*NB: gonna skip this next week’s update for this reason. As usual, FB is the best place to go to get schedule updates if there are any… See you next week instead!*

Puberty sucks

Just a reminder, I am like, dying with non-personal work right now. Sorry for updating lateish in the week when I’m supposed to be updating on Thursdays, I am in major crunch mode. I’ll be out of in July though so if I survive until then, updates will be more regular and in greater quantity as well. Crossing fingers~

I’m still updating Mare Internum 1x a week as well for now during my crunch, but it is kind of depressing over there right how haha

Today’s bonus art: Just an old sketch! Once Angora figures out how this shit works I’m sure it will be a lot more fun for everyone.


  • Erik

    > Sorry for updating lateish in the week when I’m supposed to be updating on Thursdays

    I’m still just happy you’re updating!

    • Lennier

      Just don’t burn out a talent fuse or something in the meantime! We waited 3 years for The Meek to come back, we can certainly survive a week without an update.

      • The only things that can stop me from updating my stuff are physical or legal issues. I found out a while ago that sleep is not a limiting factor, haha.

        • Evilbob

          lol. Wouldn’t it be nice if sleep was the only limiting factor? But noooooo. Pesky life with all the life troubles that come with it!

    • Lee M

      Seconded. A late update is still an update.

  • Karyl

    I am in love with your art, so much that I recognized your work when I saw the ad for Mare Internum before I knew it could be yours. And so, whenever and however–I’ll be here!

  • Vert

    Hey Der-shing… here’s a question for you. Please don’t take it as a request for more boobies or a complaint, it’s not intended as such.

    Early on in the Meek, you were quite blase (imagine there’s a little thingy over the e, I don’t want to launch character mapper) about Angora’s nudity. Her nipples were visible and no particular effort was made to cover her chest.

    At some point, IIRC, you went back and redid a few of those early panels to hide her chest or make her nipples less visible (obviously not in all panels, but definitely in a couple). And in chapter 4, she seems to be suffering from what TVTropes calls “Scenery Censorship”. Seems to subvert Angora’s total lack of self-consciousness.

    Again, not a complaint, I’m just genuinely curious about the artistic decision.

    • Hmm… I don’t think you’re recalling correctly tbh, I haven’t really gone back and redrawn anything (obviously; you can tell the art is really bad on some pages), aside from a redraw of the first 8 pages for print resizing reasons. I did make sure to cover her nether regions on early pages before she had pants, simply because it seemed like it would be sending a weird message that I didn’t want to send to the type of reader I don’t want. But I don’t think that’s an issue with the chest region. I might be misremembering myself, but the current plan for when I have time to polish is to make the nipped visible when appropriate since there’s no good reason (for me anyway) not to.

      • Vert

        I.. huh. Yeah, nethers were always covered, but I distinctly remember the original page 2 had her leg lower, and I remember thinking it looked a bit awkward when you moved it up (presumably to cover her). Maybe I’m thinking of the sketches you use to have on DevArt? Ah well. Not important, my memory is notoriously unreliable. Seeing as how you draw the story and I don’t, I’m not about to argue about it :)

        Glad you intend to refrain from Barbie anatomy, though.

        • Oh haha, yeah if there was any changes it was either to cover up potential vag shots or to fix anatomy, as best I could at the time!

  • JJ

    Do you draw in CMYK now? If you don’t mind my curiosity for your process and plans :-)

    • I did, haha, for all the pages with Pinter by himself and meeting dude. Then for the last two pages I got sick of it and went back to RGB… I will figure it out if/ when I ever print this stuff, haha T__T;;

  • BarGamer

    Hehehe, uncontrollable wood.

    • Lennier

      Upvote button required.

  • charles81

    I wonder what that creature is appearing in the second panel through the “tunnel”

    • Wreck Smurfy

      This has me curious as well.

    • Maria S.

      Oh wow, I didn’t even notice that until you mentioned it. Good eye! I gotta spend more time looking at the art, so many little details.

  • Nick Linney

    I thought you had given up. I’m so very glad I was wrong. Your comic is inspiring.

  • Chris

    I want to try and give a bit of helpful criticism, if I may.

    For this page and the last I’ve noticed some confusing features that appear out of nowhere. For example: in the first frame the tree is clearly a straight sprig with no branches on the trunk. This is reinforced through the subsequent frames. Then a random branch appears shooting down and to the right in the final frame? Makes me lose my sense of space so I don’t know if she is falling down or being launched.

    Also, more nips please. It seems our heroine is being protected from exposure by the scenery (or really odd leg contortions). Kinda breaks the aura that I believe she had built up from back in the day.

    • I’ve been thinking about the last panel all weekend, no time to change it at the moment but I have an edit planned. The branch would break under the weight of the new growth in real life but yes as it is the primary action is diluted.
      As for nipples, I’m not going out of my way to do anything with them either way… The point of these pages was to reinforce her catlike movements, and to play with the Pinter tree (more fun for her to crawl through the “mouth” and perch in the branch she made than to walk around it upright). The nipples are about as meaningful for me to plan around as her knees or earlobes, which is to say I don’t. I had no idea people thought I was hiding her nipples on purpose until reading some off-site complaining… This is simply character acting, if she was wearing a shirt I don’t think anyone would think twice about the contortions. I’m not going to accuse you of being the kind of reader who comes here primarily for nudity, because I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt. But on the off chance you are, or if they are reading, you are missing the point completely.

    • Phoenix

      That random branch grew from where she touched the original straight sprig (and caused the branch to break under the weight of the new growth). Same with the previous page, the straight sprig shot out when she touched the pinter tree. If you didn’t understand that, you’re not paying attention.

      • Chris

        I did not understand the growth.

        Whoosh! Right over my head.

  • The stick raises when you poke at it ?

    • (sorry; not sorry)

    • Haha… *sigh*

    • Selbin

      If you’ll notice, the spot where the Old New Branch connects to Pinter Stump is damaged as well. The New New Branch probably shot out and hit the ground, pushing the Old New Branch upwards. Yes, I’m ignoring your implications.

  • Sleeves

    I thought the stump was talking at first.

  • Faisal

    Is it me or there is someone behind Angora on the second panel.

    Now I have to wait like everyone else.
    IT SUCKS D:<

    But hey, you're awesome and you're still updating so that's okay with me :3

  • Bellar

    If we could see underground cut-away shots with every panel Angora is walking around, we’d see the plants she steps on suddenly shooting roots ten feet deep.

  • Gaboris

    WOO updates again!!! :D

    It was PURE luck that I bumped into a DA artist that happened to have a few fanart of Angora and happened to have the comic’s URL in it’s description or I wouldn’t have found this out until your next birthday so YAY for random chance! :”3

    Wait… if she knew about this power how come she didn’t figure it out yet? How long has she known about this?
    I would’ve spent days poking trees left and right and building elaborate walkways and stairs if I knew “wood bending”. XD

  • Ceceoh

    Every time I see that tree I hear the grown-up voices in the Charlie Brown cartoons. “Wah! Wah! Wah!”

  • Finally she’s back!!! Oh how I missed her.

  • Crazy D Sem

    I want to make a giant-sized poster of panel three and hang it on my kitchen wall so that whenever someone sits down to eat breakfast, a half-naked girl will be hovering over them, chastising them for not listening.

  • Innuendo tree.

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