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Dat 4 o’clock (am) shadow

Sorry about the skip last week! I got very sick, am better now, yay~

If you’re not reading my other webcomic, this is a good time to check it out! CH2 proper is wrapping up this week with two pages, should be fun. There are some people with weird shit growing out of their face in that comic too, but they’re being mature adults about it and not whiny babies (TANOME)

And a very deep thank you to all of the $10+ Patrons from the month of November! I enjoy putting the little month pips on these things, I appreciate you all for reading and sticking by the comic!


  • That One Fruckert


  • JakeyBakey

    I’m gonna see that face in my nightmares

  • Anansi

    Likewise JakeyBakey… I don’t understand what’s going on with her? What is she freaking out about exactly? Her face looks…horrifying.

    • She’s disoriented.
      Wake up in the middle of nowhere, in an unknown place.

      There may also be an underlying problem, which would explain why they’re headind to the mission in the first place.

    • Lilian

      Disorientation + passing out after being gored + moss growing out of her face = panic.

      Honestly I think Mike Fisher’s reaction in Mare Internum is remarkably subdued. Most people, I think, would experience a certain level of panic upon discovery of foreign material growing out of their bodies… the face especially.

      Of course, Mike Fisher does display some panic after Thigh Fungus goes all flappy on him.

  • Hm, I wonder which of them grew those herbs.
    Was it our usua Angora, as a subconscious defense mecanism, or Tan ?

    The angle makes me think it’s from his wife.

    • Which would raise a lot of questions.

  • Ceceoh

    Don’t pick at it, or it’ll never heal!

  • Fattimus

    Tan seems to have something on her face vaguely similar to Mike’s fungus, finally cementing the link between The Meek and Mare Internum and penetrating the latter’s diguise of a near-future Earth story, revealing it as the far-future Meek sequel we all knew it was.

    Mike’s face-fungus and amorous thighfungus confirmed as a fungal evolution of Angora’s powers after she launched herself into space (perhaps aboard some sort of tree/shroom hybrid ship) and seeded life on Mars? Or are the two comics being prepared for an Avengers-style Summer crossover where Mike funguppercuts Dagre while Soli and Rebekah find true love together as Pinter and Greg just drink an absolutely insane amount of booze?

    May 6 2016 Meek Internum dot com?

    • I enter the room and see that the candles have been blown out, the curtains billowing in the wind from the broken window. I rush to my worktable only to confirm my worst fears: Fattimus has stolen my plans. As I confirm they have been posted to the internet for all to see, an anguished Noooooo pierces the night. In the distance, a dog add his howl to the chorus.

      • Fattimus

        I would not describe it as the perfect crime, but I will brag about its flawless execution.

        With the world guarding against The Force Awakens spoilers, there was no one left to protect Shingworks HQ…

        • Fridge_Logik

          You fool don’t you see! Now that the script has been leaked she has no choice but to change the ending!

        • Ceceoh

          So how much did you pay Soli and Alamand for that little caper?

  • Jac

    It’s Yelling Time

  • Arianwen

    and der-shing battles through sickness and multiple jobs in order to ensure none of us ever sleep again.

    well done you.


  • Wreck Smurfy

    So, Dr. Angora practices herbal medicine while she dreams. Side effects may include greenery growing out of your cheeks.

  • caribouchat

    Hey, where is her wound? I don’t see it anymore? And Etan doesn’t seem to see it either…
    Did Angora grow curing herbs?
    By the way, thanks a lot Der-Shing, your comics are really great, each new page is a pleasure to discover.

  • Charles81

    There’s suddenly a lot of grass between Angora and the woman (Tanome) growing even over the campfire.

    Not entirely sure what the she’s freaking out about. I guess the grass wasn’t there before and she was previously running from boars but this is her own camp. So the next thing I notice is what seems to be moss around her face, she’s holding her face and asking what “this” is and what they did to her although he’s claiming it’s only debris.

    Heck, the whole hut is grassed up and even the dead log has sprouted branches.

  • Anvill

    Not for certain but from the looks of it we can add healing to angoras powers. That’s pretty big. I’m curious to find out how that ties in to her greater role/mission in the story!

  • Android 21 3/7

    Angora, is this your doing? I understand if it was an accident, but still, is it your doing? I mean the grass seems to be pointing at her and suddenly she has moss growing on her body and her gaping wound hole is gone.

  • Noa

    The face of terror

    (to be honest, it really freak me out, great work!)

  • JJ

    Ugh, for a second I was worried that Tanome was almost topless. Totally forgot Angora. Goes to show we need more webcomics normalising women’s bodies?

  • Petra

    Is Tanome all healed? Her belly looks fine here.

    • Petra

      Well, no, correction, her belly looks bruised here, instead of ripped open. Is it just her injury is lower down and bandaged?

  • Jonboy

    Calm your tits, Tal.

  • So no more wound and lots of grass, what’s all this Angora?

  • Lilian

    The grass could be following a sort of arrow trajectory in line with Angora’s angry stare a few pages back. Is it memory that triggers these outbursts of power? After all, she was just thinking of a moment at the monastery, and she had things growing on a stump after she dreamed of Mocheril.

    …if I found moss growing out of my face, I would also be concerned. Even if my gouged waist closed over supernaturally quickly.

    I keep going back to the third panel. There’s something simultaneously sweet and heartbreaking about it… Tanome’s wild clutching and Etan’s tense/alarmed attempt to steady and comfort her. Great work on the body language, Tanome’s torso, and Etan’s expression. Oh and you got the angle of Etan’s face just right… it’s hard lining up facial features properly.

    …Healed gouge or not, I don’t think Tanome will take kindly to Angora’s provision of moss muttonchops. O_o

  • Vert

    Maybe Tanome is turning into one of those plant-headed people from a few pages ago. They might have juju’d her with their evil plant-head powder while she was lying there.

    Damned plant-heads.

  • Crestlinger

    Hey everybody! The almost-corpse is up!
    Pinter and Angora: ‘That screaming sounds familiar….’

  • Mal-L

    I wonder if she’ll become this guy… http://www.meekcomic.com/comic/4-23/

  • iowawa

    I hope you are well – or will be soon. Best wishes sent your way, Der-Shing.

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