Sometimes you just need to win a fake argument with a stump that kinda looks like your crappy friend!!!!!!!

I honestly had so much fun with this page. I have a love/hate relationship with drawing the outdoors.

And, as promised, site changes :D My friend made a threat mockup of up what the site will look like if my future Patreon goals aren’t met, lol (don’t worry this is a joke).

Today’s bonus art: a closeup of panel 1’s lines, cuz I like them


  • aimee


    • lol… I had that layer named Pintree but I like yours better

  • astrocom

    OMG. 3 updates in 2 weeks, a mention of a patreon? Does this mean I can take you OUT OF MY HIATUS TAG IN FEEDLY!?!? *SO PSYCHED*

    • Yep, the hiatus ended once updates started again. I’ll continue to update here 1x a week on Thursdays until I finish my current freelance thing, then probably going up to 1-2x a week (on this comic, in addition to 1-2x a week on Mare Internum) after that. Good times.

      • Lilian

        2-4 Meek/Mare updates a week??? Wow. Don’t… pull an art muscle or something.

        In the meantime, I will be over here on the East Coast, enjoying your beautiful artwork and storytelling.

        • I’m going jobless for a few months with the intention of killing myself on as many comics I can put out until I am forced to go back to a real dayjob… maybe if Patreon works out I can kill myself for love and not for making some pointless horrible game art, but we’ll see…

          • Corbie

            I’m so with you at this. Fingers crossed! All that I can find. *opens fridge*

            Besides, your outdoors art is great. The indoors too, withiout question, but I’m especially gleeful whenever I find good outdoors / nature art. :)

          • Lilian

            You really are one of the better artists and storytellers I’ve encountered. It would be great if you could support yourself by doing your own projects.

          • Lilian

            Oh! In the fourth panel it looks like Angora is wearing a loincloth instead of pants… her left thigh appears to be exposed. Accident?

          • Oh, haha that’s her hand on her hip, not her leg flying out of her pants

  • Lilian

    I have monologues in the car, Angora. You’re not alone.

    The lighting is beautiful throughout this page. The lighting in panel one is gorgeous. Great soft colors, and great use of fading to evoke depth. I also noticed that the sunlight in that panel is focused on Angora… nicely done, be it intentional or instinctive or… a complete accident, haha.

    That log in the third panel reminds me of Sequoia National Forest. Mmmm.

  • grim

    it’s so good to see Angora again after so long!! i missed her ;_;

    • charles81

      Really, this just goes straight back to core Angora behavior
      Angry and talking to herself… or that former tree anway.
      Really though, her argument is infallible. He’s totally stumped.

  • where’s salamanderfriend when you need him??

    ughhhhghghh I love how you draw forests. so inspiring. ;-;

    (also yw little angora at the bottom of the page :> )

  • lou

    Judging from the “GRSH” in the last panel, Pinter would not be happy to be in the stump’s place…

  • Brian

    Man, i realy do love the colours of this page!

  • Retterhardt

    Yaaay! The fabulous colors…the intricate linework…the yelling at tree stumps– I love this comic!

    • Lennier

      I’ve yelled at tree stumps too. Kicking the back out of them not so much.

  • So much beautiful scenery ;w;

  • MSD300

    The look on that stump’s face. You’d think it’d never seen a topless woman before…

  • skellagirl

    Holy crap, the colors in this page definitely show how much your art has grown since the hiatus. They’re beeeeaaaauuutttiful, so inspiring

    I didn’t mind the bright green everywhere, but… I do have to admit, this is a bit easier on the eyes, haha. I do love the splashes of it around the site! :)

  • Lee M

    Hooray! The angry half-naked green-haired chick is back!

  • Danielle

    Where did the tree that fell over come from? It wasn’t in the panel where she’s stomping up to the stump.

    OMW tho so good to see Angoraa

  • wynne

    FWIW, I think the lime green really works with the black/dark blue/darkish teal thing you’ve got going on.

  • SFCGator

    Hooray!! You’re back!. Just checked in and was surprised and happy for your return. Hope all is well with you now.

  • Ness

    I’m so happy to see Angora again! It seems appropriate that after all that time, our first reintroduction to her hides her face. The colors on this page are great, too.

    Something I noticed is that the transition between the last page and this page seems a little bit abrupt. I think the transition could be smoothed if the first panel were pulled out a bit, to make it more of an exposition shot (the dialogue would still work though!). It would also add a little bit of variation to how much of the background is seen from panel to panel since it feels to me like it mostly stays in the middle-ish shot area.

    Just some thoughts! I’m really looking forward to the coming pages.

    • Valid thoughts! I’m actually happy with this as it is though. Just from a shop talky perspective, I feel like opening with an establishing shot is kinda safe/ standard, but it’s equally valid to establish a change of character focus first and the enviro later. Pulling out more to show a larger area would diminish the desired proportion of Angora to the enviro (making her seem too dwarfed and less of a “challenger”). And of course because future readers will eat these set of pages in 3 mins and not 6 weeks, haha. Though tbh I had written this page originally with a sky transition to mirror page 1. If I come back to this page later with your concern, that will probably be the solution.

      • Ness

        Thanks for your reply! It’s really cool to hear what your mindset behind the page layout was. I’ve never considered that bit about establishing change of character first, definitely something to keep in mind.

  • Marion

    Woot! You’re back! Glad to see the comic going again! Even though some of the characters still chave my butt, lol. Angora is still volatile and short of memory, because even though for me it might be several years instead of days, I still remember how she crept into Pinter’s tent to steal his maps and then, when Pinter awoke and told her the way she had to go she said, and I quote, “Hey, can’t you take me?!” (chapter 1, page 22), to which Pinter replied, “let me think.. NO!!”

  • Crestlinger

    I guess she’s stumped as to what to do next.

  • Kyle

    What is happening in the last panel? It looks like a part of the stump fell over that wasn’t there before…

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