Wow this page was a bear.

As a reminder, the Meekipedia is back up in case you’re struggling with some of the crazy lingo! But here’s a quick history lesson:

There are only two countries in this part of the world: Caris (where we are now), which is located directly south of The Territories (ruled by Emperor Luca deSadar).  The Territories occupy roughly the same area as the previous country ((old) Mesda) before it’s collapse… many people who were born before the last war still prefer to call this area Mesda, despite the new management. The Carissi are ruled by Princeps Symon Amakessar, whose father did some Bad Things during the previous war. Caris isn’t in a great position economically to make amends for those Things, and have something of an attitude problem when it comes to accepting responsibility/ apologizing (see Chapter 2). Now that shit is going down, the borders have been closed tight and deSadar is ramping up shenanigans (see Chapter 3). Folks who are caught on the wrong side of the curtain are potentially in deep trouble right now. What a time to be alive! Of course our friends Angora and Pinter do not know about annny of this because they are running around the Allodian jungle like fools (see Chapters 1, 4).

There are more complications due to the pan-nationalistic Santri religion/culture and compulsory military service in The Territories, but we can ignore all that until it comes up I guess, haha. I think about fake history a lot.

You can always comment here if there’s anything you’d like me to add or touch upon on in the Meekipedia, I am happy to expound as long as it is not spoilery. Generally I add to it as the chapter requires.

Today’s bonus art: One of my favorite illustrations of Pinter that I don’t think I’ve shared yet! Trigger warning: you may be seduced


  • Exeres

    So glad this comic is back on track. Keep up the stellar quality.

  • Jay Johnson

    Wow, January 2019 came pretty fast!

    • Time flies!!

    • Ny

      Its 2015

      • LordOfTheSword

        *sigh* That’s the joke.

  • CJ


    So so SO happy this is updating. This is seriously my favorite webcomic. I’m so excited to see more, and as soon as I have time (hopefully this weekend) I’m going to re-read the whole thing to refresh my memory too.

  • Siroloy

    YES! Seriously GEEZ I have been telling my friends about this thing for so long and I am turning goddamn cartwheels that you’re back to it. Circumstances be damned; I’m just incredibly glad that you’re back to The Meek and things can rumble along in their old fashion. Cheers Der-Shing.

  • Hansontoons

    Haha! The Pinter sketch gave me a good laugh! Thanks!

    Vote now, vote often!

  • Christopher

    Now we can see what pinter will do, and pinter stomach smoking in the sketch lol to funny

  • Kel

    I watched a stream you did where you were drawing that picture of Pinter… I actually have a screenshot saved of it to this day. I love Pinter. I wanna see him freak out /have a breakdown now that he’s sober.

    • Wow XD That must have been the last livestream I did, cuz I remember doing it like, yearsss ago, haha… also he is definitely not sober, but we’ll get into that more later.

  • Spav

    Return of the Murderhands.

    The best part of 2015 so far is that I get to geek out about not one, but TWO of your comics at the same time. I look forward to supporting you on Patreon come the end of June.

  • Oskqq

    Luca is one of my favourite characters since ever. Such a tragic hero. Great creation, bro. Keep up with this awesome work;)

    Cheers from Poland:)

  • Max

    Huh, just read the wiki page on the Santri. I always assumed Pinter’s nose was that color because of his boozing.

  • DukeBG

    About history and/or other wiki stuff.
    Luca deSadar and before him somebody deVurdes was “voted in”. I assume, they were voted in as some sort of prime-minister of the Treston Territory (i’m intersted in his specific title at that point and confirming the state)?
    And Treston had kinda à la government system and then after 735 Luca turned it into a totallitarian kind of autocracy? Strengthened his military presense, conquerred Olo and other territories, called it all Northern Territories… At some point acquired Pasori Nation lands too (somewhere around 738), i’m not sure if by conquest or diplomacy?
    Also, he proclaims himself an “emperor” in 738, but i think i’ve seen him being mentioned as “emperor deSadar” on some pages for year 737 (i can clarify which later).

    I also have another question about Borea becoming a part of Old Mesda in 652, the text on Borea page says “acquired”, but there’s a lot of info about the Treaty of 652, and treaty means diplomacy, they were doing trades and stuff (as written on other pages), not annexy, hmm?

    Yeah, i’ve read the whole wiki thoroughly when doing my prep work, I am sorry you’ll have to deal with me.

    • Yeah, after the end of the 30 years war, Mesda kind of collapsed… significant amounts of the population were killed, the remnants of the army returned to find their towns abandoned or in extreme poverty, there wasn’t enough centralized power to keep things going. Things collapsed into several warring regions with their own governments (warlords). The North was the best off, having been furthest away from the front and also because it is a pain to live there. The state of Treston in the North also borders Borea (the region where the Pasori people come from). Luca worked his way up from the bottom to become an elected official, and with the strength of the Pasori (that is a whole other campaign) behind him was able to to start wresting control back from the disorganized states to the south. As they kept getting reclaimed, they were added to the Northern Territories. One weird trick to becoming ruler of half of the civilized world.

      Old Mesda was a dick to the Pasori (well, everyone is a dick to them), they pretty much tricked the Pasori tribe closest to them into signing away the entirety of Borea (millions and millions of square miles and hundreds of tribes and subtribes) to them. That tribe had no idea what they were signing (they couldn’t read it either) but the “treaty” was considered legal and Borea became the “property” of Old Mesda. That was the reason behind the 30 years war, as Caris, being seafaring and pushy, was making a habit out of sailing way up North and taking whatever they wanted from Borea without telling anyone.

      • DukeBG

        Hmm. So, Luca was elected as Chief Warlord of Treston, because of his origins he kinda was also a big figure for Pasori (or had the connections due to being the son of the great pasori warrior), so he had the ex-Borea pasori soldiers + Treston pasori/santri soldiers to run over Olo and then other territories… Did he start to call his lands “Northern Territories” already as soon as he started running over Olo? And i’m interested to know more about the “whole other campain” of Luca getting the strength of Pasori, although i’m ok, if it’ll be covered a lot in the comic.

        Thanks for clearing up the “treaty was actually a trick-ey” with the 652!
        In addition to Old Mesda buying out Borea the reason for the 30YW was in large in king Amakessar being a huge dick where there was no real border or opposition from the Old Mesda. The war started when he was not just a dick to Pasori, but also reached into Mesda lands and took santri as slaves.

        Another interesting question, was there a winner at all in 30YW? Old Mesda dissolving is kinda a win for Caris, but I guess they [Caris] were in a very bad shape, if they couldn’t use this to just run over the separated remains of Mesda. They could at least make a move on Lopine or something. I guess the end of the war will also be covered in comic? The death of king Amakessar is intriguing.

        • Haha, well Treston actually had most of their shit together at the time (functioning cities, functioning democracy, volunteer army to keep out the creeps, etc. Nobody really messed with them because they are very much in a crappy place to live… think like, very far northern Canada or Russia, with very harsh winters). So being elected there was not a small feat, its maybe comparable to Obama being elected, where it felt like a big win for representation (the mix of Pasori and Santri people working together in Treston was a big reason it survived) and maybe the turning of a new leaf. There will be a bit more of this mentioned upcoming but I think that kind of covers the basics…

          And yeah, technically Mesda “won,” but they weren’t around to see it. Caris was pretty much starved out and in possibly worse shape than Mesda was, but wayyy more fortified, so they weren’t overrun by the crazy southern Mesda states as they dissolved into lawlessness. It was/ is still very difficult to get into Caris; lots of defenses and desert in the way, and also Caris is pretty insular. They don’t like outsiders unless they have been put in their place. I guess we’ll find out more if we ever get to The Center :]

          • Lennier

            I loves me some good backstory and worldbuilding. :)

  • Jam

    Hey! Just discovered the comic! That one is sooooo good <3
    Just wanted to know, can there be a map / maps on the wiki? With a possibility of a tracking of Angora's and Pinter's journey, and the one of Ali and Soli? I think it would greatly help better understanding what's happening :) Thanks for this comic!

  • Oh Pinter, why you so sexy?

  • fox-orian

    Your drawing skills of course have improved since the last update in 2012. I have to say, good job bridging the gap :) Reading through, no one would be able to guess there was such a long gap between two random pages near the start of chapter 4.

    I can only imagine now though, that you feel much more skilled to tackle more intense future scenes :D

    • lollll

      I’m in a weird place of being kind of obligated to follow along with the old style, while wanting to update a few things. Things are going to look inconsistent for a while I’m guessing, until I can get my shit together and decide on a style to go with for the rest of this thing.

      • Japanne

        You decided to go back to black outlines on the bubbles and gutters?

        • Yeah, I can’t forsake my roots… the white looked nice but is a bit too ungrounded.

          • fox-orian

            I only just now noticed that was a short-lived change a couple pages back o–o

  • brumagem

    Whoop, count me seduced. Guess that warning is there for a reason.

    (But for reals tho I think Pinter is totes cute, and it doesn’t help that I have a thing for cartographers with medium shades of hair)

  • Jenny

    im crying at that pinter pic holy fuck

  • Karrey

    I voted and I was seduced. <3

  • Jac

    Pinter’s got one smoking belly.

    Great to see updates on this again! I love this comic so.

  • stickmangrit


  • Rob

    All I wanted the past three Christmases were new Meek comics to come out. Thank you based Santa (and Der-shing Helmer)!

  • Jenny

    oh and i can’t believe it took me this long to figure out that they’re in caris??? the entire time i thought they were in the territories… this is why you read the wikia…

    • Teeechnically it was mentioned back here, but it’s been like years since that page went up and I don’t expect you to remember it, haha.

      • Jenny

        oh, yeah, i knew they were heading for citeran from within the borders… what i didn’t understand was that citeran is not the capital of the territories, but the capital of caris. i have no idea how i mixed that up @_@ reading comprehension skills -10

  • tashka

    OMG your back! This is excellent! I knew I was obsessively checking your page every couple months for a good reason! So glad. :)

  • azore

    all these territories .. . .. . . /needs a map/

  • Bri

    I am so glad this comic is back. I can’t wait to see what’s up next.

  • “this page was a bear”
    That looks nothing like a bear
    This is what a bear looks like

    silly shing

    • >:[ Please read carefully. It *was* a bear. I had to perform a complex alchemical maneuver to turn it into a comic page.

  • Tahrey

    Is he actually smoking through his navel, or just holding that ciggie for someone?

  • Skie

    Excellent, more shenanigans! Massively looking forward to more, and hoping to get more Meek books on my shelf now that we’re rolling again. Glad you sorted through your life things, and I hope every day is a smile for you! :)

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