Uh oh~

I’ve started uploading the original Chapter 4 (as in, the thumbnails/ pencils from 2007) in non-spoilery chunks at the Patreon for certain tiers, you can find that here in case you missed it! It is a lot different than the version of the story that I settled on for this chapter. Also, we are a hot $1 away from the next Patreon goal (wallpapers, wooo!), so thank you guys :] I might drag out some of the original Meek wallpapers from way back when to help celebrate meeting this goal as well… IDK if you guys were around for that but I made you jump through some really annoying hoops to get them, I think I used to sneak letters into the vote incentives and force you to unscramble the word to get the wallpaper…haha XD Good times.

Today’s bonus art: a peek at all of the layers that go into making a page (yikes)


  • JJ

    In panel 2, that’s another Crazy Masked Person behind her?! It’s a trap!

    • Fridge_Logik

      Yep, Angora might be about to learn a fast lesson in not trusting things that run away from you. Or at the very least not chasing them!

  • DukeBG

    Wow, the layers are quite a sight!

    I wonder if this is Tanome’s leg :|

    • Noooo

    • Aidan903

      Hopefully that’s not where leafhead got the arms.

      • Vert

        Scavengers :| Oh dear.

      • *snerk*

    • sweet_gardenia

      Nah pretty sure this is a late night booty call

  • Man, you just can’t go chasing a mysterious figure in the woods these days without tripping over a body.

    • rofl

    • Varflock

      True, it never happened to me to chase a misterious figure in the woods and not trip over a dead person.

  • anameer

    Please don’t let that leg be Tanome’s dead body…

  • Jay
    • timmy

      Wait… weren’t the kokiri in the ocarna of time the kids who never grew up? Yeah, they were.

  • Vert

    Oh geez you don’t name your layers I would go so mad

  • Angora, you’re falling into the Hensonites’ trap!

  • emmy

    I’m a proud owner of one of those original wallpapers! It’s still in my rotation :D

  • iowawa

    Isn’t Leafhead running from Toungeskull Snakeface? That sounds like a good idea.

  • Lilian

    The second panel is beautiful. Great work with that young woman torso.

  • msouth

    “Aw crap she’s running right through dinner.”

  • Crestlinger

    It isn’t the corpse you See that trips you.

  • LazyReader

    A boot, Damnit tripping over something I never wear…the irony…the irony

  • timmy

    Please… more….

  • sweet_gardenia

    Uh-oh a lifeless boot that does not bode well

    PS did you rant to the blood moon last night about being a magnificent moon slayer and punch some fish in the face? X3

  • Onyx

    Binge read was totally worth it~ Ah this is awesome! I can’t wait to see more, the story seems so intriguing I love how you have three different stories going on at once! Man . . . this is amazing! :3

  • Corbie

    Huh, is that lifeless boot content? I’m more under the impression that someone trips Angora. The foot seems stretched too much to be that of a dead body.

    Creepy atmosphere though!

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