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Well that’s it for Chapter 2! Can you believe it? I’ve been working on this since August 20th, 2009… and finished one day earlier than I had scheduled last fall :) Yus!

Thank you all so very much for reading. I’m going to write a proper thank you on my LJ later since this was such a tough year in so many respects, but also one of the most productive periods I’ve ever had.

Starting on Monday the 5th of July I will start to post the elusive sketch version of this chapter (the one that it seems like everyone except you has read already). I’m going to be posting at the same rate that I did back when I did them, which is to say 2 pages a day, so there will be a lot to see :) That should take about 4 weeks. After that will be the start of Chapter 3, and I will be posting regularly since I will have time to build a buffer. I will also be making some much-needed site edits and updates, as well as finally updating the Meekipedia (you can see I’ve already started on some articles). And getting ready for SDCC!

Anyways, I hope you have all enjoyed Chapter 2. I suggest you go back and read it again so you can pick up all the details that I hid in there. And get ready for Chapter 3, it is going to be pretty wild…


  • Hoo-boy, what a ride. xD

  • Maelstrom

    Hey! You made it! I was afraid you weren’t going to be done until the last minute or something because of the time it took for the last page, but I guess drawing the city was a real bitch. Or it was weekend magic. Or something. But you made it! Yeah!

    P.S. Is it hilarious misunderstanding o’ clock, yet, because my watch is broken and I can’t tell.

    • Haha, I took an unexpected break on Wednesday (aka I played spider solitaire every 4 minutes while stressing out about how to draw the backgrounds) so page 44 took a day longer than it was supposed to XD Thankfully this page was mostly faces, which made it a little faster to do.

  • Amazing, amazing chapter. Thank you so much for this wonderful story. I’ll be waiting with anticipation for the next chapter to start. :D

    Also, that Drama Button is freaking hilarious. I played it while reading the last panel. Haha.

  • Love the expressions in this page – I can’t wait for the next chapter!

  • Michaela

    Amazing job on the tear stains by the way, and Sooomone has and idea!

  • rainey

    Congrats on finishing chapter 2! :D:D:D

  • The drama button – perfect for both dramatic effect, and breaking the tension lol

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! And I finally pre-ordered a copy of the book. :3 So excited!!

  • Holy crap, Suda’s expression in panel 4 just breaks my heart.

  • Maphysto

    Rana begins to suspect…who? Does she know anything about Dagre? Or are there other people who stand to gain by manipulating Luca into a senseless war of annihilation?

    …Other than the arms dealers, anyway.

    • Android 21 3/7

      I think she suspects Dad murdered Mom. She did see him get violent with her and all, remember?

      • Bogrim

        The argument with Phe was about the Carissi people, and she was the only thing standing in the way of conflict. Maybe that’s what Rana refers to? ;-)

        • Joe

          He could have her, or he could have his revenge.
          Perhaps his choice being made for him wasn’t as coincidental as we first thought.

      • Sengoro

        Most likely a case of “totally unexpected country stands to gain from the war between two superpowers”

  • TLL

    I now can’t look at that last panel without hearing the drama button playing. FFFFF DRAMA GONE, but I love it!

    Also, good god this isn’t gonna end well! Curse cliffhangers! Can’t wait for chapter 5. …Or 3 or 4.

  • gp

    What an awesome emotional roller coaster Chapter 2 was. Congratulations on completing it! I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for Chapter 3 :)

  • Mica

    Panel 3 looks like he’s attacking her. :/

    • Enchiladas

      That’s probably because he is, essentially. XD

  • Cinsa

    …ooohhhh I get it now, I never caught exactly what she meant the first time in the (yeah) sketched ones.

    excellent storytelling trippy thrill ride as always ^^ I’m barely able to wait for the next few chapters…

  • Shea

    That last panel is perfect for showing how much Rana took after her father.

    • Allie

      I thought the same thing! Same eyes, same nose, same hair, same paranoid distrust of the people in your life…

  • pileup

    Suda in panel 4 is made of sad >: And Rana has an idea, and I get the feeling SOMEONE’s busted.. or will be. -drama button-

    Coincidence time! You started drawing this chapter on my birthday. (: Around how long will it be until chapter two is out as a hard copy?

  • Sudaaaaaaaaa ;_;

    That said, I think Rana is a proto-badass in the making. Aww, daddy’s daughter. Er. Not so aw. Or more aw. I CAN’T DECIDE.

  • NiChi

    D: Is Rana going to be the woman who cries but shed’s no tears? Hmmmmm… ._.; I guess that’s to obvious.

    • Jane

      Rana already shed tears, if you look back in the previous page in the panel where she is looking over the city, you can see tears dropping off her cheek.

      • NiChi

        Yeah but on the last panel when she comes to the conclusion of who done it. She kinda has a determined look like she’s going to do something like “stop crying and get revenge” you know? even though she’s mourning.

        • Erica

          No, I think we’re meeting that woman in the next chapter.

  • Bzee10

    Omg I want to SNUGGLE Suda and make him feel better…

    I’ve really noticed how Suda and Rana look like their parents…and they’re DRAWINGS!! It really speaks to your outstanding artistic ability, to create characters and their offspring with such a family resemblance. I’m incredibly impressed (not that I haven’t been this entire comic…)

    So I found your comic about 3 weeks ago, and I feel spoiled that I haven’t had to wait years and years like everyone else here to read the first two chapters. That being said, I really have no idea what’s coming up in the story line. I haven’t seen any of your sketches, so I must go explore those! And I’m waiting to see the sketches from this chapter to!

    Oh, and I really need a portable version of the drama button. Ya know, for all epic events in my day-to-day life.

  • TDawg

    Is there an archive of the sketch-version that you will have available once its all posted? I’m interested in reading it but I’m gonna be learning about bear habitats and glacial retreat by going to them and staying in them for two weeks, meaning I won’t have internet.

    • The sketches are posted after the completion of each chapter, meaning that theres only the Chapter 1 sketches archived at the moment. They are on the Meek LJ (linked at the top of this box) but you need to be a member to see them. The Chapter 2 archive will also be collected there at the end of July. The rest of the sketches are not available online at the moment.

      • GoSign

        er… how do you FIND the chapter 1 sketches on LJ?

        • Go to the LJ group – on the right side you should find a column with tags. Click on “sketch comics” – et voilà! :D

        • You have to be a member of the club XD I don’t like flashing them around publicly anymore, they’re kinda ugly. Once you’re on there you can look under the Chapter 1 tag.

  • CONGRATS ON SUPPLYING THE INTERNET WITH ASSLOADS OF AWESOME I MEAN COMPLETING CHAPTER TWO. Seriously, your dedication is astounding. I admire you so, so much. T^T

    “And get ready for Chapter 3, it is going to be pretty wild… ”

    Knowing you, this will turn out to be pleasantly understated. ;)

    This is a wonderful finish to the chapter… I’m curious but not OMFG CLIFFHANGER DYING for which I thank you. Oh so much.

    fssssssssssssssssssskds I freaking love it when you draw close-ups. I just don’t know what about it that’s so pleasing but IT IS. <3

    /disorganized psychobabble

  • Ange

    I really like the relationship between Rana and Suda in this story. I think among all the characters, they’re my favorite. I can’t wait for the new chapter! Will we be seeing the youngest sister soon? I’m a twitter with excitement!

  • Flamma Man

    Wow, just looking at Rana’s eyes in the last panel you can see her resemblance to her Father.

    Just an amazing job.

    And I can wait for Chapter 3…alright I’d be lying if I said that.

  • Elaine

    I don’t understand panel 3.

    • Elaine

      *sudden realization* Oh crap. Ohcrapohcrapohcrap.

    • Hika

      It’s a flashback to when they were arguing; Luca’s pulling off his glove.

  • Topsy Krets

    You impersonated a soldier
    Ruined my palace

  • Wait, what are Rana and Suda talking about in the first panel? No one told Hyla her mother died?

    That last panel is an awesome way to end the chapter.

  • Adam

    I clicked on the drama button and was like, expecting some sad song. LOL. then when I played it, all Isaw was Rana’s face staring at me saying “I MIGHT KNOW WHO!!!” dun dun duuuuunnnnnn.

    I hope she beats the shit out of Bezo. :D Awesome daughter magic love power GO!

  • Erode

    Congratulations! This is certainly one hell of an achievement! This chapter was fantastic, though it was an emotional roller coaster. The last pages were incredibly powerful.
    But I do hope that chapter 3 lightens the mood a bit. ^_^

    The comic is absolutely incredible and we’re privileged to have it available free of charge. Enjoy your break and, once again, congratulations!

  • Yay, huzzah! Oh and I really, really want to say that you draw expressions of grief well. ^^

  • Konira

    Drama-Llamaz fur everyone!

  • I pressed the button and LOLd XD

    Oh Rana… you are so wrong D:

  • Q

    ….the heck is luca doing? looks like he’s strangling phe

    • Its a flashback… go back to the first half of the chapter, it might make more sense :)

  • Ross

    I wonder if she blames her father or thinks someone else did it?

  • DoggySpew

    Oh Rana, don’t jump to conclusions. Just wait till the official investigation is over. Just like your father did.

  • Tamai

    I love you, Der-shing. Fricken amazing is you and this comic.

  • Emperial

    *takes a deep breath* Nooooooooooooooooo!

    Okay, I got it out of my system. Going by what I vaguely remember from the sketch comic, I am so looking forward to seeing the start of the next chapter.

    And preordering chapter 2 the minute it’s available! Your storytelling is simple breathtakingly brilliant. No wonder so many people hold their breaths each week in anticipation of the next page. You spoil us rotten, Der-shing, the characters and setting and story and art, it’s all so fabulous. Don’t stress your hand too much with all the book signings and sketches! Can’t wait to get my hands on mine. Ohh, how I do love your comic! <3

  • StephenM3


  • Enchiladas

    OOH. Yeah Rana, you go sort ur father out gurl. Yeh he didn’t do but… sort him out on the abuse stuff anyways. With some respect about Phe dying of course XD
    I love how kinda ironic it is that she also resembles Luca even more in that last panel, she has his eyes and ears.
    Unlike the other two I really don’t know anything about her.

  • Mr.Tophat




    Well, he could have.

  • freakypencils

    SUDA. CRYING. DDDD: I just wanna hug them guys so much.

  • Emma D

    Well done on finishing chap. 2!
    I was so happy to see an update today, made my pretty horrible morning get a bit better :D
    Looking forward to meeting new characters in chap. 3!

  • Starayo


    Can’t wait til I can buy a copy. ;D

  • Simply Me

    A lot of people seem to think that Rana suspects her dad, and I guess considering her flashback it makes sense. I dunno. I really think she is going to blame the ambassadors like her daddy did. D:

  • GoSign

    Rana’s not stupid. She could see that her mom was the only think keeping the ambassadors’ country safe. She probably either thinks Luca killed Phe, or that someone else killed Phe to start a war (which also happens to be what I think).

  • Gah, cliffhangers are fun. I love writing them into stuff.
    Awesome page, I’m lovin your attention to detail on it.

    • Oh, I just thought of something. Where did the snow go that was in pages 22 and 23? Was that a completely different place or what?

      • contra

        I think that was a flashback luca was having. So yea, different time and place.

        • Okee that makes more sense now.

  • Gleebits

    Oh I have a good idea what he’s going to do

  • Ry

    Awesome chapter, and I can’t wait for the next one to start.

  • speearr

    Whew it’s been a thrilling ride… I am really looking forward to Chapter 3, and also those elusive sketch pages…. by the way maybe you missed my previous comment where I asked about the banner art for Chapter 1. Is it possible to see it anywhere?

    • Yes, I added it to the Meekipedia yesterday… its in the Chapter 1 category directory :)

      • speearr


  • Congratulations, Der-shing!! *hugs’n’love*

  • Hot Sauce

    Congratulations on finishing this chapter! <3

    And finishing it spectacularly : D

  • Looking forward to more! :D

  • Nrolad

    and so it begins!

  • Hika

    Congratulations on finishing the chapter! I’m excited for chapter 3 and meeting a new set of characters, but at the same time it’s a little sad to think we probably won’t be seeing these guys for another couple of years.

  • STUPID RANA. LUCA DIDN’T KILL YOUR MOTHER! *presses the drama button*

    I wouldn’t blame her, though x)

    *PRESSES DRAMA BUTTON AGAIN. Ahaha, it’s so addictive!*

    • ohwait, maybe that’s what YOU want us to believe!

      • Chris

        I was thinking that too; this may turn out to be one of those “like father like daughter” things. And by that I mean she’s might to ape shit them.

        • Danreiv

          It’s okay, I’m gonna explain it to you.

          Rana is smarter than she looks, she noticed, as I did, that the meekipedia changed and especially that some “supporting characters” disappeared, mysteriously.

          Among them, If Rana and I aren’t mistaken, was a highly ranked security officer of the Empire.


          And Rana will probably oblige him to a Lucas style-BBQ. (Don’t bring your hot-sauce)

          • That sounds kinda vague. It could be anyone WE DON’T KNOW.

            Maybe it was…

            … ANGORA *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN* lolwhat

  • Bob

    Just wanted to say that this a great strip, I’m really enjoying it. Can’t wait for chapter 3!

  • FictionMuffin

    Such an awesome chapter!!! Cannot wait for the next one really!

  • ashleyw

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! This was a good one.

  • Rebecca

    Mai o mai, what does Rana know that we don’t?
    (Or, better yet, what does she THINK she knows? Hmm…)

  • faq_32

    i just realize how rana looks just like her father

    • Zersk

      And Suda looks a bit like Phe, right? :3

  • sdwalden

    Ooh… maybe he did kill her, Luca I mean. Like, Fight Club style… without knowin it…

    *DRA-MA BUTTON!!!*

    But probably the tiger monster…

  • jmaccabeus

    I don’t like that last panel. It doesn’t bode well. It doesn’t bode well at all. We’ll just have to see what the next chapter brings us, I suppose…

  • Sky

    Hyla huh!? Yes! Soon another picture-less character box on the character page will be filled in~!!

  • Ignadir

    Awesome end to Chapter 2. Looking forward to the sketches and Chapter 3 of course.

  • Tanuki

    I think Rana knows that her mother was able to (sort of) keep her father under control. With Phe gone the emperor is free to go berzerk.

  • Mary-Meg

    i love how you made the children look like their parents. it makes the world that more real.

    and congratulations on chapter 2! i can’t wait for 3. this is porobably one of the most addicting comics ive ever read.

  • Mage

    What what what no that’s terrible. D:

    Oh my gosh how long until we get back to this storyline? There’s another chapter introducing a new crew of characters, right, and then… something…?

  • Esile

    I’ll be honest, I really didn’t like Chapter Two at first.

    Now I’m very, very sad it’s over.

    And wondering what’s in store for Chapter Three…. O_O

  • amadre

    Is it just me, or does rana seem to be channeling a little of her father’s psychosis in panel 4?

    poor little hyla…

  • Disney-May

    Hahahah!!! That drama button is amazing! :D
    Oooh! So suspenceful!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!

  • Tiuni

    Wow Rena, really? Well, I had a feeling that she would have a hand in bringing down her father. ):

  • LycanthreauxP

    ohhh the last page! <3 can't wait for chapter 3 to get up and running now, it's gonna be great i know.

    Rana sure looks a lot like her daddy in the last panel, eh?

    • She looks like him all the time XD It drives her up the wall.

  • LRR

    Holy fast updates, Batman! This entire chapter has been incredible, and the way it ended especially has left me on the edge of my seat. I look forward to chapter three (starting in… early August, correct?). I’m eager for the sketch version too, because I’d love to see early stages of your work. Wonderful art and gripping storytelling–I’m so excited!

  • Lizzy

    I have three things to say.

    1) This chapter was very tragic and I really loved it, and I’m sad it’s over but at the same time I think you wrapped it up very nicely, while still leaving open ends.

    2) I can’t wait to meet Soli in chapter 3!

    3) Suda’s sad face MAKES ME SO DEPRESSED ;_;

  • Chaotic Neutral

    I guess you can say that-
    – Puts on sunglasses –
    -Phe is in grave condition.

    • Chaotic Neutral

      On a more serious note, BEST. CLIFFHANGER. EVER.

    • Haha. XD These don’t get old.

      • Chaotic Neutral

        I very unintentionally came up with that one XD

  • YOU ARE AMAZING! The end. :)

  • Joe

    Rana, do you think you know what I think you think you know?
    Better not let your father catch you.

  • Alexander

    … Wow. Whatatweest!

    Rana is her father’s daughter. Wasn’t really as evident before, but it really comes out in the last couple panels. While I have no idea who she might be referring to, her expression and anger just SCREAM “Luca”. On the flip side of that though, Suda seems to be more like Phe. More reserved, level headed (ish).

    I have a hunch that in the coming events, whatever they might be, there’s going to be a rift between the kids, stemming from the parents they reflect. There already seems to be some slight animosity/division between Hyla and Suda/Rana, so who knows how this may play out in the coming months.

    Not excited for August though… Right about the time Chapter 3 starts, I ship off to basic for eight weeks. No Meek for me. :'(

    • Chaotic Neutral

      Good luck my soon-to-be fellow soldier, I’ve been following this comic like a cult since I’ve been in Iraq lol. Simply amazed by it, though usually I only post humorous comments hahah.

    • Mmm, I think that the division is more of an age division than an animosity. Suda and Rana are becoming adults, while Hyla is still a little one :/

    • Erica

      No idea who she might be referring to? That flashback panel should have told you…

      • Alexander

        Well yeah, she could be referring to her dad… but to me, that seems almost too obvious. On the flip side, I suppose that Rana does share that “jumping straight to illogical conclusions” trait with her father…. I dunno. Blaming her father is about as illogical as it gets… Without question, he loved Phe, even if he came off as an arrogant and angry jackass. But I suppose that’s the downfall of being a kid, even the most illogical seems to make sense.

        Also @ coNs, I haven’t read the sketch version, so I had no idea Hyla was younger. I got the impression she was older, stayed aloof from the family for whatever reason. Business or the typical “rebellious kid” or whatever.

        • Well you have to realize the last time Rana saw her parents was when they were fighting and Luca was hurting Phe – it’s not totally illogical for her to assume that her father had a hand in Phe’s death, because she never saw them reconcile. It’s easy to follow that train of thought – and quite honestly I think Rana may resemble her father more physically, but I think she has this logical and careful sensitivity to things like her mother.

          Besides, it’s not implausible that Luca COULD have had a hand in Phe’s death either. Yes, he loves Phe a lot, the story telling and writing emphasize this, almost to an extreme. Which would make the story all the more compelling if Luca -did- kill Phe. But I think that Dagre definitely had a hand in it. :)

          Also @chaoticneutral, I seriously lolled at your CSI comment. XD

        • Ah, ahhh. Don’t worry, I didn’t read the sketch version either (SHAME ON ME, FOR I COULD HAVE!), but I’ve seen pictures of her on Dershing’s gallery/sketchjournal. Plus I love to investigate XD

          Hyla is in these pictures, for example: http://alexds1.deviantart.com/art/Meek-sketchdump-87868456?q=1&qo=1and http://alexds1.deviantart.com/art/Pretentious-character-grid-70723016?q=1&qo=1

  • BentKatana

    Oh shit, Rana’s gears are a turnin’! (Did I really just type that? o_o)
    Congradulations, Der-Shing! I can’t wait for Chapter 3! :DDDD

  • sweet_gardenia

    And then Rana says ” You might even say…I’m DEAD certain about it…”

    And then she puts her sunglasses on and the music starts

    I always knew I loved Rana for a reason, But how will they break this to Hyla poor kid…

  • The Pink Ninja

    Promoted to idiot!

    • The Pink Ninja

      Also it’s amazing how you managed to make Rana looks like Luca while still looking like herself/a girl

  • Cin

    Oh dear, no one’s told Hyla? D: She’s gonna be devastated…

    I wonder if Rana knows about Dagre.

  • Mallow

    I’m starting to fear for both Rana’s safety and her status as a good character. DON’T GO TO THE DARK SIDE, RANA. THOSE COOKIES ARE FAKE! D8

  • Sjenn

    Ahh, cliffhanger! D8>
    You do like to torment those fans of your, don’t you?:P

    It’s all been great this far, I’m eager to read more!

  • Nate



    BTW: Anytime I hear the drama button noise, I hear that guy from Troll 2 in the background.

    (dun) (dun) (duuuuuuuuuuun)

  • danielle

    I just have to say that I am SOOOOO freaking picky. I look at stuff and drop it right away but I am ENTHRALLED by this comic. It really is so freaking good. I can’t wait for more.

  • Ooh- I love the way you’ve made to round-faced round-eyed characters the heavy in row, here, while the long-faced narrow eyed Phe and Suda are obvious softies. It’s unusual in cartooning and wonderfully effective.

    And also it means Luca ends up looking like a palette-swapped drawing of my husband. Yeesh, like I didn’t think he was sympathetic enough…

  • No no no don’t allude like that! Me want to knoooooooooow.
    Oh well, guess I have to keep reading~!

  • awol360

    Oh… I’m going to have to delve back through chapters 1 and 2 for these secrets…

  • powree

    A wonderful chapter concludes. Luca’s life is complex, and I cant help to feel a sympathy for him.

  • Carolyn

    (huggles Suda)

    Once Phe died, I had a feeling Rana was going to blame her dad after witnessing their argument. For someone who just lost her mother, Rana seems remarkably clearheaded as opposed to Suda, who is clearly wracked with grief.

  • Erica

    People seem so confused about who Rana thinks is to blame, I don’t understand why. There’s a flashback panel to tell you! XDD

    Also, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the last time Rana saw her mother before she died, she was cowering before Luca. Plot set-up!

    Great job on this, totally brilliant. <3

    • Haha, thats why I suggested that readers go back and look through the chapter again… honestly at this point people might not remember what was going on in November. But yeah, thanks for reading closely enough to pick up what I was trying to say :3

  • Oh man, it seems Rana thinks Luca killed Phe all because of the fact she witnessed Luca threatening to hurt her earlier. Oh, Suda, why did you have to ask that question in that fourth panel?? OH MAN!
    And Suda seems to be on really good terms with his father, too! If Rana tells him, I get the feeling there will be conflict between them. AND POOR HYLA!! CHATPER 5!!! CHAPTER 5, right??

    Oh yeah, and I can’t wait to FINALLY meet Soli XD in some ways, i wish I would have found you when you first started posting the Meek on your Livejournals. In some ways I don’t, though, because this is just too fun.

  • Awesome. Art. Story. Cliffhanger. YES.

  • TheBrigeedaRocks

    It’s closeups like these that remind me just how much Rana looks like her psycho-pappy.

    If Rana takes after Luca and Suda takes after Phe, is Rana more of a combination of the two?

    • TheBrigeedaRocks



      • haha… I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, right??!

  • Slorfae

    I think my favorite part of this page is the tear streaks on both of their faces.

  • Drascin

    I think if Rana knows about Dagre, her suspicions could very well go in the right direction. I mean, really, it’s kind of obvious, and Rana’s a smart kid. Question is, then, does Rana know about Dagre, or is she suspecting someone else?

    • I was just thinking that; I don’t believe she’d suspect her dad, because he obviously loved Phe more than anything and even Rana could see that.

      Good thinking, good thinking. [:

      • That part is something I’m going to have to convince you of in future chapters XD Luca is very very distant and aloof in public, especially in front of his kids. We saw a little bit of it when he was talking to Suda but thsi chapter is really the “nicest” the Emperor is going to be.

  • Tashka

    Noooooo!! no updates till August!! I’ll be back at sea by then which means I’ll have to wait till dec to find out how crazytown Rana starts getting!! Looking sooo forward to this. Well done on this chapter…you’ve blown me away! Best webcomic ever!

  • DeadCobra

    This is a great comic im waiting fore the next part

  • Jac

    In the space of one chapter you’ve made me fall in love with all these characters. They’re fascinating, living, breathing people to me. The art is truly stunning and seeing you continue to grow as an artist through these weekly pages has really been wonderful. Your work continues to be an inspiration for little wannabes like me :)

    Congrats on finishing chapter 2!

  • Pneumonica

    *resisting the urge to pun, especially resisting the urge to pull a Horatio quip*

    Seems to me daddy’s little girl has picked up some of daddy’s determination and single-mindedness. Let’s hope that doesn’t lead to an Insane Clown Possy moment. Then again, I haven’t heard anything about a boyfriend who can be conveniently executed to induce psychopathic horror, so yay for single people!

    • Pneumonica

      Oh, and yay for chapter 2! Waiting for 3.

  • nautical mice

    Where is this elusive sketch-version to be found??? Who the f is *Soli*?? and ominous references to Chapter 5? what?

    • Haha, I apologize for the mentions of the sketches, they’re no longer available online (except for after I post chapters). Since there are three main characters (not really a spoiler, you can see that in the “character” section of the site), there are three arcs… Angora’s takes place in chapter 1, 4, 7 etc, Luca is in 2, 5, 8 etc and Soli is for chapters 3, 6, 9 etc.

      • nautical mice

        Ok. :))) thanks!
        Really awesome comic, You’ve done a simply amazing job! It’s really enthralling!

  • Kish

    rana has similar eyes to luca and suda has a similar shape face to phe, i see the genes!

    • Meganite

      I see I’m not the only one to notice! I like that kind of attention to detail.

      • Kish

        lol, i don’t often notice these things, i just seem to love luca’s eyes and when i saw rana’s i started to notice more! XD

    • Mouldy

      That is /exactly/ what I was thinking! It’s almost kind of… scary… 0___0;;;;;

    • Rana really took after Dad. I mean, she’s Luca Degirl.

  • Offendi

    Is the end of such an amazing chapter the best or the worst time for me to get out of my closet? I have no clue how far you’re going if the next chapter is wild in comparison to this one.

    It makes sense, though. From the looks of this chapter’s developments, your plotlines are about to go into higher dimensions or something.

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