The site is going to be polished up a bit in the next few week or so, the FAQ and cast page have already been updated. I’m going to add more fanart/ extras as well once I format the pictures.

Pimp of the week! Much the Miller’s Son is one of those comics that shouldn’t be on the internet… the art is too pro and it makes everyone feel bad. The story is also super well done, no pauses at all in the action or characterizations, just a fun ride the whole way through. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve at Comicon and he was sadly not at all as French as I was expecting. For some reason the pressure’s off when the person with awesome art is from another country, haha… Anyhow, if you’re a fan of expressive lines and characters and fun (and slightly naughty) stories, definitely check this one out.


  • TLL


    • He has the absolute worst teeth >:B

      • Adeaz

        Yes, they’re wretched. D:

      • Zersk

        Weird, I thought Alamand was a she.

        • Same, I thought they were both their opposites xD

      • TLL

        More than the worst! :o They practically defy logic! ..And make my own teeth ache looking at them.

        • Lee

          Be thankful you’ve never seen mine.

      • toaster

        nah. authentic!

  • Wow, I totally thought Soli was a dude until I looked at the cast page. :) I like her, though! Also: Alamand makes me lol

  • Wood

    Woah, how long is Soli’s hair ?

    Also, such a shame that a litterary masterpiece like this one will be lost for future generations.

    • Hubbellbubbles

      maybe it won’t be. . . all the chapters will eventually be published as the first one is. Who knows where this comic will end up once the entire story has been finished in comic format?

      • Wood was probably referring to the book Soli just threw on the fire.

        • Wood

          Yes, exactly.

  • Oh god the teeth again I love them so hard.

    Also I didn’t notice this till the other day but I love how Soli’s feet are folded over each other in the last panel on page two. Little touches like that really add character.

  • Soli reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis for some reason… I like her!

    • I concur. There are moments when she looks manly, and times when she looks girly (like this page).

      • bleh

        I think she look so manly in the last panel! that’s the expression I love on guys faces xD….I like soli, though :)

  • Valadilenne

    I like that Soli has short hair and long hair at the same time. Kinda reminds me of that saying, how women with short hair have a short temper, but women with long hair are patient. She seems like she’s both–she wants that bastard ex-boyfriend DEAD, but she’s willing to bide her time and wait so it gets done juuuuust right. <3

    • The technical term is “business in the front, party in the back”

      • Herisonne

        Or “coupe longueuil” !!

  • paperjellyfish

    Hmm, burning journals (or ledgers) when they’ve been been filled up is an interesting idea. It’s like using them just to tell your thoughts to something. I don’t think I could burn my journals.

    • brad


      • Pneumonica

        A perfectly cromulent reply to the above thought. :-p

  • Aaaah Soli, finally a character I can cosplay as if the fancy ever strikes…

    • Way cool! Then I can be Alamand! :) *for some reason loves the thought of cosplaying as a male character… if I’d ever cosplay that is!*

      • Hahaha that would actually work!

        Hehe, not that we’d ever get the chance, but we’d totally look the part.

  • Alamand seems like one of those kids who’d get annoying real fast, but at the same time… you can’t help but love him. XD

    And agjhdjfagdfjdaf Soli, I barely know anything about you and I love you already. (She also kinda reminds me a little of a badass Ellen DeGeneres or something. I mean, as far as looks go. Maybe more than just physically, but I suppose that all rides on her ability to get crowds of people dancing for no reason other than they can.)

  • Totally unrelated, but… she looks pretty, haha! Take that, people that still think she’s a man.

    • Pneumonica

      She looks pretty even as a he. S/he’s a pretty (wo)man. It just so happens sie’s a she.

  • Loving the by-the-fire colors in these last two pages. Inspiring! :)

  • Shindel

    The little kid’s so cute!… :/ It is a little boy, right?

  • sarall

    Soli is pleased with this sentiment, Alamand. Most pleased.

  • Tiuni

    I will now be keeping an eye out for clues as to why she burns her journals. Or hopefully it will be answered for us later.

  • Hel

    Strange how Soli looks less badass when the long hair is in sight. Also, her expression in the last two panels is without a price. Careless-Philip-J.-Fry-bliss expression xD

  • Maphysto

    Their expressions in the last panel are making me giggle like an idiot.

  • Marbles

    Long hair is loooong. Does it reach the back of her knees? (Got that estimate from the chapter cover) Also, oh god that last expression reminds me of Fry too. xD

    • Hillary

      Now I’m like seeing Fry transposed over Soli like all the time. Thanks.

  • speearr

    Yup weirdos :/ lol

    Nice 2nd panel by the way, I hate drawing shoes from that angle.

  • I especially love Soli walking towards the fire, the movement is so fluid. I also love the last panel as Alamand laughs at her and she just gives a content sort of smile lmfao! Awesome page!

  • Kass

    Does anyone have pictures of an even more spectacular mullet? (hint: I don’t think they exist)

    • Ray

      Can you imagine the dedication it took to grow that thing out?

    • Hubbellbubbles

      I knew a man who had a pony tail but the rest of his head was shaved. He had a goatee too.
      Not really a mullet, nor a tail as long as Soli’s….but sorry no photos. (:

  • Nrolad

    wow check out Soli’s hair, neat .
    And Alamands teeth are so cute :D

  • Mallow

    I love Soli’s boots. I don’t know.


  • It is always a bit strange to see someone whose art I adore and revere go fanning at someone else. Even if the someone else is *also* really good.

    Also: I love your fire. Simple but totally convincing in this style. Yay, impossible-to-convey environmental effect!

  • Why not indeed.

    And good to see some cast page updates!

  • Regarding that last panel, considering how far her mouth is climbing up her face, wouldn’t her right eye crunch up just a little bit more than you already have? Actually, that bottom eye-lid, considering you made it scrunch up a little bit, looks like it’s actually lower than his left eye lid.

    Anyway, I’ve just been really amazed so far that you’ve thrown me off on every page yet in this chapter yet. XD I thought Alamand was actually fighting something only to see that he’s just in his own little world (which is so friggin cute I LOVE YOU ALAMAND!!) and now she’s burning up the journal… I’m wondering if she has some deeper reason as to why she does that…

    Not to mention you’re drawings are simply beautiful! I’m loving he color scheme!

  • Ryan


    I thought that the one writing the journal was a dude

    and that the other one was a girl

    and then I looked at the cast page and it says its the other way around

    I just what is this I don’t even

  • Mr.Tophat

    If Soli really wanted to i’m quite sure she could user her hair as a blanket, i mean… Dayum.

  • solis expression in the last panel goes beyond fantastic

  • Katie

    Soli you have the most glorious mullet in the world.


  • fiona

    Soli looks like a man o.o

    poor girl.

  • soli is a…GIRL?????

    Wow, totally thrown off there….I had to read and reread the cast page a couple of times….for weeks now I’ve been assuming….that and thinking that s*he looked a lot like luke skywalker…..

    Well, this is an odd first comment, I’m sorry! I’ve been reading your webcomic for a while now, and I’m usually not brave enough to post anything on the webcomics I read, but I REALLY LOVE your stuff! I’m not (ok, only a little) afraid of saying that your style is Incredible! I’ve been trying to push my drawings to express some of the wackiness (solid wackiness) that your characters have. I have to admit that I was crestfallen when I read that your amazing abilities (especially the clean up line) was a matter of practice….I can clean up a drawing as well as a cat can using it’s back paws! Years have not produced anything better than chicken skratch. Ah well, oh evil clean line, I will defeat you!

    okaaaay….see, this is why I shouldn’t comment….LOVE your stuff! Please more Angora! Bye!

  • wandering-dreamer

    Wow, just I just realized how long his hair is, wonder how it stays clean in a desert.

    • It probably doesn’t XC

  • Setzer Gabbiani

    Whoa, it’s like someone kidnapped the beards of ZZ Top, and superglued them to the back of her head!

    And that’s a compliment. Dusty Hill has a really nice beard.

  • Drascin

    …wait, Soli is a *girl*?

    Well, damn. Until panel three of today I was convinced she was a dude. Heck, she’s manlier than some actual male characters that have appeared in the comic :P.

    • Hillary

      ‘cept Pinter. He radiates manliness. Manboobs and alcoholism. Yeah.

  • Pick

    I was not at any point in doubt that Soli was a woman. Apparently, everyone else was.


  • sankamo

    Is that right: Soli is 22? I thought she would be older °___° maybe I made some Mistake .__.

    I really love women like her *___* I’m courious how the Story continues <3

    • Jezni

      She’s 35

  • awol360

    I can’t wait to see where this chapter is heading!
    Somehow, Alamand reminds me of a strange composite of several of my cousins.

  • …Well -I- thought Soli was a girl…and I’m totally new to this character. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in illustrations outside of this chapter ahaha.

    Then again, I too have an affinity for somewhat masculine female characters…
    I think I’ll definitely enjoy these two B) all of your characters are so alive! Adore <3

  • Wow wait a minute, Soli is a GIRL…? O_o

    That makes me love the character even more!!! And I love the teeth! Alamand is just adoreable. ^^

  • Pneumonica

    You know, although I noticed this on the cover page I didn’t think about it until now – hair like that is a serious liability in a fight. I imagine she tucks it into the back of her shirt before she walks into a bar.

  • valis_kr3

    I’m getting a Fahrenheit 451 vibe from this comic.

    • Omega489

      Oh man, I know what you mean…

  • Koi

    Oh, of course!

    Alamand is Carissi, right?

    That explains the way he talks to Soli XD

  • MLS

    That was ridiculously badass, and I don’t even know why.

  • Marion

    (Okay, I’m gonna be totally sarcastic for a bit)

    I hope that desert has a fancy hairsalon in it, otherwise Soli’s ass-kicking hairdo will be unsightly and unmanagable in two months.

    Seriously. I love her ‘do, but that style needs a lot of maintenance. The ‘short on top, sides and back’ will grow out very soon and look… well, ugh. Not the most practicle ‘do if you’re an outlaw on the run in the desert (which I surmise Soli to be). That’s a flaw you see in a lot of comics; the author will devise a certain ‘look’ for their character, and hardly ever thinks of how, in reality, the character will maintain that look doing what s/he does. (que the ‘mutant super power jokes’ of Wolverine and Storms hair and several X-babes’ flimsy costumes)
    So beware! If you’re going to let Soli traips around a desert for months on end, she’d better look dirty, dishevelled and bad-hair-day’d at the end of her journey.

    Love the look, though. I’d kill to look like that (who said she was from ‘uglyville’? She’s *hot*!). Love the boots and the cloak too. And I adore the boy’s teeth. They are an example of how it is done: children of Alamand’s social status do not have access to prime dental care and braces and thus have crooked teeth. That’s good character-designing, that is!

    Can’t wait for the next installment…

    • Comett

      You mean your local desert doesn’t have fancy hair salons? Shame on your alien ways.

      • Marion


  • Marion

    Soli writes down her thoughts, hopes and doings and then burns them. This says something deep about the character that would take other, less talented, authors whole chapters. Bravo!

    I’ve read the sketch pages of chapter two last month and the differences between it and the finished product struck me. You’ve grown enormously in your storytelling. You’ve discovered that a single offhand glance or action says more than a thousand thoughtbubbles ever could. Bravo again!

  • She obviously just likes watching them BURN…

  • I now ship Soli’s Hair/Alamand’s Teeth. They are my OTP. I need to be shot.

    • Ponthion

      Instead of that I’d like to give you a medal for this sick but hilarious comment.

    • Pneumonica

      Spaghetti breakfast with angel hair pasta. Nice.

  • toaster

    Just discovered this and caught up- awesome sauce! i still can’t believe there is so much great, creative, FREE stuff on the interwebs.

  • Techhead

    One thing bugs me about this otherwise excellent page:
    Thin soft-cover books probably don’t really make such a dramatic *buh-blam* when slammed shut in one’s hand, more of a *clap* or a *fwipp*. A stiff hard cover or a table acts as a sounding board to make the sound louder. In addition, a hard cover adds to the weight of the book itself, increasing volume.

    Argh, I’m nitpicking so bad… why do I do this?

    PS Not wanting to write this thing up and be proven wrong, I pulled some books up and slammed them shut. I couldn’t really get much noise even closing a large soft-cover book in my hands as hard as I could (without damaging it). I only got a decent noise using large books on a table (hard and soft-cover), and large hard-cover books in my hand.
    PPS Aaahhhh, I wasted even more of my time!!!
    PPPS I might have forgot to mention that Aramand is hilarious.

    • Erica

      The buh-blam! was not the sound effect of the book. That was Alamand being silly again.

  • Smoof

    That *Buh-blam!* was Alamand playing with Soli’s gun in the back. So yeah, Mythbuster that

    • Techhead

      That was actually my number two theory, but I thought Soli wouldn’t let Alamand waste her bullets just playing around.

      • I’ll add on to what Smoof said, and point out that the noise in question is in a speech bubble (with the white bg). You can compare that to the shouted words in the first page, which is also Alamand. The sfx, such as the “foosh,” in this comic appear unaccompanied since they aren’t spoken words.

        • Eosphoros

          *lol* I totally got that wrong … thought the noises were remembered by Soli, associated with what she was writing about. d’oh!

  • Twigs

    I think I’m going to keep pretending that Soli’s a man … she makes a very pretty one. *u*

  • Otter

    I second that. I was like, “whoa, handsome” when I first saw her…

  • I noticed there are bandages underneath Soli’s outfit. I assume she bandages her bust and purposefully takes the appearance of a man. Does this area have more of a problem with respecting women, then? Then again, if her boyfriend ditched her (among other actions), perhaps it is safe to assume that the local outlook on women is more of a condescending kind of thing than seen in the previous chapter (after all, Phe commanded a lot of respect, and Rina didn’t look like a pushover either).

    • Zersk

      It could also be a Sarashi-like thing.

  • castles

    Just discovered your comic and read through it all in one night! Your characters are fantastic. Can’t wait to see where the story is heading :)

  • Jero

    Found your comic and am now up to date (all in one day)…

    Can I just say how much I LOVE IT?!

    It is so awesome.

    Just saying.

  • Alex

    Hmmm … and here I thought Al was a girl and Soli was a boy.
    I see what you did there.

  • BentKatana

    Lol, Alamand’s teeth make my life. :D

  • Yay! Steve LeCouilliard! I’ve been reading Much for a few months now, and I work with Steve in the Vancouver comics collective Cloudscape Comics. You could never meet a nicer, more dedicated comic artist. I’m so happy you linked him, more people need to read Much!

  • Taslin

    I like where this is going. The character dynamics are always superb in The Meek, but this particular duo makes me excited. ;)

    Also, I don’t see why everyone thinks Soli is a guy. She’s clearly a lady…in the third panel. XD

  • Jubal

    I’ve fallen in love with pretty much all of your characters, but from the moment I saw this new fellow I knew he’d be my favorite. This chapter already has me super excited. :D

  • Chaotic Neutral

    I guess you could say that.. Soli’s past-
    – Puts on sunglasses –

  • Matt

    I really love the expressions in those last two panels. You can definitely get a feel for their relationship without it being spelled out.

  • Nelly

    I just noticed something…The diary Soli is holding – on page 1 it looks like she’s in the beginning, but she burns it after her entry, so it must be full. Does that mean her language is written/read right to left like Hebrew and Japanese? Or does it mean I’m insane? XD

    I really like how realistic Alamand is. :} I’m SO fed up with sugary cute kids with perfect faces hat behave like adults. UGH.
    And Soli is officially awesome. I love her haircut and her tattoo.

    Ah…I just love your characters…they are all so realistic and expressive. :]

  • Natasha

    I just felt like I had to say it….
    I love the “BUH-BLAM!!” at the top of the page xD

    But anywho! You’re art is absolutely FANTASTIC! The lighting, the expressions, EVERYTHING! I bow down to you and your awesome skillz. :D

  • DanialArin

    I find it interesting that only and pepsin commented on the burning of the diary. It actually reminds me of Jeremiah, in which the title character writes letters to his (presumably-dead) father, and then burns them as a means of delivery.

  • Jade

    I love these comics so much!

    However I do have a question. Is Soli a guy or a girl? Because in the cast section here it says Soli is a girl but no matter how I look at him/her I just can’t register the character as female. Don’t get me wrong I love female characters who are quite manish and pull off the guy look but everytime I look at her I just see a young man :S. (I also struggle a bit to tell Alamand’s gender too, thought he was a young girl on first site :S). I’m just really confused is all.

    • Maja

      Soli is definitely a girl. I’m obsessed enough with this comic that I looked up all the early art, concept art, etc. and there are (hard-to-find) drawings of Soli before she masculinized herself. Very pretty. The male look, I’m guessing, is pretty deliberate…especially since she spent a very long time in prison, where no one cares, and looking tough is one’s best bet.

  • LadyYuzuki

    Y’know even though Soli is a female I’d TOTALLY chase after her XD
    She just looks so… so androgynous~♥♥♥

  • Fisherman

    I like how you give Alamand crooked-little-children teeth, That always overlooked by people: you win one free lobster dinner in Cambodia.

  • SotiCoto

    Great. So its name is basically mine without the line.

    I suppose it had to happen sooner or later.

  • Blaise Kern

    Much the comic is goooooone. so sad.

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