• An Average Loser

    Legend says that he’s still screaming to this day. . .

    • Petra

      If you listen closely in the mountains… you can hear a scream. All night. While you’re trying to sleep. God dammit, Pinter.

      • charles81

        Attacking any hikers brave or stupid enough to carry alcohol through the woods.

  • At some point one of the inhabitant will snap and hunt him.

  • Yeah, wouldn’t want to get that hair dirty! Or else it might start growing moss!

    • To say nothing of the clothes!

      • “What clothes ?”

      • Swann

        No, really. Say nothing of them.

      • Vert

        Well to her credit she solved that one rather elegantly.

      • Tavis

        Somewhere in the universe, there is a perfectly clean and intact smock lying around, with implied promises of a trouble-free life hanging in the delicate weave of its threads.

  • Charles81

    Get that man a drink!

    Seriously, if this is Pinter sober then I think they’ll argue him a drink in future… Or there’s danger… Or the wife is dead and hubby’s the one screaming

  • Android 21 3/7


    • sweet_gardenia



  • Android 21 3/7

    Hey, Shing, for some reason, I can’t leave comments on Mare. Have I been flagged as a spambot somehow and banned or is it just a programming issue?

    • Oh, you may be a first-time commenter (I have to manually approve the first comment from a new poster). I’ll go check!

    • Oh whoops it was in spam for some reason, with some others X’D guessing I fat-fingered them on mobile at some point; thanks for letting me know!

  • Mallow

    For some reason all I can think of is how she’s laying down with her hair in a ponytail and every time i try to do that it presses against my head unless the ponytail is high enough up. But maybe that’s just because my hair is ridiculously thick.

    Wonder if we’ll ever get to see what’s screaming.

  • Sleeping Willows

    http://youtu.be/LA4CTzhrLu8 this is all I could think of when I saw the screams

    • Dreampiper

      Oh MY GOSH

  • Someonehere

    Read this before reading the previous pages. Comes off quite lascivious.

  • Man…I find myself going ‘aww…Pinter’ at every page, except in varying inflections.

  • Jade

    Are we supposed to know why he’s screaming? Is it withdrawal or something else?

    • Maybe he will tell us one day! Or maybe we will find out in the next update

  • KiTA

    Wait, wait. That’s… Angora? With blond hair and a nudity taboo?

    … This just raises more questions!

  • Kelsey Raabe

    How long ago is this flashback?

  • nick

    Ah! You’re back! You have been back, and I just noticed! I’m so happy that you’re in production on this comic again. It continues to be quite good. Thank you for making it.

  • Jac

    It’s Yelling Time!

  • Ithildyn

    I think it’s Etan, screaming in grief at the passing of his wife or something like that…

  • Ash

    Does he groan in his sleep?

  • wrbwrh

    dat hip

    • Vert

      I think Angora used to be a bit chunkier than she is now. She was probably eating better then. Or, since she’s 15 in current comic time, she may just be mid-growth spurt.

      • wrbwrh

        naw bae jus hiplicious

  • ThatAudGirl

    Whoa! Her hair wasn’t always green? AND she used to wear clothes?! WHAT IS THIS??

    • comic.phile

      I think I read once it wasn’t that her hair was naturally green, it was green due to mold.

  • Steelbright

    Is this the first time in the entire comic angora is fully clothed…? :D

    • David

      No, she was fully clothed in another flashback way back in book 1. She may even be wearing more in that flashback than in this one, as I am having a tough time figuring out for sure whether she is wearing shoes or just has muddy feet in the chapter 1 flashback.

  • theedarkestcorner

    i’m thoroughly confused now. i thought she didn’t know about clothing.

  • Bakamoichigei

    Holy heck! As a fan of this comic from the very beginning, I’d been it checking for updates every week or so during my daily webcomic reading… After 2.5 years without an update, I finally gave it a rest…

    But today, I *accidentally* clicked it instead of another bookmark, and what do I find?! ….of course now I’m all caught up. D:

    Glad to see you started updating again, I look forward to more!

  • RazorD9

    This comic was brought to you in scream-o-vision!

  • Frank

    Pretty good comic so far

  • Ugh always so freaking awesome. Haven’t read this in forever.

  • Deenight

    Hi ! My first time commenting and i have to say you are sooooo amazing !!! I spend so much time on each panel its the first time !!! (Sorry if i make mistakes ) anyway im so happy ! Hope you stay well and healthy for a long time !

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