OH YEAH shit we left her like, a few miles/ 3 years back, whoops

And, thanks for your feedback about how my site colors are the worst in the entire world, there will be some adjustments come next week~

And today’s bonus art: our greenhair buddy, from the same series as the Pinter pic


  • Panel 4. INCREDIBLE. would buy print.

    • I, too, would purchase a print of panel 4

  • Jay

    This guy seems really nice.

    … You’re going to do something horrible to him aren’t you.

    • I feel like nobody trusts me anymore.

      • paradox

        That’s not a no…

      • Ellie

        I mean, you killed Phe…and Boss. Between you and Game of Thrones, I’m just bracing myself every week.

        • v___v I still kinda feel bad about Boss

        • Da Rat Bastid

          Speaking of Game Of Thrones, it also features a tall, badass female warrior who makes a habit of blurring the lines dividing one gender from the other. I wonder what that warrior’s actress, Gwendoline Christie, would think of Soli?

  • Ted

    So glad you’re back! I missed your work – this is one of my favourite web comics.

    Keep up the great work!



  • Evildragonqueen

    Optimism? Optimism!? That’s a terrible idea!
    I also think that Pinter may be my favourite thing ever.

  • SebastianBurke

    Hey! First off, I love the site colors. As soon as I saw the lime green, after my eyes decided to work again, I fell right in love with it. XD
    I actually started reading the comic the day after the page before the hiatus was posted (something that seems to happen to me frequently) but I loved it and never gave up and continued to check back periodically, and lo and behold, you’re back! So I wanted to say, your comics are both fantastic, your art and writing are wonderful, and I look forward to following this until its end. Thanks for being awesome!

  • DukeBG

    He’s so mellow.

  • WOOO, stating the theme?? (the mission-part. maybe. ish) I’m excited either way : DD

    Also, panel 4 sums up alot about Pinter I feel. But “thing”. That’s rude, Pinter.

  • Cheri

    i’ve read too much stephen king to not be wary of the super religious character…

    • Ugh T__T Under the Dome was the worst at that, just like, slapping you in the face with shitty overblown characters.

      • LeDayz

        Also The Mist, Carrie, etc etc. But he has some good religious people too. It’s just the zealots that he usually casts as evil. This guy seems sane… for now mwahahahaha!

    • il biggo


  • vjek

    oh, wow. i’d completely missed the last two updates and had a minor (happy) freakout when i saw this! so glad to see this comic back on its feet, i love your art (and have been following your other projects in the meantime, but the meek has always had a special place in my heart).
    gorgeous as ever =)

  • I like this guy. His voice in my head is all calm and deep.

  • Rycheza

    Whaaaat. Someone complained about site’s colours? Why, I love them! Really, truly, sincerely
    Also the sunlight right after Pinters comment on too much optimism, hah ^^

    • Lol, its okay, I solicited for feedback! And the feedback was that neon burning green is maybe not the best choice.

      • Sharp

        I would like to mention that when scrolling up/down quickly, the side borders have a kind of flashing effect that may disturb readers with epilepsy. (sorry if that was already brought up)

        Perhaps zooming in on the pattern so the squares are bigger should fix it? I think the colors are quite pretty though, for what’s it’s worth hhahaa

    • aantia

      Yeah, there’s a literal ray of sunshine after the figurative one.

  • NeilTiger

    SO GLAD this is back! I saw the update on FB and nearly messed myself! Love your art style!

  • Panel 4: Me when I realize I still need to send in my loan payment.
    Wait it’s actually due tomorrow

  • fox-orian

    Lol, I actually laughed when I saw Angora looming over Pinters shoulder in his thoughts.

  • GoSign

    I actually really like this color scheme! A lot!

    It’s just that the neon yellow/green probably belongs as an accent or border in a few small places, not as the background for a paragraph to read (or in any blocks of a large size)!

  • Person


  • The sunbeam……….so total absolute comic genius!!!!!!!!!!!

  • meran

    I happen to like your colors, and no, I’m not color blind!
    I can’t find the Vote button…

  • Noa

    I liked the change of the colors! but what I really miss is the banner with some sundry characters from the coming pages, it really set the mood for the chapter to come! The background pattern can be a bit detracting too, but that’s just nitpicking – And I’m so happy the meek is back on!

  • Lennier

    “Everything is looking up! This is terrible!”

  • Mary

    OH MY GOD!!!!! This is my absolute favorite comic. I cannot BELIEVE it’s back! You have no idea! I was just flipping through facebook and I saw Meek and I was like no fucking way. I am so excited! You have made my day!!

  • Raoullefere

    Love Pinter’s last comment. Bwahahaha!

  • Minetruly


    I’d been checking every month or so for… Years??? And then saw an ad and was like, “OMG WHY WOULD THERE BE AN AD UNLESS ……!!!” UPDATES HAVE RESUMED!!!!!

  • Pinter dries fast. His hair must be made of Sham-wows. I envy that volume in the face of drizzles.

  • Lawrence

    @shingworks I, like many, have spent years waiting for this comic to return. This was not only because of how much I enjoyed the comic, but more so because I could tell how much the comic means to you. Through your comments and artwork your passion for the project, and pain at stopping it, made it clear that this was not something you would ever let rest lightly. I am so happy to see you back and with the success of MI and TM already ramping up, I would say all of your fans were sticking it out and happy to see you back too. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Lawrence

    On a side note…am I the only one that would like to see this comic turned into an animated film once it is complete?

  • Meng Ling

    For some reason I imagine suspiciously calm guy’s voice as the Martian Manhunter’s from the Justice League cartoon.

  • Lee M

    Worst site colours ever? Well… lime green *is* very… um… limey. But then you’d think I wouldn’t mind that since I am a Limey myself…

  • Jerome

    Whoop! I’m so glad to see you back in the game. I’ve been a big fan of your comics since the first story arc. I get to finally move “The Meek” out of my ended comic folder. :) Keep up the excellent writing.

  • eric

    So glad to see this back again. Let us know that Patreon is available.

  • chloe

    Oh my god, I’ve been checking back every few months to see if this was back and this time it was and aaaggghh so exciting :D

  • George the archon

    “Frankly, I’m not used to this much optimism.”
    That… really needs to be on one of your ads. :)

  • Brett I love you Wasserman

    For the record I like the New look of the site. Colors and all.

  • lily

    the atla influence on this page is so palpable

    ….in a good way

  • Six

    I feel like its just me, but Pinter reminds me a lot of Arin from Game Grumps

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