Again, thanks to $2+ Patrons for keeping me company in the secret stream today while working on this page! I enjoyed talking and sharing process and bitching~ Good times.

In other news… The extra update for this week was voted on by our faithful $5+ Patrons, and it looks like it’s going to MI instead! I kind of agree, since there are strange goin’s on’s over there (namely, flapping). If you haven’t read my scifi comic Mare Internum yet, now is a really good time to jump in since, after 9 months of meticulous setup, it’s finally getting weird (and will only be getting weirder).  Then again, The Meek is headed into that territory soon too.

Will I ever shut up about Patrons? NO. You guys are keeping me alive and putting out pages. Thank you again for your support, you can find the full list for Sept here.

Today’s bonus art: Who is under that leaf??? the true answer, revealed


  • I know !
    It’s an animal wearing human arms stuck on its horns !

    • Ok, so he got human feet. MAYBE he stole them from some human too !

    • DarkMyste

      maybe its ewok in with leaf on its head?

      nah it cant be that

    • msouth

      reverse viking

    • charles81

      Please people. It’s obviously some guy that Angora previously punched in the face, thus causing plantation to grow out of said face.

      • Ding ding ding we have a winner !

  • Selbin

    All I know is Angora did not even hesitate. Ballsier than most men, I’d wager.

    • Selbin

      And is it just me or does the bush man (heh) remind you a bit of…I forget their names, but some little dudes in Zelda?

      • Sillymattface

        Deku Scrub! Watch out for nuts, Angora!

        • Gabe

          Koroks, the leaf people from the Wind Waker, I’m guessing.

  • Jess

    Bonus art: Priceless

  • Angora, why are you just suddenly chasing the Henson Studios escapee?

    • Lar

      Everyone has to work together. We all know that not even one can be allowed to roam free!

  • Arianwen

    Welp indeed. Very Miyazaki.

    Angora, I admire your confidence to dive headfirst from trees.

  • Reign of Crows

    A Monstera leaf! I’m growing one of those in my apartment – awesome plants.

  • lou

    “Live long and prosper” –> dash

  • Ceceoh

    Finally, someone she can have a conversation with!

    • This will be funny later, just believe me.

  • ThisCat

    Oh man. That last panel’s beautiful.

  • DS

    Grog from B.C.? Hairball? Kiwi bird-man? Furry coconut? The Meek is heading into weird territory? I’d say it’s already there. o_O

  • Hilen

    has anyone played Reckoning? There are those tinny crazy cuties that remind me a bit to this guy xP

  • Bobthellama

    i already like him more than thighfungus

  • Cheri


    • sweet_gardenia

      *sings gently*

      Jungl-a-ly-ypuff, Jungley.
      Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere.
      With trouble brewing or laughter in the air.
      You can count on a friend who’s just tough enough,
      And the song that’s alive in the heart of Junglypuff.
      Magical power in the lush grass, in the shade of Mt. Moon
      Makes the song,
      Soothe you, the power of the melody moves you.
      Jungl-a-ly-ypuff, Jungly.

  • Sunflower

    I went back to look at Pinter’s map in Ch. 1 and noticed something: Isn’t that view of Allodia basically the Western U.S. and Baja California, rotated 90 degrees? (Which would put Citeran about where Santa Barbara is IRL… a lovely place for a city, if you’ve ever seen the real place.)

    Also, any chance that critter is just Tanome in… er… a Halloween costume? Native-style grass raincoat?

    • :U

      • Vert

        Aha! The Meek is just future the future Mare Internum, after the turncoat Mike Fisher led his army of Martian fungusoids back to Earth and destroyed most of civilization. He was stopped only when the earth armies invented three giant nanobot-powered mechanimals. The fungusoids were destroyed, but all records of Earth’s previous civilization were destroyed and humanity had to begin anew… but with giant technomagical animal gods roaming around.

        … just as I suspected.

  • JJ

    Tanome? Etan never said she wasn’t ‘addled’ (as Pinter puts it).

  • Mal-L


  • Crestlinger

    When tribbles get arms.

  • Jac

    Their hair matches! They should be friends!

  • Finally a part my forgetful brain actually remembers from the sketch comic! I wonder if it’s changed any…

    • Haha XD Yeah it has, a bit… the part you’re remembering was in Ch 7; I did some condensing.

      ALSO, HI

      • Hi! I am/was deerheadlights. Yeah I was thinking, wasn’t that part later?

  • Lee M

    It’s Kate Moss!

  • Stig Hemmer

    Hair today, Gone tomorrow.

  • sweet_gardenia

    Ah yes Francis X. Bushman has finally come into the story X3

  • Jojo

    I’m all caught up! Woo.

  • lamepudding


    • Jojo

      Oh my gosh yes.

  • Sara

    It’s Bitey of Brackenwood!!

    …anybody? ok.

    • Vert

      Can’t be Bitey. No horns!

  • Well. That’s a creepy thing right there. XD Love the leaf hat on its hairy head!

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