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ok time to die

(obligatory 4.20 blaze it comment)

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that there are page loading issues on Android; I have passed this bug along to persons who are smarter than me and who probably know what to do about it~ thanks for letting me know.



    soooo….angora met some of mocheril’s siblings maybe?

    • It’s probable her guardian taught her about them.

  • skellagirl

    Is the inside of Etan’s mouth on the 3rd panel supposed to be flat-color? It looks nice either way, but I have to admit my eye keeps getting drawn towards it since it sort of stands out.

    Also mmmMMMM love that Angora sass B)

    • Nope! HAHA I will fix it soon

      • Etan retcon complete

        • skellagirl

          LOVELY mouth, Etan B)

  • Nancy the Padmonger

    Angora’s got a point. I like how she’s hanging off the tree like that.

  • lol points for angora

    at her age i sucked at religious arguments ;D

    • Madeleine

      What is her age, anyway?

      • Vert

        I think she’s 16.

        18 in the US edition, of course.

      • She’s 15


    Pretty refreshing turn here.

  • I both love and hate the frequency with which characters interrupt each other in this comic – love it, because it preserves mystery; hate it, because it promotes mystery.

    • Cthulhu21

      How bitter-sweet, eh?

  • WeirdPinkPilL

    The panel with Angora face down on the tree… the sunset lighting in the background is utterly gorgeous. It fills my girly parts with flutters. Great work, Der-Shing. :)

  • Wow, he sure hates her.

    • But sure, Ethan I really doubt that the girl you’ve seen praticing “witchcraft” with your own eyes could know anything about these “monsters” :)

  • Karyl

    I just get this vibe from Angora that she’s about 15 or so. She doesn’t seem to have any real awareness of sexuality, or concern about it, and she’s really not gonna take any crap. I wonder where this will go?
    Also, the morning light seeping in thru the trees and lighting her up on the branch is especially gorgeous! Love your art as always. :)

    • Amanda

      A lack of awareness or concern about sexuality is VERY atypical for a 15 year old. The author has stated that Angora is 15, but I wouldn’t say that trait of hers is one that points to her age at all, just to her character.

      • Perceptive :] I agree, by 15 most adolescents will have some idea and interest in sex, and probably will have engaged or at least explored a little, though of course it also depends on the individual’s interests, personality, and how they were brought up…

  • Ar

    Seeing Angora on the tree like that is hurting my boobs.

    • Lilian


    • Lilian

      I get the impression that Etan’s voice can really project. He really opens his mouth when he’s yelling for his wife/at Angora. A resonant bellow, yes? Baritone? Bass?

      Nice little spat. Angora is being sassy and adolescent and inflammatory, Etan is being presumptive and patronizing and inflammatory, and Pinter just wants the squabbling to stop.

      Also Angora looks like an African leopard in that second panel.

  • squidlifecrisis

    best watch your mouth Etan, minor characters like you…. are vulnerable to certain types of plot advancement.

    (is the shading kind of blobby on his chin in the first panel or?? just grime?)

    • ThatAudGirl

      I’m pretty sure that blobby shading is the shadow of his fingers hitting his chin. Or maybe its a tiny baby sea devil taking form on his face.

    • ey

      those are the shadows of his fingers!

    • Yeah, fingers! The sun is setting so the shadows are climbing

  • msouth

    When you realize you’ve been watching a road movie all along, and it picked up another, amazingly-even-less-compatible traveling companion.





  • Flancy

    Hooray! I can see the comic now! (happy dance)

  • Gills

    For some reason this page reminds me of Princess Mononoke. Where supernatural forces are things that are respected, and feared, but are not absolutes or ideals of good and evil; they have flaws and a story behind them.

    Just like anything or anyone, the beings in this comic can be skewed to fit within boxes, but their story is always deeper than what we know.

    That’s what good world building is about!

  • aroree

    For a priest, Etan is sure angry and yelly….

    • mistress dizzy

      Clearly you’ve never been to a church in the south. Pastors are not quiet. Yelling is pretty much a part of the sermon. (Even the accepting ones. It’s just part of the rhythm, I think.)

      • madock345

        Just part of public speaking, really. You have to constantly shift rhythm, pitch, and volume to reliably hold a crowd’s attention for any length of time.

  • Cthulhu21

    Already to the end of the update, how swank. -_-
    Well, hope I don’t have to wait too long.

    • Updates 1x a week currently! Possibly more soon, it depends on how the Patreon is doing :]

  • My Kahn

    How can I view all of the past incentives? I just read from start to finish tonight, and I looked at the Facebook album, but I don’t think it’s comprehensive. Are there some that can’t be posted up there? Or just not updated? Thanks!

    Poor Phe. Something had to tip Luca over the edge.

  • Jon "Hansontoons" Hanson

    “Time to die.”

    Expiring elektric schmart box channeling Roy Batty?

  • pseudonym

    reasons angora couldn’t possibly understand why talking massive salamanders are monsters:
    1. female
    2. younger than Etan
    3. a witch

  • Mal-L

    Bit of a necro-post but I do like this page alot. At first it’s “Oh Angora’s being rude again.” but then you realize no Angora is completely right and a bigger expert than Etan is. She’s being quieted when she’s the one you should be listening to.

  • lookie here

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