Little known fact: old people love having guns waved in their face.

You know how every chapter I play a game where you can get a free/ secret Meek wallpaper? Well, the Chapter 3 secret wallpaper game is coming up soon :B The game is the same way as before, with a secret word that you piece together from clues hidden in TWC vote incentives. I’m going to jump back on the TWC wagon for a month for this purpose, also since I haven’t given you any sketches for this chapter either! Anyhow, rules and details forthcoming, check back here on Monday the 1st to play :D

Last but not least, I received this amazing fanart this morning from Phobs, it is… well, its amazing. Now I’m going to haul ass finishing up page 13 :B


  • Rockfish

    Awesome! I adore her bored conversation with their captive, and it’s beautiful as always!

  • gingerfu

    WOO New comic!! Gorgeous :)

  • Tazzy

    Augh! That old guy’s face. So woobly, and also consistent! Love.

    Thank you for making this wonderful comic!

  • Fleece

    Wow, I love how the light source is hidden from the viewer behind Alamand.

  • Dainty

    That fanart is pretty amazing :3 Makes me want to reread the first chapter

    The lighting on Alamand looking for the book is stunning, I keep going back to it

  • dusky_rue

    I am absolutely in love with the lighting on this page.

  • refugee

    …And somebody needs to say it: Yes, Law’s Shipboard Antennas is a real book, and pricey, well over a hundred bucks.

    That says a very great deal about the story universe, and about the role the old man plays.

    “Shack in the middle of the dry, non-molding, non-mildewing, non-insect-devouring desert” seems to be working very well indeed.


    Everything everybody is saying about the art and the lighting, I concur with.

  • cedarwolf22

    Haha aww, is the old guy toothless? I love his mouth shapes XD And in the first two panels- is he leaning back and forth to avoid the gun? I can totally imagine Soli moving it back and forth nonchalantly and him moving the opposite.

    • lol, exactly (with the gun waving). I’m glad that came across XD

  • Red Leaves

    Well, this takes my potential for liking Soli down a few notches. I’m generally not a fan of thugs. I guess I should be thankful that she didn’t shoot the old man…yet.

    Why all the hostility, I wonder? I she an outlaw? Couldn’t she have simply come to him and ask/pay for the information she wanted without resorting to sticking a gun in a small old man’s face? Does the old man deserve this treatment? Is he the equivalent of a Nazi war criminal hiding out in Argentina, or something along those lines?

    • Yeah, you’ll find out more in a bit :B Keeping in mind too that I enjoy making all my characters at least a little bit unlikeable.

  • Dah, I love his mouth in the second panel so much for some reason XD Like a littl e :> face, although I know he’s not really smiling. Also I love how his glasses are just barely hanging onto his face.

    I’m just a little confused at who’s saying what in those first two panels.

    • Hm, good point about who’s saying what. Soli is the only one talking, but I can see how that’d be confusing since I haven’t placed her in the room yet in those first panels! Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Ah, yes! much better now that the tails aren’t pointing here and there :) I think that was the main problem.

  • He’s going to start arguing morality with a bandit? You don’t do that unless they look like they feel bad about what they’re doing. Right and wrong are subjective, especially out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Flamma Man

    Well, apparently Soli doesn’t have a very feminine voice considering the old man says “Sir, please–” and can’t tell she’s a woman.

    Anyway, fantastic page, I love the lighting in the 4th panel, I especially love the expression on Soli’s face in the last panel. It just tells us so much while showing so little.

    The only thing that bugged me about this page was the speech bubble in the last panel with no actually speech in it, just ellipses. I still don’t understand why so many artists and writers have the need to do that these days, if the character isn’t going to say anything, why make a speech bubble for it that just takes up space?

    Anyway, fantastic page none the less. Can’t wait to see Soli’s motives for wanting these books.

    • Good question about the ellipses bubble. Trial and error has shown (me (this is my personal opinion)) that putting the bubble in there causes your eye to linger longer in the panel, and adds some time to the silence than not having a bubble. I settled on this idea for good after doing this page, where I’d drawn and colored the first panel without the bubble. I posted it, then realized that when I read it my eye just sort of skipped over. So I went back and put it in and it seems a lot more natural to me now.

      Again, just a personal choice :) I’m sure other artists could probably convey that silence without resorting to a word bubble but I guess I can’t, haha!

      • Enchiladas

        Yeah, I agree. When I see a panel with no speech bubbles, I assume it’s just snapshot, representing anything from a second to a millisecond, especially if there’s movement. If I imagined this last panel with out the ellipses, it would just be the man talking in that instant, and anything happening in the next panel would be in instant succession. But with the ellipses, not only is there HIS dialogue, but Soli’s lack/hesitation of response afterwards, making the panel represent more ‘time’, making you linger on it longer.

        I guess what I’m trying to say in a really bad way is that an ellipses bubble is just the best way to illustrate a pause.

  • Yasmiri

    …Like everyone else, I love the old man’s expressions and the lighting in panel 4. Alamand’s so skinny! D:

    Also? I love Soli. So much more.. I’m so weird. But still. <3

  • Poor Sobbing Sob

    People shouldn’t be pussies about a gun in their face.

    After all, you can’t dodge a bullet if you can’t see it coming down the barrel of a gun!

  • Raptorbane

    Maaaan, I haven’t got -any words- to describe how suddenly awesome Soli is to me.

  • Emma D

    I like this page, but I can’t understand whos saying what…
    The lighting/art though, as always, is gorgeous.

  • StephenM3

    The speech bubbles in the first two panels all seem disjointed, even coming from different directions. Until I read your what you said here in the comments, I was certain that the whole thing was a hollered conversation between Soli and Alamand. When the third panel showed Soli definitely calling out to Alamand, that only confirmed it to me. I would find it helpful to have some indication that all those bubbles are from the same speaker. It’s clear that Soli is behind the gun (I assumed this from the last page because it ended with her holding the gun up to the old man), but you can’t tell where Alamand is in relation to them — he could still be standing right next to Soli, even!

    Other than that, I love this page though. The effect with the gun-waving and dodging is full of motion. Panel 4 nicely details parts of the working relationship between Alamand and Soli.

  • Hana

    I have to agree with StephenM3. The speech bubbles in the first panels are a little confusing – I had to read the page three times to really understand what was going on.

    • Okay XD I’ll try removing the tails and see how that works.

      • It works so much better without the tails now! *thumbs up*

  • Tazzy

    I miss the old guy’s white stubble! D: Where did it gooo

  • sweet_gardenia

    peers…is…that you Herroh Granpa?

    I snorted and started laughing at the ” how’s that working out for you? ” comments.

    is that a very tiny octopus beside Alamand’s right foot?

  • Pneumonica

    FIrst line in the next comic, “…yeah?”

    Soli is made of awesome. I don’t mean she’s personally by definition a likeable individual, I mean as a character she’s really, really awesome. There seems to be no lack of “bravado” in this crew.

  • Phobs is a great guy, he’s always got amazing ways to capture peoples attention.

  • Dude, you got fanart from Phobs, that is so awesome! :D Congratulations! Love the page as always <3 good work!

  • Emily

    That’s so awesome about the fanart from Phobs. He’s fantastic!
    Haha I’m really loving this page. Awesome work~ I love the Meek.

  • Anonymous

    Wait… WAITwaitwaitwaitwait…
    If Soli is a girl, then WHY does the old man call her “sir”?

    • Well, his glasses are kind of falling off :B And he doesn’t have the benefit of the cast page.

  • peers…is…that you Herroh Granpa? I snorted and started laughing at the ” how’s that working out for you? ” comments. is that a very tiny octopus beside Alamand’s right foot?

  • Nes

    I’m surprised! I must have missed this page along the way! D8

    I don’t know how, but…hahahaha. XDD; Woops.
    Lookin’ good.

  • Mike

    dude at his age a gun in the face isnt so bad a way to go. beats breaking a hip and having NOONE around for miles to hear your cries for help while you starve to death.

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