Was working on a batch of Meek pages at once just cuz this scene is a bit complicated for me~ Another page will be up in a day or two.


  • Android 21 3/7

    Okay, I have been patient with Tanome, given the shock and physical trauma, but now that’s officially run out. Tanome, you call him “mapmaker”. He made it. He chooses what he does with it. (And I gotta say it is mighty big of Pinter to give Angora that map, in spite of everything she put him through.) If you are going to claim your party’s possessions as collective property, Tanome, you gotta give them a good reason to stay and let you use their stuff.

    • shadowsnake89

      A good reason? I assumed that’s what the spear was for.

      • Arianwen

        “It’s amazing what you can do with a kind word, provided you’ve also got a big stick.” — Terry Pratchett

      • Android 21 3/7

        That’s only a good reason for as far as she can throw the thing!

  • Okami3141

    I love the blank expression she has in panel two, haha

    • That One Fruckert

      : |

      What an awful human being. I hope that this is just her having gone a little insane due to coming back from the dead. Like, physical brain deterioration or something.

      • Jędrzej

        I thouth she is possesed, since she stand up and started bossing around.

        • strannik

          Since her husband doesn’t react, it’s probably her usual behaviour.

  • Luces

    That would be the right moment for Pinter to come to his senses, but I doubt it.
    The world today is shaken be people who tell everyone up to fire and bombs how they have to live and breathe, and those who won’t allow “the others” to live under the same sun.
    You must have developed all this years before, Der-shing. Thank you for spinning a tale about fanatics and misunderstandings when we really need it!

    • I kinda have the feeling he did recognise the situation a couple pages ago, it’s rather that he knows that speaking out the truth and standing up to insane people just doesn’t work, one needs to be cunning.

  • BewareTheClowns

    I don’t want to sound like a dick because this comic is very very good and I don’t know if you want comments like this but personally I don’t like this character as a character. Her being hostile to Angora and even wanting to kill her makes sense but her being that over controlling and just deciding she owns Pinters map on top of everything else is pushing her over the line into feeling like a character was just put in there to be as awful as possible.

    • Haha, it’s fine. Both of them are supposed to be wholly unlikable.

      • Marble

        I can see where BewareTheClowns is coming from, but you seriously don’t have to worry about Tanome seeming unrealistic.
        She actually reminds me a lot of my mom in way too many ways, and I’ve often said that “real life makes crummy fiction” because real, legit things people do just seems too unreal for believable fiction.
        Fiction has to be prettied up for flow and whatever, but I don’t think that’s always necessary. And even if Tanome’s place in the comic is to exist for sheer drama, so be it! She does it well!

        • Patrick

          You’re god damn right!

          Most people (fortunately for them) don’t have the experience with really fucked up people.

          • Reign of Crows

            I’d like to think it’s the case for most people… whether it’s most or a minority, lucky for them either way, indeed.

            Tanome is a believable character and does not feel contrived.

          • Arianwen

            And we also tend to forget how unrealistically vile people can be. When you’re talking to them you hardly know what to say because – are they serious? surely this is irony? surely no living feeling human could honestly think like you do? Then afterwards the memory is softened, brought in from the edges of the bell curve. You remember an unpleasant person but within the bounds of believability. Maybe it’s a defence mechanism so you don’t drink yourself into an early grave. It’s a poor trade-off, if so, because then every so often you run into one and think, Oh, that’s right, that’s why I wanted never to speak to them again.

            There’s a similar feeling when you read about atrocities committed by totalitarian regimes the world over. There’s a point when the stories go through horrible and into silly, so that even when you know they’re real, even when they happened twenty years ago, ten years ago, five, even when they happened here, you tend to think – surely not.

    • Saberbeam

      I was kind of thinking the same thing. If this keeps up, I have expect Tanome to take a look at the map and propose that, before they continue on their journey, they first backtrack to burn down the local puppy orphanage. I actually feel a bit sorry for Etan being stuck with Tanome, but the way he joins in on her being an asshole only allows him so much sympathy (I guess the question is, was he like that before he met her?)

      Good point by Marble though, I suppose this is probably so believable that it just seems unbelievable. And as much as I want to see Pinter stand up to these two, it would be very interesting if he didn’t, because there’s probably a lot of people who wouldn’t. I’d think/hope I would, but I can’t be sure. No one wants to be on the bad side of a crazy lady with a spear.

    • zaf

      i’d like to let you know that these people do exist. they’re not even rare. people who literally think that the world revolves around them and that no one has feelings apart from them.

      if tanome was meant to seem this despicable, she was written pretty well imo.

  • You’re pushing your luck, Tanome.

    • David

      I know! Now would be an excellent time for some tree branches to come out and beat the sh*t out of Tanome. Angora was just having a fit of bad temper before, but now she really needs her power.

      • Oooooor if those branches don’t come out, one can still threaten to burn that map. And begin a negotiation of sorts.

      • I want pinter to stop her one way or the other.

  • Perlite

    Lady! *rubs eyes* I’ve been a bit more accepting of your… eccentricities. Shock, strange situations, you were gored by this world’s equivalent to a boar. You don’t know Angora, but you are WAY OUT OF LINE.
    Letting a child run around lost with supplies or anyway of knowing where to go? A child which, your dumbass husband failed to mention, FOUND your unconscious body. This isn’t your camp, that isn’t your map, and NO ONE here is your goddamn slave. And you Etan. You don’t give two shits about the people who just helped you out. Pinter was going to abandon her too, but at least she was going to have a map! A you won’t even argue for that courtesy.
    Both you and your wife are perfect for each other, since your only solution to seeing something different is to STAB THE SHIT OUT OF IT. I’m starting to wonder if those tayaks were onto something by stampeding through your camp.
    GOD, this is getting to Tony Carver-levels of shit-first impressions.

    • sunny okapi

      yes, thank you!!! but I would actually argue she beats the crap out of tony carver’s repulsiveness level.

  • JJ

    Panel three, typo: “decisions” :-)

  • robin

    this bitch…

    • Dewmilk

      They should’ve left her under that tree. Smh

  • Fraaaank

    “…or the even harder way, which includes twice the pitchforks!”

    • And we don’t talk about… the hardest way

      (a pitchfork where every tip is another pitchfork)

      • DS

        pitchfork fractal

      • Patrick


  • David

    Yay, thank you for drawing again <3

    • Haha, I haven’t stopped XD Just juggling 4 big projects at once, like usual.

      • Japanne

        what are the other two? =D

        • Haha, just an anthology thing and a freelance project.

  • Carolyn

    Really hoping that the next page is going to involve Angora instinctively summoning a root or something to knock Tanome’s head off.

  • Emanon

    First rule of being a tank, Pinter: Never leave your healer unguarded.

  • Roo

    I hope Tanome gets strung out on a treebranch and has to save her own ass this time. What a spiteful bitch.

    Pinter, come to your senses–you’ll be less miserable with the eccentric child than with the overbearing, unreasonable, violent, volatile, jealous, power-heavy, spear-waving crazy lady.

  • jeryk

    Hahaha- Good job Mr. Helmer!
    You have hit my classic bar of “invoking emotions” with your story telling and art.
    I can always tell when a story is doing what it should- make you FEEL something! :)
    It may be happy or it may be anger, but whatever, that is success!
    Conversely~ boredom with a story is teh kiss of death- ya couldn’t care less about content, and then ya couldn’t care less if ya keep reading! On to something better~

    But you know that- LoL:)
    Ya got the readers hatin on fanatic Tanome~ me too! Time for: Heavy Correction! for the socialist fanatic woman, Muhahaha…

    Rock on dude!

    • manô

      The author of this comic is not male, though

      • Varflock

        No? For some reason I just assumed he… she is. Sorry, author.

  • Jonas

    Pinter, grow a pair. Come on.

  • Patchy

    I’m so angry. What a bitch.

  • RichWalk9891

    Since Tanome has no qualms with killing a scared and defenseless child for the crime of being too upset to leave her camp, I can safely say that I’ve lost any kind of sympathy for her.

    It’s amazing how the reader’s interaction with Etan early on in the story leads us to a false sense of security in terms of friendliness in spite of his reaction and suspicion toward Angora, which quickly changes once Tanome is found and wakes up from her wounds.

    Just goes to show that not everyone can be friends with the heroes no matter what they do.

    • David

      I feel that when Etan is apart from Tanome, he’s actually a decent guy. Maybe a bit narrow-minded in his beliefs, but not psycho like his wife. She’s got him cowed.

  • Metrophor

    Remember when we were all hoping Tanome wasn’t dead?

    Heh. Good times.

  • Black Chitinous King First Navigator Forger Of Truth Subjugates The Broken

    I want to see this wretch bleed and suffer.

    Make it so.

    • Now that’s what I call a username

      • Hansontoons


      • Val

        Looks like something from Kill Six Billion Demons webcomic.


        • Zathael

          I was just thinking the same

        • Black Chitinous King First Navigator Forger Of Truth Subjugates The Broken

          You would be right.

  • Gatcha

    Why do I have a feeling Angora will off all of them on the next page? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • DukeBG

    No! Bad Tanome! Shoo!

  • Lar


  • DS

    If Tanome represents the mindset of the Carissi in general, I’m beginning to understand why Luca doesn’t care for them very much.

  • skellagirl

    As douchey as Tanome is, that last panel is gorgeous. I keep staring at the colors and the composition and just hhhhh, it all adds to the intensity of the scene. I especially love her hair.

    • David

      Yeah, you get a powerful sense of motion in that last panel.

  • Vert

    Okay, Tanome can go back to being gored and dying now.

  • shadowsnake89

    Oh come on, someone has possession issues. You’re already leaving her out in the cold with a bloodied face. The least you could do is let her have a map so she can be on her way in peace.

  • Ceceoh

    Hey Tanome! Don’t forget to invoke the name of your god while you’re killing a child.

  • Spark

    Tanome? More like Satanome

  • Hansontoons

    I think that a gentle whack up side the head would not phase her. I hope the event that shows her that one way is not everyone’s way leaves her speechless and questioning her own beliefs.

    • Arianwen

      What about a violent whack? I’m not sure, let’s try it.

  • manlyshimapan

    ugh i hate that we all were right. pinter, you spineless bitch. i really liked that comment about tanome invoking the name of her god while she’s killing a child.
    i really hate her now and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s going to come to rescue angora (or conveniently interrupt this possible murder). :( :( :( :( :(

  • zmm

    Aww shitcaskets..
    dude. you need to go with her.

    • Has much has i agree with you about pinter stepping in at this point thats a quick path to getting skewered by tanome espeically considering her mind set, dont get me wrong i completely agree with you that pinter needs to step up and man up for sure, i think in this situation grabbign the spear and wrenching it or rather the trident from her hands would be more effective or grab it and ram the butt end into her gut to wind her and make her double over, would be the more prudent course of action.

  • BatEars

    My bet’s on Tanome’s next words being along the lines of ‘Okay, I’m taking the map and BOTH of you can stay here mapless and with pitchfork holes if you object’. :P

    Poor Angora :c

  • Chowder

    Hey remember when Etan said Angora “wasn’t the company kept by an honest man?” I would really, really love to hear what puts Tan in the category of “the company that IS”.

  • Fattimus
  • rimmeh

    [shaking with rage]


  • Great lighting in that last panel!! (●♡∀♡)

  • Lilian

    The last panel is beautiful. Great lighting, great intensity, and a chilling hardness to Tanome’s words. She is a mean, mean character, but I will admit that she looks like she can kick some butt.

    Tanome, you need to come up with a coping mechanism aside from BLUDGEONING ALL THE THINGS. Angora has freakish abilities, but she also really did brink you back from a very dangerous state and she did call for help upon finding you as opposed to just abandoning you on the forest floor. As of now you don’t have much reason to think her malicious. And if you happen to think this innocent teenager thing is an act, it’s a very good one.

    Also, that is most certainly not your map. Property rights, lady. Property rights.

    *sigh* Poor Angora. She seemed pretty content cavorting about the jungle alone when the comic began. Now she is more aware of her need for help. :-/ A measure of innocence lost, it seems… it has to happen, but it is sad. It can really be a shock to encounter this sort of nasty-mindedness.

  • Mal-L

    Tanome and Etan are awful, but they’re a very human kind of awful. They’re the types of people who value “people like them”, and are very wary of anything outside their worldview.

    I’d elaborate but then I get political.

    • Android 21 3/7

      You know what I find funny? Etan is a hybrid of two different nationalities and thus has experienced discrimination personally. You’d think he’d be more understanding of those who are “different”.

    • Lilian

      A very human kind of awful indeed. :-/ I feel like politics is just a modernized setting in which we channel our human bend toward tribalism (“us” and “them” thinking). And I definitely see this tribalism coming from both ends of the American bipartisan system.

      I dunno, it seems like we’d be better off putting all of our tribalist tendencies into sporting events or something, haha. *sigh*

  • And thus enters human nature is it not true that the weak willed and weak of body will often be cowed and follow the strong its a survival mechanism if i ever heard of one, but it is an ugly side of human nature too, even if someone like etan who is clearly very easily cowed, and bullied, finds what tanome is doing to be awful wrong and disgusting, he’s just too weak willed and weak in general to oppose tanome and thus lets her control him, his reasoning is more along the lines of “if i do what she says she wont abuse me” or something like that I imagine, hence it being a survival mechanism however wrong it might actually be. and i find it rather revolting that he wont muster up the strength to say hey look you need to calm down, not that i blame, him she does have a rather long pokey stick, that does look rather sharp, and those barbs >.< do not want!

    • Lilian

      Have you ever read about the Milgram Experiment? It explores the human tendency to hurt others when ordered to do so by an authority figure.

      • No i have not but it sounds rather interesting and frightening

  • Sleel

    May the cunt die the death she deserves. Slowly.

  • anameer

    “There are bad people out there” said Pinter 36 pages back. Should have realized at the time this was a clear set up for *this*.

  • Hey Shing in panel three is it suppose to be decision or decisions?

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