Oh Pinter T__T;; I know it’s been a while irl but let’s not forget the primary motivation here.

And what’s this? Some very cute Meek (and Mare!) fanart by Rosi :] And another one I missed earlier by Gotlandskorv, of a character we haven’t seen in a while! Sigh… those guys. Last week I posted some bonus Patreon info about another character we haven’t seen in a long time (but will be seeing again soon)… In case you forgot their names, here’s a handy reference.

This week is a 4x comic update week, Mare Internum is getting another 2 pages this week, in addition to the normal update! They are somewhat important pages so check there in a few days if you like… more comics…

Today’s bonus art: Another one of those “actual working size” images… thank god my workhorse comp is working again, its really difficult to color these pages without it.


  • SotiCoto

    Someone is an addict… clearly.

    Oh hey… this is today’s comic… and there are… no comments?! o_0;

    An Archive-Crawler like me got here first???

    • Haha, it just went up 5 mins ago, so you’re perched right on the cutting edge.

  • Blizzy

    Man, I kinda feel bad for Pinter. It’s hard to resist the call of a substance that gives you relieve yet also destroys you. :-( Hope he can beat it, someday.

    PS. Damn, I like how you colour your all pages.

  • Old friend, how I missed thee !

  • DukeBG

    on the twc screen: omg, win10 o_o
    on the handy name reference… i believe, the green-hair girl is Amphora (there clearly was a greek theme running in the comic), then was Laika (he was into russian dogs!) and Soily (having spots or stains of some sort) with a sidekick Silly (their names rhymed!)
    The second row of characters… hmm… Mostlyreal and Danger, i think. Yeah, definitly.

  • Hey, you could use that alcohol to disinfect her wounds Pinter!!

    • Charles81

      Ryan was doing just that in the last page.

      Pinter is so far gone he’s stolen the very flask of alcohol that Etan was just using to disinfect his wife’s wound and bandages…. I hope he cleans that bottle opening first

  • kingleon

    I was like ‘oh maybe I should check out shing’s other comic for once’ and I go back a few pages, then next thing I know *BAM* christmas tree worm. The weird thing is that there aren’t comments screaming SERPULID!

    Seriously people need to know their polychaeta better…

    • Fridge_Logik

      “The weird thing is that there aren’t comments screaming SERPULID!”

      Well there would be… If SOMEONE would read the comic more!

    • Haha, I was surprised as well! He’s not exactly a Serpulid but defs inspired by.

      • Charles81

        I suspect people were a little too busy doing some internal, incoherent screaming at thighfriend when he initially appeared to shout anything that might have made sense.

        Seriously, I’m still waiting for them to fan out from his natural orifices.

        *shudders at the thought of tear ducts*

      • kingleon

        Obviously inspired. Otherwise the main character would be a coral head…

  • LazyReader

    Drink You….? But what if some one sees….

  • squidlifecrisis

    draws your attention to the beautiful sunset gradient made by this chapter in the archives

  • I….I can’t believe that I’m finally up to date with this fabulous comic! I love Angora so much ;u;

  • Stulte

    Dude. Pinter. Not cool.

  • Jac

    Yes, this seems healthy.

  • How about we all cut Pinter some slack here alcoholism is no joke, Speaking from experience its been a year and 5 months since i had a drink and yeah its not a laughing matter sadly tho it is a very misundertood thing, all in all I’d say Pinter has show an impressive amount of self restraint up till now.

    • Lilian

      Kudos to you and your success! Alcoholism is so destructive, but it’s also so hard to break away from.

      I imagine it’s very hard for someone who struggles with this to stay sober in a society that both constantly advertises drinks and practices casual drinking with little thought for alcoholics. Has that at all been your experience?

      • i can honestly tell you that for the first half a year i had to hermit myself away from the rest of the world but it helped alot that i dont watch tv so i limited myself to how much exposure i was getting from social media, TV, and of course media, but yes it is pretty hard stay sober in a society that has alcohol so deeply rooted into its culture but at the end of the day it was really up to me, or to anyone who really wants to stop a person can go to all the rehab centers all the AA meetings they want but it ultamitly boils down to that indivual truely wanting to stay off the sauce.

  • sweet_gardenia

    sighs heavily at Pinter and slowly shakes head

  • MSD3000

    Part the lips, and past the gums. Look out liver, here it comes!

  • Jay

    You know you have a drinking problem when you find a murdered woman in the woods and decide to run back out into said woods for your booze fix.

    • I was just thinking this too! He’s gonna get attacked by the leaf-mask person any second now, isn’t he.

  • Bionic

    oh my god i could have sworn this whole time her name was Angora… don’t know why I thought that but there you go. Remembered everyone else like a pro B)

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