Well that’s quite a vote of confidence.

I was planning on posting a second Meek page this week but got taken out by pain, so it won’t be 100% finished by tomorrow (I worked on these two pages as a batch)… instead of posting it mid-Sunday I’ll probably just hold onto it until next week’s update(s). My pain has (temporarily? I hope not?) improved today, so we’ll see.

Also this page marks the 2/3 point of the chapter B] I calculated we’ll be done by the end of Jan… seems far away until you actually sit down to make a page, haha, then I feel the pressure.

Oh yeah I also went back and tweaked the past few pages, they look/ read a little better now~

Anyways, let’s get the business of pimping the wonderful $10+ Patrons of the month (permanently listed here)! Thank you for your generous support! It keeps all my comics updating and more importantly, is helping pay for all the stupid doctor’s visits. Look at how much stuff has been made in the past 2 months! It’s really great. Thank you for keeping my work and possibly me alive, haha <3

Today’s bonus art: a snippet from the original version of this scene


  • Mal-L

    …. Wow… Just… wow…

  • Spav

    Poor Pinter, keeping everybody awake with his alcohol withdrawal screams.

    No booze in a monastery, at least not the lame ones. Some monasteries even make booze.

    • Jac

      *has literally bought booze from a monastery*

  • For varying definition of “offered to help me”.

  • sweet_gardenia

    ” Of all the jungles in all the world you walk into mine…”
    Babies please no my feels look at Pinter’s face he has no clue aaaaa ;___;

  • caribouchat

    I really hope you get well soon, it must be really painful and difficult for you. I wish you the best. And this page is really great, as surprising as was tighfriend… Thanks so much for making those great comics!

  • Natalie

    Aaaa, I love this update :D.

    Also, I hope your wrist feels better soon!

  • msouth

    Holy what-the backstory batman!!!!!

  • jumprun

    Wait, what? I thought she lived in the jungle with animals, not a monastery. I’m so confused.

    • David

      She started out at the monastery as a fairly ordinary girl (see flashback way back in chapter 1). We are still missing the part of the story where she transformed from brown haired girl in simple dress into naked green haired jungle girl.

      • Someone

        Do you have a link? Can’t find any such flashbacks …

        Kind of confused …

        • We haven’t seen the monastery at all yet! don’t worry, haha. There is a flashback in Chapter 1 where Angora has a more natural (or less natural, depending on your definition) look.

        • David

          Click on the Archives link at the top of this page, then move your cursor down until you see page 1.27. The flashback begins at the end of that page with Grandfather calling out to her and then continues on through page 1.31. Notice how different Angora looks on those pages from the way she looks elsewhere.

  • Dreampiper

    Please take care of yourself first, Kory.

    Don’t overwork yourself, we will always be here when you update your pages, regardless of when!

    We love whatever you come up with and appreciate any and every thing you give us!

    So rest if you need to and if you need help let us know! :D

  • camila

    I’ve waited 12 years for this, IN ASKABAN!!!!
    No, but seriously, I just couldn’t wait for these two to get to something, shit just got serious.

  • steffyanie

    Daaaang, after this page came out I had to go back and read this chapter thus far, in one sitting. The pacing of this chapter (and both of your comics in general) is SO great. I hope you get better quickly and easily, but take your time to recover. <3 Keep up the incredible work~

  • Lee M

    “Why did it have to be you?”

    …Because they’re both gonna discover they’re the only people who can really help each other, of course. Isn’t that how stories work?

    • Vert

      Or they’re going to discover that while there probably are dozens, if not *hundreds* of people in the world (and probably right there on their continent!) that would have been *better* suited for the job, they aren’t available to help right now. So each of them is going to have to be good *enough* to help the other, which is a much, much harder job to do. Because they *have* to do it.

  • Lilian

    I can feel Angora’s frustration here. Also, lovely use of backstory.

  • ThisCat

    Woooh, the plot thickens.

  • I need to give Angora one big hug.

    • AEM

      I second that :)

      When I was little, I hated seeing people (real or fictional) cry, I think because I was still learning how feelings worked and didn’t know how to respond. Now that I’m hoping to marry and start a family in the near-future, my instinctive response to a someone in distress is: “[X} need a hug? Yeah, [X] need a hug.”

      Now if only Angora were real enough to be hugged instead of just a drawing. Oh, cruel reality… :'(

  • Really now if anyone needs a smack upside the head its Angora after all she was the one who basicly said your taking me and thats that, and NOW shes crying its his fault come on Angora Grow up

  • Onegolems

    Hi. I’m a massage therapist. I hate to see people in pain, so my advice would be to go to a LMT (licenced massage therapist) or in a pinch use rubbing alcohol on the area of pain just before you go to bed. When we fall asleep our brain releases a chemical that paralyses our muscles so we don’t act out our dreams. The rubbing alcohol will further relax the muscles. I hope this helps. :)

    • Thanks, but I’m doing some pain management stuff already. It’s a bit more complicated than an overworking issue, unfortunately.

  • Sebine

    Holy flipping fuck

    You’re updating again…

  • Adam

    Guilt-tripping much? Well, you asked help from the first person who didn’t chase you and if you talked to him, you should have remembered earlier that he is an alcoholic. If you lived in a monastary you should have known better than to barge town around naked, even monks wear clothes.

  • foducool

    oh he can help himself
    help himself to another bottle of booze

  • Dewmilk

    I know I’m about 5 years too late but I just had a thought. “Grandfather” told her to get help from a man who is lost so maybe it’s figurative. Addicts “lose themselves” to their addiction. Pinter is obviously an addict. (I hope my thinking makes sense lol)

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