’s Ghosts(a historically inaccurate movie, but what are you gonna do). In which the investigation is just them torturing a girl till she confesses because prison is better than being tortured naked.

  • Poor sobbing sod

    And they now make whoopee and everything is fine again. NURRRRR!!!

    • Poor sobbing sod

      Also: Derp.

      • Poor sobbing sod

        I apologise for this. I haven’t done anything really interesting in 3 days. This has to be the pinnacle of my actions, clicking “next” on this page.

  • Emma

    Well, that was a surprise. I’m almost waiting for the, ‘Just joking. Going to kill you now.” :)

    I see other people have the same idea. :D

  • Nrolad

    well, that sucks :( my country is not included in the shipping offer.

  • Aris Katsaris

    Somehow she interpreted “I won’t have you executed immediately” as “I give you permission to hug me”.

  • Nordlund63

    Phew! I thought he’d be irrational and right off scream off with their heads!

  • He’s like, “BITCH g’off me.”

  • Awww man, shipping like… doubles the price! D: Bummerrrrr!

    Awesome page. Not really what I was expecting him to do, but there must be a twist.

  • Jesper

    Something’s not right here..

    Is he gonna do something with his burny hands and kill them while they trust him?

  • Mani

    Zing! Go Luca! You are a responsible leader and more than a pawn of your emotions (and/or giant dream/spirit hate-tigers)!

    Man, Tesa is a SHITTY ambassador. Is she the queen’s cousin? Did she get the job just BECAUSE she’s the queen’s cousin? :)

    • Mani

      “This is a difficult time. I am asking you both please for your help.”


  • mvmarcz

    Omg MORE Pinter? So extra glad I preordered and didn’t even know I’d be getting more Pinter!! YAY!!!!

  • Wicked

    Actually I have a bad feeling that the whole thing is going through an official investigation so he can declare to his people that they must fight those that have attacked them.

    • Chris

      i agree, i also have the bad feeling hes going to snap her neck xD

      • Nate

        I think it’s going to be significantly worse than that.

  • Pre-ordered the signed+sketch version! It’s my slightly late birthday present to myself <333
    I feel bad for making you draw more stuff (wait, what?), but if it gets the comic funded faster, so be it! …but maybe I just dislike doing the sketches that come with my own comics because I let people tell me what they want and they always want weird stuff o_o I think for my next book I'll just not take requests. /selfpityrant

    Tesa really is a bad ambassador, but somehow this page makes me like her much more than I did before. Perhaps it's the combination of such an important position where one is expected to put aside emotion for the sake of the greater good (or greater profit) with her purely emotional, human response. Maybe it's just that the higher up a person is, the more fun it is to see them fall ):

  • cedarwolf22

    Hahaha, I like how Luca put on the PUPPY DAWG FACE in the second panel. God, who wouldn’t want to hug that? Well, I mean, there is the little problem of the blood and suspiciously raggedy gloves and notorious temper tantrums and being thrown in a jail cell but LOOK AT THAT WIDDLE NOOKUMS.

    Superprinted comic is go! Exciteddddddddd. I want to sit down and compare your original printing and this one to find all the differences (stupid I know haha).

  • minnsu

    Tesa, you are the worst ambassador.


    the exploding message is linked to the page
    what if we’re slow readers and cant finish it would it explode?
    or would it be 30 seconds after it was posted then it would be a dud

  • AllenaGuinn

    after last week I totally thought that the first panel of this page would just be a blood-stained wall. So when I saw this, I was thinking “You’re safe girls- oh, goddamnit Tesa. ” And now I still don’t think they’re gonna make it out alive.

    • kittengrl39

      Yeah, I know. I don’t have much to base it on, but just from the rhythm and dialogue of this page, I have the feeling something bad is going to happen to them. That Tesa, definitely, is going to be proven wrong about her last statement.

  • Katrika

    See, I figured that it’s logical not to jump to that conclusion. I mean, it’s well known to the ambassadors that the only reason Luca was willing to even listen to them was Phe. Killing Phe would be counterproductive.

  • ashleyw

    I can see where this is probably going. Which is sad, because I actually like these two characters (yes, even Tesa).

  • Rika84

    OMG, I just realized…
    You alluded to the person that commented on the last page saying she needed a hug,
    and that was totally me.
    *explodes with recognition* <3

  • Rachel

    I can’t comment on your LJ posts because I don’t have an account, but I wanted to add that you shouldn’t feel bad about self-promotion. I also have a mental list of comics that only seem to want to make money. I am so NOT annoyed by your promotion that I already ordered a copy of the new Volume One… even though I already bought the self-published Volume One! So don’t worry. :) Us fans love merch.

    • Guzba

      Yeah, as soon as I can force a friend to let me use their credit card I’m going to Pre-Order the Sketch Package.

      Depending on how the next three pages go, I may be able to pick up some tips from Luca for intimidating said friend.

  • AK

    I ordered one a few days ago! Reading this, I’m like: Yay for ‘hideous production art’ *dances*

    Also, Luca is so calm about this it’s scary :C Something about his furrowing expression in the last panel makes me think Tesa will regret this hug, big-time!
    Don’t hug the emperor when he’s soaked in blood, it’s a big no-no! :/

    Can’t wait for the next pages!

  • Daniel Riley

    I Ordered one awesome :D
    but the shipping is a ripoff £12.00 for shipping WTF!
    the comic cost less than that.
    haha happy to pay tho

    • Martin

      i completely agree. $13 to the UK is insane.
      but yeh i paid it anyway too :)

      • Daniel Riley

        Sorry yes i ment $$

    • Officer 1BDI

      Eek! And I thought shipping for me was bad at almost $5.00. D:

  • wright1

    Tesa’s reaction is understandable: prisoner syndrome, release of tension, all that. Unfortunately she doesn’t realize that Luca’s relatively calm demeanor /= their safety. She may figure that out in a few moments…

  • Annalia

    Geez, after his word I was all “Yay, so far so good.”

    But every time I look at Luca’s face in that last panel, I go “Huuuuh-oh.”

  • blahbloo

    haha, Lethy in the 5th panel.

    The fact that you layed this out so that she is just barely in that panel makes it about 10x funnier.

  • TheMeekShallInheritTheEarth

    Wait for it… Wait for it…

    If I had money I would definately purchase a copy!! This story is awesome. Of all the comics I follow this is the one I look forward too most!!
    Thanks for the entertainment! Maybe someday I will be able to support you in more than a posting here and there!

  • silvermoonlight

    Like others I have a bad feeling about this, he’s being way to nice which does not seem right after having the devil whispering in his ear. I think he’ll make he’ll set them up so he can kill them or send them away scot free and have someone kill them in their sleep out of spite for his wife.

    Honestly I don’t think ether of them did it, they don’t have the stomach for it, plus they liked his wife a lot more than they like him. That’s not say that someone in their government did it to frame them so they could take power.

  • Carpathian Forest

    How touching. Too bad Tesa’s probably going to get curb stomped.
    Today’s comment was brought to you by Luca: He’ll mess you up, son.

  • Teef

    Somehow, running into his arms does not strike me as a particularly smart move. D:

  • Big Al

    She might want to hold back a tad… I mean girl, I know you’re relieved and all, but that dude hates your guts and just lost his wife… Show some god-damn restraint.

    I could see a “physical rebuttal” next. I know that’d probably be how I’d react

    Btw I absolutely love this comic. I hope when I start mine it’ll come close to how great The Meek is. Keep at it, you make my day once a week :P

    • Thanks XD This week I’ll be making your week… 3 x a week.

      And yeah, Tesa is not very smart. She comes from a rich family and I suspect she usually gets away with everything.

  • faq_32

    that was a little bit anti-climax, i mean, i though he was going to killthem!

  • Okay, so, I’m totally confused…

    So, do both the signed AND the signed+sketch comic come with ALL that stuff you mentioned? I.E.–
    (- re-edited pages with more details (some you will probably not notice… but I know they are there ohoho)
    – entirely redone cover to make it match the interior art (I did the old one before I’d settled on the style I’m using now)
    – an extra (and not online) minicomic about what the hell is up with Pinter in the first place
    – some sketches and hideous production art and other things)

    Also, does “sketched” mean that you….DREW all over the pages??

    BOTH comics come with a mini-comic, right…?
    Ugh! I’m such a bother!

    When will Chapter 2 be avalible??? :D

    • Yes, every comic has the same content! It is about 52 pages and has the main 45 page comic followed by the extras. They are going to be sold on the 4DE site and in comic stores if there are orders placed for them. The comics will continue to be $5.95 after the preorders are done, but for now, you can order them at that price and get them signed by me. Later they will be “blank” on the inside front cover, ie. not signed. So preordering now gives you a little bit extra for free. Or for the other one, it will come with a sketch in addition to the signature, also on the inside front… this means probably a sketch of Angora or Pinter or whomever since I like putting the characters from the chapter into the appropriate books.

      Since I want to do a bonus comic for the Chapter 2 book as well, that will probably be available shortly after book 1 comes out (hopefully preorders will be in July or August!)

      And no, not a bother at all :)

      • Reed

        Oh, you mean Chapter 2 will be available for preorder in August already? :D :D :D

        In that case I really might manage to wait to order them together! :) The comic prices are really decent, but shipping costs for me are steep, so I was wavering. It is really annoying to invest more into shipping than into the book itself.
        Also, though I liked chapter 1 enough to bookmark the comic, chapter 2 is what really got me. And if you do the sketching then again, I might get Luca! Or Phe! Or some ambassadors! *bliss*

        • Not concrete about August XD But hopefully around then.

  • VoID

    I ADORE Luca’s expression in the last pannel! He’s definatly become my favorite charachter so far! :D

  • Skie

    Hey, hey listen!
    I ordered a signed+sketched copy.

    …I mean–

    Keep up the great work! =D

  • Joe

    Oh man, I want the girls to be safe. Alive, at least.
    I don’t think Phe would approve of their needless execution, and I hope Luca is level-headed enough at the moment to realize that.

    That’s not to say that Tesa shouldn’t be pimpslapped for being over-emotional, just that she shouldn’t be sent home in a pine box.

  • Master Of Chaos

    I love Luca’s face in the last panel. It’s like” BITCH LET GO MAH SUIT.” XD

  • Kali Arren

    I got linked to this comic from Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name, and between you and Ms. Stone I have quite a bit to fangirl over now. XD Haha!

    So um, I had a question about the preordering of books. Do you know more exactly how long they’re going to be available? I really want to get a signed/sketched copy, but I’m unemployed at the moment so I want to know whether I should splurge a little or hold out and see if I can find a summer job first. XD

    (also is there a way to request who gets sketched or are you just going to kind of randomly be picking characters? ‘cos I love Pinter, heheh. <3)

  • Shannon N K

    Will the pre orders still be available after July 4th? I really REALLY want to buy the sketch and signed version, but I won’t have money until after Anime Expo and I’m freaking out =(

    Your comic is my absolute, hands down favorite. I need to have the first chapter in my house.

  • There’s so much speculation about how/when Luca’s going to kill Tesa now, but I don’t see that happening. I mean… if he -does- need their help, why would he do that? I feel like he’s following out Phe’s wishes more than anything now.

    He’s just a little disgusted at her being so… female. :’)

  • mythicalcheese

    So pre orders for this chapter are available within the next few months? And when will the pre orders be shipped?

    Luca does not appreciate hugs.

    • The preorder for this chapter will be available until around mid-July, then we will just be taking regular orders :) Preorders will be shipped hopefully in late July/ early August, since I want to do a good job with the sketches! It’ll take as long as I need to do a good job.

  • Tiuni

    Well, that was definitely unexpected. this makes me love Luca more. But I’m afraid that this good situation might go sour, by reading all the responses…

  • The last panel is well-composed.

  • stone

    Dagre told Luca to play it this way, didn’t he?

  • Hel

    Angry Luca used BITE! It’s super effective! Tesa fainted (and was subsequently eated by Luca who is secretly a dinosaur)

    • Hel

      (Or eateN, maybe xd)

  • Sven

    Wow. Even though that lady isn’t a murderer, she’s still a total asshole for saying “THANK GOD I WAS SO WORRIED YOU’D KILL ME BECAUSE YOU’RE AN EVIL BARBARIAN” after his freaking wife died :’D

  • I love the look on his face in the last panel!

  • sweet_gardenia

    Somehow I get the feeling there’s not going to be make-up sex involved this time around

    It cans NOT be Emperor hugs tiem now plz. I’ll have you know, Alexds I have chomped my fingers down to the knuckles in anticipation of this scene.

    Oh and I’m typing with my mind

    • Oh god, I thought you meant with Phe at first and was like eeww nooo

      • sweet_gardenia

        Oh geebusssss can’t type with mind laughing too hard


  • meedee

    I just ordered my copy.
    And it’s signed. I can sell it back when you’re famous and get lots of money!
    Just kidding.
    I love your work, I can’t wait for the book to arrive.

  • Better word choices here on this page than the sketch.

    “Come, we can get through this together.”

    ha ha ha ha. Haaa hahaa.

  • Bought the signed and sketched comic. This is one of the best comics on the web, you deserve it.

    I have high hopes :P

  • sladinforever

    I sense Tesa is gonna REGRET that hug. Not the brightest coconut in the bunch ;)

    • rikkaruohimus

      For some reason coconut describes Tessa really well.
      Maybe it´s because of her hairdo..

      • Shannon N K

        Now when I look at her, all I can think of is coconuts ._.

        • rikkaruohimus

          :3 Now you share my pain

          or joy? It´s actually kinda amusing

  • I’m going to buy the book on Friday when I get payed. I just can’t wait for it though. I feel like my brain is gonna explode! I think I want the sketch version.

  • Poppy

    He is going to sacrifice her to the volcano.

  • pascal

    $6 for the book but $13 for shipping is quite ridiculous, does it come with a brick signed by the author, too?

  • Denizen

    wooo! shipping to my country is, like, 12.99! D’: just like pascal says…
    and it will probably take forever to get here, too… hmmm. PLUS my parents won’t let me have paypal… (though I will turn 18 soon :D and then it’s up to me!)

  • Dan

    For $6 I’d feel bad NOT buying vol. 1. I sure wish paypal would take my credit card, though…I checked and rechecked, but it just doesn’t like my card.


  • Lillian

    I am most definitely going to order myself a copy! I don’t usually buy webcomics, but for all the hard work put into this one, I feel like I owe it to you for all the free entertainment. Also, thanks for the link to that Sfeer Theory comic. I’m loving the art style so far.

  • rikkaruohimus

    Oh Tesa, eventhough he doesn´t think you killed his wife doesn´t mean he likes you or your country any better…

  • oh my that face….if I was her I would be taking two HUGE steps backwards right about now. Of course I don’t think I am so crazed that I would go and hug the man who may possibly think I murdered his wife.

  • Mr.Tophat

    Its almost comical.

    I mean. the one skinnier girl (who’s name i can never remember). Is so damn competent and Tesa is SOOOOooooo gonna get her killed…. and 10 bucks Tesa will still make it out unscathed T_T

    Please…. PLEASE stop hugging the angry man with blood staining his clothing,

  • Hello, been watching The Meek since the beginning (got here from a referee link), so I’ll just say this first: you’re doing a fabulous job with the art, characters and overall story. The art is possibly the best I’ve seen on any comic so far.
    Now a bit of WoT coming up :)

    However, I am writing here because I’d like to point out something that I think hinders the potential of your comic. And that is: everything happens way too fast. You try to squeeze as much action as possible in a dozen pages, when the story demands for much more. Everything is very interesting, but there are tons of little details and things that could be told about each character and each particular episode, yet the next panel somehow just cuts abruptly to the chase.
    If you want a quick example, the relationship between Luca and Phe is something that deserved way more pages: as it is now, even though you are struck by her death, the whole scene with Luca afterwords looks a bit forced, because we barely got the time to properly understand and believe his relationship with Phe. Even her death scene is so very short, it’s disorienting.

    As I said, I’m saying this because I think the story and the characters are so very interesting, they simply deserve more pages. For me as a reader, it’s like someone would try to tell me the LoTR story in 15 minutes: it’s still immensely interesting, but I’m missing out most of the drama.
    Cheers and if this doesn’t make any sense to you, please forgive my ramblings :)

    • I’m trying to figure out what WoT means w/o looking it up… wrath of teeth… wigs on trees

      I am already planning on redrawing a few pages in this chapter because of pacing issues. The draft that I’m basing this chapter on also had too much of the start/stop kind of issues, and I’m afraid I didn’t correct enough for that. But also keep in mind that this is a loooong comic (estimating about 40 chapters) so there is a lot of time for more character development. The purpose of the beginning chapters is to lay the foundation on which I get to build the rest of the story!

      • Jimmy

        Waste of Time? I don’t think so, but I’m absolutely stuck on the first thing I thought of that just fit the letters.

        NO! Wall of Text!

        • ahhh yes XD That make sense

          • VyaT

            Wheel of Time, I believe, by James Oliver Rigney, Jr.

    • Pneumonica

      In one sense I agree with you. However, taken from another perspective, many stories try to pick up “at the beginning”. This takes on the effect of “everything started at the same time”, which of course is rarely true. Starting “in media res”, as this comic does, is more than just a way to catch the eye, generates the effect of the story being part of an actual timeline and history. This is only the second comic, and it’s practically a “first comic” given that all of its characters we’ve never seen before.

      On the other hand, it does make the pacing a bit fast and it would be nice to see more of the characters we love. I’m not sure if it’s moving “too fast” (webcomics need to get moving, especially at the beginning, to retain readers), but it is moving a bit fast and maybe in later eps, once Meek’s storyline is better established, it can stretch out a little bit.

    • Mani

      My turn for a WoT (waggle of titanium)

      Different media have different paces; it’s something to accept – this isn’t a book, it’s a comic. That’s not to say that a comic can’t be as deep as a book, or that a book can’t be as intense as a comic, but they both necessarily approach pacing and dramatic rhythm in completely different ways.

      To borrow your LotR analogy – it’s not like trying to tell LotR in 15 minutes; it’s trying to tell LotR in 9 hours…as they did with the movies.

      I also found the progression in this chapter disorienting – fantastically, and deliciously so. I think that’s a great success – to so quickly and effectively hook us to one character (or relationship) and tear it away from us so soon and still have us care and feel it. I love it.

      I guess roller coasters aren’t for everyone though. Just my $0.02

  • I could hear Lethy’s facepalm from here. ;;

    Oddly, I’m not getting a sense of imminent doom from Luca’s expression in the last panel. In context, I would think a look of at least mild disdain would sort of be expected, no murderous thoughts required.

    Phe would be so proud hearing him speak like that. I dearly hope that he’s not planning on an overreaction against evidence.

    Though I would say Tesa needs not a hug, but a swat. I’d leave that one up to Lethy, though. XD

  • Liv



  • RnH

    I like the calm version of a “wtf, lady! get off of me!” look on Luca’s face in the last panel.
    Tesa’s panic-induced stupidity might make things a bit hard on her, I bet.

  • Tesa is going to get a smack…

  • oddbit

    I am so expecting him to go crazy and crush her skull or do something equally violent. EEP!! Run girl run!

  • Ella

    Agh, Tesa, for god’s sake. It’d usually be fairly easy for me to emphasize with someone in her situation, but at this point I’d probably kill her myself >>

    I like that you build tension by not jumping to the first scenario that comes to mind, though.

  • foreigner

    glad im not the only one who noticed that, *ahem*, HIS HANDS ARE SMOKING
    potential rival for Angora?
    “i make things grow” -vs- “i burn stuff”

    sooo…. creeEEEeepy

  • Metrophor

    Whoooo-ho-ho-hoa, why did I read this page right before going to bed, again?
    Not going to be able to sleep tonight. :[

  • Metrophor

    …Whups. For some reason the comment box has not caught up to the comic. >.>
    Needless to say, previous post was a response to pg. 43, not 42.

    Meep. ;3;

  • C-Angel

    Luca: I am… This is a difficult time. I am asking you both please for your help.

    *one page later*

    Luca: That was wise.

    So basically the “help” that the ambassadors will be giving him is basically to be victims to vent his anger/hatred on? Sweeeet.

  • That is a piss poor ambassador, if you ask me. Don’t know why they ever sent her.

    • nautical mice

      I agree! Not the brightest bulb, is she?

  • awol360

    That sir, was some awesome harsh shit. This comic has been the silver lining of waiting until my computer got hooked back up. In the meanwhile, I’ve been getting all of my friends addicted to your comic. Keep up the good work.

  • Mish

    I absolutely LOVE Luca’s face in the second panel :D Is it bad that I lol’ed?

    He looks like a sad puppy that just got told there will be no more treats today xD

    Works well with the context though :D

  • Mike

    the man is deranged with guilt, he lsot the one thing that centres him, and you get within arms reach of him? tesa you be begging for a wrung neck.

  • Wow. I love this comic, but that was unexpected :D

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