Sometimes all you need is a little validation!

Thank you to $2+ Patrons who came to spend time with me in the coloring stream today! All that work for this junk, haha. JK. Also THANK GOD that stupid lighting transition is over. IDK what compelled me to choose dusk as the setting but I made my damn bed and laid in it for 3 months.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: our terrific $10+ Patrons from the month of August are now up on the support page! Because of Patron support from the month of August, we will have an extra two comic updates this month. Mare Internum is getting its bonus this week, so The Meek will be updating twice next week, whee!

Your patronage keeps the comic updating regularly… and even a dollar a month helps to push us towards what I really would like to do, which is consistent multiple weekly updates of all my work. Thanks for letting me continue to share my stories with you all :]

Today’s bonus art: some process stuff! This page was a doozy.


  • Oh I do not like that *crunch* sound.

    • The amorous thighfish strikes again

      • LeDayz

        Oh no! Don’t tell me Tanome has an amorous thighfish of her own!

        • It fled to Earth after Mike hit it.

  • hito

    “Crunch”… “Rustle”… I sense a pattern here…
    (and the suspense is killing me!)

  • Pinter’s face!! Something awful’s about to happen, huh?

  • However questionable your decision to have them meet at dusk might have seemed at the time, the results are stunning. It is my favourite time of day in terms of colour and you’ve nailed one of the best types of sunsets :) piiiiiiinks orange and bluuuueeees

  • let’s not forget Pinter’s definition of “lifesaver” is “man who sells me booze”

    this is high praise for him

  • Grenaid

    Looks like “shame” has entered the garden… :(

    • Madeleine

      Shame? If you’re refering to Angora, I think she might just feel a little cold up there, with the night coming up.

    • Lilian

      There certainly is potential for some Garden of Eden links to be drawn to Angora, isn’t there?

  • Jordan

    That is literally the first time I can think of Pinter smiling. It’s actually kinda sweet.

  • JuaSaysHi

    The torture of making the page is fleeting. The beauty of the page is longlasting. So lovely. Be proud. Ars longa.

  • Karyl

    I agree with the above comments praising the arrival of night from dusk’s embrace- the light is LOVELY!

  • Ok.
    Pinter smiling makes one warm and fuzzy inside.

  • War-Tequila

    That is the face of a man who has never heard a kind word. Breaks my heart.

    • Misplaced

      That’s what I was thinking…

  • clemon

    The lighting of this page is whoooooa. And Pinter is so adorable-looking.

  • Crestlinger

    *Dobby voice: ‘Pinter has been Praised!’ ‘Pinter is Free!’

    As to that crunch:
    -Best case scenario, Tanome
    -Most likely scenario, some nocturnal predator
    -WTF scenario, that lizard that was following Angora around from previously.
    -Fourth wall snapper, someone with a bag of Doritos

    • Aidan903

      -Most Cinematic scenario, one of Mocheril’s brethren


      • JJ

        – In light of latest Mare Internum page scenario, the sound of the thighfish bursting from the thigh

    • Vert

      Most depressing scenario: Tanome stumbling around with some horrible injury that allows for just enough time for Etan to watch her die, thus destroying this light moment utterly (but leaving him free to join Pinter and Angora on their journey _away_ from the place he’s trying to reach).

      • Some Unregistered Punk

        That’s not the most depressing scenario.

        Tanome stumbling around with some horrible injury that allows for just enough time for Etan to watch her die in the “witch’s” arm which causes a horrible misunderstanding of the situation.

  • patchy

    I wonder who has been following them?

  • sara

    … I would enjoy having Pinter’s 3rd panel face as part of a wallpaper. What are the chances?

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