Alamand, pay attention.

Also those dudes are one policeman away from being sent to a work camp.


  • adnamae

    I’ve tried to get by with the ol’ ‘hint at the gun’ move, but people just laugh. Maybe because mine’s a nerf gun.

    • LMAO u are my hero! A nerf can still hurt if you get it in the eye

      • septentriones

        Especially if you drill out the air restrictors…

        • Anton

          Nerf always reminds me of Pinky from the Brain.

          • Joe

            That would be Narf!

  • Emperial

    Those guys should really put on shirts if they don’t want to get skin cancer!

    • sugar-cubes


  • Saurus

    I can see why this page was kicking your ass.

    And not much to say here besides “Oh shit.” Times a few. (And just go ahead and shoot them if they try shit, Soli.)

    The conveyance of Soli’s expression there, without actually showing her face, is well-done.

  • And here I was about to fall asleep when you come at us with an update~
    Oh you tease you~

    • Interestingly, I am also about to fall asleep.

      • alister

        And I’m woked up now by this strip, YEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHH!!11

      • Night Night sleepy head! Thanks for staying up late to get us this update!

        • alister

          Ha-ha, I’m at GMT+4:00, actually.
          Thanks for update anyway!

          • Anton

            Yawn… Thanks guys, it’s sleepy time! :D

  • Sera

    I Love U! i’ve visited this site like every 20 minutes and now finally the new page is here and as awesome as ever!

  • Alamand’s hair is gorgeous in that last panel c:

    • Emjee

      He should do modeling for shampoo commercials :P

  • sweet_gardenia

    I hear me some serious Ennio Morricone going down in the background there.

    And then Amen falls out of the sky in his jet pack and tackles the guy! And Soli swoons in his arms! And Alamand gives some kind of clever/pervy wisecrack and shrugs at the audience and winks!

    I’m looking at your notes again hahahaaha :P

  • Singinggirlone

    I <3 THIS COMIC, I'm really interested to see how the different story lines of each character will link up in the end :D

    Soli is epic

  • Wicked

    Soli shoot the leader the others will probably scatter >.> …probably.

    Interesting how this is shaping up and I have to join the bandwagon of Soli being my favorite character.

    • TekServer

      Yeah, Mangalores won’t fight without their leader …

      (Hey, Bruce Willis said it in a movie – it must be true!)


  • Red Leaves

    She should Alamand to shut up and get down. Then should gently explain to them why 800 is an unreasonable number.


    “They’re in a bad mood and ready for a fight.”


    Blam! Blam!

    *Both thugs slump over dead*

    “Perhaps you should have told them that they shouldn’t just sit around or lean against a rock clear in the open if you planned on having them ambush people.”

    • Who says they’re the only ones?

      • Hoheh

        Took the words right out of my mouth. If he planned for Soli, he probably planned for that and has backup backup nearby.

  • fanty

    For some reason, I’m imagining that guy speaking with a low scratchy drunkard-voice.

    • dani

      And I’m imagining him speaking with an Italian mobster voice. Weird.

      • Twigs

        I imagine he sounds like a creepy, drunken Australian guy.

        In fact I’ve always thought this comic was set in Aus. Is it? Or am I just crazy??



        • Twigs

          And by set in Aus I mean that Aus would be the closest place in the real world to where the comic is set. I know it’s set in a fantasy world … my brain just made the jump and left out the middle step x_x

          So I guess the question is … where is the fantasy world of the Meek based on in real life?

          • The real question is whether you are willing to continue reading until you find out for yourself :3

  • Emjee

    Watch out fellas, Soli’s about to go Clint Eastwood on all yer asses

  • Oooh, this is getting more and more interesting!

  • Sven


    • TekServer

      ouch. hungover … please stop shouting …


      (No, not really.)

  • LilithLynx

    Hmmm… I think I know what Soli’s power/ability is.

    • Jessa

      Being badass?

    • Vincent

      Other than punching Alamand across the room? Couse thats a pretty handy ability itself.

    • Oogie

      being awesome, probably?

    • Twigs

      I was kinda hoping for wind power, so she can create sandstorms.

  • I’ve grown to really appreciate how the general palette of each of these introductory chapters suggests the “element” of their central character, to where if you scanned over a zoomed-out view of all the pages, it would be very clear where the chapter borders are. Chapter 1 is overwhelmingly green-on-brown, and despite taking place indoors Chapter 2 seems to emphasize reds and oranges contrasting against blacks (if I remember correctly). And this chapter is overwhelmingly low-saturation desert tan (though never to the point of visual drabness) with the bits of blue standing out as the main streaks of saturation. It’s lovely! The environments themselves lend to these colors obviously, but here everything from the clothes characters wear to the fade-color of the background helps to emphasize the theme.

    I’m very curious to see what happens in later chapters, when perhaps the characters will leave their “home” environment, or even meet and mix.

  • DoggySpew

    I smell a Mexican standoff coming up somehow.

    • anekochan

      It’s a Mexican Standoff – Only, we ain’t got no Mexicans.

  • Aatamartin

    I’m thinking that Soli didn’t quite ‘take-care-of’ Amen and the old guy like she said she would… just a theory though.

    Love the page, as usual!

  • Lauren

    Love Soli’s face (though hidden under her hat for the most part) in that last panel. The angle is great.

  • Olivia

    Another great page! I love how Soli’s eyes are not visible in the last panels – it’s definitely an interesting technique.

  • themidgetineOne

    i <3 this page can't wait for more lolz

  • Liz

    That’s guy’s belly makes him look extra unsavory. Outlaws… not so glamorous.

  • Goat Pirate

    That’s quite the impressive beer gut you have there.

  • Loral

    Oh man. Mister grumpy beer-gut guy. You clearly missed rule number one:
    NEVER mess with the guy wearing a stetson. Or gal, in this case.

  • Hoheh

    Oh dear. This is looking pretty one-sided.

  • Hoo-ya




    (You really let yerself go.)

    • iron

      Glad I’m not the only one who thought this :(

  • That guy looks really… trustworthy? Yeah, I wouldn’t talk to him.

  • Kate

    So I was having a horrible day, I checked the Meek like always just in case. I actually screamed “YEAH!!!” And did a victory arm pump when I saw the update, my mom thinks im insane, but my day got much much much better :D

    Love his beer belly by the way ^_^

  • Pneumonica

    I imagine Soli’s actually not gonna want to open fire. I mean, I’m sure Soli is Billy Badass (Billie Badass?) enough to take them, but A) they might have others hidden around, and B) Al’s right there and isn’t Billy Badass (or Billie Badass, for that matter).

    Then again, crud could hit the rotary blades, so you never know. XD

  • HopelessO


    …action scene?

    the reality people keep invading my expectations with in the comments section has led me to question the beautiful opportunity of an action scene. :(

    • Haha… well, you are welcome to dream.

  • Kylie

    Is that ungodly creature Pinter, by any chance? No… naw it couldn’t be. There I go, failing to theorize, as usual.

  • Phoenix808

    They have three horses, the last probably carries their hostages :P

    • HopelessO

      OH SHI- they do have 3 horses! Good catch there, Phoenix! I had to back up three pages to see the third horse’s ears peeking out.

  • I love when I visit The Meek site on a whim, and there’s a new update! I just woke up so it took me about thirty seconds to register that there was a new page, haha.

    I have a feeling Soli’s about to get herself up to Clint Eastwood levels of badassery.

    This is pretty exciting because while I read the three original sketch chapters, this is the point where I don’t remember what happens, so it really is gonna feel even more like new :D

  • Is it just me, or does anyone think Soli/Alamand might be like Elphaba/Liir? No?

  • Tim Kietzman

    I wondered who that guy is… When’s the next one…? You said you updated every week with two new pages… Is something going on? I really like this comic.

    • You ask this every update, Tim XD Take it easy! Updates will come when they come. I have real life things going on, but I’m committed to doing this comic, so please don’t worry.

  • Rali

    am i crazy for thinking that the background thugs look familiar?

  • Even though the dudes are grubby, the page looks wonderful. Nice job.

  • Badfaith


    I love this comic ^^

    • It’ll be up tomorrow actually XD

      • alister

        Hey! Tomorrow is today =)

        • HopelessO

          LATER TODAY


  • Day

    He looks exactly like he swallowed a plate.

  • Is it just me or does this dude look exactly like the thief ithat gets eaten by the cave of wonders in the beginning of Aladin?

  • Mish

    This webcomic just has to be my favourite. I mean, I love and keep up with dozens for different reasons, but this one just covers all bases; great art, funny at times, devastatingly sad at others, gripping and unpredictable storyline.

    That said, you spoke about a Dagre plushie a while back? Am I being a dunce and not looking hard enough for updates on it or has it just not happened yet?

    Cause there’s a serious lack of cuddly-but-terrifying mutant tiger in my life. :)

  • Weilyn

    For some reason I magined the bearded guy speaking with an Irish brogue.

  • Taymanator

    This was the page that I was like “… oh dang.” This world is the most fleshed-out, real feeling, connected world I have ever seen in a comic. So happy I’m rereading this comic to remind myself where everything is at.

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