Good job Alamand!

Doop, nearly forgot the comic pimp… I’ve been meaning to share this one since Chapter 2 so I should do it now XD Everyday Cute is the kind of thing I read without telling anyone… as much as I like my horror and giant tigers, there is also room in my bitter shriveled heart for fat kitten things. And, it’s co-authored by the fellow who runs Printsess, which is a service many of you probably have used or encountered and whose work I personally can vouch for (this is where I got my Snowball in Hell stickers done, if you’ve got some). Anyways! Worth a look if you need some cute things in your life.


  • Arison

    Haha, excellent first panel! That’s a great shot for establishing character, and his body language is fantastic.

  • Owen

    Well, it’s diffurnt to how I’d spel it, but hey. Takes all sorts, right?
    I love the first panel. Reminds me a little of Ed from Cowboy Bebop ;)

  • Haha, awesome flexible body there! :) Those 12 seconds of read was def. worth those 24 hours of work! This update made me really happy! Keep up the great work~

  • Chi

    I love his reaction in the second panel. It’s the same face I’d have in that situation. But right now, I have my laughing face on. :) Awesome work!

    • Otto

      psst.. the person in the second panel is a girl..

  • EnviousMango

    Alamand has the best poses. Walking on hands FTW!

  • Willa!

    The colors! The colors! Its superb! I laughed out loud at the “Slow down!” line. I wish I could make this comic materialize into a person so I could hug it.

  • Sara

    Aw, I was certain she was going to tell Alamand to shut up so she could concentrate. But she just wants spelling help! That’s adorable.

  • She likes things written diffurntly. :B

  • Oh man, I already have a feeling these two are going to be like, my overall favorites. Not only are they wonderfully old-west inspired, but their interactions are awesome!

  • tr1ck

    I am confused. When do we get back to Angora and Pinter? I’m kinda having trouble keeping up here… Not that I’m complaining! Everything has been really great so far!

  • Wood

    Isn’t education a wonderful thing ?

  • I love your drawing stile, your comic is an inspiration for me
    when i see alamand i kind of think about ed from cowboy bebop :P

  • Oni

    What an awesome intro for Alamand! The amount of work you put into this page is definitely worth it. The lighting and shadows, for one thing, is just spectacular. You really captured the look and feel of firelight!

  • Grey

    I love love LOVE the first panel! Excellent.

  • steffyanie

    Oh goodness. Alamand is a character I hadn’t looked into much, and he is just adorable! ♥
    I really love this page. It’s a really great way to introduce him, with the way he’s being all playful.
    And I love that Soli just asked him how to spell a word than telling him he’s being loud, or she was trying to concentrate. I didn’t really think a lot about the scratch-out she made on the previous page, in her letter/diary/thing as being a mistake because she didn’t know how to spell the word. :P

    I love this chapter already. ♥

  • Can’t wait to see how this ties in. I’m finally used to your style of switching the focus entirely from chapter to chapter, with characters that are seemingly unrelated at first glance. But then as the chapter goes on all the pieces start falling into place.

    Also can’t wait to get a good look at these new characters. There hasn’t been one unlikable character yet, so things are looking good!

  • Topsy Krets

    I like the coloring and the shadows on the rocks. Rooks good.

    Aarti Party

  • kat

    Hah, I love this kid or whatever it is.

  • T

    She should have just read her speech bubble, that’d would’ve helped

  • Rachel

    I love how you get an idea of their accents or how they speak from this. :) If I were to spell “different” wrong, I’d spell it “diffrint”, not “diffurnt”. I love details like that.
    And I feel like this kid is going to get on my nerves. Haha. What a smarmy face.

  • Sky

    Drat! That looks nothing like a pokemon-resembling-moth-kid! XD

  • Frugs

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you got the colours on this page perfect. I mean spot on. The blue you used for the sky, the shadows… everything!!! kudos!

    I’m really looking forward to getting to know these characters. : )

  • Jac



  • danielle

    I love how different all three stories are…they all have their own feel…very well done!

    • TekServer

      Don’t you mean “diffurnt”?


  • Coni

    How old is Alamand? she can’t be just 8 years old, right?

    • No, that’s actually a mistake on my part, that should say 12

  • paperjellyfish

    Aw man, I wish I could walk on my hands. That would be sooooo coooooooool.
    Seems like the interactions between Soli and Alamand are going to be a lot of fun.

  • He DOES have crooked teeth! YES! I love him even more now. <3 Fantastic page!

    • Haha, you see what I mean now XB His eyes aren’t as cool though

  • amadre

    You can tell a lot about a person depending on the way they walk. Stiff, snobbish people will walk with a straight back and a tilted-back head. Lazy losers will slouch while they walk. And crazy eight year olds will walk on their hands.

  • Jen

    So, I’ve been a lurker since the beginning, silently enjoying your comic and the brilliance that it is. Truly, I adore it. I love it. If your comic was a man, I’d marry him and dote on him for the rest of my life…


    Anywho, I had to come out of lurker status because this page filled me with so much happy I just had to tell you. These two characters, and their interactions, just put a big ol’ grin on my face. Your artwork and storytelling are truly awe-inspiring, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with us all!

  • Important question!
    How does Alamand actually maintain his ‘hair loopies’? x3

  • Olady

    I knew Soli was gonna end up being my favorite character :) And I have to say, you always make your characters feel very real…I’m impressed yet again.

  • Matsar

    I didn’t realize how much I loved Soli’s character design until I saw her in the 3rd panel of this comic. Her almost frustrated expression is FANTASTIC :)

  • Jezni




    Alamand is so


    I’m pretty sure this is going to be my favorite chapter so far.

  • Thé

    This is somehow terribly cute, them both being useless at spelling 8)

    Someone is going to get A LOT of fanart soon…

  • Haph

    There’s just something very subtly feminine about Soli in the second panel (I think it’s the way she’s holding her pencil, or the movement of her mouth), and I love it to pieces. She’s androgynous, but not so much that her actions are mired in it, if that makes sense. She’s a girl under there somewhere!

    (…I guess you could take that figuratively and literally…)

    I love the way you did Alamand’s shadows on the rock, too.

    ANYWAY, enough rambling, haha. I’ve always loved these two’s dynamic and I can’t wait to see more beautiful work from you. This chapter was always one of my favorites! c:

  • sarall

    Aw man. I love these guys already. :D

  • Esile

    I’m already loving this chapter. Alamand and Soli both appear to be likable characters so far. :D

  • Mani

    I’m digging the setting for “The Meek” time-wise.

    The header (and other pages) make it pretty clear they have guns.

    Soli’s pretty clearly using hand-made materials (or close to) for her book and pencil.


    It makes the whole thing feel not future, nor past, nor some crazy future-past (like steampunk) – just its own thing, and somewhere alien enough to be interesting and familiar enough to be familiar.

    • Mani

      “Familiar enough to be familiar.” Wow.

      I think what I meant was –

      The whole thing’s in its own groove, and rolling so smoothly that you don’t have to spend narrative energies explaining basic setting stuff to us. We can just go with it.

  • Jezni

    Just one more quick comment.

    I checked Soli’s page on the wiki, and apparently she’s 35?!

    I thought she was like… 26.

    Or did I math wrong?

    • No, you’re right XD Alamand’s age is wrong in one of the cast pages though, I think I settled on 12

  • DoctorWhyly

    Ahaha, I love these guys already!

  • valis_kr3

    hey I just found out about his comic i think it’s great. I want to know how many times a week does it update?

    • Thanks! It updates 2x a week, on random days (today’s is the first update for this week)

      • valis_kr3

        That’s cool. Keep up the good work.

  • powree

    I love how your characters are so unpredictable!

  • TLL

    teeeeeeeth. ohlord. Alamand’s teeeeeth.

  • I love how Alamand spells it wrong, what a cheeky kid XD

    • Less cheeky and more uneducated XD At least he has good intentions

  • Neo Yi

    I am getting Edward from Cowboy Bebop vibe from the girl. I hope she’s as spunky as she is, hee. Now all we need is an intelligent data dog. XD

  • ashleyw

    For some reason I thought of Flapjack after reading this page. I’m not really sure why.

    Anyway, Alamand seems like fun. :)

    • TBman256

      they do look alike don’t they?

  • pileup

    Alamand is being sensible, clearly :D

  • Oh man. I love alamand already. TEETH.

  • Pneumonica

    N-o-w-l… oh, man, I hate all those silent letters. Just say “nawleje” and get it over with.

    Excellent work. I’m liking both of them already. (I’m sure that’ll change, stupid plots. ;-p )

  • Guzba

    I wonder if Luca lit that campfire for them.

    • Enchiladas

      Haha, that took me a while to get, and then I just got this image of Luca feverishly trying to light it then scurrying of into a bush like a glove-waring bear…or something xD

  • brad

    Is he walking on his hands AND holding a gun in one hand at the same time?!

    • NeverfilledVoid

      In panel four you can ee the guns laying on the ground! :)

      • Ash

        But he is holding one in the last panel!

        -twilight zone music-

        • JoS

          Clearly, he has one hidden somewhere on his person for such an occasion.

    • Yeah, I have a feeling that it’s either really painful or not possible, but I’m an optimist

  • Kodi

    Ohhhh I love him already! :D

  • Arioch

    MORE new characters? :/

    • I know, it’s like a whole world full of people :/

      • Ryoko

        XD I lol’d.

      • bornonthemoon

        go figure :P

      • Bunny

        Oh man, that’s intense.

      • Arioch

        Heh. It’s just a bit bewildering. A third new set of characters when I really don’t get what’s going on with the first two yet.

        I know it’s mainly an issue inherent in the episodic format — if it was all done beforehand one could just plow ahead in search of what’s going on. It makes the exposition even more critical.

        • Erica

          Maybe try re-reading chapters 1 and 2? Or visit the Meekipedia?

        • The first two chapters were written so that the information in them should explain enough for you to get the main ideas (setting; characters/ names/ personalities; conflict; where are we going with this). You can definitely reread those chapters and try to see if you’ve missed anything. The elements that haven’t been directly addressed in the comic yet are being intentionally left for later. I really dislike exposition, so you’re not going to get a neat outline at any point…

        • The grandfather explains everything, I don’t know why people are so confused~ : P

          • Arkan

            well… i also don’t understand everything but i do understand most of it! i thnik the rest(things that i don’t understand) will come later, when the story goes further!!!!
            nice page today:P

          • Kish

            i don’t get it either, i understand the comic as much as you could XD

            But i have done a hell of a lot of art stalking… er i mean reasearch into… the characters… history…

            yes… not stalking…


  • Maelstrom

    How long did you agonize over the fire before settling on this one?

    Or was it an instant decision.

  • SilvasRuin

    Is this person by chance based on Radical Ed? I’m not sure if Ed misspelled words in a naive fashion or not, but the behavior seems amusingly similar to me.

    • No, haha. I tend to base my characters off of real life if I’m not making them up from scratch. Also I totally forgot about Ed’s character in CB, whoops. The only ones I remember are the booby girl and the guy with the awesome chops.

      • Kaiser

        *hearty guffaw* Faye Valentine and Jet, I believe. Boobies…. lol. I won’t lie, though, I wondered about the Ed thing, as well.

        Reeeaaally finding this dynamic duo amusing, by the way.

  • Heh. Great spelling teacher, that Alamand. :)

  • Ray

    I see bandages around her chest… does she bind or is she injured?

    Or does she just wear such things?

  • Kay

    Haha, this is great. I love how every new chapter introduces us to another story. (My wild guess is that they will be intertwined later!)
    But is this person (with the dyslexia/analphabetiability which is not a word) Soli?? Because in the ‘Cast’-section it says that Soli is a girl. And the description fits with the sidekick and everything, but she looks slightly… masculine. Am I wrong? I’m wrong, aren’t I. Am I?

    • Bunny

      Pretty sure that’s Soli. C:

    • Erica

      That’s Soli.

    • Ah, gender stereotypes.

      • Connor

        Ah, people that already know more about the story so they can act like they’re more enlightened/socially conscious.
        It’s a fact that Soli looks masculine, despite being a woman, so wouldn’t it make sense that people who are new to this comic may have confusion over her gender with only 2 pages to draw from? I’m getting annoyed by all the posts where people mock new readers’ innocent and probable uncertainty

        • Erick

          I agree, some people are being a little ridiculous assuming that others should have researched the comic as much as you have.

          Not everyone has that much free time.

          • penandsword

            @Connor and Erick
            Just sayin’, I thought Soli was a man at first too.
            But there is a page on this site with a brief descriptions of the main characters. Looking back there doesn’t really count as “researching” the comic and certainly doesn’t take up much time. I referred to that page after I read what’s posted so far of Ch. 3 because I didn’t recognize the characters and was surprised to see Soli referred to as “her”. *slightly embarrassed* Also, she hasn’t been mentioned before in the previous chapters, so people who have been reading longer don’t know any more than you (or I ) do.

  • Haha, I think I love these characters already…

  • Emma D

    I was waiting with baited breath to see Alamand, and I have not been disapointed, as he is adorable. :)

  • It’s awesome that he looks like a chick and she looks like a dude.
    Makes me love them~

    • Pneumonica

      We know who wears the pants in this adoptive family.

      …yeah, I know, both of them.

  • Yay, gangly child is gangly! I love it.

    And big THANK YOU for the Printsess link! Been looking for something like for some time!

    • They do awesome work, and a lot of webcomics artists use them :) Not to mention that they are super nice people as well!

  • sugarapplesweet

    Not gonna lie, I think Soli looks mighty fine in that third panel…

    And I also think I have found my two absolute favorite characters. They’re both just so animated in both their expressions and their movements that I can’t help clicking back and forth between the pages just to get more of them.

  • Man, I know someone already mentioned this, but I totally got a Radical Edward vibe from Alamand. That’s not particularly strange, though, I guess. He’s a really bizarre kid that happens to walk on his hands sometimes. Lots of people are like that! (Except for the walking-on-his-hands part. Most of the time people don’t do that.)

    But yeah, this is awesome. Last parts of dialogue make you wonder which one’s the kid and which one’s the adult… xD

  • MLS

    That is seriously the most comfortable rock I’ve ever seen in my life. I want my bed made out of it.

    • This one rock I slept on in Yosemite was just like that… for some reason it was the most comfortable thing I’d ever laid on in my entire life. I could sleep on that rock forever. If I get a Tempurpedic mattress one day I hope one of the settings is “granite”

  • Rebecca Burgess

    Hehe these guys make me chuckle, love the body language on this page!

  • Ohh! I LOVE this intro!
    *ruffles Almand’s hair*

  • Cappies

    Alamand reminds me strongly of Ed from cowboy bebop, haha. im really liking the look of this chapter by the way, i love cowboys and deserts and lassos and guns and-
    well, you know what i mean X3

  • I just love how I thought the girl was a guy at first, and the guy was a girl xDDD, wooo traps and reverse traps?! Loving this all ready, lets get going 8D

  • wandering-dreamer

    Lol, looks like this is turning into a comic without any sane characters, can’t wait to see where this is all going!

  • EmmaVirus

    I like this page a lot cx
    I’ve always wondered, when a character is upside-down, do you draw him like that? Or do you turn the canvas upside-down so you can draw him right-side-up?

  • Cuppincakes


    Oh, perhaps I should post more?

    Alamand has one of the nicest entrances I’ve seen in a while, and if I had the strength to walk on my hands, by gosh I’d do it to the point of painful annoyance.

  • I’ve been creepily checking this page on an hourly basis waiting for an update! D:

    I’ve been really enjoying “The Meek”! It’s really refreshing to find an original story that’s written extremely well. I love your style, it’s so unique and visually engaging! Your world is so believable, all the details in the backgrounds, environments, and characters are astounding! I love every single character (especially Luca and Pinter ;D). Amazing job!

  • Mr.Tophat

    I hope the little insane ADHD one who someone was smart enough to arm realizes that all those bullets he fired are going to come down eventually. And probably hit an orphan. Because we all know Murphy’s law hates orphans.

  • Kili

    I’m addicted to this %O*$! strip… I feel like I never know exactly what is going on…

  • I do not know why, but I am loving this “Cowboy”.
    I also noticed, that your front cover for this chapter looked a great deal like the Grand Canyon. ;)

    And his partner is a nimble lil’ thing.
    Love the expression on him in panel 2 and 3.

    • TBman256

      actually, that’s a woman

      • Pneumonica

        Soli is, that is. FYI, according to the Meekipedia, Alamand is in fact a boy. But we all know how wikis lie. ;-p

  • Nrolad

    how old is Alamand?

  • Lord Enrique

    “A woman who cries, but sheds no tears.”

    It’s a reference to her facial tattoo, isn’t it! If it is, I’m going to feel so super clever.

  • Lokiluck

    it strikes me as very funny that “Different” is spelled correctly in panel 3. Your speech bubble can spell cowboy guy why can’t you?!?

  • grove


    Your lighting here is amazing. I love all of Alamand’s poses!

    I’ve known that Soli was a woman for years but I didn’t realize that Alamand was male until recently. xD But here he, with all his habits and tactics and general personality, screams masculine to me.

  • Alexander

    Almond- er… Alamand is perhaps one of the most fantastic little pricks I’ve ever seen in a comic. Such an arrogant little bastard. I love it.

    Can’t wait to see how this chapter plays out. Sadly, I’m gonna have to go without for a couple months while I’m in basic. :( Gonna be fun catching up though!

  • kittengrl39

    This is so random, but – Alamand’s belly. I love it. It’s really hard to get folds in skin to look right, especially at that angle, but it just looks so perfect and natural.
    Also, what with everybody commenting on Soli looking masculine, I finally realized why I thought Lethy was male/androgynous for a while. The fairly gender-neutral clothing and slim form didn’t give me much to go on, but her face shape looked the way I was taught to draw male faces, especially the chin. She didn’t have a lantern jaw or anything, but it was a bit broader than I’d epect for a woman. Soli’s chin is similar.

  • huuruhu omg this is already my favourite chapter by about one million
    i am overwhelmed by the levels of awesome

  • Pneumonica

    You know, Soli’s feminine-ness reminds me of an observation I made about Clint Eastwood in whichever-western-it-was back when I was twelve. I commented, “He strikes a really feminine silhouette.” I nearly commented the same thing about Soli, before I realized there was a reason for that. lol

  • Pick

    Soli looks like my 7th grade Social Studies teacher. JUST LIKE HER. [/shiver]

  • Oh Alamand ~

    He’s my shota love <3


  • LydiaJoy

    Lol~ I like this page! aND YOUR aRT IS rEALLY GOOD TOO!

  • JAY


  • JAY


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