Hope you liked this page! Next update is in Jan 2019

*wah wah*

I timed the relaunch to coincide with the end of the first chapter of my other comic, Mare Internum, so anyone just checking here now gets to not only read a new Meek page, but also an entire new chapter of a different comic if they want :O If you weren’t already reading it, then happy surprise birthday!! If you were already keeping track… sorry, your birthday was cancelled :C

So, I’ll be updating once a week here on Thursdays and once a week there on Tuesdays until the end of next month. You can get to the comic any time by clicking on the MI box or red and blue circle icon. In July my time will clear up and I will be able to offer several regular updates a week of all my comics!

The Meek has been my baby for over half my life now. I had some bad things force me to hiatus, but permanently quitting this project is just not an option. I mean, unless I die or whatever. Hopefully that’s not for a while. Thanks for sticking around, and I’m looking forward to posting more of this weirdass project.

Today’s bonus art: glad to be back


  • Karlito

    Hey, so it wasn’t an error that the last 10 comic pages ended up in my feed reader yesterday. I’m glad you’re back!

  • Cheri

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • R

    *freaks out* OMG IT’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    *tears of joy* THANK YOU FOR NOT QUITTING!!!!!!!!!!

    *tears of joy turn into ugly cries of relief* Thank you! Thank you so much for coming back!!

  • Carol Ann

    I’m so glad your Web comic is up again. I love reading it. I can’t wait to see what you have planned. :) It’s awesome you can start working on it again. I have always admired your art style. It’s fantastic, it brings so much life to the characters. Anyway great job !

  • holy shit, i had to double take on my twitter feed. IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. SHING YOU ROCK

  • monolithic

    I would have waited until at least Jan 2029 to see this comic update again if I had to – it’s amazing and I am extremely excited to see it come back! MI looks great too and it makes me happy (& is quite admirable) that you’ll be updating both comics at the same time.
    The page looks pretty, I like the background in panel 1.
    Welcome back :-)

  • aimee



  • Patrick S.



  • Kees

    I’m so excited to see this back! Pinter and I have been wondering about that spear for far too long, and now we’ve got some answers ;D

    I think it’s cool how your two comics are different artistically… with MI in general being pretty gritty-looking and TM looking so sleek. Your backgrounds are gorgeous as always. Aaaaah I can’t wait to see Angora again! And everyone else.

  • azore

    ah wait so are the outlines around the speech bubbles back or
    also soooo glad to see the Meek come back omggggggggggggg

    • Yeah, I had a midlife crisis and took them away for a few updates but now I’m better

      • il biggo

        This comment section seriously needs thumbs 8D

  • Joy

    Wow! So excited for what is to come and so happy for what is already here!

  • Mike

    Finally, I’ve been refreshing this page for what feels like years!

    Welcome back!

    (I must disagree with you, though: being up-to-date with Mare Internum isn’t like having our birthdays cancelled, it’s like having two birthdays a week! Seriously, your comics are awesome)

  • MarissaB

    I’m so excited 8D

  • Ezuco

    Awwww yiiiiissss!!

    Finally all that virgin’s blood made effect!! Maybe a little too much blood for 3 years…. BUT WHO CARES?! THE MEEK IS BACK ON BUSINESS!!

  • Perlite

    Somewhere in my heart, I knew that you were still alive. And after all these years we finally get to find out what that guy’s deal was!

  • I-It… It’s been… 3 years? What, when did that happen?

  • Moray

    This was my first webcomic and I completely fell in love with it. I can now go right back into this glorious world you created! Just keep doing what you’re doing girl!!!

  • OH OH WHAT A DAY WHAT A LOVELY DAY my fav comic has updated since YEARS actual YEARS! I am so happy you are back and can’t WAIT for this to continue!!

  • Sam

    I accidentally clicked the link in my favorites when trying to click something else.

    How is it that the one day I actually load up this site is also the day it updates! In my amazement I accidentally closed my browser. Yeah I seem to be miss-clicking a lot…

    In any case I’m glad to see The Meek back.

  • Two comics at once, you crazy crazy person! The internet sends all it’s hugs!!!

  • Yumi

    *softly hisses yesssssssssss the entire time whilst reading the comic*

  • Welcome home, Der-shing.

  • SpiralofDragon

    And this (comics returning from hiatus) is why I keep an RSS feed. Glad to see you back!

    *Adds Mare Internum to RSS feeder*

  • Nat

    I am sincerely happy to see that you have returned Der-shing Helmer. Today is a most joyous day for the webcomic world. I return to my dark corner where I will silently (but faithfully) follow your excellent work.

  • Nate

    Side-quest acquired: Find Etan’s Wife

  • HSHarbison

    Thrilled and inspired to see your return. Hope his wife turns up :<

  • AnnieK

    Oh the happies!

  • It’s been a time and a half, but glad to see you got your groove back. Loving both comics and can’t wait till next Tues/Thursday!

  • Wreck Smurfy

    Wonderful. Well worth the wait. I never had any doubt.

  • Yay!

  • Astor

    It’s been much too long. Welcome back!

  • Zorg

    Usually I never comment on comics, but today is a special day :D.
    I´m so happy that The meek is back! Thank you Der-shing Helmer for coming back and continuing this awesome work of art.
    I hope creating it brings you as much joy as reading it does for me.

    For a moment I tought that comic-rocket was lying to me.
    You know if I had to wait until January 2019 I would with zero complains (Glad that’s not necesary though :P).

    It’s totally. worth. the wait.

    • Haha, thanks for the comment then :] I’m extremely happy to get to continue sharing the story that I’ve had sitting useless in my head for all this time!

      • Ryl

        I don’t think a story is ever really ‘useless’ sitting in one’s own head. Granted, said story might never get told, but that’s the risk any creative entity possesses. Sometimes you just need to process the drama that is life before you can invest, or re-invest in it, and sometimes along the way the story itself becomes better for it (and sometimes it never continues…).

        That said, thank you for coming back to us. I love this story and these characters, and have patiently waited with baited breath to see life return to these pages. Thank you for not giving up on it, and for not falling to the wayside.

  • I am so glad this is back. This was one of the first webcomics I really got into when I was first getting into webcomics, and I’m so glad to be back here reading it!

  • This is so exciting!!! :D

  • ErinElizabeth

    Yay! I’m so happy you’re back!

  • Katzenstreu

    I think the most amazing thing is seeing how far your art and abilities have advanced while on hiatus, but it’s like you’re able to still slip into the old style. The color palette, how delightfully pointed Pinter’s nose is (always was my favorite detail), and so forth. I was a little worried it’d be jarring going from the old page to the next, but it really is a wonderful blend towards your improvement.

    Anyway, thanks for the wonderful page. Longtime reader here is glad to see you’re doing a project you enjoy. I can understand that feeling, as a writer, at least.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I didn’t want to mess up the flow too bad. Part of being a versatile artist is being able to emulate different styles… thankfully, emulating old stuff is a comfortable and familiar feeling.

  • Jenny
  • It makes me unbelievably happy to see this comic’s return. The great diversity of body types and your grasp of expressions and color quickly made this one of my favorite webcomics. I greatly look forward to what’s in store for our cast of characters.

  • Sara


  • Kass

    My reaction when The Meek updates: http://i.imgur.com/lQM1RyR.gif

  • Tigerlady

    I don’t normally comment on Web comics I read but I have to say when I saw your post on facebook saying you’d be updating again, I gasped and screamed! In a good way of course… the new look of the site is fantastic and after so long (has it really been 3 years?!) I look forward to reading the comic over again like it was new. And I will now check out your other comic. Yay more comics! I’m glad to hear you’re back on your feet and I look forward to watching your stories unfold. <3

  • Skian

    This is me hugging you for updating or you metaphorically hugging me with new Meek or both or asghweildskhgowieqhladfgnlk
    I’m so happy this is such a good day I can’t even do grammar

  • Alyssa


    Though now I may have to go through and read the entire thing in one sitting…again…

  • TofuBot

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Also, welcome back!!

    Quick question, though. Are you going back to bordered panels? Even after all these years, it was weird to see the lines around panels and speech bubbles. I had to go back a page to confirm I wasn’t crazy.

    • Yeah, I think so. I’ll be going back and fixing the old pages so it doesn’t look so jarring!

  • I have the tears of joy (most certainly not the tears of depression)!

  • Ian

    This was the first webcomic I ever stumbled upon, and it was the start of something very special for me. Since then I’ve been all over the place, different stories, different styles, different worlds but always I came back to check on this one in particular. I can’t say just how many times I’ve reread it during the hiatus, I’ve lost count.
    Truly, it’s a wonderful thing for me knowing the one story that got me hooked on the entire idea of webcomics will continue. You’ve done such a wonderful job.


    I know people said this already.

    But I really, really, really hoped you would be back. And I didn’t want to say anything because it was clear you were going through a difficult time when you went on hiatus.

    But this thing is so good. Sooooooo many other really high quality web comics point to you.

    And also–best part, really–this must mean that you’re feeling better! YAYYYYYY!

    And yes, thank you, thank you a million times for picking it back up!

  • Maria S.

    You’re awesome, Shing. I know it must have been a pain having to hear crap about how you left this project hanging, and I know you’ve had a lot of people doubting you even when you said you’d bring this back. Good on ya for hanging in there, and proving the naysayers wrong! I’m excited to see what awaits Angora and the others.

    Ah, Pinter. You awkward boy, you.

  • Terry Dawson

    Congrats on this revival. “The Meek” was always worth the wai and never left my bookmark list: just knew you’d be back with it. And now with MI, there’s twice as much to love. Thanks for hanging in through the tough times and for sharing your remarkable gifts.

  • Zer

    It’s… it’s back?–BY THE GODS, IT IS.
    Thank you; oh my, thank you so much <3

  • septentriones

    Sooo happy! Glad to have you back!

  • JT

    Hurrah! It’s really good to see you back and able to work on The Meek—I’m glad things have cleared up for you!

  • Javi

    SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT it’s really back!!!
    Man you’re like the R. R. Martin of webcomics, make people desperate about when is the story going to come back, but totally worth it when it does.

  • Reed

    Wow, it’s baaaack! So cool! :-D

  • Robert Montrose

    HAL-LE-LEU-JAH! HALLELEUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Hark the herald artist sings! Glory to, the newborn Meek!

    We have been faithfully awaiting this day for YEARS! Praised be the LORD! Blessed be He! Joy has been restored, selah!

  • Barney

    Hiatus over! :D

  • Rosie

    YAAAAAYYYY!!!!! :D

  • Tom


    I know from experience how very hard it can be to pick up a project that you’ve put on hold for a long stretch – and yet the break between this page and the last is unnoticable from the artwork. Congragulations! Also congratulations on making it through whatever put things on hold in the first place. I won’t ask what that might have been, but I guess it probably wasn’t something good.

  • Fal

    Yay, it’s back!

    Time for a re-read!

  • Nanda


    You just made my day!

  • Kristian

    Awesome! Now I can stop constantly refreshing. :)

  • TachyonCode

    OH MY GOD! Dude, seriously, the art for this comic was always gorgeous and I love all the divergent story arcs, and you’re telling me I have a WHOLE OTHER COMIC to be reading now too?!


    Also I may totally pester you to do some art, if you do commissions. Someday. When I have money! When, if ever, you do commissions! XD

    *totally fanboys the heck out*

    This is probably the webcomic I was saddest about not being able to read anymore, by the way, so I’m totally psyched now :D

    Thank you!!!!

  • Victoria

    OMFG YEESSS I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time! I’ve been like checking in on this site every other day for gods know how long now! Ugh this just made my freaking month! So excited!


    Also, I take it that head-wear is something everyone of this ethnicity has then. How does it stick to the head though? : O

    • The cap is thin metal attached to fabric, which have some clips on the underside. Folks with less hair may use a light adhesive if they need to.

    • Robert Montrose

      …is that a Les Miserables reference, or am I just imagining it?

  • Allen

    I’m so glad to see that you’re doing better and that we get to see this remarkable story again. I’ve dug through the archives several times over the years and I’m still always impressed by your work.

    Thank you for being awesome.

  • EightyHD

    I had heard this was coming back from a friend, it still made my morning to see the name pop up in my RSS.

    <3 welcome back!

  • AAAAAHHHH MY DAY IS MADE. I absolutely love Mare Internum, but I was also so excited for The Meek to continue!

  • Reign of Crows

    I was glad to see more work from you with Mare Internum, but The Meek was what led me to your work, and I’m so happy to see it back. I’m looking forward to what comes next with both works!

  • Beta

    AWESUM STUFF HAS RETURNED! Well happy to hear the Meek is coming back!

  • Swann



  • Teowulf

    Welcome back!!!!! Fantastic to see a new page!

  • thomas

    Glad to see you haven’t abandoned this beautiful project. And glad to see that RSS still works :)

  • Danielle

    I want to cry I am so happy. Do you know this was the very first, the VERY first webcomic I ever read? And it’s what’s inspired me to start comics. I’ve had a graphic novel in the works for a couple years now, and Meek started it.

  • Graypath

    Glad to see the Meek continue, and I’m already captivated by Mare Internum!

  • Espen42

    Today was a very good day!

    Great to see you back, Der-Shing! Hope the part of you that enjoys making cartoons has been detoxed. I’m saying that for almost entirely selfish reasons.

  • aantia

    Thank you /so/ much for continuing The Meek. I started reading the week you stopped updating, and it was a real disappointment… until now! If you’re ever in Sheffield and in need of a place to stay, look me up.

  • Silidons

    Meek’s back, BABY.

  • Brett I love you Wasserman

    Der-shing Helmer, I am so fucking happy your back, I hope everything that’s been going on for you has been resolved in a somewhat happy manner, and thank you SO much for being so incredible and writing such an amazing story and not abandoning it forever, I fucking love you, you’re my god damn favorite! Today is awesome!

  • Adam

    It’s back :D

    I remember this comic being pretty rad, can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  • Evilbob


    Seriously! Great to see this comic update again!

  • LakAttack


  • Excited! So happy to see this chapter and the whole comic move forward. :)

  • nerg


  • John

    Aw man, I am gonna weep tears of joy. Glad you’ve found your comic-making bliss again! Mare Internum and The Meek ruuule weeeooooo WE LOVE YOOOUUUUU

  • War-Tequila


  • Retterhardt

    so excited so excited so excited so excited~

    I’ve been reading Mare Internum (loving it, by the way) so I knew this was going to update but I still flailed around like an idiot when I saw the new page!

    And congratulations on the return!!! I have my own long-term project that I’ve been working on for forever, and when I dove back into it last year, it felt awesome. This may sound cheesy, but it really is inspirational that you’ve been working on The Meek for so long and keep right on with it, despite the passage of time and personal life things. I hope that everything is looking up for you, and that you keep getting to do what you love!

  • Woooohoo update.

  • Sydney Freedberg

    I’ve never posted a comment on a webcomic, but The Return Of The Meek calls for an exception. Whatever was blocking you, whatever pain you were in — and haven’t we all been blocked? Haven’t we all been in pain? — I am glad and grateful you’ve overcome it enough to continue this magnificent story. I hope every panel brings you and healing.

    • Well, it was mostly a legal issue, which led to depression issues. I don’t know if we’ve all had those. Either way I’ve forced my way past it so here we go.

      • Lennier

        Ah, depression. *nods head knowingly*

  • LeDayz

    I’ve been reading since page 5 (then waiting and crying for years) and of course I missed the update by 2 days T_T


  • toksi

    Aahh! I just came by to see, how’s Meek doing, and oh my god an update!! GOD I’ve missed you so much ;;___;;

    Gotta read that other comic of yours, too, now that I have the time!

  • Glad to see you back!! :D

  • Kevin

    Woooh! I knew this day would come. Glad to have you back! Though if you are busy don’t feel too obligated. Patience is a virtue, cause it is worth the wait.

    • Haha, I have been raring to update for years… I don’t think I can wait anymore, sleep can be backburnered if need be :)

  • Missy

    So happy to have you and the Meek back! I’m really enjoying your new comic too.

  • Connor

    So happy today! Der Shing you write the very best webcomic on the internet as far as I’m concerned, it’s clear how much thought and care you put into every part of it, and it’s great how you do it all yourself. Reading it you can tell how important it is to you and that makes it all the more meaningful to be a reader of it as well. Even though it’s been a long time since the last update it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, really, and we never doubted you would come back to it one day. Thanks for bringing all of us something special – I can’t wait to see what happens next! =)

  • Diem

    Yaaaay! I’m so glad The Meek is back! I’m happy I found you on Tumblr (however long ago that was) so I could see what you’ve been up to. I’ve been reading MI since you started posting it, but The Meek is so friggin awesome.

  • Ace

    This would make such a fine, fine movie if adapted accurately – and I mean word for word. Why do Hollywood executives not read awesome web comics?

  • welcome back, glad to see you again <3

  • It’s good to have you back, I have missed the amazing artwork of the strips…

  • rrr

    Ain’t gonna lie, I kind of cried when I saw this. All this time, the webcomic never left my bookmarks, I never lost hope. AND I WAS RIGHT NOT TO. ;___;

  • There are no words for how much I’ve missed the Meek. And your work in general! Mare is just as fantastic.

    I had a bit of a rough time on the day before The Meek updated and when I learned it did, damn, I was the happiest in the world again.

    Also I just have to say you’re by far my biggest inspiration art-wise and you’ve given me, among other things, a love for noses and giant cave olms. And well, you’ve influenced my art style in a lotta ways!

    I love the first panel by the way, all that delicious foliage. Looking forward to more~

  • Tehbeefer

    I’d noticed lately that Mare Internum was really highly rated by other folks, so I’d been meaning to check it out although I had no idea it was associated with you in any way, shape, or form. Now that that’s remedied, I’ll definitely be adding Mare Internum to the list, and I’m very pleased to see The Meek making a return as well!

  • Mesidin

    So very glad to see this is back, and starting up again on my birthday no less. You have incredible artistic and storytelling skills. Please keep sharing. The amount you made me feel for characters in the few pages of The Meek and MI is more than entire runs of mainstream comics.

    Thank you!

  • I just discovered this comic today and I’m so glad that I did (and bingeread the whole thing despite deadlines). This is utterly FANTASTIC. The artwork is delightful– characters insanely expressive, dimensional, the color is gorgeous… and the story! It’s fascinating and enveloping. It hints at so much more going on between the lines. I love the different viewpoints weaving together!

    I don’t think any webcomic has ever had me invested so thoroughly and so quickly. So, I too am glad that you came back, despite not having to experience the torture of waiting. Delightful comic, and you’ve made a solid, brand new fan!

  • hito

    I’m so happy you’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack
    (sorry can’t keep it in)

  • Anthony

    So happy to see the meek live again!

  • theedarkcorner

    THIS. THIS comic, is well worth the wait <3

    *moves bookmark from hiatus folder to pending folder*

  • aroree

    OMG, I just randomly checked back in today, and a new page! I am so happy, it made my day! Welcome back, I missed you! And now a new comic to check!!

  • Gean

    I never even worried, I knew you would continue it sooner or later :)
    Welcome back, I wish you as much happiness as you bring to all of us with your comic! ^__^

    Every time an artists make a huge break in his or her work, I believe it’s because they were suddenly involved in some kind of truly magical adventure. I hope that yours ended well – that you made awesome friends during your journeys and saved the world. Well, the world is healthy and brave, so here you certainly succeeded. Good job done! :3

  • DarkMyste

    its back, its back… yes,yes

    does his own versions of the ecliptic happy dance

  • Robert

    Welcome back, I am so glad I left the feed in my reader. Really looking forward to the story continuing.

  • Chelle

    So glad you’re able to work on this comic again! It’s really one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed rereading during the hiatus, there’s just so much to love in this precious story. Your passion for this project really comes through and I for one love reading your “baby”. Again welcome back!

  • Nicholas Cannan

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to read this sooner! By the time I found out about it, you were on haitus D:

    Welcome back and I hope to see tons more of “The Meek”!

  • BoxinDachshund

    Really nice. I’ve been waiting patiently for this since I first discovered it two years ago. Can’t wait to see more soon.

  • Lennier

    It’s back! It’s back!

    Excuse me. I’m just going to add myself to the fanboying.

  • Christopher

    Yay its back as the guy from starcraft 2 would say
    Its about damn time!
    Glad your working on meek again

  • Alex Polubiec

    Welcome back!!! Great to see you creating new work for the Meek again :) Very excited to check out your new comic!

  • Jodie odie oh

    yay yay yay YAY YAY YAY!!!! It’s back, it’s back! <3 I can stop holding my breath!

  • Tahrey

    >doesn’t check back on Meek for about 18 solid months
    >gets random urge to do so
    >it started updating again in the last 2 weeks

    Hold my beer, I’m off to buy a lottery ticket right. Freaking. Now.

    :D welcome back!

    M. I. Looks interesting too…

  • Cecilia

    I’ve kept this comic bookmarked for 2 and a half years, changing over 4 dif computers, always making sure it’s one of the things I carry over, regularly checking up on it hoping that one day you’d come back to this story.

    Thank you for taking it back up.


    • SilverDapples

      You and me both! I’ve checked in on The Meek so many times it wasn’t even funny!

  • Raoullefere

    I’m so glad you have some time for this again, DH. I really missed it.

  • Bionic

    I saw an ad for this comic and I thought no… could it be??

    I am honestly so happy this is back and I can’t wait to jump right back into it.

  • Train Dodger


  • Dave

    I had given up checking in here a couple years back, but then there’s a link from HiveWorks! Yay!

  • SotiCoto

    *Checks back and forth between the two pages*

    2012… 2015 … Seriously?
    I didn’t even notice that.

    Talk about problems Archive-Crawlers don’t have.

    • Kempson

      You lucky son of a gun.

  • Megan

    I’m real late to this party, but I’m glad to see that you are happy and back in the comic-making saddle! I’m excited for your new comic, and excited to see where this already fantastic one goes. :)

  • Brian

    I’m even later to this party, but I blame a crashed computer that took all my favorite comics with it.

    Glad to see it back. Bookmarked again already.

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