What are you looking at, Pinter??

This page was so freaking difficult, I don’t know why. I guess because I knew what it was supposed to look like, but it felt crazy difficult to match it in reality… oh well, it happens.

Today’s bonus art: part of an old Patreon sketch (minus the text… full thing is here for supporters. Goes into the mixed-race thing a bit)

And some further thank-yous! The full list for the month can, as always, be found here


  • SpiralofDragon

    Wait. First aid? Is she still alive? How long has she been injured and bleeding out there?

    • charles81

      If she’s his wife, Tanome, I suspect she’s been out there and injured since the morning when the herd of wild boars upset the camp they’re at now. The boars are probably what caused her that wound, be it from a tusk or a push into some jagged branch.

      So… We find out if Angora has healing powers?

      HAHA! I just figured out what Pinter is looking at. Etan is pouring ALCOHOL onto that rag! lulz

      • lol this comment XD You are reading closely!

        • And there I thought he had a hard time looking at the wound ^^;

          • I thought he was so unused to see Angora non-naked that he had to look away .-D

  • DanialArin

    Is that the missing Tanome? Or someone else entirely? (Or would answering that question be a Spoiler?)

    • Kelsey Raabe

      I don’t think Etan would be that visibly distraught if it wasn’t her.

  • Charles81

    Wouldn’t have picked him to marry outside his… People? Being such a seemingly pious man.

    Me thinks Pinter is off for a pint

    • oh I bet he’d LOVE to.

    • Lilian

      Maybe the actual principles of his faith don’t have anything against interracial marriage.

      Also, earlier it is revealed that he himself is biracial, for what that’s worth.

      • Charles81

        Yeah, been too long since I checked the Wiki and older comic pages to know if the northern Santri religion was solely theirs, and it’s probably more cultural dislikes which make mixed marriages uncommon. I don’t remember him being biracial. Just an expatriot of Santri lands and he considered Pinter a fellow Santri.

        Makes sense why the two of them decided to flee South though. No use going North with her Citern heritage and he’d likely be shunned heavily for his own.

        • Lilian

          Earlier he describes himself as “multlu”, which apparently is a derogatory term for someone of a mixed bloodline.

          I feel like a proper map of this place would be helpful. I have a hard time keeping all of the people groups and borders straight.

  • Max

    Everyone is still distinctly un-captured, non-dead and still together. I definitely approve. Except for the spider, that is. I mean… it’s fiiiiine… but there are none right here around me right…? RIGHT?!? *grabs keyboard defensively*

  • One thing I don’t really understand : wouldn’t you usually want to keep a wounded warm ? But they’re keeping her away, shielded from the fire. Or maybe it’s that hot out there ?

    • (I also can’t make sense of the wound shape, but something tells me it’ll be explained soon)

    • DS

      At least she appears to be covered by a cloak or blanket except for the injury. Perhaps there’s some artistic choice at work in having Etan in shadow, turned away from the light. I can’t make sense of the injury either – looks like a hole but I dunno what created the shape.

      • Yeah, exactly that. There’s no blood, it’s like a… hole…

        • Lilian

          The active bleeding has probably clotted off by now, so we’re left with exposed flesh.

          It looks like a deep gouge/tear sort of wound. Some flesh appears to be hanging off a bit (that rounded section of skin in the center of the injury) and the wound is in a ragged shape instead of a neat slice. The boars mentioned in the beginning of this chapter would be good suspects for that sort of injury, but we’ll see.

          The wound apparently missed major arteries, but Tanome is still in danger. Muggy, hot jungles full of little critters are not conducive to the healing of open wounds… but at least it doesn’t look like her intestinal tract was perforated.

          • jfc you guys are too good at this, haha… and, to you great credit, you are right on the money.

          • Deep gouge, hm. Ouch . There’s a big risk of infection from stuff that got deep into the wound during the gouging too then.

          • DS

            I had forgotten about the boars. I’m too squeamish to search for images of injuries but it was the crescent-like shape that was throwing me off. I had figured a swipe by an animal would leave a longer, straighter gash but having never been gored by a boar, I can’t say.

    • Boricua en la Luna

      If she has a fever you would want to keep her away from the fire. Looking at the wound, it does look as if its angry infected and probably has a fever. That wouldn’t be good when out in the jungle. :(

  • Ar

    I hope he doesn’t blame Angora for it.

    • I notice she’s dressed warmer now, for once. I suspect, seeing the clothing style, that he actually lent her one of his spouse’s top.

      • Android 21 3/7

        Nope, she’s still topless. She’s just been wearing a scarf/collar for a while now.

  • DS

    So did the leaf-wearing bush person deliberately catch Angora’s attention so that she would stumble over the woman and rescue her? Are they nice or are they playing with their food?

    • Cpt. Obvious


      • DS

        So they’re cannibals that are lulling their prey into a false sense of security then. Fascinating.

  • Crestlinger

    Yaay, for now. *Adjusts count back down to 1.

    • I can’t kill every wife…

      • We are collectively sorry for assuming XD

      • kdefinition

        Then you’re clearly not trying hard enough.

      • Happy

        *”I can’t kill every wife” to the tune of “can’t hug every cat”*

        • SotiCoto

          +1 Internet.

  • Dage

    God…I really hope that’s not his wife. Even without really saying anything you can see how upset he is.

  • izzy

    That isn’t Lethy, is it?! Really have no idea. Still could be Tanome. Der-Shing you’ve got me totally freaked out.

    I can’t tell if Pinter is uncomfortable because he recognizes her somehow or if he’s got withdrawal.

    • izzy

      Also, Etan doesn’t actually look that distraught to me. I would expect more tears. He looks more contemplative.

      • SotiCoto

        And you didn’t notice his curt non-answer to Pinter?
        He is clearly troubled.
        Different people just express such things in different ways.

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