I think someone is reaching the end of their patience…

For the sake of updating, this is the week Patron art rewards go out, so if you ordered art from me you should be getting that by the end of the month at the very latest. If you wanted one for November, make sure to get a space before the end of Oct; I think I have one or two slots still open. Oh, and the wallpaper of the month will be going up soon for all $2 donors and up too. Good stuff, good stuff.

To round out the update, some great fanart from Jazyl! We’ll be seeing these guys in the next chapter? maybe?

Today’s bonus art: Just a closeup panel, since I liked this one.


  • Fabhar

    I feel like Pinter is in the wrong here. He -should- have communicated his desires to her – and to be fair, he -did- say he was going to get firewood, not engage in an alcoholic beverage. If I could climb through the trees instead of slogging through the mud, I’d do it, too. Why should I have to miserably slog through the mud with you? Would it make the situation any more pleasant for you?

    • anameer

      It’s a matter of politeness. Before leaping through the trees, you ask if that person is okay with carrying everything, or you offer yourself to help. If the other party says there’s no need tho, you can go ahead, but not before reminding the other person to let them know if they get tired so they can help.

      It’s basic social etiquette. And given what we know from Angora’s upbringing, we can *understand* why she wouldn’t be more considerate, but she’s not entirely blameless either. Pinter could have mentioned this to her, sure, but just like he said, since when is her life his responsibility?

      • squidlifecrisis

        nah, his crap, his problem. Angora is free of the literal burdens of materialism.

        • Marion

          Yeah, you don’t say.. She’s so free of the burdens of materialism that she’s absolutely fine with sneaking into Pinter’s tent to steal his maps (if only she could make out what they said – hey! the strange man knows what they say? then she demands that he bring her, be her guide.. not that she will listen to a blind thing he says…) but of course, when it’s *Pinter* who possibly took something, she suddenly becomes the Police Officer of the Jungle, asking wether he, *gasp!* *horror!* STOLE that bottle of booze!

          I’m sorry, it’s late and Angora just.. rubs me the wrong way, so I’m snarky.

          I love this comic, and I adore Pinter, and the crazy Emperor and his family, but Soli and Angora? Ugh!Two ignorant-and-proud-of-it, self-centered bints who think that just because they are loud and rude and demanding, people should give them whatever they want, while it never enters their empty heads that they might *give* to others. Take, take, take, that’s all Angora does. If that is ‘being free of the burdens of materialism’, you can keep it.

          *grump*grump* *grumpy old woman signs off and is going to bed*

          • I just want to note that your grumpiness makes me laugh, haha XD And I agree with you to some extent, but maybe you’ll change your mind in a few more pages~

          • Lilian

            Grumpy old women unite! We shall sit over Earl Grey and crumpets, pet our overweight cats and lapdogs, and gripe about our bowels and the irresponsible shenanigans of the younger generations.

            I’m 26.

            …At any rate, there’s definitely truth in your comment. I think that, as women, we know our own weaknesses and are often better able to interpret the actions and motivations of these female characters. Therefore, we’re better able to see the ugly/destructive parts of the female characters.

            But like Cyanilurus pointed out, Shing writes herself some good characters. So far all of the major characters have been given redeemable/good/appealing qualities while simultaneously having room for improvement/traits that are annoying/bad. Both male and female characters are strong and fleshed-out and contribute to the movement of the plot.

            In the meantime, keep on being a grumpy old woman.

        • D’awwww, well, on this particular page I can forgive Angora because
          -she is really a child (and as such it’s really hard to realise others’ needds – I know this too well…)
          -she might not be accusing Pinter, only enquiring :D
          -she finally starts to realise his problem.

          Other than that, she pretty much irritated me too for the same reasons so your comment was instantly luffed, but hey! Shings is a really good writer so far, she gave her both a personality and room to grow!

          Also… *hugs to the Grumpy Lady so she feels better today*

      • Kent

        I’m pretty sure Pinter is lashing out because he got caught sneaking off to drink his stolen booze. The “getting firewood” excuse was only to allow him to sneak off and have a drink.
        Pinter is feeling guilty and trying to cover it up with anger. It has nothing to do with Angora following him, or not carrying things.

        • DukeBG

          I was going to write exactly the same thing.

  • I feel she really didn’t want to stay just with the other guy.

  • Deru

    Pinter, I get that shit has gotten pretty cray cray, but you might be flying off the handle just a tad here.

    • Ryanapple

      Keep in mind how on edge he must be, having not had a drink in weeks. I doubt this actually has much to do with Angora.

      • Jac


  • Mal-L

    Man you’re good at writing dysfunctional people….

  • Charles81

    “You followed me? Seriously?”
    “You stole disinfectant alcohol that’s been pressed into dirty bandages? Seriously?”

    Though me thinks Pinter’s worry for her life and fear of the responsibility comes from his past… That best friend?

    • D: We don’t talk about him!!

      • DukeBG

        The Tide spoilers?

  • niryopa

    Angora should be more perceptive but she is literally a child. I really wouldn’t expect her to be so considerate.

    • Lilian

      This is true. Her innocence is part of her charm, but it can also be irritating.

  • Intile

    Uuugh, the art is so good! I love the way you draw the faces of all your characters. They’re just so expressive!

  • Exasperation

    Pinter, I’m pretty sure her life has been your responsibility since the last two panels of chapter 1, page 42, when you decided it was.

  • Javi

    It is, indeed, a fantastic panel. Dammit, Pinter, how can you even get mad at that face?

  • OH WOW! The art finally reached you. :D Glad you liked it Dershing. Thanks for featuring it. There will be more as soon as I get the free time.

    So excited to hear that they’ll be back soon. I love whwre the story is headed but I’m really missing them.

  • Its pretty easy to get fustrated and mad at someone when they dont offer to help and only be little every choice you make granted Angora is young and still has a lot to learn and granted she spent her entire life raised int he woods, but that doesnt make Pinters reactions any less justifyed imo hes just got alot of issues that have compunded themselves onto one another and yes he has a drinking problem, we have estabilished this, its a disease get over yourselves with coming down so hard on him, lets do a small recap hes been forced to take responisbility for Angroa Who has never taken much of anything responsibly, or seriously, hes got an alcohol problem, one he’s been coping with for a long time, (probably caused by what ever happened to his bestfriend or genetically born with it leaning on more of a PTSD cause tho) and not to mention hes just gone like a week or longer without any booze, so yeah add to that all the stress he is under and the body that was just found, result somethings gotta give, (too much pressure) so his actions and his snarkyness i can totally see and understand and inmo is thus justifyed.

  • sweet_gardenia

    Angora: FLAP 8{

    In all seriousness I do really love your character interaction it just feels very real. I love Angora and Pinter even through the quarrels and misunderstandings. They give me feels.

    • Lilian

      Shing writes good characters.

  • Jac

    Angora reminds me of me at fourteen. Such a brat.

    (I love all of your characters Der-Shing)

  • Jen

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! I thought this comic was dead! I used to follow it back before it stopped 3 YEARS ago!!! It was one of my favorites and I used to check in every once and awhile even after updates stopped out of some insane hope and it was just earlier this year that I had finally given up for good! Then I saw it on Hiveworks, was confused, clicked, and now here I am freaking out. I kid you not that I was so happy I actually teared up a bit when I found this! I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! XD

  • SeDevri

    Hey, just wanted to say that the art is looking GREAT!

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