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Thank you so much Patreon pals for your support in Sept! You’ve funded another 10x total Meek/ Mare updates for October, and we’re also getting a new wallpaper every month we maintain at that funding level, starting this month. I’ll be posting details and goodies for $2+ Patrons later today. The next milestone, which is about $150 away, unlocks 12x total comics per month… really looking forward to hopefully hitting that :] to be honest I do better when I don’t have time to think about anything but comics, haha.

Some people are being weirdoes and making fanart, this Inktober Angora by Verface is particularly lovely!

Today’s bonus art: Just a quick costume swap with webcomic numero dos protag, since Halloween is on the way…

Next update either Fri or Sat; 2x this week to make up for the pause last week.

Last but definitely not least, a giant round of applause to our $10+ Patrons, many of whom are accumulating pips for consecutive months of Patronage… thanks to them! and thanks very much to all of you for reading :]


  • DukeBG

    Tanome, nooooooo
    what happhenned?

  • Mal-L

    I wonder why I still get surprised when your comics get super-dark…. Even when you see it coming it feels like a sharp turn.

    • we know it’s cominc, we know it’s come aaand OH CRAP DAMNIT.

      • Corbie

        Exactly. And I was trying to convince me that someone trips Angora over. Some living person instead of Oh crap damnit!

  • Crestlinger

    (Potential female characters killed off before their prime in the story) count: 2.
    At least This time we didn’t have as much buildup before the ax fell.
    *Loots canteen.

  • Rycheza

    Bonus art Angora is priceless :D

  • Lilian

    Angora’s form is beautifully done in the third panel.

    Welp, I don’t *know* that this is Tanome. Whoever she is, she sure looks dead. But she also looks much too thin. Scrawny limbs, hands and feet that look too big, sunken face… and all with fresh red blood.

    What funky thing happened here?

  • Lar

    Uh oh…….

    And also, LOL MIKE

  • Jessica

    The gamer in me is like, “Wait! Check the bag for loot!”, and then I feel like an awful person…

    • Hilen

      XD jajajaja so true… Loot everything!

  • Spav

    The Meek or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Anticipate the Dead Wives

  • JJ

    The Meek – A Tale of Dead Spouses? Let’s hope Soli gets to kill her ex bf for some gender equality.

    • JJ

      Unless of course if Angoras powers include reviving in the animal kingdom …

  • Jac

    Why you always killin’ wives HUH

  • Hedge Sparrow


  • Saberbeam

    Okay, based off what we’ve seen so far (and lots of guessing), I’m going to say that this may not be Tanome after all. Her outfit seems significantly different from Etan’s, and from what we’ve seen so far, Etan is carrying pretty much just his spear. Ms. corpse here has a satchel plus a couple of storage bags attached to her clothes. Overall, she seems to be dressed as someone out doing work (foraging or maybe scouting), not a refugee. On the other hand, wild boars going through their camp could explain the gaping gut wound (though it looks a bit more like a slash than a puncture). Time to see if wild conjecture wins the day :D

  • Evilbob

    Let’s all not be so pessimistic guys! The blood is clearly red which means it’s fresh. Maybe she’s not quite dead yet. Maybe she can still be saved!

    • Thank you!! finally some optimism around here XD

      • Lilian

        But she looks malnourished to me. Look at her wrist and ankles! Was/is she just one of those naturally gaunt people? Or was she sick? Or abused? Or… or did something really weird just happen to her?


        • Japanne

          I don’t think she’s actually that gaunt. I think she might just be sunk in the mud a little or slid down from a higher point on the hill, which is why her cape’s all bunched up near her head! Nice touch there.

          • Lilian

            I did consider the possibility of her sinking into the ground. We shall wait and see!

      • caribouchat

        Well, is she really dead? Seems to me she smiles in her sleep… Maybe she just drank too much red fruit juice (fermented fruit juice, that is).

    • Kent

      Maybe she’s just mostly dead…
      There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.

      • Lar

        With all dead…well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do.

          • Lar

            I was gonna say rummage through his clothes and look for spare change, but that’s far classier.

  • Lilian

    Perhaps these bush-people are Pasori? And… they just drank some blood? Is… is that why-?

    …guess we’ll have to wait and see. @_@

    • DukeBG

      What would pasori do so far south? And they don’t look like that, there are more… hmm, vikingish…

  • Misplaced

    Gonna second the person who mentioned Angora’s movement in the middle panel, it’s very nicely done.

  • Mission command

    Ocelot? Can you hear me?! Please respond!

  • Becca

    Tis only a scratch!
    … Right? RIGHT?!?

  • Fridge_Logik

    In that scream for Pinter I hear my impression of Angora’s voice so clearly. You did such a good job setting up the page with her reactions and what she saw that I could even imagine the crack in her voice as she yelled for him.

  • Abbie

    Love the tension in her pose in that last panel!

  • wrbwrh

    my heart says soli

    • Lar

      There’s no way! D: *furiously comparing this page to soli’s chapter*

  • Kelsey Raabe

    Tanome being alive would have been a bigger surprise.

  • Android 21 3/7

    Ooohh if that is Tanome… *crosses fingers* Etan, please don’t blame Angora. Etan, please don’t blame Angora. Etan, please don’t blame Angora…

  • Jojo

    Oh my gosh, the bonus art!

  • SotiCoto

    Wooo! Corpse! Free loot!

  • cue

    Man, I love webcomics. They aren’t restrained by the rules of publishing companies. They can go all gory and scary at the drop of a hat and no one can do anything to stop them.

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