Hello again, green box! You are worth a lot of money evidently. Also one of you was special and awesome and noticed his finger was missing on the last page despite it being a really small detail. That has less to do with a tragic backstory and more to do with hitting live bullets with rocks for fun.

Fun fact: You’ve likely noticed that Carissi kids have stupid hair. The stupid fancy-hair trend is based on a sort of uh… Carissi hipster-kid way of mimicking Pasori warrior hairstyles. Warrior imagery was used a lot a few decades ago to mock the Pasori and justify Caris’s part in the war. Kids who do it nowadays probably don’t know why everyone else is doing it (it’s a widespread gang/ anti-establishment thing) but they try to out-fance each other anyways. Cultural appropriation for the win!

OK Time to finish colors on tomorrow’s page D:


  • Yumi

    Gah, I love The Meek being back!

    What a cute, disturbing kid the boss is.

  • reetva

    That’s our Alamand!
    [Everyone in room erupts into kindly laughter, as Soli roughly slaps Alamand on the back]

    • lol! aaand roll credits

  • Avelera

    Oh god that Boss kid in the first panel – I was literally crying laughing.

  • Jac

    Two pages in one day? Best day ever. :3

  • Jac

    Also: Whups, kiddo, your eyepatch is slipping D:

  • sawbones

    He’s gotta bring out dat all-seein’ eye for the serious stuff.

  • Saurus

    LOL I love Alamand’s overenthusiastic attempt. Damn, I’d love to pitch something “It’s a thing” and get five thousand for it!!
    Also, assuming no one already pointed this out, the “Boss Kid” isn’t, say, eight or ten or something–he’s on the older end of the spectrum, since he’s almost as tall as Soli! (Not that that alone indicates age.) Whom I seem to recall is the tallest character.

    • Yeah he’s like 15, and relatively tall…

  • Cheshire

    OH MY, two updates in 1 weekend! Thank you almighty Der-shing. Looking forward to more :D

  • pfmoi

    Ok, did anyone else see Boss Kid have a blue screen of death? No? Just me? AWKWARD TURTLE. Love Alamand trying to get them even MORE money. Hilarity.

  • Chemist

    I have a feeling… that the Psi on his eyepatch holds some significance…

  • Huh, I had totally forgotten they had a radio system here, what level is their technology at?

    • Good question!

    • Wood

      It looks like early 20th century ? Firearms, radio technology ? We haven’t seen yet if they have steam engines…

      • Jade Tiger

        ^^ The Meekapedia mentions “steam carriages”…

        I was thinking late-1800s levels of tech, in some places at least.

    • gaboris

      Same thing I asked, thought since they have no idea what that should be maybe it’s either not public knowledge or they ARE just a bunch of kids who don’t know these things since they don’t have the internet to ask. :D

  • Oh my god this kid. I can’t tell if I want him to get punched in the face or highfived but I have a feeling it is the former.

  • Hanan

    I like this kid. What does that say on the wall in the first two panels? Please forgive me if someone else has already asked.

    • Oh, haha, it just says “dont touch”

  • I love this kid. Those first two panels of him being lost in an Evilly Foreboding Declaration are hilarious.

  • Kels

    Soli’s gonna be stuck there, ain’t she? No way she’s leaving the city the same way she came in, so it’s stick with the kids or get grabbed by Luca’s men. Should be interesting to see what happens.

    More importantly, I took a look back at the beginning, and I’m guessing that Soli is The Woman Who Cries But Sheds No Tears, so she’s gonna be in contact with Angora and Pinter before long. Which means so much fun stuff coming down the pike, I can’t wait!

  • Twigs

    This is amazing. Meek is back and it has a new semi-insane character. This day couldn’t be better =)

  • Emperial

    You’ve put me in hysterics with your brilliant pacing, as usual! Love the dialogue!

  • Marion

    Yay! The Meek is back!

    but having said that…

    Is it possible for me to loathe Soli even more? She’s a thug and a smalltime crook and she isn’t even a GOOD as a thug and a smalltime crook!

    There’s something about a thug that clobbers scientists over the head, looting their labs and selling their books and artifacts without a single clue what knowledge those books hold NOR HAVING THE SLIGHTEST INTEREST in ever finding out, that really, really irks me.

    I kinda like The Boss, though. (this, of course could alter – it;s not how ‘cool’ or ‘savvy’ a character is to make me like him/her, it’s his/her actions that matters to me)

    • It should irk you! I mean… everyone in this chapter is pretty incompetent, haha. Also I’ll be honest, I don’t like Alamand that much and I’m, like, his writer T_T

      • Marion

        Well, that’s good. That;s the sign of a good writer. If you only wrote characters you liked who were sooperdooper competent all the time, you’d be writing Mary Sues. :)

      • Kels

        Is Luca the only one of the main characters so far who’s good at what he does? It’s not a pleasant thing he does, but he’s certainly skilled.

        • lol. Pinter actually is relatively competent when he isn’t drunk off his ass. And Phe is pretty good at most things (except not-dying, I guess)

  • Rebekah

    Soli: Master of Subtlety XD By the way, is it five thousand dollars, or do they have their own currency?

    I like The Boss, he’s kind of creepy in the first couple of panels then suddenly becomes all amiable. He and his little syndicate kind of remind me of that cartoon, Kids Next Door…

  • Blue

    I am really liking this new kid. I love how much personality you’ve already instilled in him using mostly just hand gestures/body language and facial expressions. Really loving the perspective in panel five too.

    Auughhh the art looks wonderful too. Can’t wait to see where this is going, I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be one of my favorite chapters :>

  • Mizo

    That awkward moment when your big mouth costs you 3000 uh, rupees? Haha, now I’m wondering what their unit of currency is.

    • Kels


      • Sarah NG

        Honestly tried to thumbs up this comment.

      • Haha, actually their dollar is colloquially referred to as a Lucre, so pretty close.

        • Kels

          But that’s filthy!

  • mike

    I love this new character. It is absolutely impossible for me to read his dialogue without imagining him with a British accent.

  • feline256

    I feel the immature urge to state I also noticed his finger last page! But wanted to wait until it was verified and he wasn’t just folding his fingers sinisterly or something.

    In closing, oh Soli… you’re not very good at this.

  • Maphysto

    Aha, I’m beginning to see what’s going on here.

    The boss wants to get his hands on broadcasting equipment/research. He must have a message he wants to get out to the people…

    • Nomi

      I don’t think the boss knows very well what it is either. Noise is very, very good…. but noise ain’t really the point of those things, is it?

  • Avian

    I noticed that that kid is missing his left ring-finger! :D No wonder it was missing in the previous page as well.

  • SladinForever

    Do the words on the wall say ‘dood torch’ in panels 1 and 2?

  • Cherry B.

    Wait…What? I feel disoriented…
    I check [obsessively] every day for about a month and a half, hoping for an update and just when I’m losing all hope and check only twice a week, I find not one, but two updates in the small lapse of time I didn’t bother dropping by. >.< Sigh~~

    I'm glad you're back, you've been sorely missed. We've all been waiting anxiously for your return to us and grateful for more updates! Not to mention, that brown-haired, half-shaved kid was beginning to become a real eyesore… <_<

    @SladinForever, it's a box that says "don't touch". :3 Has a little scarf-looking thing hanging from one of the sides.

    • gaboris

      Hehe yeah I was the same as well, I almost banged my head in the table when I saw the page number was 39 not 38. XD

    • SladinForever

      Thanks for the answer :) But I’ma pretend it says Dood Torch XD

  • gaboris

    FINALLY!!! I was almost loosing hope here. :D

    So I read the comic a few months ago, but thought I’d wait for a new page with a comment. :)
    Awesome job you’re doing here and BOY daily updates sound sweet. X3

    BTW I’m still not sure I got the whole technology thing right so far cuuuz DO these people understand what they are just these guys never saw modern stuff like people in a jungle or is it like the governments are keeping stuff like this secret?

  • I like how the boss kid’s eyepatch is slipping a little there like it’s not perfectly glued to his face XD

  • Fleece

    I love how I have absolutely no idea where Soli´s storyline is going.
    And I love those first “meditating on evil” panels. The Boss is crazy awesome, with all those speech patterns and gestures.
    On the next to last panel, The Boss readjusting his eyepatch? :D
    And… Alamand´s voice is cut off by him saying “–” :D

  • Pneumonica

    Wow. Glad I keep checking this thing.

    Also, Boss needs a cat. Then the image will be complete. Unless Boss IS the cat… Which takes us to a very bad place. :-/

  • It’s just occured to me I don’t think I’ve ever commented on The Meek, which is clearly an outrage, so… This is one of the most amazing comics I’ve ever seen; the artwork is brilliant, the characters are fascinating, the world-building is incredibly deep without being at all intrusive (and man, do I hate intrusive world-building), and the story is unpredictable, satisfying and uniformly well-written. Also, it’s both hilarious AND emotionally moving. I love how Soli is simultaneously awesome and pathetic. In summary: Yay The Meek!

    • Kels

      You think that’s bad? I didn’t even realize The Meek HAD comments until yesterday!

      • Well, the important thing is that we both realized that it’s a comic. Right??

        • Wait, this is a comic?? D:

          • Hmm…maybe the important thing is that we all survived?

            Uh, we DID all survive, didn’t we? Oh dear…

          • Pneumonica

            Who are you again, alexds1?

    • Aw, thanks XD Thanks for your first comment too! yay!

  • Maggie

    it’s like christmas has come early after a long time of no christmas

  • sauce

    That first panel has me in hysterics.

  • PeeBee-Jay

    I like the boss. Him and his snazzy little hair do, and snazzy little pocket book, also the snazzy way he doesnt wear shoes.

    • He wears sandals, actually :B A lot of Carissi do.

  • Kie

    After reading this and the previous page multiple times, I only just realized that he’s missing a finger. Gee you’re good with detail :0

  • Hellmouth

    Well I don’t recall us seeing that many Carissi kids, and those we have don’t really strike me as having dumb hairstyles. :v

    • Fleece

      I agree, nothing here to beat the hairstylistical dumbness of that half-shaved Santri kid. Not even close.

      • Hellmouth

        at least he had a totally good reason for it. Right? Riiiight?

  • DaeBrayk

    Am I the only one here reading the Boss as if he were played by Very Potter Musical’s Draco Malfoy?

  • Tim Kietzman

    Great! Please keep the updates up!

    (Say, I’ve been wondering something… I am sure the country’s you’ve named are all fictional, but I what time of year is this comic taking place in? I don’t see any technology so is it in the 1800s perhaps? the 1700’s? 1600’s?)

    • The current year is 754, but that’s based on their calendar of course. As for their tech level, that’s the fun of reading and piecing it together for yourself :3

  • Liz

    Oh. My. God.

    An update!


    Well ,he did not specify singles, hundreds, or thousands. His fault, entirely.

  • A Blob

    Haha, Soli is so tall.

    And the comic is getting more and more detailed! How is this possible?!

  • Crestlinger

    Kid likes his reading material and it seems he knows more than he’s letting on about the radio.

  • Ennis

    Boss kid kinda looks like Near from Death Note.

  • This is one of my favorite pages. Absolutely genius humor :)

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