I have been waiting to draw this page for three years. THREE YEARS

Two pages left.


  • Losech

    Bleah! I knew it! Bad Luca bad! At least he killed the one I didn’t like…

  • puck

    SHIVERS. Such a great transition from sad Luca to crazy head-broiling Luca.

  • SuzetteRGreinwich

    Holy Snaps! He IS totally insane! Woah. Scary. Frightening. Phsycologically damaging. ‘specially her face in the 5th panel.

    Woah. O.o

    Great comic, by the way. Even though this chapter freaks me out… in a good way ^.^

  • Oh god oh god oh god I am trying to decipher what happened to her head

  • vox

    holy shit…

    just…holy shit.

  • Mog

    …Jesus helling Christ the last page was misleading to a whole new level. D:

  • Josh


    He actually had me fooled there.

  • Geekling

    When I saw that last panel, I heard the Psycho theme music. That’s a totally great “I’ve lost my mind and I’m going to kill you” expression.

    • Geekling

      Actually, what would make the 6th panel even better is if he were SMILING. When you’re trying to be creepy, nothing goes better with faces melting than a big toothy grin.

      • I think that was him smiling :
        Oh dear lord.

  • Hannah

    Ahhh at the 4th panle!

  • M

    That was beautiful.

  • Wow. I am experiencing a literal jaw drop right now.

  • Fayve


  • DoggySpew

    Brings a new meaning to the term “facepalm”

  • Karkalla

    Wow… just wow. I’m in shock….

  • Kim

    Well, I was planning on sleeping. Luca’s face in that last panel however has made that impossible. Thank you.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’ll be having nightmares about that one. Thanks a lot.

  • 6th panel…Oh my God.
    “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha!” That song just oozes from that panel.

    Oh my God…I’m in shock…I literally said Holy shit when I read this page. That is seriously scary.

  • Tbwulf

    Does he have some sort of fire power?

  • …. aaahhhh. Aaaahhhhh. AAAAHHHH. D:

  • Shea


    Just . . . OH DANG

  • Lizzy

    Well…crap. O_O I wasn’t quite expecting that, though I’m not exactly surprised…

  • Jane Galaxy

    You can see it start with his hair in the first panel! He gets frizzy RAGEQUIT hair.

    Dammit, and I was really starting to warm to him. I guess Tesa got there first. (ba-dum ching)

  • Erica

    holy SHIT!!!! D:

  • I keep looking at the last panel and thinking, “Who else wants a hug?”
    oh lordy, I’ve been waiting to see this page since I saw it in the sketch comic. You sure know how to tell a story. I love how Luca goes from looking normal to completely psycho in like no time at all.

  • Zal

    Simply awesome! Perfect response by Luca =)

  • Volkspanzer

    What exactly did he mean by, “That was wise.”?

    Also, I’m inclined to believe that he isn’t so much as insane as he is possessed. The transition of his expressions between this and the previous page I believe are beyond his capacity, considering how poorly he usually hides his anger. Not to mention his face in the last panel looks very Dagre-ish… namely the blank, headlight-like eyes.

    • Yeah, these pages are meant to be read in sequence. Go back to the previous page (the page before that is actually best) and read through again :)

    • Erica

      Whoa, you’re right…I think you may be on to something.

    • Geddian

      He was either responding to her comment. ‘I was so worried!’ ‘That was wise.’

      ..or being sarcastic.

      • San

        ah now I get it :D thanks, with this my question earlier can be considered as answered :D stupid me :’D

    • Niallsb

      I think he was saying that by her running to her death, which was quick and… well it was quick, she prevented herself from being subjected to torture that he is planning to subject the rest of her people to, the torture his people was subjected to. Funny thing though, now that this war has been initiated, it may just have been wise after all.

  • LeDayz

    No more wanting to cuddle Luca… HAPPY FEELINGS GONE.

    • Jimmy

      i knooow, right?? :C

  • Wha…What the frack…?!

    Aaaaah I’m scared D: *hugs the Dagre plushie for comfort* (Love the hanging tongue on it btw! X3)

  • My g-d, those hands!!! I mean, it’s all amazingly drawn… the the hands!!!!!! Wow. I am going to take you tutorials on deviant art.


  • Kali Arren

    augh jeez. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but I was hopeful that it wouldn’t!

    Well, he didn’t say anything about not killing them, I guess? XD

    (Also! I asked these questions before but maybe they got missed, you had a lot to look through, so that’s okay! I’ll just keep asking until you answer or kick my butt for being annoying, haha, either one works. Sorry! COPY/PASTE GO!:

    So um, I had a question about the preordering of books. Do you know more exactly how long they’re going to be available? I really want to get a signed/sketched copy, but I’m unemployed at the moment so I want to know whether I should splurge a little or hold out and see if I can find a summer job first. XD

    (also is there a way to request who gets sketched or are you just going to kind of randomly be picking characters? ‘cos I love Pinter, heheh. <3)

    • For preorders, they’ll probably be up until July sometime! Which is when we’re expecting the first shipment to come in.

      For sketches, I actually have no idea how thats going to work XD My publisher is going to send me a box of stuff to sketch and sign, and I am not sure if they will be ready to mail at that point… If I do end up not knowing which character I am drawing for whom and you don’t get a Pinter, the alternative is to find me at some con and force me to draw Pinters all over things, which I will happily do :B

      • dadman

        It is going to be SO HARD not to let slip to my kids that I’ve ordered them the sketch copies between now and when they arrive.

        Hopefully the books will get here before they head back to college. If they don’t, well, I’ll just have to read them before sending them along. :)

        Both of them. A good story, well told, bears re-reading.

        In the meantime, I’m going to have to clear the smell of roasted flesh and burnt hair out of my imagination.

      • Kali Arren

        Thanks for answering! <3 Okay, July, that gives me a little while. I-I hope. D:

        Haha, will do! I really want to get to a con someday, they're just expensive and blah, but if I ever figure out a way to pull it off I will definitely come and get you to draw on stuff for me! XD

  • paperjellyfish

    Oh Luca….
    I feel like there should be a steaming or sizzling noise in the last two panels.

  • Jimmy

    Well that was creepier than I had expected. Perfect.

  • GlassShard

    Hahaha, the third degree… I GET IT.

    • Alice


  • Beast

    jfdlkasfjsdklfjwait. How’d he do that? D: I missed something hardcore.

  • Evan

    I hope he says “flame on” somewhere on the next page. New page looks amazing as usual. I really hope this series is successful for you and you do well with the comic release. I’ve already told all of my friends about this series :)

  • Blee


    I WAS going to sleep tonight!

  • Officer 1BDI

    That face in the last panel is going to haunt my dreams for a good, long while. o_o

  • melodycass


  • Poophoop


    • Agreed. Cute Dagre frightens me when I know what the true face of the beast is.
      And, unfortunately, the 6th panel Luca face. So much for sleeping.

  • sarai

    augh holy crap, I definitely saw something vaguely along these lines coming, but refreshing the page and seeing solely those last two panels gave me a mini heart attack D:

  • Anode

    Interesting, her hand in the fifth panel is burned as well. So maybe it’s not just Luca’s hands that make people crispy.

    • I colored it that way since, if I was her, I’d probably be trying to pull his (burning) hands off my face.

  • Mr.Tophat

    HOLY *!@_#*!@_*#_!@&$_!@*(&#$!_@&$%Y&^!_#(%!!!!!!!!

    She just got BUUUrrrrnnnt! *ker boom boom, che*

    So. Time to get my coffee, cause i don’t want to suffer the nightmares that Lucas face with magic fire-hand-Dagre-power-thingy will inevitably cause.

    I am a-scared T_T… I mean… seriously… that ones girls reaction TOTALLY APPROPRIATE

  • Emperial


    Thank you for giving me something unexpectedly great after a really long and otherwise stupid day!

  • Mr.Tophat


    What happened to that ‘Official Investigation’ he was talking about earlier?!

    • Erica

      That’s what I’d like to know…

    • Jimmy

      he wants you to forget he ever said that.

    • haha, he was lying

  • Mariko

    Ow. Ew. Well, throwing herself at Luca *was* pretty stupid. Out of the gene pool. ;)

    At first I thought Tessa was still screaming (and therefore alive) in the second to last panel. Then I realized it must be the remaining woman. It makes sense that she can’t help screaming her head off in fear and horror after what she just saw, but I also think the panel would be less confusing (and way more ominous) if there was a silent pause first… all that screaming from Tessa, and then creepy, creepy silence.

    But man, Luca looks disturbing in that last panel.

  • XIX

    The first allusion to Luca’s burnination ability was in the penultimate panel of first page of this chapter: Luca’s left hand turned red.

    Love Luca’s crazy-grimace.

  • Pneumonica

    Immolation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Off the puns, it seems Luca has graduated from the William Bryant, Francis May, George Pullman all-stars, passing J. Edgar Hoover along the way, and is now scheduled for a Joseph Stalin Celebrity Makeover. Queue the massacres.

    • loll Unfortunately the ambassadors weren’t able to avoid a conflagration with the Emperor

      • Pneumonica

        Yeah. The nation’s hope for peaceful resolution just went down in flames.

        (Oh God, I’m so sorry, I just can’t stop…)

  • meep

    Man, this is getting pretty good. Luca’s personality totally changed.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Haha, actually it hasn’t changed. Phe was just good at keeping him from doing impulsive and stupid things like this.

  • Oh my.

  • SpawnofHastur

    I am the only person to say so, I believe, but I find Luca’s face in panel six…hilarious. It just looks so…strange.

    • Pneumonica

      A sight for sore eyes?

      I’ll never get off the puns. Ever.

    • Jimmy

      i second that!

  • Enchiladas

    Oh my God this is the best Webcomic I’ve ever read.

  • speearr

    I KNEW IT. lol

  • Emma D

    Gosh, I didn’t expect that.

    • Lee

      I totally did.

    • I did…How could you not?

      • Emma D

        I was being sarcastic XD

  • rockfish

    He conducts heat from his hands, his sleeves are burning and curling back D: Angora directs the growth of plants, Luca seems to conduct heat. Holy shit.

  • That Chick

    So I was listening to one of my favorite artists’s first new single in 16 years, and had to stop it just to read this page a few times over. Damn.

  • busywaiting

    Damn. DAMN! Has been a long time since a comic did that for me, if ever…shocking.
    Apart from that, hope that Tesa has somehow survived this one, as a horribly scarred (the weave, the weave ^^!) reminder to the queen. To test whether she really wants the peace to last despite this provocation…

  • See Tesa, that happens when you hug the crazy emperor! D:

  • major_killjoy

    Will there be a Luca plushie available?

    • Alexander

      Luca plushie would be a fire hazard, no?

    • LeDayz

      Luca plushie will sit in the corner…

  • Alexander

    Alright, here’s how I see it so far:

    (Keep in mind that I have NOT read the sketch version, and that everything here is pure speculation and observation)

    Dagre, brother to Angora’s grandfather Mocheril, is hellbent on destroying humanity. His motives are unknown, but for whatever reason he seems to be unable to do it on his own, or at the very least prefers to stay behind the scenes as his plans come to fruition.

    Hence why he’s chosen Luca here to be his puppet. Luca is already paranoid and borderline insane from all his fighting and trauma from his younger years, with his wife being the only thing keeping him from completely losing it. Dagre knows that Luca is powerful, and will not hesitate to start a war with the right provocation.

    SO, Dagre kills Phe, knowing that Luca will immediately lash out and blame the ambassadors, regardless of the fact whether they actually did it or not. Without Phe to guide him and keep him in check, Luca will start a war that’s very likely to bring about the end of humanity, or at least be the first domino in a chain of events that will lead to that result.

    Angora was told to go to the center and find a “woman who cries, but sheds no tears”, who I’m assuming will be Soli, the third and final major character who has yet to be introduced. Somehow, these two (along with Pinter who is assisting Angora) are supposed to stop Dagre (and, in effect, Luca) from destroying mankind.

    One other thing I’ve noticed is that so far two of the major characters seem to have some sort of pseudo control over the elements. Angora over the Earth, and Luca over Fire (I’m assuming those are heat waves coming from his hands, and that he roasted that ambassador’s head). This leads me to believe that Soli will be somehow in control of either Water or Air, though I’m placing my money on the latter.

    How this will all come together, I have no idea. But judging form the already masterful story so far, its going to be epic.

    • Jimmy

      i like you.

    • Em

      “woman who cries, but sheds no tears”

      Like you I haven’t read any of the draft. I suspect this ambassador is dead, but if she somehow survives then she’s a clear candidate to be said woman.

      • I’m pretty sure the women who cries but sheds no tears is Soli not this ambassador.

    • Cestus

      Well put.

    • Tobu

      > woman who cries, but sheds no tears

      I think we have a candidate here.

    • Adeaz

      I agree with Jimmy, and add that you are a very nice person. :)

    • Gharuel Shaan

      And maybe Pinter has some sort of power since he has a sort of part in the prophecy: “The lost one will know the way” but that he doesn’t know it yet. o_o

      • Gharuel Shaan

        … Excuse the double-post. I also noticed how Tesa’s hands are burned as well: maybe Luca’s hands aren’t the only thing radiating fire thus heat. Either that or she tried to grab his hands in a rush of panic-y ingeniousness.

    • Thank you! Cause man, holy @#%^ I was lost.
      I was wondering WTF was up w/ his fingers in earlier panels. I’d assumed he’d been tortured and he was scarred from the war(s).

    • Ella

      It seems to be implied that Mocheril gave Angora her abilities (as evidenced by the fact that her hair didn’t always have plants growing in it), and it looks like Luca’s sudden display of power here is a result of Dagre’s influence. If Soli has elemental powers at well, I wonder what enormous spectral animal she identifies with.

      (I haven’t read the sketch version, either.)

    • Soli must be able to control air, for she has a blue line (tear) on her face xD

  • Hotdamn


  • Tiuni

    Oh, my, gosh. That was unexpected, again.

  • Cinsa

    …so that’s how those hands work. huh. O_o

    On a positive note, this page will haunt me forever, and his expression in the last panel is ridiculously well done. I don’t think I’ve quite seen a face of mixed emotion that well executed, especially considering how calm he was in the first panel. It’s one of those things that make this comic stick strong in my head, in a league of it’s own.

    ….*shivers* <8C

  • Konira

    More graphic in the draft. Actually showed the Za-zap. XD

    • kindless

      Where is this draft people keep talking about D:

  • HayleytheCat

    Shit man, unexpected much?

  • Unknown

    As always I feel.. conflicted about this page. Sure, I saw it coming many miles away concerning Dagre and his/its influence but.. I still hate seeing characters I like die.

    I’m not talking about the ambassador. It’s not that I didn’t like her, I was a little indifferent since she was so.. marginally competent, and easy enough to freak out (as most sane humans would be in such a situation)

    No. I liked Phe. I REALLY liked her. I like those stabilizing factors that keep these shadowed characters from tipping over into madness. Which is why they usually die.. and then the characters I like, namely Luca, eat themselves internally until nothing is left. You end up with a villain. A useful enough antagonist because as Dagre knows very well, humans are very easy to manipulate in their grief and pain.

    Still. I’m the sort of person who roots for the powers of good.. in /Ravenloft/. So, I keep coming back but.. yeah. I can see where this is going. Hopefullu. I am wrong, but practically spellbound one way or another. I guess it is a wall of text way to say your storytelling is masterful, even if I always take HP damage from unavoidable tragedy by empathizing with characters like Phe and Luca.

    So. Short version: Awesome. Great page. Crispy crackers.

  • That worried eye in the second panel is super. And I especially like how you decided to draw the third one, great shot indeed. To see what’s happening from other people’s reaction is better than looking at the fact itself :P

  • Pokii

    You want to know what’s really fucked up? I just happened to check for an update here/read this comic while listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coivftr6sNY

  • Poor sobbing sod


  • Officiallamp

    This page. GAH. This page. Impact, you have made it.

  • vifetoile

    For some reason, the detail that his nose is wrinkled and his mouth curled back is so striking. It shows that the dead body is stinking, and that he’s recoiling from the scent, but not enough to stop being a crazy and terrifying madman for even an instant.

  • Luca Toasterhands. Unexpected.

  • Immortius

    Tiger, tiger, burning bright?

  • AgentSH


  • Wandered In


    This genuinely horrified me. Luca, no!

  • kingjing

    Um, holy shit.
    That is all.

  • hani

    oh my gosh O.O

  • silvermoonlight

    Oh god….Luca you stupid b******d what have you done?

    This will bring war there is no stopping that now killing one of the queens cousins when you have no proof what so ever, to back up your actions. These two could have been innocent from the start which makes his actions even worse I feel that Luca has just taking the first step, the horrible one that turns man in to a dictator.

    As a side note I feel sorry for the now dead Ambassador her fears were well founded, I just don’t think even she saw this coming because I sure as hell didn’t….

  • Duuuude.


  • minnsu


  • Senam

    He looks like The Groke in the last panel. Seriously. Childhood nightmares O.O

  • Flamma Man


    It’s also interesting to find out that Luca has some form of fire elemental powers.

    And as the person above has explained, perhaps our third piece to the puzzle will have some form of water or air powers.

    But MY question is where do these powers come from?

    It’s easy to assume that Angora got her powers from Mocheril and Luca got his powers from Dagre.

    Mocheril represents life, so control of plant life makes sense and fire represents destruction which makes sense for Dagre who craves destruction.

    So, what if there’s a third party?

    Another spirit.

    Perhaps one that is in the gray area just as Soli currently is.

    Can’t wait to see her Chapter.

  • raphfrk

    Should the first line be “That wasn’t wise” rather than “That was wise” ?

    • Tesa says “I was so worried!”
      Luca says “That was wise” (as in, it was wise to be worried) (emphasis, perhaps, on “was”)

  • Taylor

    I cant think if a day when microvave hands would cease to be usefull :D

    Cooking, working in the shop, heating drinks, self-defence, breaking the ice at coctail parties, starting fires, putting out fires, negotiating, there’s realy a use for every occasion :)

  • Blunderbuss

    *looks at last panel*

    *clings to ceiling in terror* D:

  • Nordlund63


  • Soma

    But is she DEAD?

    • Master Of Chaos

      Yes. Her brains were cooked by Luca’s toaster hands.

  • OMG.

  • I-I don’t think she’s dead. Just badly burnt. She appears to be screaming as she falls. Unless that’s just me.

    • Maphysto

      I think that’s Lethy screaming in the 2nd to last panel.

      • ampquot

        I think it goes from Tesa screaming to Lethy screaming in a continuous AAAAAAH from a panel to the other.

  • jmaccabeus

    He’ll refrain from jumping to any conclusions… but he’ll also hard-boil one of their heads without provocation. I don’t think he cares who killed who anymore. He just wants to _hurt somebody_. That, I think, makes him very, very, very dangerous…

    • Yeah, dunno what happened to not jumping to conclusions….

      • Mani

        She pushed him to fry her, I think, because he was already trying very hard not to.

        Hence the “That was wise.”

        I think.

        Either that, or the prior page was a cruel set-up for this one, and he intended to kill one and send the other back to the Queen with the news from the start.

  • …..

    Ooookay, I did NOT see that one coming! Love the expression of terror from the other ambassador lady. That’s some great body language!

  • I want to be freaked out by this dramatic page, but your “third degree” pun is making me laugh too much :D

  • rainey

    Those hands are gonna come in handy when the iron’s broken and he needs a suit pressed.

    • RVK


      • Master Of Chaos

        Win. XD

  • Tashka

    Glad I read the comments below!! Dummie me couldn’t figure out what was up with Luca’s hands and clothes in the last panel after thinking that he’d only gouged her eyes out?! lol!! This is waaaay more awesome!!

  • Azvolrien

    Oh god that last panel. It’s like Luca’s channelling the Groke or something. *hides*

  • Joe

    First thought upon the last panel:
    “In Pasori culture, toothy smiling does not connote good humor.
    Now, who wants another hug?”

  • Hm… I wonder why he went to the trouble of fibbing to them before killing one of them. I mean, I understand lulling them into a false sense of security, but he had the upper hand, so I don’t understand his reasoning for doing so. Still, awesome page… Can’t help but feel sorry for the ditsy ambassador though.

    • Kaiya

      For all we know, he wasn’t fibbing. That’s what makes it worse.

      He may very well have been telling the truth about not believing that they were responsible for Phe’s death– he just conveniently left out the fact that he no longer CARES who did it.

    • Tobu

      > I wonder why he went to the trouble of fibbing to them before killing one of them

      Make her suffer more when she realizes?

      Show he’s mad enough to make an innocent suffer?

      Revenge against the universe for killing Phe, another innocent?

      Do something evil he won’t be able to come back from, choose allegiance to Dagre?

    • Haha, part of me thinks it was just easier to grab one of them that way XD He does have a bad leg, after all.

  • Stephen


    while they may have been innocent of any wrongdoing, in most cultures there are consequences if you just run up and give the emperor/king/ruler a hug.

  • watchergryph

    His expression in the last panel reminds me very, very strongly of Dagre’s face.

    I wonder if he had a more direct hand in what Luca’s done than goading him into it.

  • Pedro

    Luca bad.

    Dagre plushie needs more Evil. Has very very little Evil. Like a Bugs Bunny toy with no ears, really.

  • ashleyw

    Tesa. ;-; Oh please let Lethy live, at least I get that impression from this page.

  • I can see Luca making this a ‘run and tell your queen how crazy I am’ situation.

    He’s totally lost his shit, now. I can’t say I blame him, since the only thing keeping him from going crazy is gone.

  • Kriegface

    Still haven’t lost any of it’s impact, even though I knew it was coming.


  • Enigma

    :O omg

  • rikkaruohimus

    There are no words

    • Pixx

      O_o Yeah… except maybe, the f#ck?!

  • Rachel

    My boyfriend was just all triumphant and like, “See? He’s not crazy!” Ha. I win.

  • San

    woah D:
    I couldn’t, under any circumstances, expect such a turn of events. Wow °___°
    I think he tried hard to stay calm and reasonably, but getting touched by someone he didn’t want to be near him (only Phe is allowed to come near him :D) just turned off or on some switch … brain off, insanity on. whatever.
    This cold (lol so much heat, but cold) lunatic way of handling things ist really really scary :<

    is the "that was wise" sarcastic? maybe I didn't get some important point there :/

    the third and the last panel are gorgeous! shivers down my spine :9 goosebumps, I love this comic!

    btw… is it also possible to get one of those prints send to Austria? (not Australia)

    • E

      “That was wise” refers to her saying “I was worried,”
      not her foolishly running into Luca’s arms.

    • Michelle

      “I was so worried!”
      “That was wise.”

      • San

        thank you both :D stupid me, couldn’t connect those two sentences by myself :’D

        now it makes perfectly sense! :D (or .. not o_O; Luca!!!! ó_ò What have you done!!! ;__;)

  • Now I can hear PHE’S facepalm from here.

    Dammit Luca, you just lost the game. :C

  • WTP

    All I could do was *u*

  • Master Of Chaos



    Did he like…MELT HER FACE?! WITH HIS HANDS?! O_O


    • Dragonair

      That’s what I’m wondering about too!! ‘Cause he has fuckin’ steam coming out of them??

      • Izuma

        It looks like the sheer heat coming from his hands is causing the air around it to warp a bit. Aughhh terrifying!

  • Yeah, I’m just lost and freaking out at this point.

    Still having fun, though. :)

  • wenth

    ……wow thats epic….SO using that in D&D or any chance i get emperor that has strange burning hands……..i think thay burn any ways but that look…..priceless on bolth thare faces.

  • Esile

    Luca is hooooooot. ;)

    I knew Luca wasn’t going to be nice, but I did not guess that he was going to cook that ambassador’s face. :o

    • Esile

      Also, Luca reminds me of Sweeney Todd in the last panel.

    • RVK


      • RVK
        • DoggySpew

          *snort* That me LOL.

        • lolll oh god

        • XDDDDD

        • Dimitri


        • DoomScarf

          Lol :’D

        • Katie

          Well, that explains Tesa’s new ravioli face.

          • RVK

            I had to do it. Just was too tempting. X3

        • jmaccabeus

          Haha, wow. Pasori cuisine has probably seen better days…

        • Esile


          Is it bad that I would probably buy those? Who could resist that deranged face?

        • That’s just pure awesome right there.

  • I really do feel like I am missing something. The first chapter felt kind of introductiony… but this second one is just bizzare. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but it is going so slowly, I wish I understood more of how this related to some random naked woman in the forest. Kudos though, for making me this interested.

    Why three years?

    • I drew the rough version of this chapter in May-June 2007.

      Chapters 1-3 are introductory in their own ways! The story is three arcs, so each of the three arcs needs their own beginning… you’ll find out the relations as the story progresses :)

  • Katie

    ZOMG That was totally hard core!

  • Jane

    I wonder if Phe had known about Lucas’ heat powers? How long has Lucas been hoarding his powers, or was it just RECENTLY given to him by Dagre? :S

    • Enchiladas

      I think it was known that he had powers- when he sees the embassadors for the first time and says ‘What are you hear for” He has his hand out to silence the introduction guy and the guard is like, staring at his hand like ‘Oh noes’ lol. Maybe thats how he rules, with the fear of his power.

      • Cin

        But then wouldn’t Phe have burned when she touched him AND put his hand to her cheek a while ago?

        • Tricksparrow

          I’m pretty sure he can decide when its used…

          • Cin

            I think you’re right.

        • Jane Galaxy

          I think he did. Isn’t that why she said “Stop it, you’re hurting me” when he has his hands on her? It just wasn’t as dramatic a display.

          My guess is that his emotions touch it off–either he’s pissed and giving Phe a heat rash or he’s batshit psycho and melting Tesa’s eyeballs.

          • Cin

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    • Reed

      He does wear the gloves because his fingers were once broken during torture (as far as I remember). The gloves are no protection against burning – there are serveral scenes (notably the bed scene) where he doesn’t wear them and nothing happens.
      The burning power seems to be something that activates when he’s in extreme distress (similar to Angora’s power). He also might have some control over it, but I can’t really tell yet.
      The gloves in this scene and before were just a really neat indicator for power activation. :-)

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    And to be the 1,025 person to say it – I love this comic and you are awesome!

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      • LeDayz

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      • LeDayz

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        • Jane Galaxy

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          • Hillary

            I think that he was going to defy Dagre,decretly after promising otherwise, but when Dagre saw the betrayal, he took him over. Luca probably doesn’t have superpowers, unless that is what happened to his hands in the war, and he cannot control it well.

          • Starface

            But Dagre’s speech bubbles are really unstable-looking, symbolizing how ghastly his voice is. If he possessed Luca, wouldn’t he be talking the same way? Besides, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s very easy to tell that Luca’s vengeful heart is wide-open to manipulation. I don’t think Dagre would NEED to possess him.

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    And uh… I don’t think there are enough words to express how amazing The Meek is. I love it so much! It’s given me so much inspiration! I hope I can have as much success in story writing when I start my comic.

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    • Nate

      If he’s radiating enough head from his hands to melt someone’s flesh in a few seconds, he’s probably radiating enough to flash fry someone’s brain. That’s just assuming he attacked using heat, it could easily have been a strong electrical arc, or some kind of magic that leaves what appears to be burn wounds as a secondary effect. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be something much more awesome/horrific than simple heat or fire.

      • It is a bit more specific than simply heat XD I’ll get into it later.

        • Nate

          Yeah, figured you hadn’t simplified it since the draft version. Speaking of which, nice move not showing the actual freaky magic here, that can really increase the impact when we eventually do see it.

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    Anyway for some reason I always liked the other woman anyway, maybe Tesa was created slightly annoying to lessen the impact of killing her off.

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    • That’s one of the edits that I’m putting into the comic, each of the chapters starts out on a date. Right now is in June, I think (you can check Phe’s page on the wiki since I updated it with her specific death date).

      • TLL

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    • Haha, actually its part of her hair that caught on fire. Thats… thats better right?

      • Mani

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        • Vert

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    • This is looking at the 5th panel

      • Pneumonica

        I think she probably grabbed his hands to try to pull them off (or just did it on reflex, either way). Since his hands were made of burning at the time, they burned her hands. You’ll notice they also burned the cuffs of his sleeves.

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    • speearr

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  • Luca, in the last panel, is creepy enough to give Dagre a run for his money. The crazy eyes are worse on Luca because we know him, we’ve seen his emotional ups and downs over the past chapter, we’ve developed certain expectations of him as a character — and he just completely shattered them.

    I think I may have nightmares of that face.

  • foo

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    I think this now has to be my second favourite panel of the whole thing- the first is and probably always will be ‘Dagre, look what they did…’ Made me tear right up, that one did.

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    • Edhelith

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  • I’m just really curious as to how Luca’s ‘power’ works and what it is exactly.

  • Peppa

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    I can see why you were so excited to publish this page. So many questions!

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    Chapter Two: In which many interesting women die freaky deaths


    the batshit insanity of emperor Luca and his adorable pet tiger-dragon-whatsits, Dagre.

    *chapter-naming is an art! so is your comic! :3

    • Pneumonica

      Actually, I think that second title should go:

      The adorable pet tiger-dragon-whatsits, Dagre, and the batshit insanity of his pet emperor Luca.

      • amadre

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    • Erica

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      Also…I agree with you, I thought it was Tesa screaming still when she was on the ground. That was a bit confusing for some reason.

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      • What, like fffff… That is one INTENSE hot flash.

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    • His wife was just murdered, possibly by one of them, I think its safe to say that he did not want hugs from her.

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      • M

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    I will have nightmares about this. In the mean time “OWNED”. And seriously best quote ever XD! *flails* I can’t wait for the next update!!! OH and super belated congrats on getting picked up by 4DE! You totally deserve it! *hugs*

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    Cheap joking aside, come on. This is so very much the complete opposite of everything Phe would have wanted. Grief isn’t a license to kill, I don’t think HOW he did it has nearly the impact as the fact he actually did it at all.

    I feel so sorry for his children. They’re losing BOTH their parents in one swoop. :/

    • Android 21 3/7

      Really? I found it awfully chilling. (No I can’t think of a heat related pun for that feeling.) The fear on her face before he came in, her relief, then that insane expression on his face. I don’t find it funny at all.

      (And I’m sure that this is a good thing.)

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      I am rather curious about the children’s reaction to all this, but I think we will have to wait a little while to see that.

      And now, given there are only two pages left, I can’t wait to see Soli’s (the last of the three main charactersof the tsory) introduction ! 8D

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    Which fits, really.

    And is the typical prelude to the Joseph Stalin Celebrity Makeover. Despotism in three days, or your money back! It’s helpful that Luca’s such a hands-on manager. (I told you, I can’t stop with the puns.)

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    • Carpathian Forest

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  • Poor Sobbing Sod
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  • Pete

    How tragic.

    This comic started incredibly intriguing. Very well drawn, and with a promising story. Seeing how this is now sacrificed for some cheap drama gore moments makes me genuinely sad. Main characters get introduced just to kill them. While I still like the drawing style, the gore makes it boring and empty. A bit like all the movie remakes who can’t do without overblown action scenes (‘flight of the phoenix’, ‘A-team’, ‘Enterprise’…).

    Maybe I’m just too old or I care too much for fictional characters. But I can’t get any fun out of this butchering. If this comics was worse, I could make puns and laugh about it, but here was serious potential.

    It feels like a promise for an exceptional comic didn’t come true. Well, just not for me.

    But it seems there’s quite an audience for slaughter.

    • That’s fair! It would be unrealistic for me to expect everyone to have the same tastes in my writing as I do. However I think it would also be fair for you to keep in mind that we haven’t yet finished with the three introductory chapters, and that there are around 40 chapters of story that you aren’t able to judge yet. If you’re truly against reading the rest of it, then I thank you very much for staying around so far. But if not I’d suggest that you check back at some point in the future to see where things are going. From the standpoint of the author I don’t think you have enough information yet to make an accurate assessment of the plot.

    • Maphysto

      You’re not very good at discriminating between main characters and throwaway ones.

      • Maybe he’s talking about Phe? But I’m not exactly done with her so… yeah

        • Maphysto

          Yeah, I kinda had a feeling you’d be focusing on her a bit more. Luca’s got a lot of backstory that needs developing, and Phe will figure pretty heavily in there I bet :)

    • Gleebits

      I think you’re being rather unfair here. Tesa certainly wasn’t a main character, she was a secondary one at best. If you’re going to look at it from the perspective of the reader, then yes, it is dramatic, but its importance to the story is to illustrate the fact that Luca has been driven to near insanity, if not outright lunacy. Your dismissive and to be quite frank indecently condescending message is just rude and half thought through

    • MidnightSunlight

      Your opinion seems a little unwaranted, Pete. In defense of the author, I think you’ve spoken too soon- the plot is unfolding, I feel Phe’s death is an extremely important point in the development of Luca’s character, as was the same for Tesa’s. Being ‘too old’ has little to do with your personal tastes, perhaps you’re ‘too judgemental’ too soon, not ‘too old;’ the rest of us respect the bold and fearless bit of ‘slaughter.’ This is, after all, a graphic novel, not a child’s story, and it’s proving to be an exceptional one at that. I feel this comic still has great potential that grows with the addition of each page- and I’m sure most everyone here will agree with me. As Gleebits said- you seem very condescending. If you don’t like it, either stop reading or make your comments constructive.

      • Actually the rest of the comic will look like this:

        • TLL

          Dear Der-Shing Helmer:

          There are no words to describe how much I would love to see this drawn. If I had money, i’d commission the hell out of it.

          Thanks for your time,

      • Comett

        Definitely. Something I only just realised was exactly how LITTLE of the story we’ve actually seen – with one or two pages being released a week, it’s easy to think that the story is longer than it actually is. :)

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    I love his expression….can’t wait for the next page! :)

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    His interactions with Dagre weren’t psuedo-psychological were they? I suppose that would lend credit to the intertwined connections between Dagre and Luca, messing with Luca with spooky mind powers.

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    Went through the archives, amazed at all the little cryptic hints that make sense now. Lots of years in the making or not, I’m impressed by the planning!

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    • Poor sobbing sod

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      Eh? EH? “wiggle wiggle”

  • Labrynthine

    Look at it this way, Luca: on one hand, you’ll never be able to hug someone without microwaving their face. On the other hand, nachos and popcorn anytime you want! :D

    • Exfoliation: you’re doing it too harsh.


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    Hooray! Microwave hands!
    Nice work.
    And is it just me, or in the last panel does he look a little like Dagre?

  • nautical mice

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    • TC

      I think he allready had them.

      You see, the page before his hands/gloves are good. When he’s angry or mad he can use that abbility I think.

      Srr for possible wrong english

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    • LOL yeah… When I was sketching it I drew a burger in there

      • Steph

        … and with that, I will never be able to see that panel the same way again. XD

  • Fejito

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    I live on the second floor
    I live upstairs from you
    Yes i think you’ve seen me before
    If you hear something late at night
    Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight
    Just don’t ask me what it was
    Just don’t ask me what it was
    Just don’t ask me what it was…”

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t catch the thing with the hands at all, until I read your sketches where the Tiger mentions his hands explicitly.

  • W31RD0

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    • CRdreamer

      shockingly- he lied

  • Sirrush90

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. Also when he says, “that was wise” is he being sarcastic? It doesn’t make too much sense otherwise…

    • Madness

      he was saying that it was wise for her to be afraid.

      • Hoheh

        More likely, he was saying that was wise of her to get that close to his hands. Sarcastically.

  • AxelxGabriel


  • Lety

    My first reaction to this page was horror (excellent expressions by the way), until the cute dagre plushie…then I laughed SO hard.

    love the irony between the page and your comments.

  • Nolan

    I’m a little late in the game, but I just wanted to add that I think Tesa’s just caught up in…
    *puts on the sunglasses*
    … the heat of the moment.


    • i think you just
      *puts on sunglasses*
      made yourself look stupid
      YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan A.H

    Man I was listening to Borgore – Saturday Night (Gorestep) and it fit PERFECTLY into this scene. O.O Fantastic comic btw, I’m on my first read through. :D

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    I know this comment is way late but I’m just now getting to this page and all I can say is /HOLY SHIT/

  • Mike

    dude, you got some face on your shirt.

    BTW tesa had it coming. every movie has a panic prone idiot who opens the doors to the zombie horde, or tries to negotiate with the psycho that lost his morality before his virginity. I feel sympathy for the devil, cause mick jagger asked me to. but he never said anything about idiots

  • Twigs

    This is very well drawn … and very disturbing =/

  • Maddocious


  • Siobhan

    Wow that scared me to pieces! But I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it~ Lucas expression in the last panel of the last page was too expressionless to mean anything good. Ohhh Luca you shouldn’t have done that! Phe wouldn’t have wanted it!

  • Navyisme

    I think he’s saying that even though he doesn’t suspect either of them of actually assassinating Phe, he’s still going through to open hostilities with Caris. The killing of the ambassador was just to put the period on the end of that message.

    • well with that scary conversation tesa must have recieved a
      *puts on sunglasses*

  • Somebody

    A normal person can’t kill someone that fast with their bare hands. -_-

  • GoSign

    Man. On reread, I don’t really understand why he bothered to lie on the previous page. He’s evil and all, but if his motivation is revenge and anger and stuff, what does he gain by momentarily appearing to be willing to negotiate? What was going through his mind when he entered the room that way?

    I just don’t get how to fit this sequence into my understanding of the character, “blinded by torment and rage” sort of deal.

    • Honestly he just didn’t want to chase them around. He had decided before coming into the room that one would die and one would be sent back with the message.

  • Thisguy

    Shit got real PAGES ago.
    This time, shit just got 3D.

  • Taymanator

    The ripples in his clothing is really unnerving. I don’t think that was there before; now he’s either shaking uncontrollably, ofr his whole being is possessed somehow. D:

  • Jordan179

    “All power and no Empress make Luca go something something …”

    “Go … mad?”

    “Don’t mind if I do!”

  • Jordan179

    All joking aside, you foreshadowed this rather well. In the earlier bedroom scene you made it obvious that Luca had some sort of post-traumatic disorder from the earlier wars and that his wife was what was keeping him sane.

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