Transition pages! 2 days of work for like, 30 seconds max read time, haha. Oh well, we can’t live without them.

That canopy separation effect is a real thing called crown shyness, btw… nature is cool..

I probably had something else important to say, but I’ve forgotten it, so you’re off the hook.


  • An Average Loser


  • Frelance

    The whole moon is still in the sky even when only part of the lit face is displayed; a full circle of stars will be occluded

    • Oh shit, yeah I didn’t mean to put stars in front of the moon, lol, will fix in a sec

      • Tiff

        The moon looks like a lemon

    • Jac

      Good eye!

  • Intile

    Oooh, that moon looks obloid. It reminds me of Saturn’s Iapetus. Is that on purpose? Do they have an usually shaped moon? That’d be pretty cool.

    • Intile

      Unusually shaped*

      • Max

        I’m pretty sure sure it’s just the result of unfamiliarity with the fact that even in gibbous moon phases, the two arcs delimiting the moon have substantially different apparent curvatures… ;)

        • Yeah, at least one of the sides should describe a circular arc.

          • Corbie

            I’m not as picky as to open the page in Photoshop and check, but I’m pretty sure the left / lower arc is circular, while the right one is shadow on planetary surface.

          • It does, I it’s literally a circle fill with a crescent masked out of it :] I’m not masochistic enough to freehand circles, haha.

          • Intile

            @shingworks Oh, I can totally see that now! I didn’t catch that faint dark outline of the rest of the moon at first. I guess I’m just more familiar with odd moon shapes than I am with our own moon’s phases. How embarrassing!

  • Javi

    Really beautiful page. I hope you are feeling better already.

  • caribouchat

    We can vote anyway, on TWB site… (Maybe you could also put a small permanent button in the frame on the right, with the social network ones?)
    Thanks, those pages are really moving. I hope you’re better or will get better soon.

    • caribouchat

      Ah, also, we don’t need a new vote incentive for each page… Some authors never change their vote incentive and get votes anyway.

      And 30 seconds read-time for hundreds of people (thousands and more if the comic stays there for years) makes a lot of time. Besides, I do read the pages twice or more if I like them a lot, and once in a while, I read all of it from the beginning again… So its really more than a 30 seconds pleasure.

    • Kent
  • squidlifecrisis

    I could never spend /just/ 30 seconds looking at your art. ever.

    also I love it when you teach us stuff. I was not aware of the crown shyness phenomenon. that’s worth knowing.

  • Da Rat Bastid

    (Rat’s lower lip quivers slightly as he views the first panel.)

    May–may I please hug you, Angora?

  • Claire

    Well, it is a very nice transition page. I’ve read it twice, wich made 60 seconds of enjoyable time !

    I love your work. I hope that little bitterness we can hear in your (imaginary) tone will go away soon !


  • Vert

    Thanks for keeping the updates coming even though you hurt :)

  • von Corax

    Even without a new vote incentive, I’d still vote if I didn’t have to go looking for the link. (I figure I’m voting for the comic, not for the incentive.)

  • Karina

    Obviously this page is gorgeous (because by some otherworldly power that I can’t comprehend there hasn’t been a page of this comic hasn’t been), but I have to say that crown shyness being brought up in the commentary just compleeeeetely made my day.

  • sweet_gardenia

    *yells about crown shyness and awesomeness of nature*

    *cries about angora*

  • martin

    Are those birthmarks in her back? never noticed them before.

  • Jess T

    I am so, so happy to discover that this comic is back up! :D

    It’s one of my absolute favorites and a great inspiration to me. I am so excited to see where it’s going!!

  • Lilian

    The folds in Angora’s blanket are beautifully done.

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