The best dialogue I’ve written so far.

Some news! I’ve been kind of slogging through the last few pages, mostly because it is new territory for me (almost completely re-written from the first draft). Also I’ve been wrapping up some projects and getting through some other things I had scheduled for the last month or so… but now my schedule is totally clear. And I’m officially feeling the mojo again. So, expect frequent updates until the end of the chapter :) Happy news, yay!

Also, Bobwhite, one of my favorite webcomics, ended today. But Magnolia is starting her new project today as well, called Monster Pulse. Looks awesome so far, and it’s always fun to follow comics from their inception, so I thought I’d give you a heads up.

Anyways, next page soon!


  • Al has the best friends. ^_^

  • Jim

    I love Soli’s expression in the fourth panel. “Urge to kill… RISING…” XD

  • chris w

    yay, this update made a good day better. The dialog of this page is great, made me laugh. Keep up the good work cannot wait to get back to Luca though <.<

    chris w

  • Wood

    “Swordfish” !

    • naamee

      That was actually the first thing I thought as well…. Where does that come from anyway?

      • alister

        Google knows ;-]

        • dadman

          Or just an old gut who is a fan of the Marx Brothers.

          Baravelli: Who are you?
          Wagstaff: I’m fine. Who are you?
          Baravelli: I’m fine too, but you cant-a come in unless you give-a the password.
          Wagstaff: Well, what’s the password?
          Baravelli: Oh, no, you gotta tell me. Hey, I tell you what I do. I give you three guesses. It’s the name of a fish.
          Wagstaff: Is it Mary?
          Baravelli: ‘At’sa no fish.
          Wagstaff: She isn’t? Well, she drinks like one. Let me see, is it sturgeon?
          Baravelli: Hey, you crazy? Sturgeon’s a doctor cuts you open when you sick. Now I give you one more chance.
          Wagstaff: I got it! Haddock.
          Baravelli: ‘At’sa funny, I gotta haddock too.
          Wagstaff: What do you take for a haddock?
          Baravelli: Well, sometimes I take-a aspirin, sometimes I take a calomel.
          Wagstaff: Say, I’d walk a mile for a calomel.
          Baravelli: You mean chocolate calomel? I like that too, but you no guess it.
          Hey, whatsamatter? You no understand English?You can’t come in here unless you say swordfish. Now, I give you one more guess.
          Wagstaff: Swordfish, swordfish. I think I got it. Is it swordfish?
          Baravelli: Heh! That’s it. You guess it.
          Wagstaff: Pretty good, eh?
          Baravelli: Fine, you guess it. All right. (opens door)
          Wagstaff enters, Baravelli exits. Wagstaff closes door. Baravelli knocks.
          Wagstaff: What do you want?
          Baravelli: I wanna come in.
          Wagstaff: What’s the password?
          Baravelli: Aw, you no fool me. Heh! Swordfish.
          Wagstaff: No, I got tired of that. I changed it.
          Baravelli: Well, what’s the password now?
          Wagstaff: Say, I forgot it. I’d better come outside with you.

          — from Horsefeathers, 1932

          • Sebastian


          • Get up. That’s no way you go into a speakeasy, that’s the way you go out.

      • Sylph

        ….My tendencey is to say Nightwatch but then again Terry Pratchett tends to recycle old jokes so…..

        • HopelessO

          He tends to make fun of older ones, rather. I don’t remember the swordfish one being particular, though, just the usual “it’s always swordfish” variety that most people add in.

        • naamee

          Yeah, now I remember, I read it in one of Pratchett’s books as well. But I believe it was not Night Watch… I think it was guards, guards, or whatever the one with the dragon was called…
          But appearently it isn’t his joke… Oh, well..

          • No, it’s Night Watch. It’s written on a piece of paper stuffed inside one of young Dibbler’s pies. :D

  • I can’t help but feel there’s another kid on the other side of that door but I have no way of being absolutely sure.

  • yep, i read this out loud to my mom. didn’t appreciate it quite like i did.

    • lol oh god XD I have no more credibility

    • HVEgleRunner

      well no dudh she your mom there not soposed to get into those kind of jokes

    • HopelessO

      Yes, it’s always that damn generational gap creating a cavern between mothers’ and daughters’ senses of humor everywhere…

  • Ahaha, awesome! XD

    Great to hear you’re finally(?) wrapping up your schedule. Seems it’s been a mess for ages with all the work you had to do. D:

  • Jac

    Soli doesn’t appreciate talk about butts right now, is she? XD

  • Fisherman

    butts are srs business.

  • Lee

    The Bobwhite finale and butt jokes in the Meek. It’s been an eventful day in webcomics.

  • Kas

    lol butts

    butt seriously, I loved this page. Especially Soli’s outburst.

  • Carol

    Soli doesn’t look very lady-like in panel four. And I can almost see her eye twitching.

  • rikkaruohimus

    We love you Soli <3

  • sugar-cubes

    If only threats worked that well every day!

    • Sylph

      The trick is to have a gun through your belt when you say the threats.

  • D’aw. He looks so cute in the third panel.

  • I’m imagining there’s a bunch of kids in there. I mean, come on! Who comes up with stuff like that? Haha!

  • Pissed outlaw is pissed. Or PMS. Either way, she’s not happy.

    • HAHA hahaha… yeah. PMS sucks.

  • Jenny

    Oh goodness, that is fabulous XD I have the feeling that Soli disagrees, though. By the way, since she’s got all that stuff on her back, is the mega ponytail tied up in a bun by her neck, or is it inside her coat to get it out of the way? I can’t tell :/

  • Coni

    Oh noes! bobwhite has been one of my faves :C anyways, monster-pulse looks promising :D


  • best thing ever.

  • I love love love Soli’s face in panel four. There’s only so much a gal can take before she snaps. :D

  • Lauren

    I think this is my favourite page. :’D Soli’s face in the 4th panel, priceless.

  • Alyssa

    I agree, this dialogue is awesome! I love Alamand! He’s such a cutie pie! ^^

  • Pneumonica

    This one is awesome. Personally I thought the password was the “ka-click” of a shotgun pump, but that works just as well. XD

  • Hika

    Spoilers: the password was fartknocker.

  • AlmostLiterally

    BUTTS (ノಠДಠ)ノ

  • I’ve been reading since the first chapter, but so far I haven’t left any comments! I feel so ashamed. :(

    Ahem. I just wanted to say that this page is hilarious and awesome, as is your comic in general! You are an inspiration to aspiring comic book artists everywhere. Or at least here. In this room. Yes.


  • Soli knows all the passwords.

    • All of them.

      • TLL

        Or perhaps… All the luck.

        All of it.

  • Tim Kietzman

    All right! I’ll keep checking in! I hope you really can update as much as you say!
    Funny page man! I love hilarious lines!

  • *twitch* hahahaha! The adventure continues. What will we find inside?

  • Catherine

    HA, beautiful.

  • Cherry B.

    Wonderful page, thank you!

    Soli you’re still awesomely smexy. Though I am feeling kind of grateful I can’t smell you right now…

  • alala

    sooo, will amen be reappearing soon? cuz he was pretty adorable.

  • Maphysto

    That’s a long password.

    • Saurus

      They felt it was necessary to up their security.

  • Rodney Phoenix

    Awesome stuff. Saw your booth at Fanimecon and bought chapters 1 and 2. Love the extras at the end of them….and yeah that is a long password.

    • jecomdmoy

      Chapter 2! Is it available outside of California yet?

  • Emma

    This page made me laugh. Actual, out-loud, laughter.

  • I can almost hear Alamand’s squeaky indignation in panel 3. XD

  • Arwael

    Heh. I’m a new reader. And just… heh.

    This is definitely an intriguing webcomic. Humorous, dramatic and the artwork is crisp. I like it.

    Also the dialogue… Or just Soli’s expression on this page. Priceless.

  • Joel

    Soli must be on her period.

  • derp

    alamand should dress up as flapjack at some point. it would be epic.

  • Hoheh

    Soli is quickly working toward violence as a solution. And that is probably not a good thing.

    • naamee

      Violence is always the solution.
      See? Problem solved :D

  • dany

    haha awesome. i loved this one :D:D

  • Shanree

    God I love her so much! Must agree that dialog is amazing. <3
    Shading is beautifully done as well, and lovin' the expressions. Can't wait to see the next page!!

  • Olady

    I thought it was “Soli butt”… *runs from hail of gunfire*

  • kriegeirk

    Now that we know Soli is female, her outbursts must all be period-related, I bet!

    • Yep! Only people with ovaries get pissed off. At least that’s what I heard.

      • sweet_gardenia



      • Phil

        Well, you have to admit that when people with ovaries get pissed off, they’re SCARIER.

        Plus, those sharp little lady-fists SMART. I’d rather get hit by a guy anytime.

    • I thought we always knew Soli was female. %/

  • HopelessO

    I dunno, Al’s dramatic recitation involving Soli’s apparent limpid pools for eyes is in pretty narrow competition for best dialogue in my humble yet respectful (Al being a master at this kind of thing) opinion.

    And you know, I just read a comment above mine regarding Soli, and recalled wanting to talk about a less mature comment on dA (which I thought you handled tactfully given the way it was written) in one of these pages after reading it. Mainly I just wanted to say that the Soli-jibes are basically my life whenever I bother to get my hair cut the way I like it (not like Soli’s, but boyish) and walk around in the clothes I like (comfy baggy shirts with jeans). You learn to live with and quip back at them. (“I HAVE NEVER heard that one before” is an underrated classic for quick occasions.)

    Anyway, leading up to the more-so relevant point: anyone trying to snerk at Soli would probably get glare-whiplashed by her eyes. A hypothetical to which I sigh admiringly at. (…So it’s all good? …I am so going to regret the way I wrote this thing when I wake up in the morning, aren’t I…?)

  • RedFishing

    lol thou must speak the password with utter passion XD

  • Liz

    And, quite frankly, I do not blame her. That would try my patience, too!

  • Soli will not tolerate your bullshit. Just saying.


    • Talonheart

      No butts about it! :)

      • M

        I laughed :)

  • Catchhopper

    Aaaaaah, i LUV’ this Series.

    It’s surely over a Year since i last looked into it : 3
    Looked last time in when you were just at the Place,
    when the Queen was murdered and her Children were sad.

    It’s nice to see that you are still continuing the Series :)

    It’s a little bit like a Fun-thing between a Game and a Manga =)

  • sweet_gardenia

    Ahahah YES…wasn’t it poop in the sketch story? Alexds you stay classy

    On a serious note I really do love the setting shots. Harghhh you are giving me background envy

  • Loopy

    I was cracking up like crazy… this is hilarious.

  • dana

    I think it was ‘SmellyButt’.

  • Linda

    You added Maliki to the links! French blogs/webcomics are great. When you see one, suddenly you want to see them all.
    I adore them all, but i really like the blog of Cha and the one of Tanxxx. (and Boulet, and Kek, and…)

  • I love your comic, I’ve been reading it for ages now! And im super excited each time it updates. You are an inspiration for my own webcomic in the works! :)

  • tutsi

    I downloaded chrome and lost my internet history like a week ago, and today I suddenly remembered: oh damn! I haven’t checked on The Meek! alexds said he’d upload frequently!
    Ha…the disappointment :(

    • Erica


    • Ailynne

      Awww. :(

      • Emma

        You know, you don’t have to be rude about the new page: you can just ask when it’s going up sincerly.
        When will the new page be up, anyways?

        • Elena

          Chill. :/

    • Bellar

      Little known fact: webcomic artists and writers are often caught in pockets of delayed space time. What may seem like days to outside observers such as us, are but mere moments to them.

      • Leilaz

        Kind of like Narnia!

        I’m excited for a new page, whenever it may come out. Plus, this page is hilarious and I am still enjoying it. :)

      • I’m not sure what’s wrong with you guys, I’ve only been gone a minute!

  • alala

    soo, saw your post on facebook about getting a job. just wanted to say congrats! getting a job is always a good thing. sort of. XP

  • Hopefully they have a shower inside!

  • reader

    sooo…. next page soon?

    • Carol

      Ah-ah-ah. Still haven’t guessed the password.

      • reader

        how about “after being prepared for ‘frequent updates’, it’s been 15 ‘mojo’ fueled days on a ‘clear schedule’ and still no page.”?

        • The Meek Facebook updates say Der-Shing was busy getting a job.

          The more you know!

      • The password is in the older comments.

  • loloanonymous

    PLEASE post more!!! I am completely in love with this series!!!
    COMPLETE… LOVE!!! <3
    hurry up! -but don't rush. ;)

  • Mish

    I don’t really understand why people feel entitled to updates ¬¬ I mean, it’s good to be excited and anticipating, but reading this is a privilege- not a right…

    • HVEgleRunner

      it’s just he just said that he was abl to finalize an update scedual and promised frequent ub dates and the gose and dousnt update for two weeks. I’m sorry but even I’ve read comics that were even better than this one but I stoped because the athores kept leving their readers hanging sometimes for months on end. As I always say the update skedual can make it or brake it.

      • DoggySpew

        Meh. This is only going on lately, since real life and all is a bit more important then a hobby which is watched by thousands ( I think a conservative estimate ).

        • Rhapsody-Girly

          Well considering plenty of people pay for products and books it’s a bit more then a hobby since she’s making cash from it XD and since she DID say there were going to be more frequent updates you know they get a little confused. And plenty of people don’t watch her other places to see what’s going on.

          • speearr

            have you paid for any of her books?

          • Regardless of that fact, you are still reading the comic for free. You’re not paying to come to this website and you’re definitely not required to buy the books if you don’t want to. Der-shing does this for free because they want to, if they decided to stop the Meek tomorrow there isn’t much we could do about it.

          • Haha, I made about 1/15th of my total yearly earnings from the comic over the course of the year, and I used all of it to pay my taxes for the other stuff. I’m not sure what kind of mad ca$h people think I’m making, but let me assure you, I’m not doing this to save up for early retirement. It’s purely out of love.

            Either way, it’s sort of difficult for me to chase down every reader and tell them what I’m up to ad any given minute! So if you’re super curious, just check one of the many links to the FB/ Twitter/ etc so you can find out yourself :) Or you can be in the dark, but that’s not as fun…

      • SPAMBOT

        Yes, the update schedule of a comic CAN brake it.
        Get it?
        Because, because, the update schedule can stop a comic from going forward, and to brake means to slow down or stop?
        Ahahahahahahahahaha my parents should’ve drown me in a bathtub.

  • HVEgleRunner

    its been almost 1o weeks and no update so what is up with that

    • 10 weeks??? holy cow XD No it’s been less than 4

  • error

    reminds me of a table top game I played with a group with my brother as the DM. Someone had to guess a password to get into the dungeon, my brother hadn’t thought of one. The guy guessed, “Boobs!” my brother rolled a dice with letters and it landed on the letter B. He decided that meant that the password was boobs.

    Lucky guess?

  • Mike

    I hope this updates soon.

    It is of the utmost importance that I learn who is the nefarious rogue behind all this butt-related intrigue.

  • Starstick

    You know, if it’s that much of a problem why don’t you make one yourself?

    Alternatively, go fill yourself up a nice, warm glass of shut-the-hell-up.

    There are updates on the linked accounts (particularly facebook), so go have a nosy at them before you whine. :3

  • Kasumi

    One week and no update. Boo hoo. A week is not a long time. If that’s really enough to make you stop reading, I’m sure The Meek would get along fine with one less reader/commenter.

    • Bunny

      Bwahaaha yeah 1 week. Note you’re comment on June 23rd on an update from June 6th.

      Now , for the record, I’ve no problem whatsoever waiting for an update. I read Dresden Codak, so I’m more than accustomed to waiting patiently :D

      But while I ordinarily dislike people complaining about a lack of updates to free online resources, especially as I’ve seen the worst complaints happening when artists have openly stated that they are going through troubles that will delay work.


      I can understand why some people might expect that an artist who states

      “now my schedule is totally clear. And I’m officially feeling the mojo again. So, expect frequent updates until the end of the chapter”

      to actually follow through with this. Not because the readers are owed anything, but lets face it; for an artist of this calibre, an online comic is like a portfolio. It indicates a range of artistic skills and the ability to work consistently and to deadlines.

      • Yes, it does pay to follow through! Actually the fact that I am doing this comic led to it being delayed, as I’ve been scurrying around at my new job and it’s leaving me very little personal time… kind of ironic that success is leading to delays. You can always find out what’s up at the Facebook page if you’re ever curious in the future.

    • Jay

      *2 1/2.

  • Soli has that look of “WHF are you guys doing?” or just “…what.”

    Congrats on getting a job too! :D

    I need a new one. :p

  • Roxily

    This is a fine page; I can totally see how writing that dialogue would be delightful, and, you take your time. I hope all is well.

  • Meekly Fan

    haha dog butt

    Waiting ever so patiently for the next pages. What happened to frequent updates?

    Anywho I really appreciate this. Thanks for making such a wonderful comic

    • Thanks for waiting! I got a new job, it’s been very busy.

  • Password is

  • LadySkipper

    “Face butts?” Lol

  • buttbutt

    • z

      Well done.

  • Congratulations on getting a new job! I am curious to see what it is with your vertebrate biology background! As for the updates, I’m sure just with any lifestyle change it takes a little while to acclimate (heck, I’m still trying to figure it out and I’ve been at my new job for a year now). Don’t let these rude people get you worried. There are hundreds more of us who are looking forward to an update without getting our impatient free-webcomic-reading panties in a twist. It’s just the annoying ones who post the most. Take your time! ^_^ I hope all is well!

  • Meli Martinez

    LOOOOOL!!! Oh Alamand. XD

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