Well, good thing you brought your mini pitchfork*…

Today’s bonus art: a panel at real size… you would be surprised at exactly how ridiculously large each page is before I shrink it down

*it is actually a frog spear, haha


  • Perlite

    “Oh yeah Angora, this is Etan. Etan, Angora.” Just a nice introduction between friends.
    Etan, if you don’t want to come down with a bad case of crotch-root, you’d better put that spear down.

  • Aaron Bourque

    Come on, she’s obviously a druid, I mean witch isn’t even a core class!

  • Jack

    He has eyes!

  • Ar

    Does… does it hurt to work with a canvas that big?

    • I have so many joke answers right now arghghgh

      I will be good

      You just need a lot of RAM. At that large size.


      • zaf

        i lol’d.

      • BarGamer

        I, on the other hand, delight in my naughtiness. ;)

        Ooh yeah, you RAM that canvas. RAM it until it screams like a 14.4 modem and the buffer overflows.

      • Vert

        You keep all the original sized ones, yes? For PRINTING and HIGH-RES PDFs that you’ll put up FOR SALE once your day job stuff settles down. Yes?

        • Stormthorn67

          I support this. So much. I am currently trying to figure out how to steal that upper right panel and increase its resolution. Just for fun im not actually doing anything with it.

  • Maria S.

    MMmmyeaaah I didn’t think Etan and Angora would get along too well.

  • Spav

    It pains me that we don’t get to see your pages in a larger size more often.

    Like, ideally I would view them in actual size on a television almost too large to fit through my front door. That would be the coolest thing.

  • Kalliepoop

    Ooohh, they found her! Perhaps a sense more conflict. +-+

    And wow! I remember seeing you say before somewhere that you work at a really big size, but didn’t know THAT big! I’m curious what dpi you usually go with?

    • Hahaha… 600

      • WHAO! 600! that’s huge. I’m guessing you have a really Awesome system to work at that level. Amazing job as always. This will always be my first webcomic & my favourite one. So glad it’s back!

        • My desktop can’t handle it anymore actually :( since 3 pages ago I had to switch entirely to using a Cintiq Companion, but so far so good! I’m glad that machine can hold up to the stress, but I also try and minimize my layers as much as possible.

          • That`s interesting, on my Cintiq Companion I still find my brushes in PS lagging sometimes at bigger files.
            It`s great to see your layers too. This file must be gigantic.

  • metaceryn

    I sense that a lot of Pinter’s life experience, to date, is summarized by his expression in panel 5.


  • DS

    I’m positively spellbound by the light striking Pinter’s hand. I have always admired your handling of light and colors. And their expressions are absolutely hilarious.

  • Tadrix

    In second-to-last panel, that Pinter’s expression… priceless.

  • Big page!

    Doesn’t surprise me, actually… When I did print work for a company, I liked to scan and work at 600 dpi (if not straight vectoring) — my self-chosen approach to anything in the past was “always work at least twice as big as the final product”… It’s a lot safer, and you can always size down. It gives you a lot more control over fine details, minor sizing adjustments, and so on.

  • Dammit and that guy seemed so chill up to now.

    Can’t trust them fantasy-not-jews

  • Lew

    Aren’t you tempted to render more/too much when you zoom in so close? Or do you not zoom in to 100% while colouring?

    • I’ve been working at this size for years, so not anymore, but in the beginning yes. I have since trained myself to do the bulk of my work zoomed out unless specifically detailing, so it works out.


  • Max

    This is definitely one of my favorite pages. It’s so beautiful ;; drawing those expressions must’ve been amazing
    Also I noticed your missing the text at the bottom of this page? Like where it says meekcomic.com. Lol just bringing it up in case.

  • Stormthorn67

    Im going to guess that she is actually pretty dirty and whatnot throughout this comic. She may live in harmony with nature so bugs dont eat her alive in the jungle but she most get pretty muddy. I dont know what my reaction would be to happening upon a furious green haired grimy teenager naked to the waist and punching trees with magic fists but pointing a tiny spear at her would not be on the top of my list.

    Actually, I know what I would do. Ask a dumb question. Like: What happened to your shirt? Or: Doesnt that hurt your hands? I respond to awkward situations by probing for answers but it might not be deep probing.

    • JJ

      Panel 4 shows abrasions to her knuckles ;-)

    • Lee M

      “pointing a tiny spear at her would not be on the top of my list.”

      Yeah, no innuendoes here. Move along, please.

      • *snerk*

      • Stormthorn67

        Eh, spears never seemed that phallic to me anyways. Neither do flagpoles for that matter. Once something gets like 20+ times longer than it is wide, it stops resembling human anatomy in general.

    • Saberbeam

      Etan needs to learn that there are certain things that it’s just better to walk away from. Angora as she looks in panel 4 is most definitely one of them. If not walking away, he should at least keep his mouth shut, assume his best deadpan (probably the expression in panel 4, but less interested) and do his even best to not draw attention from the angry, topless magic girl.

      So good to have this comic back :) I need to do an archive binge again.

  • JJ

    So this is how you get Etan to open his eyes.

  • Emanon


    You’ve returned! You finally returned! So happy. I was so bummed when the comic went on hiatus for so long and I put it into my Defunct Comics folder and forgot about it… Imagine my surprise and joy on checking it finally and seeing The Meek is again ACTIVE! Soo happy! Thank you, thank you.

  • AnAverageLoser

    It’s. . . it’s a miracle. Dreams do come true! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

  • Your lighting rendering has gotten SO DANG GOOD. I could stare at Pinter’s hands and hair all day long.

    (who am I kidding, like I don’t do that anyway)

  • Vert

    What is it with religious conservatives and their irrational fear of obvious supernatural powers?

    (bet you thought I was gonna say boobs, didn’t ya? hah!)

    We actually don’t know whether Santri Generalism has a proscription against nudity. Does it?

    Speaking of the word of God, Der-shing, in your copious free time (heh) can you give Etan a cast and/or wiki page?

    • Haha, I will… Waiting until a few more pages pass so I don’t have to go back and update with little things :] and Generalism is… well, it’s a matter of respect. Most women in Dia dress fairly modestly, even in Caris where the weather is warmer. He’s probably more upset about the tree thing, and the nudity is really not helping.

    • Lilian

      Well, if you believe in supernatural entities, then when you see supernatural powers you don’t initially know whether the power comes from a benevolent source or from an evil one.

      But I think supernatural powers have a way of freaking out secular people, too. I mean, the fantasy/horror genre is a big business.

      Be we religious or not, we expect the world to obey the laws of physics. It throws our brains for a loop when it doesn’t.

  • Shona

    I’m glad you started working on your comic again. Great job looking forward to what you have in store.

  • anameer

    Etan’s face in the second to last panel is the best thing ever. Kinda makes me want to start using it as a reaction image.

  • Lilian

    I… can’t blame Etan for freaking out.

    Hopefully some peace will be restored.


  • LazyReader

    –__– —> O__O Witch!!!!

  • LeDayz

    To the commenter who wanted more breasts – You’re welcome.

    • Stormthorn67

      Ya know, that wasnt me, but the panel of her all angry and topless is one of my two favorite panels of her in this comic. Like how elves would look if they were actually badasses or something.

      • LeDayz

        Hmm, I think the first page (Ch1 Cover) is my fave. It was webcomic love at first sight! <3 <3 <3

  • hi, i just noticed, hope you dont mind if i ask, but how do you get that sharp aspect on your lineart?

    • I don’t mind at all! I use a brush from Kyle Webster’s brush pack, called Smooth Criminal. It’s not even the sharpest brush in the pack tbh, but I did like the toothiness of the line quality. I also work at very high sizes and shrink the pages down to retain all that crispness.

  • Bobthellama

    What did you think Pinter meant by his “thing,” a coat? please.

  • Jess

    Late to the game, I know, but I’m so happy this comic is back! I read it pre-hiatus, and I didn’t think I’d see it again after you launched Mare Internum.

    • Haha, the goal was always to get back to it as soon as I was… to be frank, legally clear to proceed. I’m still kind of in the danger zone but whatever, taking a risk.

  • Von der Tann

    So, slipping back into old habits I see? 4chan was right about this comic.

    • Yeah, I have a nasty habit of needing money to live. I doubt you have the balls to put your money where your mouth is but if you ever find them, my Patreon is up and running.

      By the way, next comment you make in this vein goes straight to the spam, and all future comments. One last warning for you, my delicate 4chan baby~

  • Larazxy

    Characters with usually closed eyes suddenly opens them while screaming witch = all hell breaks loose. It is known.
    Or I might be overreacting haha.

  • Lilian

    I really like the fourth panel. Great sense of movement, beautifully rendered hands, and a surprising display of ferocity from Angora. Oh, and scratched knuckles!

    It’s funny what a contentious subject those boobs are. People ask for more. People get all haughty when they see more. Yada yada. We just can’t keep everyone happy, can we?

    You know, I’m socially conservative, especially as far as artistic types go. I wear skirts/dresses and a head covering in public. But I can tell that your presentation of Angora is meant to be innocent and nonsexual. Modesty is a concept that should encompass more than just clothing… and Angora’s nudity is modest in that it is *innocent*.

    It says something about society when innocently portrayed nudity gets such a response. The more contortions we do to hide the fact that people have certain body parts, the weirder our ideas about said parts become. I think we were created to be innocent, like children, and that it’s after we were corrupted that nudity (and sex) became such a complicated thing.

    Anyway, you do a great job with Angora. She has the body of a real teenage girl, with breasts and legs and a waist that generally obey the limitations of anatomy. And yes, you present the nudity tactfully. And I think the idea of wanting to explore the world in fearlessness and innocence is an interesting one to explore.


    • Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate the details. She is absolutely 100% not supposed to be sexualized at all… it’s funny when the creeper contingent comes here or goes to 4chan to whine about lack of boobs, or that the boobs are the only reason they read the comic, or whatever other bs. I don’t really care about the male fantasy at all; this is a female fantasy of being able to walk around naked and still be powerful.

  • Weckatron

    You should probably update the FAQ, it links to a Twitter that only says “moved to a new twitter.” Then links to the new twitter! Skip the middleman!

  • Lennier

    Those angry eyes in panel 4!

  • Thisguy

    Whoa! Dude that’s a trident!

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