• Meep.

    • patchy

      Meep? What about meep? I thought the meep was meep, not meep?!

  • Sky

    Guys, please, you’re making things too hard for you all to become the -BEST- of friends here.

    I think, the only way for this to work out – is if Angora leaves BUT, then Pinter leaves with her. (M-MAYBE HE STILL? Might? Pinter pls..)

    But c’mon, Pinter. Do you want to be the weird third wheel to this couple here? And Angora will be a TOTAL LONER AGAIN! It’s the only way to not feel like a total cruddy jerk here Pinter. Make the right choice… CHOOSE FRIENDSHIP!

    • meh

      there is really no reason for him to stay with her.

      • AndyW

        Umm… except that she’s a child who has little or no knowledge of the world?

        I mean, Pinter is *not* a good guide or protector, weak and damaged as he is, but he’s all she’s got.

        Of course, if Pinter was a callous, conscienceless jerk who had no care for anyone but himself, then, yes: there’d be no reason for him to stay with her.

  • Sauro


    • Spaulding


      • Brock

        Yes Spaulding. Wapity.

  • Here’s to hoping next page will reveal that the “you should go” is directed to Tanome and not Angora. I mean one can hope right :’D

    • Fraaaaank...?

      “But Pinter, you prom-”

      “I wasn’t talking to you.”

      That would be neat.

    • Davely

      Yes yes I hope, but notice how he looks towards no one when he says that, you just can’t know for sure D:

      Why isn’t the next page out nooowwww

    • iowawa

      That’s what I hope, too.

  • Temmeh

    I officially hate everyone in this page except Angora.

  • Ceceoh

    Hmmph! I guess Etan and Pinter are throughly staff whipped.

  • Jędrzej

    What heppend to first panel? What is this “Healed me?” face?

    • Bloop

      Utter smugness

    • Wolfy

      Contempt, I’d say.

    • Tadrix

      To me it looks like she’s squinting. Huh?

      • AdvocatusDiaboli

        Looks like one eye’s pointing up and the other staring down. Hilarious to look at.

  • That’s right Pinter, don’t help the crying bleeding girl

  • The Yack

    It does seem Pinters arm is raised perhaps pointing in that last panel. I dont think he’s pointing at Angora…

    • APStorm

      He’s not pointing, he’s holding his hand on the back of his neck, like one might do if they were really uncomfortable… the same reason one might stare at an empty space.

  • Felis Leo

    I could imagine this being a nature documentary being narrated by David Attenborough:

    (*In David Attenborough voice*) In this strictly matriarchal society, the docile males are always drawn towards the dominant female. The hitherto dominant female, Angora, with her plant magic now having been rendered impotent, has lost quickly lost her status to the up-and-coming Tanome, a larger, stronger female. Having won the physical contest for dominance, Angora’s male partner, Pinter, has been claimed by Tanome as part of her harem, and is in the process of exiling Angora from the group. A sad day for Angora to be sure. Is it possible for this young female to survive in the wild without her own harem of males in tow? Join us next week on Life on BBC One to find out.

    • Danger Cats


  • Toozday's Child

    I’m next to positive Pinter’s talking to them, not to Angora.

  • Daniel Gleebits

    What a cunt.

    Get a good look, people. A tame vision of what people act like when religion has free reign.

    • AEM

      Well, it’s certainly what faith devoid of reason looks like. But I certainly wouldn’t act like this – staunch Catholic though I be – nor any of the people in my circle of friends.

      • Daniel Gleebits

        Well yeah. Most modern western religions have been dragged kicking and screaming into the rule of secular law.
        I was talking about when religion is permitted to overrule law. Look at any example in history, and within a short space of time it’s inquisitions, witch hunts, and this revolting in-club out-club mentality.
        I mean this woman here’s already done that disgusting “God healed me, not you” bullshit that irritates me so. No, no, it wasn’t the doctor, it was god. Somehow.

        • Lilian

          “I mean this woman here’s already done that disgusting “God healed me, not you” bullshit that irritates me so. No, no, it wasn’t the doctor, it was god. Somehow.”

          I don’t see why God and doctor both can’t be given credit, and thanks, by believers in God. A lot of believers would agree, though there is certainly a population that seems to have difficulty allowing God to heal through natural means as well as miraculous.

          “Law” is a very broad term which you seem to be using in a fairly narrow sense. Law can be religious or secular or aggressively anti-religious. The foundation of Western law (which you seem to be referring to as “law”) on individual rights to life, liberty, and property does seem to work pretty well.

          I don’t think law is automatically a good or bad thing. Like religion isn’t automatically a good or bad thing. They are things with the potential for abuse or beneficence. Like a lot of things.

          • Daniel Gleebits

            My only problem with people ascribing credit to god for being healed is that there’s never any indication that god has actually done anything. There’s never a glow, a beam of line shining down on them, a voice saying clearly “I heal you now”, or mystical hands performing surgery, or anything. There’s never any indication whatsoever.
            When the doctor does something, you can detect that. If your body heals naturally, you can detect that.
            I’ve yet to see evidence of supernatural healing of any sort.

            That’s my problem here. This bitch wakes up, has medicinal plants over her, then is quite happy to break the nose of the person who did it and then claim she was never in any danger from being stabbed in the gut cuz gawd.
            I’d slap that woman.

        • Lilian

          Hm, you *did* refer specifically to secular law in your comment. As a libertarian sort, I like secular law.

    • SomeUnregPunk

      Remember where the “witch” comes from. There is a good bet that her community would be against what this old lady is doing now. This lady believes that community is their goal, some grand place that embodies everything about their religion.
      It’s clear that the community where the old lady comes from is very different from where the young lady comes from even though they may be practicing the same religion.

      • Petra

        The Monastery is secular, actually.

  • VCalavera

    You son of a bitch.

  • Literas

    Have to agree with Jedrzej, Tanome’s face looks a little weird in that first panel. That said, God, poor Angora. Good job on making her look extra pitiful in that second-to-last panel :p

  • David

    AAAGH! The ambiguity! That was beautifully done, but also mean.

    I hope he’s dismissing Tanome and her husband- Ang’s a little annoying, but Tan is a total b*tch. I would never travel with her. Then again, Pinter does have a gift for making bad decisions.

    • David K

      It is even more maddening if you have access to the thumbnail sketches in the January 18th Patreon post. It provides some clues as to the placement of the people in future panels, but we cannot tell what they are saying or even precisely who is doing what. All I am willing to say for sure is that whoever Pinter is telling to leave does not leave immediately in the next panel.

      • David K

        Actually — I am not even sure of that last point. I thought I saw evidence of more than two people in later panels, but now I am not so sure.

      • Haha! I hope you are somewhat amused by the differences between the thumbs and the finals…

  • RichWalk9891

    So not only did Angora find a dying Tanome, she was also the one who healed her wounds too?

    Wow, just…wow. I’m shaking my head at Tanome at how consistently she’s making herself lately at not only looking completely ungrateful, but also utterly mad.

    • Lilian

      She seems to be a real piece of work. I imagine ferocity is how she responds to threatening/perceived-as-threatening situations, but still her transition from panicked to full-out warrior-fire-and-brimstone-preacher mode has been sudden and sustained.

    • Tadrix

      “So not only did Angora find a dying Tanome, she was also the one who healed her wounds too?”

      Good morning, who else there has forest nature magic?

      Some people just shouldn’t have been helped.

  • Lilian

    Utter dismissal of the unnatural healing. So much for that angle. But Etan and Tanome, how do you know Angora’s power *isn’t* from God? Granted, FaceMoss isn’t what one would expect.

    Methinks Pinter is dismissing Etan and Tanome, not Angora. Tanome’s the one who last spoke to him.

    It would be good for Pinter.

    • Tadrix

      Medieval Church. How they knew the “witches” they burned at stake didn’t have blessings from above? Or a Hussite Wars-era quote from a member of the clergy: “Just kill them all, the Lord will recognize His sheep.” Uttered, when faced with need of telling apart good Christians and heretics. Religious fanatics always were ignorant bastards.

      ++ on Pinter dismissing Etanome

      • Marion

        Common misconception. The classical period of witchhunts in Early Modern Europe and Colonial North America falls into the Early Modern period or about 1450 to 1750, spanning the upheavals of the Reformation and the Thirty Years’ War, not the Middle Ages.

        • Tadrix

          Yep, you are right, but I used the word “medieval” in “primitive” sense. And I’d say, starting with 1390, and ending with 1800.

  • Some_Douchebag

    Pinter abandoned Angora before. He agonized about it and changed his mind later, but he was still ready to leave her after enough aggravation. It’s clear that he feels obligated to help her, even if he doesn’t follow through all of the time. He’s probably going to do the same thing again, dismissing Angora for a time before going back on his decision.

    It’s also worth noting that, while Tanome has the spear, he has the map. He’s got leverage. They could use his help in finding the Mission they’re looking for. He could easily use that to try and convince them to keep Angora around (he did tell Etan that she’s addled and needs looking after, which might be another point for keeping her). Unfortunately, he’s entirely too meek and indecisive to do any of that.

    The best part about this is that his personality does a one-eighty when alcohol gets involved, and he’s been pretty dry for a while. If he’d had a proper dose of his medicine, he’d probably be more defiant towards Tanome, and more likely to keep Angora from starving to death out in the jungle. This is the last thing an alcoholic like him should hear, but boozed-up Pinter is best Pinter.

  • Mir

    Maybe your higher power brought Angora to you to heal you? Jeeze. I thought Pinter was talking to the lady but after reading the comments apparently not. How could you look at that bloody nose and tears and do that?

    • Lilian

      We don’t actually know who Pinter is saying that too. He’s not looking at anyone when he says it.

      • Lilian


  • Lar

    Pinter y’all better be talking to Tanome and Etan.

  • martin

    Pinter is talking to everyone.


    Everyone should just get the ufck out of hist life. And from now on there are the adventures of Pinter in a Caribbean isle, drinking Caipirinha and relaxing under the tropical sun.

    • David

      Lol, that’s a good thought!

  • lamepudding

    pinters gonna end up staying with angora
    etan and tanome will grudgingly follow because ‘erebody want pinter’s maps

  • Crumplepunch

    Sanctimony intensifies.

  • Sabrina

    I had to go back and re read the last 5 pages since the two tone lighting is sooooooo nice right now q_q

  • manlyshimapan

    pinter is running as the best candidate for awful, spineless jerk. i also hate everyone on this page except angora. they’re being horrible pieces of shit just for the sake of it.

    • David K

      Okay, that looks like Angora’s cue to do something shitty now….

      • manlyshimapan

        the funny part is that she tried (y’know, cast aggressive plant magic on Mrs Ungrateful Sack of Dead Dicks), but she was too scared so she couldn’t

        • David

          Maybe her magic only works if she’s using it for a good purpose.

  • Fawnet

    Pinter’s gonna kick himself when Angora discovers her latent, plant-powered booze making abilities.

  • Tim

    Too bad Angora cannot merely REVOKE the healing. I would very much like to see that b*tch’s stomach unzip itself and her innards plop out onto the ground.

  • Duran

    She should let them go. If her forest magic works again, she can survive travelling through the forest again. Just ask the mapguy for a map, and seek somebody who is less of a coward and/or an asshole.

    And the best part? Those chumps would be punishing themselves. They would be travelling to Angora’s community for nothing, and she nows it, but they wouldn’t know because they are assholes.

  • Vert

    Welp, *they’re* off the Christmas card list.

  • Mal-L

    Tanome and Etan are people who generally hate dealing with things they don’t understand. People who act differently are threats, supernatural phenomenon that can’t be categorized are the works of the devil.

  • Arbutus

    So what happens if they take back all the healing goop and leave her to die again?

  • Ashe

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa I’ve missed this webcomic so much! Really hoping he’s talking to Tan and Etan than Angora but that’s to be seen.

  • Carolyn

    I’m holding out hope that Pinter is actually telling Etan and Tan to leave. After all, Tan did just physically assault a young girl. Pinter may not be Angora’s biggest fan right now, but Tan just proved she’s way too unstable to be traveling with anyone other than her enabling turd of a husband.

  • Jac

    LISTEN HERE Tanome, you ungrateful jerk,

  • Corbie

    Ugh, Tanome is exactly what I despise in monotheism.

    Maybe Angora can grow her a brain from more weeds. It might be more capable of intelligence than her current one.

  • Gills

    drink every time there’s an ambiguous you should go scene!

  • ThatAudGirl


    • ThatAudGirl

      Though, now that I look at it closer, in the one panel he is clearly looking down at Angora (which is away from the other two) and when he says “You should go” he is looking more in their direction and no longer at Angora. He probably is talking to them and not Angora when he says that. Yeah. I’m going with that because otherwise he is a giant buttmunch.

      • jsfury


  • the funny part about this page is panel 1 the way her hair makes it look like she has crazy eyes, Taneome or what ever the correct spelling for her name is lol

  • Danea

    Yeah… I don’t think perspective in the sense of where Pinter is looking is what the goal was here. He looked at her, then looked the completely opposite direction. It’s the way anyone who feels horribly guilty delivers bad news/information. If he wasn’t talking to Angora, as much as that makes him a major d**kbag, I’d be very surprised indeed. He hasn’t learned yet and he’s going to cling to what he knows (even if it’s crazy psycho nutjob lady who needs a good poke in the eye) before he takes the harder, albeit right, path. I think he will get there. I do not think it is today, sadly. He will endure much vehement malice from us until he does. Damn it Pinter. We WANT to like you. Can’t you see that? *sobs in a corner*

  • Huh

    Is it just me, or does the lady have whiskers? And didn’t that tiger thing have whiskers? That would be an awesome indicator of allegiance.

  • Pinter I s2g if you leave a bleeding, crying girl alone in the woods I’m gonna be PISSED

    The suspense is killing me!!!

  • David

    Didz the comic die?

  • Tadrix

    Nope, Der-Shing is currently updating Mare Internvm. But, to author — is it safe to assume there will be no updates on Meek comic for a week or so?

    • Haha, actually was going slower cuz working on 2 meek pages at once. Another one coming over the weekend.

  • prediction
    pinters gonna end up staying with angora
    etan and tanome will grudgingly follow because ‘erebody want pinter’s maps

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