Ummmmmmmmm have some scenery


  • Emperial

    My gosh, gorgeous scenery. *_*

  • Scenery is awesome. It kinda looks like the Grand Canyon, only better since you drew it. But then again I could be biased since The Meek is just that awesome, but I HAVE hiked the Canyon before so… I have no idea anymore.
    I love Soli’s hat by the way.

  • Saurus

    Yaaaay there’s the gorgeous scenery! Though I don’t think Ali and Soli appreciate it XD
    Augh I see you are leaving us in suspense with what happened and being sneaky with that third horse.

    • schazzah

      arr, i never noticed the third horse till now! *ultimate suspense*

  • Tim Kietzman

    Awesome drawings! I love your comic! I only wish updates could come a little faster. (I’ll wait as long as you need though. There’s no rush. Keep your drawings of your highest quality.)

  • Fleece

    Ha, you are nicely blocking out the third horse. XD

    P.S. Alamand´s hair is so short, it is totally impossible to pull all of it into a high ponytail like the one he had. The lower layer of his hair closer to his neck is too short for that. Uh, just ignore me, for some reason, I felt the need to point that out. It´s totally because of your own super-close amazing attention to detail, in any other comic I would never nitpick about such a trivial thing (I have just felt frustration once too often about my own short “practical” hairstyle´s inability to form an actually practical, sports-friendly high ponytail, so this comic was kinda rubbing it in, lol. :P ).

    P.P.S. Alamand looks better like this. :)

    • Hmmm, I dunno, looking back at the pages with his ponytail, as a girl with short hair, I think it’s possible for his hair to be pulled back. It’s not so much a high ponytail as it is more straight back from midway up his head. If the hair that’s visible (which is higher up on the head) is let more free, with the bottom hair of the head being more of a close cut, then the loose hair on top could be pulled back into the sort of “puff” it is.

    • Yeah, I realized that from the start (since my hair has been around that length and there’s no way to tie it up)… just one of those artistic license things you’re going to have to live with XD

    • Dot

      I just thought he cut his hair.

      Great page though!

  • super awesome scenery, aw yeah.
    Did I spot some strange white symbol on a rock in the third panel? Curious!

    • John

      Nice eye!

    • rikkaruohimus

      Oh, cool.
      (I assume you meant the 4th panel)

    • deliria

      I’m curious about that, too! (I also assume you mean the 4th)

    • Essie

      Yeah, I saw that too. Mysterious…

  • P-chan

    O MY GORGEOUS CANYON! *finds myself licking the screen* :3
    I actually really like Ali’s hair like this, but he looks different without that blue handkerchief around his neck. And um, I’m kinda curious about that ‘Y’ thing on the 4th panel…

  • SerLawyer

    Alamand has become a character I can respect.

  • Macbeth

    I think I will have some scenery. I like scenery. I also like the bullet hole/rip in Soli’s hat.

  • Sterrance

    Alamand is a kid with principles, Soli. You gotta respect that at 12. Also, the scenery actually made my morning feel a little more…peaceful. The sun rising over peaks, shades of salmon and burnt orange filling the canyons, the smell of a couple of rogues who doubtlessly haven’t showered in months and their horses. Ah, yeah.

    • Saurus

      Though, to be fair, with the principle of hitting him in front of them, he shouldn’t have *said* what he did in *front* of them, particularly Amen, either…

  • gingerfu

    Dat scenery.

  • I’ve been loving this chapter because I feel like I’m seeing such a thorough exploration of Alamand’s and Soli’s characters, especially Soli. Her personality is so multi-layered that it makes me just want to know more and more about her and see more and more scenes with her.

    Lovely scenery, as always. :)


    I fucking love your art.

    • steffyanie


  • Cass


    Totally right about the panels thing with the scenery.
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Though now I’m curious as to what happened to Amen.

  • DS

    I saw the top 3 panels in your Tumblr account where you talked about dividing up a large panel so the eye lingered (good advice, btw). I think you did something else: show the passage of time. The shadows and colors are slightly different in each panel, suggesting the sun rising. If so, very, very awesome of you and definitely something to remember if I ever make a comic. :D

    • DS

      And the rocks slightly covering up the speech bubbles in the middle is also neat. It sorta contains their conversation to the immediate area around them… I can’t explain it.

    • Haha, yeah, I did that too. In my head it looked a bit more obviously purple-pink-yellow, I’ll probably go back and tweak it a little later.

  • Olivia

    You’re updating so often and it’s making me very happy. Why doesn’t Soli ride the other horse?

    • There are two new horses with them and one of them is a bitch, so she has to lead them :B Alamand is sitting on their original horse since he doesn’t like the other ones.

  • So purdy….
    Ok, 4th panel, I’m calling Hobo signs. I don’t know.

    • Macbeth

      And now I want it to be Burmashave. =/

      • Haha! This is the best ever. I actually saw one of those once upon a time ago. I didn’t think they still existed XD

    • Bex

      Nah, just ancient petroglyph.

  • DoggySpew

    Okay, now I want a wallpaper of those first 3 panels (Without the panel boarders of course)

  • Oooooh, nice scenery! And Alamand really sounds like a ten year old boy there. XD

  • IThinkTherefore

    I just wanted to chime in and let you know how much I LOVE getting updates so often! I had to wait three months after I first discovered your comic for a new one xD and this is amazing!

    • Haha, thank you! This is the update schedule I’m supposed to have, I had a bunch of work earlier in the year so my schedule took a crazy nosedive. At least 2x a week should hold out for the next few months though :D

  • M

    Do I see some tiny tiny figures in the background of the 4th panel?!? I am on the edge of my seat :-0 (or maybe they’re just a bush)

  • Maphysto



    • YEAH?! DID SHE?! D: ! ?

  • Oh, this is GAWGEOUS.

    I love the subtle blues and purples in the overall brown color scheme… and the character interactions are just… lovely. Soli’s facial expression is great.

    I’m going to pretend this page is a one-day-early birthday present because it has brightened up a fairly crappy day.

  • ffffffffffff holy patron saint of this page is so beautiful i can’t even

    Those first three panels

    and Alamand’s face


    I-I’m just speechless hnnn how do you do it, I love your art so much already and yet you blow my high expectations out of the water with every post <3

  • iron

    God that scenery is stunning.

    Soli’s face tells me she’s been hearing about it alllll morning.

  • hel

    Agreed, it is wonderful to have 2xweek updates that take you kind of by surprise, especially after these months. =)

  • loving the backgrounds

  • The Professor

    That is some delicious scenery right there.

  • Cherry B.

    Way to be evil and leave us wondering. :P

    As previously pointed out, amazing scenery.

    Soli looks awesome as always. I also like her hat. :3

  • AK

    Ah, Alamand, I missed your wacky-ass teeth :D

  • MarkS


    I was going to praise the scenery.

    But now all I can think about is how much I want that hat.

  • Mutt

    Is it just me or is there a third horse now? I see Soli’s horse’s nose right up close to the front of the frame, Alamand is on his, so is that a third pair of ears behind Soli’s shoulder?

    And dang that is some lovely scenery. As interesting as the old man’s shack was, I’d rather see the desert!

    • Soli and Alamand rode their horse in, Soli nabbed Amen’s horse, and Alamand came back from his errands with Jon’s creepy horse :D

  • Sean

    Gosh darn it, ARGH!

    Does she kill them?! When will we know?! It’s been like, 5 pages and two weeks! It’s time for angry eyebrows! >:|

    Kidding, kidding. Love the comic, keep it coming!

    …but the suspense is keeelling meeee. I’ll just, y’know, keep refreshing the page 5x a day for the next week.

  • Emzy

    I want Soli’s hat.

    Brilliant scenery. IT’S SO PEEEEERTY. :p

  • So why is it that Ali now has short hair? Where did his lil’ pony-tail go?

    • Sebastian

      Artistic license. ;)

  • Is he peeved because he was hit by a girl? :P

  • Cake

    Ha ha, I feel like I should be offering a congratulatory drink after getting out of The Shack of Doom finally~

    • LOL I would take it. I hate that shack!

    • Day

      Congratulatory? Is that a legal word? :D
      It sounds like something I could come up with in my crazy moments. And I’m a non-englisher.

      • M

        Yep, totally an already-established word!

  • TBman256

    very nice :)

  • ShoKwl

    it’s beautiful scenery.

  • Essie

    It’s so weird to get new pages now! I feel spoiled!

    The scenery is gorgeous! The coloring seems a bit different on their skin, for some reason

    • >__> Yeah I went back to straight up painting everything, no flats. This chapter is so gross with all the styles I keep forgetting and remembering, doing edits is going to be a bitch.

  • Beautiful! And I’m wondering how these two tie into the larger tale!

  • Sebastian

    Breathtaking scenery; really, it’s gorgeous. And the facial expressions are priceless, I can practically hear Alamand’s juvenile rant in the last panel. Your comic really features some spectacular artistry. Love it!

  • Hoheh

    Heheheh. He’s mad because, rather than Soli owning him, Soli owned him in the presence of outsiders. She hurt his pride.

  • Carol

    How did I miss this update???

    Good move, taking the horses. That means that Amen and goofy kid officer are still alive, right?

    Beautiful, as always. But you should draw that kid a hat, too. He’s going to get a sunburn.

    • Are you crazy? A hat would cover up his fabulous hair curls

  • I love the double contraction.

  • I love Panel 4. It’s just so fun to look at, and some of the foreground rocks overlap the word bubbles, making them blend in with the scenery.

  • Pneumonica

    So, lemme get this straight. Ali’s problem isn’t so much getting hit, as it was getting hit by a girl in front of two guys?


    Awesome comic. I look forward to more.

  • Amazing comic! Gotta drop in more often. :)

  • BrittanyAnn

    The shadows and lighting and all that just about kills me. Great page!

    I’m really loving Soli, by the way.

  • Elizabeth

    I love the little lizard sunbathing in the first panel.

    • Sebastian

      Well spotted. Didn’t even notice.

  • Liz

    The principle. Uh huh. I guess we don’t want Soli looking like a child-beater.

    • Oh, she still is. Don’t get me wrong, she is not a nice person.

      • Anton

        Oh, but who says beating kids is bad? I mean I say one has failed as a parent if their children don’t flinch when you look at them. :D

        • Anton

          As anyone can see it worked miracles for me! ^_^

        • lol! I know that worked for me as a kid too! XD

          • Anton

            All bow down for Dark Lord Cthulhu! Whee!!! :D

  • Darby

    Well after catching up on it today this is now one of my 3-5 favorite webcomics! I read 57 of them and am trying to get caught up on 51 more…oh wow…I just counted those for the numbers but I didn’t know it was that many…well any way this is great!!! Keep em coming :)

    • Haha, awesome XD Thanks so much for checking my stuff out… if you need more comics to read (and who doesn’t) my links page has some pretty good ones on it.

  • I like what you’re doing with the speech bubbles.

    • Thanks!

    • Twigs

      Me too! Very easy to follow the line of conversation. And I love the interruption x)

    • LKD

      Yes, though I don’t like the speech bubble behind the rocks, I love the one that follows Ali’s pointing to accentuate the nature of the words in the 5th.

  • korilian

    But did she kill them or not?

  • TDM

    Have ta say, this is DEFINITELY one of the better web-comics I’ve read, and I’ve read hundreds! Can’t wait to see what happens next. :D

    And from your FAQ page, I frankly hope Angora NEVER gets clothes! lol ;)

  • you see, usually when a comic drags out the answer like this, i get irritated, but with you it just keeps me on my toes

  • You know… I have a problem with this comic… YOU DON’T UPDATE IT OFTEN ENOUGH!!! O________O It’s one of my top 5 favorites and it updates MUCH too rarely! T_T

    I love you OwO <3

    • Haha, well I’m doing my best XD Thanks for reading

  • Adie

    I guess I don’t really deserve to say this since I can’t color with Photoshop to save my life, but I liked the older coloring style much better before. But obviously that won’t stop me from reading… I just think I like the old stuff better is all.

    • Which one? Older like Chapter 1 older, or older like start of Chapter 3 older? Either way, I’m going back and touching up this whole chapter to make it look more painted once I’m done with the whole thing. Right now it’s a bit inconsistent since I had to put the comic on hold so much this year.

      And don’t worry, it’s cool. You don’t need to be an artist to have a valid opinion about art.

      • Decoy

        The coloring style on this page even looks quite different from the previous page… I can see why you would want to make it more consistent.
        Personally I liked the coloring in the beginning of Chapter 3, but I agree with Adie in that the changes certainly won’t stop me from reading :)

      • Twigs

        I think Chapter 1 was my favourite so far in terms of art, but I like the way each chapter has had a different feel to it.

        And I know how it is to be busy. x__x Thank you so much for working on this webcomic even when you have a crapload of other stuff to do!! I love reading it and the art makes me wish I could dive into a pool of colours and swim around. I just went back and re-read the entire thing, and now I love it even more!

        So, thank you =)

    • HopelessO

      I think if color revisions are done, matching with early pages of chapter 3 would…well, manage to capture the”feeling” of the chapter well? I did liked how those pages turned out. Or maybe even the middle. Depending on when you felt most comfortable with the schemes.

      And concerning the comments on chapter 1, aside from any of the development since (the characters actually still look as consistent as ever to me), I agree with the second part of Twig’s statement — each chapter does seem to have its own feel to it.

  • Kristen

    First three panels wallpaper size do want.:Q Seriously, even when they’re tiny your backgrounds are so lovely. Despite the obvious “IT’S A DESERT” thing…I wanna be there.

  • Jeff in Aus

    Man, you do some beautiful art, tovarisch, some real freakin’ eye candy.

  • Jac

    Go Ali, pulling a Phoenix Wright in panel 5 there. :D

  • Maaann, the third chapter caught me by surprise! When my friend told me The Meek was back, I checked this out immediately. GLAD TO SEE THIS AGAIN. *thumbs up*

    I love that kid, haha. 8D

  • Oogie

    AWESOME! when comes the next page?

    • Tomorrow!
      [looks at clock]

      I mean, Today!

      • Haha I do that all the time. I’m mainly nocturnal though so I guess it’s my fault XD

        • Saurus

          Same here, so very same X) To me it still counts as “tomorrow” until I go to bed… except during all-nighters.
          I actually had my update sense go off and looked at the twitter and then acted all victorious, because I am a dork.

  • DJ

    Heya! I really like this page – it has a lot of visual interest and makes a good transition to your next idea. I thought maybe one way to punch it up a little would be to play with color cues, especially in the top three panels. It’s not bad, or anything, but it feels a little blah compared to your earlier stuff. I assume that you were going for the same landscape in each, but in a different time of day, right? Maybe sunrise? If so, you could play around with the saturation of different colors in each as per the time of day (blues for night and early morning, cues of vivid oranges and maybe greens in midday, deep reds and purples at sundown, etc). The page is already very good, and you obviously know how to use lighting effectively, but could make the transition more obvious with a little more color.
    Thanks for sharing your world with us!

    • I think I’ve mentioned something to that effect in an earlier reply to someone else. Thanks for your comment!

  • Alamand’s appearance has changed quite a lot from the start of the chapter. For one, you’re drawing his eyes smaller and his head/face longer. I suppose it can’t be helped, though.

  • Miri

    I was about to make a comment on how the horses on this page are not nearly as terrifying hilarious as…certain other horses in this comic. And then I started counting horses. I’m getting at least three.


    I love your work, I love your comic, I love your worldbuilding and internal politics and languages and attention to detail. And I love Soli, even if she does beat children.

  • schazzah

    You’ve just ruined webcomics for me, forever.
    that’s right, no webcomic can live up to these standards you’ve set!!!
    I can read no others D:

  • ali

    I love how Alamand’s more upset about the fact that she hit him in front of their captives than the blow itself. “Goddammit Soli, you made us look like amateurs!”

  • Consuelo

    Hey, Der-Shing? I keep getting an error message when I view this page. The page is missing and I can’t see it.

  • Lilian

    Alamand, you really shouldn’t be speaking about principles.

  • Celebi

    Dang I’m late to the party. This comic is great though!

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