I need to stop finishing these pages at 5 in the morning. I’ll type something better here after I get some sleep :U


I’m so funny. Anyways, I don’t have much to add. I’ve been pretty lame recently and have just been working and playing games that came out 10 years ago so yeah, pretty boring. The only thing of real note is that I discovered I actually have cosplayers T__T You can see beautiful Angora and Soli cosplays in the Cosplay folder on the FB page!

Also I’m reading this super cool book on super caves. It’s so cool that I felt like telling you. It’s called Blind Descent by James Tabor and it kicks ass, you should totally read it if you’re also a fan of non-fiction adventure writing like I am. IRL mocherils live in a big caves (called karst) so it is relevant to Meek interests as well. A tip on worldbuilding: everything you find interesting is directly relevant to your world. So are the things you find really boring! Having a personal context to put everything you learn into makes educating yourself on any topic faster and a lot more fun.

Next page soon, see you then!


  • Lillian

    The artwork here looks great. Well, it always does, but I think the lighting adds to it.

  • Bob

    And suddenly—- A GIANT! D=

  • Your eyes are like limpid pools… hah – I thought I read that in an Archie comic once.

    So do we have ourselves a mysterious new character?

    • seanan

      haha, or in My Immortal XD

      • AlmostLiterally

        enebry’s eyz are lek lipmed poolz, but totlly blak and sexxxy

  • KyleK

    You know, I’ve never commented on here, but I realized a few days ago that this has replaced Dresden Codak for my favorite comic (still a close second tho!). Compelling story that I’ve read a few times now, fantastic artwork that always impresses, and memorable characters. Please keep up the great work!

    • Aw, thanks very much XD Maybe as Dark Science progresses you’ll change your mind, the last page was pretty good…

      • Pneumonica

        You still have the superior update schedule. XD

  • Tim Kietzman

    Awesome art. When’s the next one? I want to keep reading!

    • Oh ye Tim of little faith. Next one is this weekend, if all goes according to plan. I have one last big deadline so I’ve been working my ass off recently.

      • amadre

        You and your deadlines…eventually the stress will turn you blind and then where will we be?

  • Shnelly

    Oh my gosh. I love Alamand.

  • I love the expression in cell 2.
    What’s up with horse’s eyes though? Is it a cool fantasy goaty-horse? :)

  • John

    Got confused for a minute on this page as to who “him” is. It’s these damn day to day updates that let me forget what happened 4 pages ago. I’m all like, him?!, Amen?!, that can’t be right. And the previous page doesn’t clarify either.

    Not a complaint to you, since it reads well at full speed as one would normally read a comic. But sometimes I wish that I could have my cake and eat it too.

    • If you’re still confused (I can’t really tell whether or not you figured it out in the end), the “him” she’s referring to is her ex-boyfriend.

      • m-no

        Can we really assume that? I’m still not sure WHO the “him” is referring to? There doesn’t appear to be any pervious mention of an “ex”. : Unless it was in the Author comments and I missed it?

        • It’s probably easier to figure out if you read the last few pages in sequence! And no, you’ll never have to read anything from the comments to figure out what’s going on in the comic (that would be some really bad writing on my part). Some things might not be explained all the way yet though.

        • TLL

          Check out Soli’s entry in the cast page. That should shed some light on why it’s a pretty sound assumption.

  • Oooh, this is interesting :3 I suppose that must be that Soli’s ex who we hear talking about so much, I suppose, or sth like that, but I’m very interested in knowing what’s all this about :3

    Hm, I don’t quite understand Alamand’s intervention in the second panel… It’s must be ’cause I’m stupid… or ’cause I’m Spanish :P

    Anyway, the art is as awesome as always :3 I hope I’ll learn something from you ^^.

  • Also, I’ve just notice there’s quite a difference from the Soli in the comic itself and in the header above. In the comic she looks kinda younger and more womanly (not too much, still xD), like with less hard features. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or that your style has evolved. Anyway, I like it :3

    • I actually hadn’t done a finished picture of Soli ever until I started the chapter (up until then I only did sketches). Since the header was the first time I drew her with inked lines and in color, she is probably a little off model. I’m keeping it that way to remind me where my art went since then :)

  • thekohn

    I always love Soli’s expressions.

  • I have to say, I had a little bit of John’s confusion about who “him” is. I didn’t read the old sketch comics so it might just be that I don’t know the full cast and character history? And I’ve been awake since 3 in the morning so my brain functions are not that thinking good with stuff.

  • Leah Thiel

    I want to say that I absolutely love your comic! The best that I’ve ever come across… I’ll be a fan till the very end! The story is original, the art is beautiful, and the author takes time to answer reader questions. AND a cliffhanger on every page! HOW DO YOU DO THAT??? I need to start commenting more often!

    Oh, I would like to ask you one thing… are you making all of the horses bay and without markings for a reason? There are only a handful of horse breeds that only have one color but they usually have other markings or more variation in their color… one example could be the Cleveland bay. These horses only come in bay but they are allowed to come in different variations of that color such as dark bay, blood bay, and “brown” (Uh… this might not be allowed for that breed but whatever, I’m giving an example!). On top of that there are rarer cases such “wild bay”. What about variations in horse build? No horse, even if it is of the same breed, looks exactly alike. I apologize if I’m just being ridiculously nit-picky but as a horse person and biology major its easily noticed. I’m guessing that you must either have a reason for doing this or you are using your artistic license.

    • I’ll be the first to say that I’m not the world’s foremost horse artist/ anything (I’ve hardly even seen them up close irl) but there is a reason they are similarly marked. As for build, that is just me being better at human variation than equine XD Thanks a ton for reading, by the way!

  • Jac

    Alamand, you’re my favorite. <3

  • Decoy

    “Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!” Is exactly what is going on inside my head.

    Looks like Alamand is quite the performer.

  • Cherry B.

    I’m starting to think that making these comics at 5 in the morn makes you particularly evil. :P
    Now I’ll be super anxious as to who this “new?” person might be. AND what happened to Amen and the old man. This surely will be eating me up for days until the next update.


    Lol@Alamand on panel 2. That is funny and rather surprising. I wonder if he's joking around or if he's actually such a romantic. xD

  • Emperial

    You know, I’m going to stop viewing each page as a cliff-hanger and just come to the realization: your comic is a real page-turner. I love every chance we all get to turn a new page!

  • kittengrl39

    Alamand should totally do the Meek-equivalent of Shakeapeare. He’s going to be such a lady-killer when he grows up.

    • kittengrl39


  • Sterrance

    A wild *blank* appeared! Soli uses casual indifference!

    • Honey badger Soli don’t care.

  • faq_32

    someone PLEASE make a meme with pannel 2 is just iresisteable

  • Riss

    Wait, did she end up killing those two guys or not?

    (or will we find that out later?)

  • Matt

    You seem to do your best work at 5:00AM – so you either get up earlier or we will just have to be OK with short post messages!

    Love panel 1 – even the horse is annoyed!

  • M


  • I’m expecting all the lights to go out, there to be a dramatic puase, and then a blinding spotlight on Almand. He’s my absolute fricken favorite.

  • Hi! I’ve been looking (well, the right expression would be drooling ;D) at your art for a while now and I looove The Meek, but I never commented. But now when I read your update in the description to this page, I almost shouted out “YEAH!!”
    I’ve been working on a novel for 9 years (and counting), and that’s exactly how I feel – I’ve learnt (and keep learning) things through my novel that I would probably never would have looked up if I didn’t have this “personal context” that spans like some kind of a layer between the world and me. It’s awesome. I just wanted to say that, because it’s something I can immensely relate to and it just feels great when you put it so explicitly and so well. :D

  • Guzba

    Is there any chance we could get that full speech bubble from Alamand? :D

    • Kathleen

      I agree with this whole-heartedly.

  • Essie

    Alamand is a cheeky little bastard. I love him.

  • Kathleen

    I think in the last few pages Ali has really started looking like a boy. Good work, Alex!

  • Obani

    Limpid pools, lol.
    That’s my favorite line, idk why but it is.

  • And the plot thickens….

  • I just finished reading Blind Descent! Also, I really love this comic, even though I’ve never commented before. I think I just got really excited that someone else finds super caves as interesting as I do.

    • I just got off a big climbing-adventure-book kick, so it’s fun to read about people going the opposite direction now XD

  • Someone is going off on a poetic tangent! lol

  • 6offee

    I am just dying to see a flashback to young Soli, if what Alamand’s spouting really is an example of the kind of man she once fell for.

  • Erode

    Soli looks so sad in the 3rd panel :(
    She should seek comfort in the arms of Amen! Provided he’s not a corpse, of course…..

  • Red Leaves

    Well, if it isn’t old Big Hand McGee.

    • glockblob

      Thanks for that. I cracked up.

  • jecomdmoy

    That horse is meditating some mischief.

    P.s. there is only a Luca/Phe cosplay gap because I am months behind on my sewing

  • Maphysto

    And a new character emerges as Alamand waxes Shakespearean.

  • Liz

    Your eyes are like limpid WHAT? Methinks someone has been exposed to too many cheesy romance-type things. :p

    “Okay. Fine. Let’s make a deal.” Win.

  • Jac

    OMG you are sharing the cosplays everywhere. ;_; You are so awesome.

    And thanks for the book suggestion and the tip on worldbuilding. I feel like I’ve had world-building-block and it’s quite annoying. :C

  • Liz

    …There’s a cosplay folder? I went over to check it out, but all I saw was a Facebook page.

    • The Meek FB page has a photos section, and it is in the photos section! Or, it’s the first photo post on the club Wall.

  • You can definitely tell, going back to look at the early pages of this chapter, that the way you’ve drawn Soli and Alamand has changed/ been refined. The general… shape? of Soli’s face is different. I can’t really describe it well, not much art experience myself. From your comments, it sounds like that means that this is a matter of you getting better at drawing them how they’re supposed to look.

    In any case I think it’s all amazing! I love a story that reveals itself slowly, and drops subtle hints. When it has fantastic art and unique, well-done characters, all the better!

  • Nae

    I like Alamand’s teeth… I know that’s a pretty moronic comment, but for some reason… I dig ’em. :)

    I also really like adventure/global travel books and super caves sound too awesome to resist. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Em

    Its Amen. Somewhere in the last few hours they struck a deal and he flew over the mountains to get there ahead of Soli.

    /puts away crack theory box

    BUT ANYWAY – this pag is great! I love the painterly feeling of the colours! And Alamands face :3

    • Jac

      Does this mean that The Meek needs a Wild Mass Guessing page on TVtropes?

  • Pneumonica

    Firstly – I totally empathize with playing games over a decade old for the first time. I just got into Steambot Chronicles. It’s an awesome game, and I’m sure they’re going to do great things with the series! -.-

    Secondly – I’m not going to criticize the Angora cosplay. Although part of me wants to. ^^

    Thirdly – Is Al intentionally asking to get hit a second time, or is he really just that clueless? Still loving this comic. ^^

  • Hoheh

    New character! Hopefully, this will be semi-pleasant an occasion. Already sounding miffed enough, though.

  • HopelessO

    Can I say I miss Alamand’s shinily androgynous hair?


    Also wondering who Huge Hands is with anticipation and wild mass guessing being done inside my head.

  • Unumei

    The horse in the first panel is making love to the camera with it’s eyes…

  • Oraxia

    Whoa… what’s gotten into Alamand? o_0 (I would totally smack him again if I were Soli.)

    I’d love to see the cosplayers… does it all have to be on FB? T_T

    • I think the FB page is open for anyone (not just FB people) to look at, right? Let me know, if it isn’t then I’ll put them up somewhere else as well :)

      • Emma

        It isn’t :(. I actually don’t know what happened, I was able to see the old vote incentives page

  • AlmostLiterally

    Looks like Soli’s into poetic guys.

  • Jac

    You know, Al’s got a bit of a resemblance to Simcha Jacobovici in that panel.. And Soli is obviously dressed like Indiana Jones…

    The theme of this chapter is archaeology, isn’t it? :P

  • I have never commented here as well, but I do really love this comic and hope to see more. : D

    A few months ago, I saw some of your art on dA, read The Meek up to a few pages into the third chapter then stopped. I have returned and saw some updates, so I’m glad. :b

    I also love this comic because it’s one of those that inspired me to make my own. >: D *dances* I shall now wait for more. :b

  • Jac

    I’d like to see the word “limpid” used to describe -actual- pools some time.

  • Alynnn

    I’d like the word dick to be referenced to a real and actual dick for once. With pictures. (Just kidding, for reals I’d like to see it for the philistine.)

  • Serine

    It should be “let’s”, not “lets”. in “Lets make a deal.”
    Fantastic comic as always otherwise, though.

  • Twigs

    Alamand is just ribbing Soli, right? I always thought they were cousins.

  • Is Alamand a girl? Sometimes I’m just not sure… I mean Soli’s a girl despite her looks (which I think is awesome in so many ways)

    • Katie

      The one that looks like a girl is the boy, and the one that looks like a boy is a girl. :P

  • ixan

    how do I get updates? :(

    • You can subscribe to the RSS, twitter, or Facebook, when the comic updates either one of those services will let you know! I update 1 to 2 times a week, so you could also check back manually if you like that better :)

  • Gilthwixt

    Really liking how Soli’s character is developing, and now I’m curious how your three main characters are going to interact directly and indirectly.

    By the way, I made the decision I would cosplay a character from this comic sometime during the 2nd chapter, but so far I haven’t seen any male tall, lanky, and brown enough. Guess I’ll wait and see what, if any, other races inhabit Dia besides the Santri, Carissi and Pasori.

  • Erikam

    I’ve read the whole three chapters in two days, i’s just awesome but I have a little problem, I completely got lost on the second chapter, maybe because I read it too quickly or that the english had some kind of double sense I didn’t catched (i’m not native english)… I anyone could answer me, you’ll make me a great job!
    1) Why does Phe die :S
    2) What does the huge tiger-like thing want (I don’t remember the name)
    3)Why does the ambassatrice suddenly die when she goes into the Emperor’s arms?
    and I think that’s all…
    Thanks for answering, whoever answers!
    keep up with this work!!

    upssss…. one last question… what has just happened here in this third chapter with the soldiers…. I didn’t quite understood why alamand is angry…


    • 1) It is not clear why Phe dies but it looks like poison. At least that’s what the Emperor seems to think.
      2) The tiger (Dagre) wants the Emperor (Luca) to give in to his darker nature/desire for revenge and kill a bunch of people.
      3) The Emperor seems to have fire/microwave powers that are activated at times of intense emotion. He is angry, so the ambassador dies.

      I hope this is accurate enough. :)

      • Edison T. Allere

        “microwave powers”. I love that. I totally want microwave powers.

      • Erikam

        Thanks!!! it really helped!
        So I wasn’t so lost as I thought, i didn’t trusted myself in some aspects like the microwave power which I reached but wasn’t sure…..
        And my las question about what has happened in this chapter for the two of them to be angry with each other? (Alamand and soli)
        thanks again!

        • Well it has not been fully revealed yet, but we can guess that Alamand is mad that Soli did not kill the captured men. They saw her face and, if left alive, could report her to the authorities, which could lead to her being executed for her crimes. Also Alamand made some comments about Soli’s personal life that she was not happy with.

          Microwave powers /would/ be nice… my tea would never be cold again.

          • Shelbs

            And, you know, the whole Soli smacking the junk out of him thing.

          • Pedro

            Hmmm… I think the prisoners were the cause of the argument at the shack, but at this point Alamand seems to be upset because Soli shoved him. And that seems to be mostly because he finds it disrespectful, not because of harm or fear of violence.

      • refugee

        “Looks like poison”

        Hm, I thought that inthis strip, Phe was showing classic signs of choking on her food.

        And here, the surgeon is trying an emergency tracheotomy, cutting a hole beneath the likely choke point in the voice box. Apparently this world hasn’t heard of Heimlich, which is only a few decades old even in our world, and we’ve been choking on our food for thousands of years.

        But as for the ambassador, yeah, “microwave powers”sounds close enough.

        Maybe that’s why Soli and Al are interested in books about antennas.

  • Lin

    Haha, Alamand… you little charmer you… XP

  • Wise words for world building, all my favourite fantasy stories directly take from real cultures/costumes/folk tales and religions, thats partly what can make them so interesting, when a fantasy is used as a way to reflect on real life :)

    And thats so cool, it was only a matter of time before someone did a Meek cosplay I guess!

  • I found this at Shadoweyes and I fell in love with it. :DDD

  • reader

    13 days… that’s like 4 times slower than intended update rate
    I’m melting awayyyyy without the meeeeekkkkk

    • Sorry XC It’s on the way!

  • Tobi

    Sooooo…. should we consider this to be the beginning of omg-is-der-shing-still-even-alive-huge-hiatus number 2 yet?

    • Nah, it is the end of the omg-this-page-is-raping-me-in-a-purely-metaphorical-way period.

  • Maphysto


    You’ve left me with Meek blue balls :(

    • Oh Christ what have I done D: It’ll be up in like 3 hours, maybe less.

  • LOL!!! I love reading all the comments like “AH! No Meek!” and like “OH my…my balls…they’re so blue without you” stuff. Very funny and it entertains me as I wait till 10pm…. ;)

  • themidgetineOne

    I am really glad i found this comic, i read the whole thing in like less than an hour. LoVE it! I really love the characters especially Soli and Alamand. lolz. Hope you post up more soon =P

  • Der-Shing, you need to figure out a way to put ads on this page that make you money from all of us checking and refreshing constantly, because we’re all fiending for our next hit of Meek-crack! On a related note, please take your time and don’t feel harried by demands for more free ice-cream. The Meek is worth waiting for, as always.

    • Dafla

      Actually, that’s a pretty good idea, and I’m sure none of us would mind a few ads, as long as they’re not obnoxiously big or anything.

    • Yeah, I’m having some money issues recently : But I don’t want to mess this page up too bad with obnoxious ads or whatever…. I’m doing a site redesign after this chapter ends, so I guess we’ll see…

      • I’ve been following you since about 10 pages into Chapter One on this site, and your work is worth ignoring ads, obnoxious or not – and I see absolutely nothing wrong with using any means possible to get some cash flowing your way. Pretty sure about 99.99% of your loyal following agrees!

  • iron

    The suspense is killing me

  • legion

    How about “donate” button?

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