I wouldn’t want Alamand as a boyfriend 8C

A few things!

1) I got a job. Some people brought up a good point during the unexpected hiatus that this comic is a reflection on my professionalism as an artist and that going on unexpected hiatus is not a good thing. I will bring up the point that, without this comic, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to work at such a neat place that made me go on unexpected hiatus. MIND BLOWN

2) Flight 8 is out. I did a story for it, it was one of the projects I was working on this winter that also made me stop working on The Meek. I didn’t talk about it overmuch at the time since I hate counting chickens before they’re hatched, but now I guess here is a baby chicken running around. It is the last of the series, and I am overjoyed to have been a part of it.

3) If I ever leave unexpectedly, I don’t like posting about my status here. I try to keep this site for comic only, not for news or etc. For any status changes, I will always always update my Facebook, so check there, check any other social network place, or forever hold your peace. As much as I’d love to hire the Goodyear Blimp to fly over your house and let you know I’m not updating on time, my current unfortunate lack of blimps prevents me from doing so.

4) I will never ever ever stop doing this comic. Also, I am a workaholic. I will always take the paid work that leads me places, and unfortunately this comic doesn’t pay me a lot. So that means that if life and work gets busy I might have to put TM on hold or, by necessity, be forced to update slowly. But I’m not going to stop. This makes it kind of worse for you I guess since you end up waiting for me. Bad romance!

5) Santri have a thing about not having their hair exposed on top. Kiddo there got around it by shaving! But most people just wear a cap during the day.

Anyways, long weekend. I’m exhausted but am trying to finagle my schedule to allow for comics. Thanks for reading!!


  • Some webcomic fans are amazingly entitled aren’t they?
    The quality of this comic is amazing and its great that you share it with everybody for free.

    • Eh, it’s okay. I do the same thing now and again, and if I were in my reader’s place I’d probably be antsy too.

  • YAY new page!
    Not much that I could tell you right now that I haven’t already told you elsewhere. So yeah….
    YAY new page! 8D

  • I miss your comic a lot, since i love the story, but i know you are human, that you have a life and that you need to work, there is people who doesn’t care a lot about the artist as long as the comic is up, but i bet a lot of your fans do understand and will wait for you, ’cause i will! it doesn’t matter how long it takes to wait, the art and the story are worth waiting for!

  • Hanan


    • :U

    • Draw2much

      The expression on the guys face after that line: priceless.

      I’m still laughing about it.

  • gingerfu


  • Shannon

    You are my hero! I don’t care if you update slowly. This webcomic is marvelous no matter how long the story takes to develop. Keep up the fabulous work!

  • Kent

    I think, when I saw the link to a new page on your Twitter, the “hallelujah” chorus played. It always makes my day seeing a new page!

  • Anthony

    I don’t feel entitled to a new comic every X days, just that when you fall off the grid after a week I get nervous that something bad happened. You have an incredible talent and are telling a story that has absolutely gripped me. I would be saddened to hear that anything happened to someone who selflessly gives this story to the world for free. So when there is a lack of update and no edit on news post I get that, “I hope they are ok.” feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hope that isn’t too creepy! ;_;

    I’m very glad to hear that the opposite is happening. Congrats on your new job and all the other success you’re having. You deserve it! Thank you for the new page as well. :)

  • Seems to me it’s easy to stay updated. I follow on tumblr and facebook and I find that to be adequate. Also.. RSS. Love RSS.. keeps me from checking websites repeatedly waiting for new stuff… I’m admittedly impatient and I follow many talented people.

    I used to check a huge list of links daily, now I only click them when I’m told there are updates, which I’m always happy to see.

    Facebook is great for finding TM updates.. tumblr… is a little wilder, but I like that (:

  • Grey Lady

    Congrats on your new job! When I saw the update on FB I was so excited. I figured you were just busy (yanno: real life and work > other things). I hope things keep going your way. :)

  • Red Leaves

    Beautiful work as per usual.

    That is an odd haircut…like a tonsure gone too far.

  • sweet_gardenia


    ….she’s got Amen folded up in that big sack on her back doesn’t she. DOESN’T SHE.

    j/k j/k

    I like that look they give each other in the last panel, nice indication of cold stark reality setting in. I also totally understand about real life stuff and working (hey I’m a working stiff myself I know how it goes!) But I admire your dedication to this project and will keep cheerin’ ya on. I know the occasional waits pay off with gorgeous quality storytelling and art so I am totally down with that.

    Also for Christmas I am buying you a big old blimp with neon blinky lights to solve that pesky problem of letting people know when you update. And I will make sure it is very suggestively shaped and colored for double the lols

    • sugar-cubes


    • Red Leaves

      I really wish we could favorite comments. Because I would so fave this comment.

  • Allesmere

    Your work is amazing my dear, simply awesome, and of course work is what gives you the ability to grace us with this comic. So keep going! Even if you have to go on hiatus because of it, don’t let a bunch of self entitled fans give you crap about it. We want to see you do well, so that you have the ability to continue this wonderful story!

    Also, I would not want Almand as a boyfriend either.

  • alala

    …wait, sorry to raise a question about the (probably) obvious, but are Soli and Alamand really girlfriend/boyfriend?? 8|

    • Well, he seems to think so…

      • Sire

        I can just imagine Soli talking to a man or something and Alamand getting all jealous and saying “DUDE, LIKE, GET YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND”

        • That is exactly what happens T__T

          • Matt

            So Alamand has a bit of a crush on Soli? That certainly adds an…interesting wrinkle to their relationship. Soli already seems to be playing the part of Mom/Big Sister/Boss/Best Friend/Co-worker/Flunky/Little Sister/Adult Role-Model, so we might as well add “Object of Romantic Affection” to the list, eh?

            In all seriousness, though, such feelings are a perfectly normal part of being twelve–even if they are awkward for all parties involved.

          • Jac

            It’s what Alamand tells the Meek’s fandom on a daily basis, no lie

      • 6offee

        The important question is, does *Soli* know that?

  • djinn

    I have never written a comment for your fabulous webcomic until now. I started reading this back with issue 1 and think it is an amazing piece of work. You bring art, character and plot together so well that it is a pleasure to read. Anyway, the real reason I wanted to comment was because I wanted to tell you that I don’t care how long it takes to get a new page because each one is worth the wait. Congratulations on getting your first job, Playdom is lucky to have you on. Enjoy your RL, it’s much more rewarding than us faceless users on the internet. And when you have the chance to put up a page, no matter how late or overdue you think it might be, know that at least one person will be there to read it.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Shay

      That’s two people (;

    • I third this via Robert’s Rules.

      • John

        The motion has been Third-ed, all those in favor signify by hitting reply.

    • spas


      so glad you got a nice job out of this as well, you deserve it and i know you will do well there!

    • feline256

      Fithfeded! er… 5thed? dangit

  • GoSign

    I have absolutely no problems with you updating at any sort of pace, or taking any sort of hiatus. This is your comic, your project you’re sharing with us for free, and you should absolutely make sure you have the time to give it the attention it deserves. I’ll always be willing to wait until you have that time, and I’m sure most of your readership will be too.

    If you made any mistake, it’s that you shouldn’t probably be promising an update schedule, or even saying “next page soon”. For a project like this, you can’t ever really know that you’re going to have the necessary time to dedicate to it over the next few days. Better, I think, to let the audience wait and see. When everything aligns perfectly and we get a spell of frequent pages, it’ll be an unexpected gift, on both sides. And then you’re never in the position of having built audience expectations for something that suddenly is supplanted by more pressing matters.

    • In hindsight that’s perfect advice, but at the time I was pretty sure I was going to have a bunch of time available. A lot of the time it’s meant to motivate me.. if I make a public promise, I’m more inclined to work to keep it if it is at all possible.

  • Oh god I just lol’d so hard at Alamand calling Soli his girlfriend. And I love “Boss” written on the door because it makes me think of Giovanni from Pokemon somehow.

  • Ash

    Your comic is awesome and you are awesome. Congrats on getting a job, seriously! <3 I'll be one of the ones always watching and waiting until the cows come home.

    Also, thanks for giving me a major reason to pick up the end of Flight!

  • Fantastic page. Loving the Bg & perspective in the fouth panel.

  • Is that the kid’s hat or his hair on the back of his head?

  • oh SNAP!

  • Oh my gosh Alamand and those teeeeeth so adorable. I can’t stand it! :B

    I am so excited about how this is going. :3333

  • Cherry B.

    Lol, you wish Alamand. xD
    Poor Soli has been lugging that thing on her back for almost a full month now. << Need a full back rub, baby? ;)
    What do you call that boy's haircut?…
    I like that look Soli and Alamand give each other in the last panel.
    Things are getting really juicy!
    Also like Soli's face on panel one. ♥

    So, that's what you've been up to! Well, good for you, dear! I'm willing to wait as long as it's going to be continued. :c The Meek is my vice. A fix every now and then is better than no fix at all. The updates are always worth it, anyways.


  • Maphysto


    An update!

  • Love that little bit about the hair

  • Tom

    Soli in panel 1 is just perfect – expression, stance, situation (after everything else, just gotta get through the damn door – I can feel exactly what she’s feeling there!), the lot. Fantastic, um… well, if this were a film, it would be acting, composition and direction – what would be the right word for when the artist has made their characters act well in a perfectly composed scene, like a good director? Your whole directorial and compositional style rather puts me in mind of Ridley Scott.

    On that note, if ever a webcomic deserved to get made into a freaking sweet full-scale, big-budget movie, it’s this one. I’d probably watch it a bajillion times.

  • Max

    I have absolutely no illusions of being entitled to get to read a new comic from you every X days, or even to get told that you won’t be updating for a while. Which is why you haven’t seen me complain – thanks for doing it, and that’s that.

    However, since you brought up the subject – I do indeed find it unprofessional to go away unannounced (when a note about it here would prolly take all of 10 minutes to post) and directing people to whatever other place (ie, Facebook) to find out about it, even more so.

    Others seem to be able to post a note on such occasions just fine, and that’s the way I like to keep it – I’m not a close family friend of every single artist who’s webcomic I read and they’re none of mine – It’s fine to hear about fortunate events in their lives occasionally, but I definitely do not intend to eagerly follow any of them – I’m not even on Facebook.

    Therefore as far as I’m concerned I’d rather keep things that influence the comic with the comic, and other things elsewhere. But hey – that’s just my opinion; as I said, I’m not here to complain.

    P.S. – congrats for the new job and thanks again for doing this

    • Hey, no problem. I can understand that too… but still, I made a choice to try and keep this page as comics centric as possible. Also I post like every other post to check any of the social media sites for updates, aside from that and breaking my own rule for myself, I don’t know what else I can do. I don’t believe in hand-holding for a lot of stuff (got that from teaching) so I don’t think that’s going to change… but thanks again for reading, and again, I definitely see your point :) Now that I’m stable again I’m working hard to avoid more hiatuses.

  • Coleman

    I just wonder how you managed to do these practically weekly beforehand. crazy.

    • I didn’t have a job D: Good for comics, not good for the long term.

  • kat

    I got my Flight! I loved it! I didn’t know you were going to be in it, it was a nice surprise.

  • paski

    i love this webcomic, i can’t wait for next page :D

  • LB

    Eh, I’ve weathered far longer hiatuses than this, and for far worse comics. Go go gadget new job! =)

    As for the real reason I came out of lurk-dom to comment on this page… Watching that kid’s brain bluescreen when Alamand calls Soli his girlfriend is absolutely hysterical!

  • John

    I’m really hoping that the boss will be somehow ridiculous, like being shorter than Alamand or being crazy in one of a dozen ways the most kids are.

    Apple Dumpling Gang all the way!

    • John

      He is, huzzah!

  • Red Leaves

    You are too good for her, Alamand. She’s damaged goods.

    • 8U

      • Red Leaves


    • Jac

      She’s got baggage, as it were. :P

  • K

    I have never commented before, but just wanted to let you know that I will continue to enjoy the comic at whatever pace you are able to update. Congrats on the job! :D

  • tc-city

    new page! :D
    Just out of curiosity, will there any be sort of like symbolism in this comic?haha.
    (or maybe there already has been salkfjelakdjfkl.)

    • SO MUCH but it probably won’t be obvious till later XD

    • brendo

      I’m detecting a lot of symbolism in the color blue in this chapter (which is named Water in the Desert). The palette is so predominantly tan that any instance of blue jumps right out. The blue door on this page has me very excited for what’s going to happen on the other side :D

  • nomnomnom

    I’m so happy for the new page!! and a new character, exciting :D
    btw, it looks to me like Soli’s hair change a bit, it suddenly looks shorter and not evenly-lengthed

    • It’s possible! I make mistakes when it takes me so long to get a page done ;n; I will keep an eye out for that in the edits!

  • Tim Kietzman

    Well I love this comic! Thanks for finally updating it, I hope the next one is soon.

  • Pilot-Tender-Foot

    Hi! this is my first time commenting. i am in love with your comic and just wanted to say so. Thanks for sharing it with the world. Take care and i hope everything goes well with your new job! ;)

  • Emma

    Your facebook is locked to people who don’t have facebook accounts. Would you consider also updating on tumblr or changing your privacy settings?

    • The Meek FB page is locked? Or just mine? I keep my personal one private because that’s my IRL stuff, but I think the comic’s page should be open. Or you can catch me on Twitter, which I think should be open too.

    • speearr

      It is not.

  • Sir, I’m gonna buy you like, ten blimps. We’re gonna ride those blimps.

  • fil

    This comic is superb in every aspect. I just read it up to this page in one sitting and will be following it now, i’m engaged emotionally with the characters and story and the wonderful art.

    But I’m confused about one thing, do you not WANT to do this full time? Please don’t take offense, I don’t mean to be an entitled reader, i understand that life happens. I just think you have something that could support you but it seems you either don’t believe that, or don’t want that. I don’t know if you’ve seen Daniel Lieske’s Wormworld Online Graphic Novel yet, but he launched in December of 2010 and just quit his job this past month to work on it full time. Thats 6 months to financial independence. I think The Meek is of comparable quality and could similarly support you but currently its not packaged right and its not marketed right and I’d emplore you to either hire someone or do the legwork yourself to change that because no matter who you work for there is nothing better than being in charge of your own intellectual property, creativity, and financial destiny

    • Well, there’s a few reasons. Chief among them, I licensed TM to a third party in 2009, so the distribution decisions aren’t mine anymore. I don’t really like shipping/ packing/ mailing, which would take up a lot of my time if I tried doing this full-time. And as much as I’d like to be able to focus on my personal art full-time, I tend to hurt myself by overworking if I’m given the chance. I messed up my arm in March doing that and it’s still not completely healed… I’m trying out normal employment because I don’t want to do that anymore.

      Also I have a disabled brother who is my main priority for the future. I need to be making enough money per year that I’ll have enough saved to take care of him when he is older. If it was just me by myself, I might be doing it differently. And, of course, I wish I could make a living via the comic alone but at the moment, given where I live and other factors, that just isn’t possible. Sorry, that was a lot of info… but thanks very much for giving me so much credit :)

  • Essie

    Hahaha, I love how Alamand diffuses the other guy’s suspicion by claiming Soli as his girlfriend. Pretty clever… unless he’s being serious? Lol

    It feels like Al has a Lost Boys/Goonies-type of thing going on in his life. Which is totally cool.

  • Cat

    Should it be in Ali’s wiki page that he thinks she’s his GF? :o

  • Arth

    as long as it takes for you to update, is always worth the waiting when you do ;) missed ya!

  • Beatriz

    OMG! Congratulation on getting a job! Good luck with that and don’t let work take over your life too much. My sister is a bit of a workaholic too. She sometimes makes herself work from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., even when she’s out of her office.

    Also, good luck with the comic. I definitely don’t mind having to wait a whole month or more for a page update because this comic is worth the wait.

  • Jess

    I don’t see what the big deal is about the update schedule- it’s a free webcomic. If I were paying a fee to view it, I might be disgruntled. As it stands, I’m happy whenever there’s a new page, and indifferent the rest of the time.

    Side note: You should make a “deal with it” chinchilla and link people who complain to it.

  • Avian

    O-O That new guy…So cute! He need his own minicomic

  • RazorKitten

    Oh Alamand. You goof. I seriously wonder what Soli thinks about his ideas. XD

    It’s weird, but I used to know a guy who wore his hair like Alamand’s buddy here, maybe he was Santri too. :O

    I love this comic. <3

  • Hjorth

    I think it’s incredibly cute if Alamand has a crush on Soli/considers them girlfriend-boyfriend. And with their personalities, these two are definitely my favorite characters so far.
    It’s good to see a new page for you – Congratulations on the job, and good luck with everything!

  • Liz

    Facebook is still evil: but I’m following you on LJ and the comic, so… Also dA, of course, but you didn’t mention that site. XD

    • Haha, I haven’t updated it in months though v_v

  • Pneumonica

    When I saw panel 1, I thought someone would be lying dead by the panel 5. Soli’s a very calm person. XD

    Also, when I see Al’s friend I immediately think he’s Jewish. Probably a symptom of me being a bad person, but such it is.

    • Well, his haircut does give him the look of wearing a skullcap.

      I saw this page and actually considered getting that haircut until I realized it’s probably pretty implausible in real life…

  • Fozzymillow

    Such joy when I saw that you updated.


    And just as you will never stop working on ‘The Meek’, I’m pretty darn sure I’ll never stop reading it XD

  • Twigs

    Even with a shaved head I want that guy to be real so he can be my boyfriend 83

    What is it about redheads??
    In before “but his hair is brown” — I’ll have him anyway.

    Yay I am a conspicuously single weirdo

    • Why. It is a character we’ve hardly seen and probably won’t for much longer, anyway. You people, I swear…

      • Twigs

        He just looks like the ideal boy, if he were real. Skinny but not painfully so. Kinda goofy-looking so he wouldn’t be too full of himself. The monk hair is a bit of a hurdle, but y’know.

        I should stress that I don’t want the actual character to be my boyfriend x) What I’m saying is that I would want him as a boyfriend if he were real. I don’t fall in love with cartoon/comic characters.

    • CelestialTeez

      Would it help if i told you you aren’t alone?? >_>

      • Twigs

        THANK YOU <3

  • Twigs

    Also, congrats on the job!! It is good to make money so you can buy food and lodgings =) And I will always keep reading the Meek because the art and story are amazing.


  • Marion

    I take it that the aversion of having hair observed only goes for themale of the Santri tribe, then? ‘Cause Phe didn’t seem to have a problem with that at all.

  • Dart

    Oh, awkward childhood crushes. I am so glad I am past them.

    New guy = awesome hair.

  • Kotsuso

    Gah, caught up to the most recent in a few mere hours (i started on the first page; this is my first time reading the comic) T-T
    Yet another awesome web comic that I’m now waiting for updates on. As if Rice-Boy’s “Vattu” and Dresden Codak’s “Dark Science” weren’t teasing me enough…

    bitchin’ and moanin’ aside, this comic freaking rules and I’m super-glad I found it :) Can’t wait for the next update.

  • Hoheh

    Girlfriend. Huh. Sure, why not? She probably likes him better than her husband/boyfriend/I forget…

    • Jac

      I suspect she likes -most- people more than her former lover, considering she hasn’t tried to kill anyone yet.

      That we know of. >_>

  • Hawkins

    Judging by your extremely polite rant, you were berated about your lack of timely updates. Perhaps by people who acted like you owed them something? Don’t let em get you down.. I would like to lend a voice to the silent majority that loves your comic, and expects nothing else but that you continue to tell the best story you can, when you can. We’re out here, and we appreciate it.

    Thank you for everything so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing more!

    • Oh no, not a rant, more like an explanation :) I get just as frustrated with the lack of updates as you guys, but I just want to make sure everyone knows that it’s an issue that is being worked on. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel like I’m dropping all communication with them, that is pretty much the worst thing a creator can do to their readers.

  • Hana

    I’ve stopped reading some webcomics because the creators went on very long hiatuses and I lost interest, but The Meek is not one of them. It says something that your writing and illustrations are good enough to keep me around even after very long absences, so just keep being awesome, even if it is a little slow in coming! No worries, I will never stop reading The Meek.

    I’m a workoholic, too. I have tons of projects that I’ve buried under the bed in lieu of paying jobs, and it sucks, but c’est la vie, I guess.

  • omg this kid

    hitchhiker’s thumb TO THE MAX <3

  • Siobhan

    Awww, please don’t get too wound up on updating this! I’m very very VERY happy to wait for updates! It’s a good kind of waiting, because it’s something I look forward to. besides, all of us (well, some of us) understand that life can get in the way. But as long as you enjoy doing your updates when you can, we’ll enjoy it too! Personally, meek is my favourite webcomic now, and expect to see me doing some fanart on DA very soon! ;D

  • DeliriaUceello

    This update was very, VERY worth waiting for. Love!

  • Emma short for Emmanuel

    I used to wear my hair like that. All but front shaved…

    • Emma short for Emmanuel

      All but the front shaved.

  • Raoul

    Cheers for gainful employment!

    Stack ye the cheese whilst ye may. You can always Meek out if things go pear-shaped.

  • Another beautiful page, so loving your art & color work!

  • Hoheh

    Hmph. I got overly distracted by romance. WAR!?

  • Biz

    Pfft Ali would be the cutest and funnest boyfriend to have ever….when he turns 18

  • Jodi

    Yay for the job!

  • Laura

    Ah, updates! Delicious and refreshing, like fresh lemonade. :D

    I’m shocked that someone might equate slow updates as unprofessional. Clearly, these people don’t read Lackadaisy, where one devours a feast of three pages after a famine of weeks, or sometimes months, with no notice whatsoever–and if nothing else Tracy Butler is considered a paragon of professionalism.

    Such commenters as would cry amateur over a dry patch seem to me the same sort who might take offense at having to wait in line at the deli; they are incapable of understanding that someone else must be served first before themselves. Rest assured I, like many other silent-types, are more than happy to take whatever comes, whenever it comes.

    • BecauseICannibal

      I couldn’t have said better myself. About both the commenters and Tracy Butler. Slow updates means a busy life. Who’s never had busy times in their lives? So then we can’t expect a professional artist to be any different.

  • Vanillarayne

    Eh, I don’t really check webcomics very often anyway; sure, it’s a little disappointing sometimes when there’s nothing here despite checking (four times in a row is worse), but I don’t mind too much at all. This is a good enough webcomic that I keep checking it all the time anyway, and I’m not really that picky.

    Also, I lol’d at the “girlfriend” comment.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Hehe, I love the detail how Soli gets stuck in the door. XD Lovely page as usual. I love all those details you put in. They are not like “details that get in the way of the story” but details that adds really helpful information on the environment and characters. *thumbs up*

    Grats on the job! <3

  • Fun fact: I had no idea Soli was a chick until 3.20. It’s so nice to see a comic female who isn’t a ridiculous pin-up caricature. Men in comics don’t have to be attractive to be relevant, so why is that standard held for women? Not to say that Soli’s homely, she’s just obviously not the kind of individual who worries a lot about her appearance (which makes plenty of sense in this context.) The Meek is a breath of fresh air to the webcomic world in so many ways.

    Congratulations on your new job, by the way.

  • Lauren

    I really like Soli’s face in the fourth panel.

  • the works are very great to watch , keep it up, there is a great future for you. thanks for showing them

  • vogel

    so your one and only reason for existence is not my entertainment?

    oshit, this is a bit of a blow… im gonna have to sit down for this. does that mean other webcomic artists are… oh dear…

    • Just take deep breaths

    • Twigs

      Inorite? What do they think they’re doing, all eating and sleeping and making money to pay rent? Jesus.

  • Tim Kietzman

    The plot thickens! When will the next one be???

    • Same answer I give you every time/ answer up there in the text XD

  • Haha, I love Soli’s moment versus that unforgiving door jamb in the first panel. XD

  • Jodi

    As always, well worth waiting for!

  • Le Sod

    As long as it’s good for you too and if I can still have my smoke afterwards we’re cool.

    That’s not how one does metaphore, right? -_-,

  • shnelly

    Wow, I’m in love with this page. Alamand is so cute hnnnngfjdhlgd

  • Shame

    I love your comic, yo do an amazing work! :D

  • Elizabeth

    Hope you’re having fun at SDCC!!

  • Dart

    I just realized that, if I was just a little bit taller and older, I would be dead-on for Soli. The shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, long face…I’m pretty confident I could pull off her range of scowls well too. XD Well, finally there’s one good thing about my slightly androgynous features, I guess!

  • Esther


    Hey, which story from Flight 8 did you do?

    • The one near the end with the dinosaurs B]

  • Mongoose

    so what exatly is you schedual?

    • I wish I knew :C My publisher wants me to finish the chapter by the end of August so… we’ll see!

  • Swizec

    Aw man, I just discover a new comic, read through the archives, only to find the artist being terribly busy. Oh well, I’m hooked, to the rss reader with you, Comic!

  • Jelly

    Found your comic after reading Rice Boy and Order of Tales by Evan Dahm. Read from the beginning and here I am! Wonderful comic! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  • Feiring

    I dig the guy’s hair, it’s really cool and a great idea for his design (:

  • Kie


  • Erica

    *sniff* A whole month goes by…

    Nah, I understand being busy, trust me. Hope you can get back to it, soon!

  • Nicole

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    but you did this project for you and this should not feel like a job. You shouldn’t have to answer to anyone, regardless of whether they purchase merchandise or what have you. This comic is still free to read and unless that changes, you should not have to feel guilty for dealing with things in your life without alerting us. I have a great deal of respect for you and your work and I have followed you on devART for a very long time and I just HATE when I see people taking advantage of the fact that you are providing us with entertainment and your personal art and story, with no charge.

    Congrats on your job! I hope you have a bright future with the company!

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