Amazingly, Pinter has lived in places other than “under a tree.”

Now… art share time! This cute sketch by LightningSpam, and an adorable Angora one of my besties did for my bday :3 Oh yeah, it was my bday recently, shorter of breath and one year closer to death, etc. Every year I’m like ha HA oh god I’m running out of days to make comics. GOTTA KEEP GOING ahaha *stress*

BTW, gonna upload all of the previous vote incentives since relaunch to the Facebook page right after this posts. If you missed any, you can go there to check em out! They will be in a new folder and will continue to update there at the beginning of every month~

Todays’ bonus art: sorry, kinda boring (not to me, but whatever), the page without borders. Looks a lot different without the ridiculous contrast! Also why MI’s borders are not white, since I had anticipated that comic being pretty dark-toned.


  • Hey, maybe Pinter’s tree on the map, too !

  • Now that take a better look, while the 2 men are literally swarmed by insects, not a single approaches Angora.
    It’s the same on the previous pages, too.

    • Happy

      They’re all happily nesting in the ecosystem growing in her hair

    • or because they’re disturbing a lot of plant growth near the ground aka prime real estate for insects.

      I was coming here to say I had an epiphany about why the Allodia jungle looks so badass. it’s because dershing actually frickin took Ecology.

      Bug density is just another example of her paying attention.

  • juasayshi

    Haha, see how lucky you are to have met Pinter!

    • There are no coincidences, only inevitability.

      • mistress dizzy


  • Evildragonqueen

    It’s kind of amazing what the tiny amount of white separating the panels can do for its atmosphere!

  • Hans

    My wife and me

  • Nomi

    It’s “my wife and ME.” Sorry.

    • Not all characters have perfect english, y’know.

    • DON’T BE SORRY ROARRR lol that was me messing up XD I will fix

      • Connor

        I feel bad pointing this out, but “I want you to join my wife and I” is actually also wrong. :P Cut out the wife part, and you get “I want you to join I.” (That’s how you tell.)

  • Claes

    Holy butts I love the lighting in the second panel.

  • Kelsey Raabe

    The coloring is really beautiful here.

    By the way, happy belated birthday. :-)

  • Tadrix

    Why don’t you just make borders for each chapter in whatever color suits best that particular chapter, instead of white? Like in Mare Internum

  • JJ

    The Path oft the Sacred Ray? So the mission is dedicated to the sea devil Etan was hating on a second ago? Is he aware of that?

    • Lilian

      Small problem, there.

    • Ah, well, this ray is more of the illuminative sort that bursts from the head of her holiness.

  • Aidan903

    Bet you a dollar that having the location of something holy like that on a map is considered blasphemous, and that Etan is just waiting to flip out on Pinter.

    • Aidan903

      Or that at the end of this path lies Mocheril, at the center of the Holy Land.

  • Religator

    It’s a bush, not a tree….

  • Crestlinger

    Where is Angora looking in panel 2? Can’t see any pupils at this resolution.

    • Aidan903

      Her pupils seem to be in the corner of her eyes. My guess is, she’s looking disdainfully at Piter.

  • strannik

    Happy birthday, then, Miss Helmer ;)

    @Crest : she’s looking down

  • Paula

    Do I see some MOVEMENT LINES around Pinter’s thumb? I remember reading that those were your pet peeve, so I’m curious as to why you drew them there. (unless I remember incorrectly of course).

    • lol, I’ve been staring at them with anger all week, I put them in the thumbs and accidentally inked them. Will be removing soon.

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