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Here we go!

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Barring any disasters, I’m planning for this chapter to be completed in the last week of December or the first week of January. You know how I love itineraries, so lets all cross our fingers that this one will work out!


  • Woot!

  • Se

    Wow. Beautiful first page. I’m looking forward to the rest of this chapter.

  • Fantastic. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  • YES! So excited for this chapter! Oh man, the texture on the cliff walls is freaking fabulous!

  • Bzee10

    EPIC! Cannot WAIT for more! :D

  • Neill

    Holy shit.

  • Garish

    A third character! Does this mean a third spirit beast?


  • Reed

    Oh, niiice! Very western-style, isn’t it? Now I need a map of the world, to find out, where this part takes place.

    Also, as I’m not in the Live Journal group and therefore couldn’t comment on the last sketch page: The film was very neat! I especially liked the voice of Dagre. Lethy’s and Tesa’s voices were very appropriate, too, reflecting their different personalities. Will you link the film somewhere on this site, as the other link is gone now?

    • Yes, I’m planning on updating a bunch of links and extras soon.

  • Esile


    I don’t think I could be any more excited for this. XD Gorgeous cover.

  • rainey


    Those cliffs are gorgeous. I love the atmosphere of this coverpage, can’t wait for more!

  • The Pink Ninja


    I have been waiting for this!

  • Stephen

    Holy damn. It’s gorgeous!!

  • Starayo

    Woo! Awesome! :D

  • Jerry

    Does the guy on the title graphic have a gun? I didn’t know they had that technology here. The cast page mentions a “Soli”, that might be her on the horse.

    • Frugs

      If I’m right, that is Soli on the horse, and the header!

    • TBman256

      the guards in Suda’s castle have guns

    • Maphysto

      I think the tech level in this setting roughly coincides with the 19-teens, or possibly up to the ’30s.

  • Essie


  • Jasmine

    So, I usually just read and lurk, but this cover is so drop-dead gorgeous that I just had to pop in and comment because UNF.

  • Wood

    @Jerry : the guards in the previous chapter had rifles.

  • danielle

    oh wow! that is SOOOOO beautiful! AAAAAH! I can’t wait for more!

  • Tazzy


  • danielle

    did you base this drawing off of Zion? (i think it’s that place in arizona)

    • Haha, no, there’s no direct reference. The geology and vegetation is as accurate as I could research it for the region that this is supposed to take place in, however.

    • paperjellyfish

      Yeah, it reminds me of the Zion Narrows. It’s in Utah.

  • Maphysto


  • wright1

    Drop-dead beautiful page. Looking forward to the chapter.

  • The cover looks amazing! I’m so impressed by your attention to detail and atmosphere in the different settings for each chapter. They really all have their own flavor. :)

  • LadyPhoenix

    *wipes off drool*

  • Yay! :) I am super excited about this chapter. A lovely cover to start it with too. <3 Gotta love how you shaded that rocky wall. I wish you good luck, I know you will do an awesome job on this chapter *cheers* and I will be around like usual. :) (I am the "checking by each day- type" too btw! ) .

  • Mary-Meg

    oh boy, this girl looks like she can kick some fanny! (if thats who i think it is)

  • awol360

    Very nice. Reminds me of a Clint Eastwood movie cover. If Clint Eastwood were somehow part of an awesome western cartoon. Can’t wait to see how this goes.

  • Looking forward to this new Chapter. :)

  • ♫ I’m a poor lonesome cowboy
    I’m a long long way from home
    And this poor lonesome cowboy
    Has got a long long way to roam
    Over mountains over prairies
    From dawn till day is done
    My horse and me keep riding
    Into the setting sun ♪


  • andy

    OH MAN. This cover. *falls off chair* it’s beautifal!

    Can’t wait to see Soli’s chapter!

  • Mai

    This was my absolute favourite of the sketch chapters (and as far as I read). I’m so excited about this seeing the lady in question. <3

  • Danreiv

    Yay !

    Love the new header, love the cover :D

  • paperjellyfish

    Cool cover!

  • Flamma Man

    Is she riding her horse on the river?

    Anyway, beautiful cover.

  • AmericanNinjaX


  • Megan

    I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It feels good to get out of the rain
    ‘Cuz in the desert, you don’t remember your pain
    It feels good to get out of the rain.


    Awesome cover! Can’t wait for the rest!

  • This is totally beautiful.

  • Topsy Krets

    What happened to “Chinchilla in the Desert”?

  • Eosphoros

    The word ‘chapter’ is in caps on this cover, but not on the other two. IMHO, caps look better (although a smaller font size for ‘chapter’, analogous to ‘the’ in ‘the meek’, might perhaps work as well …)

    Hehe, sorry for being a nitpicker, but this illustration – like the rest of the comic – is gorgeous, and I’d just love the lettering to be as perfect …

    • Good eye :) I actually did that to match the redone version of the Chapter 1 Cover for the printed comic (that cover definitely needed the caps, so I decided to conserve the look for future covers)

  • phuzzypanda


    I am so excited for this chapter :)

  • shibby

    Eeee~! Exciting!

  • DoggySpew

    Finally ! You know what annoying is ? Not being able to comment on the sketches, because Livejournal kept blocking me. Anyway, your final product is WAAAAAY better then the sketches, way more detailed and way better writing and expressions. Luca came off more as annoyed then devastated in the sketches concerning Phe’s death ( and getting rid of the thought bubbles was genius). I can’t wait to see the rest of this chapter.

  • Silver Lady

    Wooowww! It´s an awesome cape. 0-0 I love the colours!

    So, are Angora and Pinter finally back?

  • Was anyone else strongly reminded of the first scene in ‘The Dark Tower’ series? Although I guess Roland didn’t have a horse, or a hat. And there wasn’t really any water…

  • i sense incoming epic

  • dusky_rue

    EEEEE! I am so excited! 8D 8D 8D

    And that cover looks FANTASTIC. <3

  • wandering-dreamer

    Wow, even if it’s only a page a week update this is gonna be a loooonnggg chapter. Certainly not a problem however, and I love the new header too!

    • No longer than the other ones were XD All my chapters are 45 pages.

  • Chaotic Neutral

    Ridin’ through the desert on a horse with no naaaame~

  • tutsi

    All I can think of is Phoebe (from Friends) saying: “dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN”
    The first front page was good, the second one was great, and this one is… wow… I just love it
    Since The Meek started, for some reason I have always wanted to know more about that mysterious character you showed in some of your sketches, I dont know why I always liked him…
    Also, I really like the new banner, love the change of the color palette :)

  • Woo-hoo, I’m excited for this new chapter! I was beginning to go through Meek withdrawals :D

  • Thorni

    Wow! I just found this comic linked from Bear Nuts, and I have to say it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m in love with it! You have a way of making the characters lovable after a short time. I almost cried when Phe died! Definitely bookmarked.

  • I’m going to cry. I’m going to cry.
    I’m going to cry!
    I’m so exciteddddd!!
    Also, any idea when chapter 2 will be available to purchase?
    Also, the new banner is lovely. Love it.

  • jmaccabeus

    And we’re back! :D From the looks of it, it’s something well worth the wait, too! Just a wonderfully composed cover overall.

  • The song Desparado comes to mind when I see this cover page.
    Oh, it’s absolutely beautiful.

    I’m from Arizona and you see this rock formations everywhere when you go upstate or further down state, and to see this page reminds me so much of them. The page almost looks real it’s so beautiful, you captured the canyon-y desert area very well!

    Can’t wait until the next page. (:

  • Chancie

    YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for the new chapter to start

  • ashleyw


  • Nate

    That looks so freakin awesome oh my god.

  • You were right. This is a pretty bomb cover.

  • Jerry

    If the Pasori have 1930’s level technology there would be cars, trains, and aircraft and I’ve seen no evidence of any of those, though the Meekipedia mentions a “steam carriage”. If they fought the 30 Years War with WW1 or even Civil War weapons there wouldn’t be a whole lot left.

  • speearr


  • steffyanie

    Oh gosh, oh gosh. I’m excited. I’m not really sure what to think about Soli yet, then again, I know little to nothing about her, ha. But your characters thusfar have been wonderful, whether I liked or disliked them. (Can’t say I’ve really disliked any though!)

    I can’t wait to see what happens in this chapter. Or even after that; I continuously wonder what is going to happen after the first three chapters are done/the three main plots, or whatever we want to call them, are shown. How they will ll tie into each other… I can’t wait. >< ♥

  • yesssss, oh man. i have been WAITING FOR THIS DAY.
    this cover is boss. SOLIIIII.

  • Oh, no! Not more characters to grow to love!

  • cedarwolf22

    HORSEBUTT I am excite.
    This is definitely my favorite cover so far. You have a real knack for desert landscapes!

  • La-Price

    boss cover :)
    cant wait till the pages start flowing in! :D

  • Strato

    So excited!!!!!

    Can you post the older banners from chapter 1 and 2??? :)

    • Yes, they’re in the Meekipedia :) If you go to the categories for Chapters 1 and 2 they are posted right on there!

      • Strato

        TYVM!!! :D

  • Nathan

    So excited.

  • Jrue

    Some some some i’m gonna murder
    some i’m gonna let go-o-o-o-o
    Some some some i’m gonna murder
    some i’m gonna let go-o-o-o-o

  • Jrue

    Soli is Teflon Don

  • Pach

    I love this sort of optical illusion that’s going on with the background in my mind (Where the large dark shape can both be in front of or behind the lighter shape, give or take the terrain, blahblah). *_*

  • Oh man yess, this cover came out beautifully. You just keep getting better and better :) Super excited for Ch. 3 too!

  • Emperial

    Mmm, yummy. I could eat that scenery. P:

  • DoctorWhyly

    Wooh! Can’t wait to explore the desert with this new face!

  • Were there chapter 3 sketches out at some point, or is everyone going to be entirely surprised with this chapter because it’s going to be new to everyone? (:

    • There were sketches up through the beginning of Ch 8, but most people got cut off at 3 XD

  • pouly

    oh man… oh man. i just had an eyeballgasm. this is so beautiful.

  • ACE

    I saw the cover and the first thing that popped into my head was “Dark Tower!” That pretty much means this is the best cover ever. I love it!

  • Katie

    I can’t believe how unreasonably excited I am for this chapter.
    The scenery is so gorgeous and dramatic! Fffs so excited.

  • codeman


  • O_O Best cover yet! I love the composition and the color choices.

    Two days a week? *faints*

  • YESSSSS!!! Seeing the new chapter cover seriously just made my week!!

  • Konira

    Finally! I missed this woman so much!

    I’m really digging the background on this one. I’ve seen scenes like this in real life, they’re magical.

  • Tiuni

    This is definitely my favorite cover so far. It’s so beautiful, it reminds me of Utah or Arizona.

  • WeirdPinkPiLL

    My! What a sexy beast of a cover page. :)

  • Su

    she looks like eddie izzard in his hey day (on the banner). just saying. its awesome.
    super excited for this chapter yeah!

  • Oh, I can’t wait for the new chapter to start; I’ve been wanting so badly to meet Soli! She certainly looks badass on the new header image. :D

  • Marbles

    How are those rocks so pretty? @_@ Can’t wait for this chapter!


  • What a gorgeous cover

  • Morag

    Excited Morag is excited.

    Lovely environment. You’ve probably already gotten this response, but it reminds me strikingly of the Bryce Canyon and the Grand in Arizona. A love-child canyon?

    I liked the fact that you put the viewer under that rock overhang, or tunnel, or whichever it appears to be. When it comes to BIG scenery, like canyons, a person’s eye can get super lost in the composition as a whole, which is frustrating if you want a focal point. That overhang provides a nice ‘frame’ if you will. And the character being between those two slopes, along with the wake of the horse’s travel in the water leading to the character makes it very clear what you need to be thinking about in this composition. And the dark colors you’ve got the character in make for such a dramatic contrast.

    *Natural focal point
    *Tells a story

    I easily love this the best out of anything artistic-wise on this site. <3 <3 <3
    Plus the detail is making me chair-dance.

    Another thing I wanted to note, your horsy anatomy is boss. Stylized, obviously, but the anatomy is still there. More often than not I see webcomic artists that try to do "realistic horses" but obviously never looked at anatomy. I know horses are super-hard, but as someone who works around them every day (ranch work), horse mistakes are more glaring to me. I suppose.
    But this fellow looks wonderful.

    Much art love for this.

  • Da Shame

    Awesome cover ^^

  • Cinsa

    Beautiful cover D: I’ve been waiting for Soli for SOOOO LONG

  • Eeeee!
    *cheers for Soli stuff*

  • Marcutiolives

    I don’t suppose her theme would be something like water in the same manner Angora was earth and Luca seemed to be heart–I mean fire, angry hateful fire.
    Eitherway i’m looking forward to this chapter and what this character will bring to the table.
    I do loik gunslingers, yes. :B

  • Awesome!!! – great cover! – cant wait to read on!!!! no…seriously…cant wait – this is like the only comic I read at the moment!!!

  • NOoooo I just got into reading webcomics finally and aljsdflkjad;ljf;alk dgraaaah this is. an. amazing. story. oh. my goodness…. its beautiful.

  • dot

    Wow, everything is so nicely done, the art, the story- everything.


  • BentKatana

    I saw the comic cover update on dA and seriously freaked out. I’m so excited for this chapter! I’ve wanted to know more about this chick for a while. What a beautiful opening scene! Thanks so much for being awesome! :D

  • YES

  • Dooz

    Good value and color contrast in the rocky overhang and the washed out cliff face.

    Purple and peach hues make an awesome tag team. :>

  • Joe

    I keep checking back in unreasonably short intervals of time.
    I know I can’t expect a new page every five minutes, but dammit I’m hoping.

  • Bunni

    oh muh gud ohmuhguhomugud

    My huge cowboy fetish just activated. THANKS. A LOT.

    • napsterkitten5

      Indeed. Also my first thoughts at this cover were WALKER TEXAS~RANGER wa wa wwwaaaaaaaaa

  • caris

    so excited for this portion of the story!!!!

  • Madster

    I really like the composition of this page. The textures are great too. Can’t wait for this chapter:)

  • Your character, on the banner reminds me of Ellen Degeneres.

    • dot

      Pah! ha! ha! I never notice until now. :)

    • Except with a mega mullet XD

  • Slartibartfast

    Wow that guy at the top of the page is like Han Skywalker.

  • My girl’s back! :D Soli’s always been an interesting character to me. Didn’t you once say that she was supposed to be a catgirl in the woods or something like that? XD Catgirl <– Ass-kickin' Cowgirl

    • Haha, no, Angora was the catgirl in the woods (Soli was the catgirl in space…) (………………)

  • Cherry B.

    Hello! I’m a Meek newbie, followed a link in Bear Nuts and started reading from Ch. 1 a couple of hours ago and I have to say, I’ve loved every single page so far. The dialogue and art blend together so wonderfully; I’m definitely looking forward for more and you’ve done a magnificent job! I hope, at some point, I can clear my confusions regarding the story(ies) away and understand everything better. >->

    • The confusion is natural XD A lot of things haven’t quite been explained yet, but it will be a lot of fun reading until then I hope :) Thanks a bunch for checking the comic out!

  • EeeeeeeeEEEEeeEE!!! New chapter!!
    I can’t wait to see this one!

  • So how much of a buffer didja get? :)

    • Comett

      I second this question. 2 comics a year with 42(45?) chapters is, what, 21 years. I mean, amusement for 21 years is great but if I get hit by a bus in 10 years, I’d love the satisfaction that I’d finished reading The Meek.

      Unless I just pulled that 42 out of thin air, subconsciously recognising the meaning of life.

      • However aggravating that seems to you, it is about 10x more annoying for me. Unfortunately I am only one person and I need to make a living other than just making free comics!

        • Comett

          You should get a sponsor like Nintendo players :p

        • Snowpea

          Pah! Don’t worry.

          Just look at how long it takes for a Platinum Grit episode to come out. It’s been in production, what, over 10 years now? I’m willing to wait another 10 year for Platinum Grit to finish up, and I’m equally willing for The Meek. Both are full of awesome with wow-wow sauce poured on top.

  • LOVE this cover. I could go into raptures over this or that detail but I’ll save myself the time and say the whole thing is totally awesome!!!

  • Nrolad

    this is going to be very exciting. :D

  • Pneumonica

    …now I have music from one of the Deadlands CDs stuck in my head. Fortunately, it’s pretty awesome.

  • We can see finally Soli’s story!

    *in the style of Bision*



  • Poor Sobbing Sod

    And the horse goes: HURRRRRRRR!!!

  • Faded Glory

    …Zorro returns!

    *cough* I’m sorry, it’s the first thing that popped into my mind. But if it’s any consolation, Zorro is awesome, so by default, this person must be awesome. ….Because they look like Zorro.

    Zorro with a very long ponytail.

    *yanks zorro off horse by pony tail and runs away cackling*

  • PaperTiger


  • Alex

    You know, it’s funny that almost everyone immediatly notices the character first.
    I think its the scenary that caught my eye. Your colors and beldning are stunning, as usual, and your clean lines make me want to wet my pants in happiness.

    Moar, moar, moar Meek!

  • I want to go to there. That lighting mmmffff

  • OMGOSH! I’m so excited! I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know it’ll be AWESOME. I’ve missed your beautifully colored pages. New content twice a week! HURRAH!

  • Lisa

    Excellent artwork, as usual. Can’t wait for the next chapter to start!

  • Mebio

    What a beautiful cover. It’s very intriguing. If i saw a comic with a cover like that in the shop, i’d buy it immediately.

  • Hatter

    Just a comment: Long hair on a fighter (aka the looooong ponytail on the above character) is a big weakness. Should any enemy manage to grab it in a fight (close quarters) or by surprise, you’re sunk.

    • Agreed! Why is why she doesn’t fight face-to-face, haha

  • Savi2070

    … Wooo! I’ve just jumped over from a link on Dovecote Crest, being in need of some new and exciting reading material, and I’m SO. GLAD. I. DID.

    The colors are so BEAUTIFUL! The art is AMAZING. The story is COMPELLING. I’m a fan of all caps…

    Great comic! Looking forward to more!

  • TekServer

    Well, after an obscenely long journey through the archives, I have finally arrived at the wavecrest of Meekness, and just in time from the looks of it!


    I feel a need to explain that somewhat. I have a few OCD tendencies, and one of them is reading comments on webcomics. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, your pages garner HUGE volumes of comments; on average more than I’ve seen on any other comic with a comment section (though the Dreamland Chronicles has a pretty active comment community too, but that’s beside the point … ). Coupled with everything else going on in my life right now (not all good, unfortunately, but not all bad either), and it ended up taking me about six months to make it through the Meek archives. I read most of the comments along the way, though I managed to compromise with my OCD after a while and only read the last page or two of comments on each comic page.

    Anyway, I’m not going to repeat all the compliments on your art, storytelling, etc. that you’ve heard so many times here already, except to say that I agree with all of them. I will, however, relate a short story that I hope you will consider as a unique compliment.

    Sarah Ellerton is widely considered one of the top webcomic artists on the internet, and is (from what I’ve seen) especially praised for her artistic skill. I’ve been reading Phoenix Requiem for a few months now, and recently (this week or last week) Sarah posted a vote incentive picture on TWC which she said she believed was her best work ever in the area of color and composition (the picture was some sort of squirrel looking thing sitting on a tree branch). When I first saw the picture, my immediate impression was that it reminded me strongly of your artistic style, especially in the exact aspects that Sarah had praised.

    So, am I saying that Sarah Ellerton, at her best, managed to match your skill level? I suppose you could put it that way, but only with the caveat that no disrespect to Sarah is meant at all.


    One quick question: how do you pronounce “Dagre”? I saw some speculation in the comments, but if there was a definitive answer to this by alexdsl, I missed it, and there doesn’t appear to be a pronunciation guide in the Meekipedia.


    • “It’s pronounced “Daah- gruh”… the original word was “tiger” and I modified it to have a Pasori accent and sound more guttural (if that helps).”


      • TekServer

        Much appreciated, thank you! (My internal pronunciator had it right … )


  • Adie

    Wh00t! This looks awesome! *w* Oh, I can’t wait for the pages to start coming out.

  • Kedrezac

    Im so stoked! Feels like forever.

  • mitchelm92

    I initially wondered why Alamand wasn’t on the cover, but then I noticed a blonde spot over Soli’s left shoulder. As much as that provides insight both characters, it only makes me ask more questions, XD.

  • Jaylina

    I clicked the next button and was like:


  • Dang, I haven’t kept up with the comic in a while! :O It’s due to the fact that I lost the link to this site earlier that I forgot it.

    But I can’t believe how and why I missed so much! My goodness, I’m lovin’ this comic so much, I think I had a fangasm. Great job, me loves it so much. Seriously, I could just spend my time preaching about how awesome this comic is.

  • Cat

    Oh my gosh that last chapter was just fantastic and just so well done asdjkhfjkasdha

  • Igby

    That’s a lovely bit of art, Der-shing.

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