Sally nooo

Sally, btw, is named from this song
get it

Next page will be posted before the weekend! *edit* sorry, pushing this back a little… unexpected work came up that I need to finish by Sat! I’ll get the page out before the end of the weekend instead *edit again* omg please don’t kill me, I’m still working aaaaaa D:


  • Shilin



  • This page is all sorts of foreboding. I’ll admit I kind of forgot Phe’s death and what happened in chapter 2 (well I didn’t FORGET but just wasn’t thinking about it so far) and it’s really a kind of enlightening “Oh dang” moment when the two chapters meet up like this.

    Or maybe I’m just COMPLETELY oblivious. Either way, great page! No more drawing horses. You must be happy.

    • The shitty part is that I just figured them out. Like on this page. Now I won’t need to draw them again for another couple of years, haha.

      • Olivia

        You’ll have to throw in a few randomly over the next pages just to show off your newfound horse-drawing skillz.

        • You’re right, should just sneak them into the bgs, haha

          • Twigs

            Voting incentives? 8)

          • Twigs


  • Alli

    I love how the horse in the back is making the ‘HAAAAY’ face xD

    • bluehonu20

      Hahahaha! I didn’t see that until now, thanks for pointing it out. Love that face.

  • Elizabeth

    Three things I really like about this page:
    1) How things are starting to connect…woooooo (awwww Phe ;_; you had to remind us didn’t you)
    2) The expressions, particularly Soli’s
    3) The noses. That sounds weird but I really admire the way you draw noses. :B

  • I just want to state that the “enhancement” thing on fb has ruined this page for me… All I can look at is that horse.
    Also like how this is interweaving events and their effects here.

    Ha Sally, I get it.

  • Dan not the man

    and also writing OMG makes me imagine someone is going OMnomnom only swallowing. Maybe Dagre? (OMGnomgnomg)

  • Lillian

    I thought Sally would be named after Sally the Camel for a second.

  • Mani

    Funny he should mention “living under a rock,” judging by the start of this chapter…

    • Sebastian


  • Mani

    Also since we’re reminded about Phe’s death (and the events following it) – I’m pretty wicked excited to Soli’s (I can only assume) water-based powers :>

  • Mitchel M.

    Ohhh I see now. DeTiker was developing long distance radio. I mean, yeah it was obvious to see that he was working on some form of the technology, but I originally thought he was developing the technology as a means for Caris to gain something that it was deprived of, as only the Northern Territories have been established in the Meekipedia to have radio broadcasts. Now it seems that both Kingdoms have established technological infrastructures, with both trying to get ahead of the other.

  • Jenny

    Highlight of this page: Alamand’s panel#2 face.

  • Rivara

    Nooo, not the horsies! T.T

    On the whole, it’s a beautiful page.

  • Marbles


    … :<

  • septentriones

    I could never sell/give away my family’s horse. I feel bad enough when she accidentally hits our electric fence. :(

  • Olivia

    Hooray, another page!

    I love the perspective in that third panel. However, I was wondering if Soli saying, “Ali, you swear you’re sure about your guy” should end with a question mark or is she just stating it?

    Anyway, fantastic page!

  • kishimobot

    wait, does that mean Luca is THEIR emperor (like they’re one of the Pasori people) or is he just ubiquitously referred to as the emperor

    • Ah, well, they are on the border! Like Skeezy dude says in the first panel. So Luca is technically his Emperor, though they are standing in Caris right now.

    • Mani

      Caris doesn’t have an emperor; Caris and the Northern Territories are the two major superpowers we know of, and they’re standing between them.

      Imagine someone in America trying to get on a boat sneaking into England, and the English coyote that’d be smuggling them says “Someone killed the Queen” – there’s no Queen in America, so it’s understood who he’s talking about.

      That sorta thing.

  • Erica

    Loooove how the stories are starting to connect! :3

  • Oodrey


  • tc-city

    Did anyone else think that Soli was chocking Alamand at panel 3? lol
    Great page, I love the mention of Phe in this :D

    • Pneumonica

      Actually, for a split second I thought she was like deathgripping Al’s neck. :O

  • CelestialTeez

    Whoa!! Another page so soon! i didn’t expect that i just make it a daily habit of mine to check the site ^^ As the pages go on i fall in love with Alamand more and more haha

  • Lakikana

    I thought Sally was going to be named after Sally the Camel :< that would have been more fitting, I think ;P

  • glockblob

    Lovely page! I am just standing in awe of the composition here, and loving the angles in panel 3. I keep alternating between being impatient to get further into the story and being so happy that this is clearly setting up to be a long ride.

    Hmm. That third horse’s saddle is notably empty.

    • M

      I know. First thing I looked for. Amen’s fate still hangs in the balance…and will, likely, until page 45.

  • Riss

    I’m thinkin’ they should pick up some hair dye once they leave Caris.

  • When i hear sally for a horse name, i am thinking Sally the camel song! oh boy -_- ‘

  • Awesome update. Um panel one, its seems as though he has a serious case of dandruff.

  • Finally. These stories are beginning to play together. I really like this comic, it just feels like updates are few and far in between.

  • XIX

    What the stout guy says in the first panel seems to be analogous to the sentence, “Some Polack shot McKinley.”

  • Marmisille

    am I the only one in love with the shading on Ali’s hair in panel three? Cus really, hogeez. X3

  • Kaytay

    For some reason I just luuuuv Soli’s expressions in this page… o/

  • Lindsey Otto

    He heh… didn’t even have to check the link! Mustang Sally. Nice pun. XD

  • So, headband brigand guy just reminds me horribly of a grubby, unshaven Nathan Fillion. I’m not sure what to think about that….

    And look! The plots are finally involving each other! AWESOME, as usual.

    • Sarah

      Loool, this whole chapter has made me think of Firefly ;)

      this will sound weird whatever way I say it, but I’m actually sort of… fond of these characters now. like, I don’t just want to know what happens to them but i care about them. :/ haha

      Anyway, love this comic!

  • Hoheh

    Phe’s death has really pushed Luca near or over the edge. And the Dagre isn’t helping. Things have gotten more interesting. Again. …again.

    • Navigirl

      Or her death could be Luca’s released and showing his true colors as a diabolical tyrant. Think of it as he unmasked his real side that anyone in the comic had never seen before. Without Phe holding on to his leash, he is capable of revenge he desired so long. Chances are, he will use her death as an excuse for declaring war on the kingdom and total elimination of the Carissi race.

      This means Soli and Ali should better wear hats or dye their hair before being spotted.

  • Kia

    Something I noticed about your horses, they all have identical colorings. I love your comics and your drawing style, especially the way you draw expressions and bodies. I just noticed the horses should have differences in their coloring whether it be a different base color or different markings or both! There is a lot of variation in horse coloring. http://aliciahargartendesign.com/horse_site/markings.html That is a fairly good site that explains colors and such, without getting into genetics too much, wiki works too but they give a little too much info. I am saying this as a horse person that loves art not an artist. Anatomically you did great for not usually drawing horses. :D

    • alexds1 has previously commented on this, saying that it was intentional that the horses are similar in coloring. LOL someone said nearly exactly this same thing a few pages back

  • Ange

    Well, after having been lurking around and following the comic since chapter one, I thought it was probably about time I actually left a comment saying how much I LOVE this comic, and it’s so exiting to see the different plots (sublots?) are finally starting to connect. O:
    I also have to say that Alamand is probably my favourite character right now, just because he always has the best expressions.

    Can’t wait to see Angora and Pinter again, though, Angora’s so colourful it makes me happy. :’)

  • Pneumonica

    The evil half of me wanted Soli to say, “Can I keep a horse if you get the kid?” I actually like Alamond – I’m just a terrible person.

    This is an awesome update. This gives us a good reference for timeframe (unless the Empire has radio telecommunication, this is some time after the events of last chapter). Now, if we can link up the timeline for the first chapter, it’ll be great!

    • jecomdmoy

      I’m not so sure about this being “some time after” chapter 2. If they locked the borders “last night,” that sounds like an immediate knee-jerk reaction to the assassination before the war machine starts whirring. I don’t know if radio is involved or what but if your mortal enemy just killed your wife, that is something you’ll want to circulate widely and fast to justify the retribution, even if your communication method is messengers on horseback.

      • I’ll answer this here since it’s esoteric and not terribly important, but this chapter takes place on the 15th of this month. Phe died on the 10th. If they locked it last night then it about 4 days for the decision/ enactment, so it wasn’t a *super* immediate reaction.

        • Pneumonica

          Hey, timeline specifics. Forgive me while I have OCD geekgasms.

          *sigh* That was nice. :D

  • Avise

    Yaaaaay new page! :D Love Al’s panel #2 face.

    Also, Soli’s panel #5 expression is like EXACTLY the same as the “you gotta be kidding me” meme face. 0.0 Awesome.

  • Great page

  • sugar-cubes

    What happened to Amen?! Did they feed him to the horses???

  • Sterrance

    Nyuuu! The horses!

  • LordOfChains

    Not sure if its been mentioned yet, but I’m curious about ‘Towheads.’ Where does that come from?

    Always interesting how all these folks have their own cultural histories and colloquialisms.

    • It’s an English colloquialism, actually… just means a person with really blonde/ flaxen hair. It’s a little dated though (you don’t usually hear it in conversation) so I requisitioned it for the comic.

  • Tobi

    Indeed, Sally is a mustang. :>

  • Cherry B.

    I share in everyone’s enthusiasm over how everything is finally, visibly piecing together with previous chapters. It makes me super anxious for the rest.

    As always, another beautiful page and awesome facial expressions.

    Also as always, Soli is amazingly gorgeous. :3 <3

  • AlmostLiterally

    Soli, you are ruining Ali’s moment of shock. D:

  • Okay, I’m sorry, but why do I find that guy in the first panel suddenly so….sexy. In a grimy “I’m so much of a man you can SMELL it” kind of way.

    Fanart may be pending.

    Dammit D.


  • Tim Kietzman

    My goodness… The plot deepens! You’re driving me insane with all these cliffhangers!

  • themidgetineOne

    I really love how the story line is going, i can’t wait to see how all the characters are going to be included in the ‘big picture’

  • Kristen

    This might sound weird, but this might be one of my favorite Meek pages ever. Or at least in this chapter. Not just the dialogue and the character’s expressions, the tension (and yes newfound horse mastery :3) but I LOVE what is shown about Soli and Alamand’s relationship here, them being partners/buddies whatever you want to call it. Soli shows just how much she trusts this scrawny little kid, and I dunno, I found it moving. She just looks so worried in panel 3! But then she just looks at him (even though you can’t see her face) and you just know what’s going through her mind. Aaahh, it’s so great.<3

  • 66scarylion44

    Laughing…so…hard…gak! [falls dead from laughter]

  • Liz

    Hee hee, the horse in the last panel.

  • cedarwolf22

    That horse in the last panel has the hots for Sally. WATCH YO’ BACK, SAL.

    +oldfart points for using the word “towhead”, if it weren’t for my grandmother I don’t think I’d know what that word means haha.
    And (likely) smelly dandruff guy is such class, who doesn’t like men with beer bellies and no ass? IT’S RUGGED.

    • In a mainstream overloaded with dewy-eyed bishounen or superheroes so swollen with muscle they look ready to explode in a spray of steroids and testosterone? You bet it is! Just ask Luca. 8D

    • Yochva

      That horse in the last panel is ANGRY, and doesn’t want to be going ANYWHERE. Kudos for filling in the little details like that. ^_^

  • Tayasuune

    Is it just me or does Soli look like she’s choking Ali in the 3rd panel?

    • muffinpoodle

      Just you, unless Alamand just has the world’s laaawngest neck.

  • awww, sally ; ;

  • Natalie

    Sally (I assume it’s sally) looks awesome in the 4th panel. Too bad you don’t have to draw any more
    horses for a while XD.
    Anyway, just checking in to say I love your artwork :)

  • Flamma_Man

    Whoa, kind of cool to finally see our first connection between the three stories, even if it is a small mention.

  • HopelessO

    That man…

    (j/k i know that he’s just scratching his neck or something)

  • Jac

    You posted this on my birthday. I feel so special :’D

  • ewang

    I think this is the first panel that confirms that the three chapters occur in the same universe.

  • Dafla

    I think this is the only webcomic, probably comic too, where every page is some sort of cliffhanger. It’s just a great page turner, which is pretty annoying when it’s a webcomic and you don’t get the chapters all at once… In a good way.

  • Loral

    Ooooooh, Alamand has some contacts…….. :D

  • Mish

    Oh maaaaan I’m so obsessed with this comiiiiiiiic Der Shing what have you doooooooooone

  • Hot Sauce

    The lighting in this page is so beautiful. I love how each chapter almost seems to have its own tones. :)

  • fattypneumonia

    BTW, epic win on the Wilson Pickett video. Never saw that before. That rocked my world.

    Seriously, anyone that didn’t hit that link yet, go now: http://youtu.be/kfuHgzu1Cjg

  • sweet_gardenia

    Hahaha the way grimy guy is flipping his hair back…he knows he’s sexy snerrk

    ” Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s fleas…I mean…Maybelline ”

    Actually ditching the horses will set things up very nicely..Makes it easier to catch up to them muahahha

  • Ailynne


    • Ailynne

      lul, jkjk. Anyway, that man is so manly. He had to have been watching MLP:fiM

    • still working XC I always think the page will be easier to do than it actually is, argh. Like, every single page.

      • Tim Kietzman

        I know the feeling man… I’m making my own comic and they ALWAYS require more time than I want to spend on them. Don’t reduce the quality though…! Not just to keep us from waiting, we LOVE your drawings!

  • REM


    jk i can wait

  • You know you’re stalling just to make us look at Sexy Man longer.

    :C I get to head up his fan club, right?

  • muffinpoodle


    Though at least Sally doesn’t have to find her own way back to the Shire.

    • lol, I totally forgot about Bill XD Oh noo

    • Cheri


      I was totally thinking the same thing.

  • glockblob

    Sticking with this page for awhile longer (and reading the archives again) has just made me appreciate “towheads” being thrown in there that much more. As a language nerd it makes me truly happy, in addition to all the other fun with language going on. It’s not even worldbuilding anymore, it’s just plain world-living-in. I love it.

  • Tim W

    Completely unrelated to this page, are you gonna be at Fanime this weekend?

    • Yep. Not all weekend, since I have work to do, but Fri and Sat at the very least! I’ll be at the 4DE table.

      • Tim W

        I will definitely hit you up!

  • Hoheh

    To the ones who need it. Relax. There’s no issue. Life comes at you fast and changes plans sometimes.

  • Good to see the stories merging together.

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