Three more pages!!! And heads up, I’m gonna be able to release some older side comics soon, starting next week :] I’ll be sharing the Ch1 bonus comic, the little Tide comics, and when Ch5 starts, the Ch2 bonus comic. Also since this chapter is wrapping up I’ll be putting up the entire horrible original 45 page sketch version of Chapter 4 as well. All of that, plus some post-mortem discussion will be going up on the Patreon for all $5+ Patrons to read and download~ really looking forward to it! This chapter has been a goddamn pain in the ass haha


  • An Average Loser

    Fukken A, Pinter!

  • Spencer


    • Ar


      • Vert


        • Carolyn


          Dr Scott!




          • Ar


          • Weiss

            Carolyn, I want to upvote your comment.

          • Meran


    • Ceceoh


      • Aroma Lady Nova


        • SleepyFist

          Metal Gear?

        • 0btuse


      • sunny okapi

        Carrrlll, that kills people!

    • Jędrzej

      … making a Tan-pun from Tan is silly, but I can’t resist.

    • Willicus





    • Lilian


      • DarkMyste


        • Dust and echoes


          • Ceceoh

            STELLA! (How did we forget Stella?)

    • theman


    • MultiGamering


    • Dewmilk


  • Spider Silk

    This is one of my favourite pages so far

    Pinter still has that trident sticking out of him and this is simultaneously hilarious and awful.

    Just wanted to say I also really love the colour scheme for this entire scene, Der-shing!

  • Kelsey Raabe

    I really can’t tell if panel 3’s “can you can see” is a typo or not.

    • Probably! I’ll fix it as usual, haha XD Thank you for the spot

      • Brian Wood

        Why did I not see the second can in panel three till i read the page again, some guy even stated the typo word for word and I skipped the second can

  • LordOfChains

    Might I suggest that this be the first demonstration of Pinter’s Woodonk maneuver?

    It seems particularly effective at subduing the common Jungle Zealot. Croikey he’s a beaut!

  • Tindi

    Aw, he threw the flask at him. Even empty, that’s a sacrifice for Pinter.

  • Felis Leo

    Pinter, I take back all the horrible, horrible things I thought about you. You really came through…plus, I never liked Tanome’s lapdog in the first place.

    • He will forgive you but… not forget… *single tear*

      • Rune

        Yet another reason to drink!

  • zmm

    hahaha. nice..
    i was half expectint that the trident hit htat and it was only a light wound.
    he might wanna leave the map with them if he has it memorized or anything.

    simply so they don’t try to track them down toooo much

  • John

    Intentional or not, I love the Archer reference :)

  • Toozday's Child

    Throw trees at bitches, acquire booze.

    Then throw the bottle at the husband of the bitch you threw the tree at.

  • Nimm


  • Spav

    Pinter finally points out a worrying and potentially terminal case of Brock Syndrome, and applies percussive maintenance.

    • jsfury

      Seriously though, Pinter is right. How the hell does that guy see? Certainly didn’t see the flask coming at him.

    • wow I just understood the Brock ref… Spav you are killing me in the comments this week XD

  • DukeBG

    I love how meta this page is on some levels!

    A question, though. Does Pinter have or have not a polearm sticking from his side? I can’t tell by the state of the jacket (if the trident is still there, it would tuck off the jacket a bit).

    • Spark

      I don’t think so. If you look on the previous page, the third panel shows Tanome reeling back with it still in her hands.

    • David

      I think the spear is still sticking out of his left side. You can see it in panels 2 & 6 of this page.

      Also, in panel 4 of the previous page (the oof), you see that he twists away from Tan, with the spear still stuck in him.

      • DukeBG

        Yeah, that’s my read too. Except, I don’t think it’s a spear in the last panel, i think it’s just a tree in the background.

  • Luces

    “Waste not, wont not” – certainly not the last drops of a good drink before using the flask for an even better purpose. Pages earlier we were on the verge of a witches hunt and suddenly it’s pure and wonderful slapstick!


    • Lőrinc Del Motte

      Best not to waste any good booze on that blowhard.

  • RichWalk9891

    Did Angora pass out from the stress of using her powers, or did she hit herself on the head with the trident branch, a karmic moment from accidentally hitting Pinter with her powers a page ago?

    • jsfury

      It does appear that Angora has passed out. My guess, stress of mutant powers.

      • Lee M

        It’s been established that using her powers drains Angora’s energy.

  • That seriously made me laugh XD

  • Vain_Villain



  • David

    “What? Is that my problem? ”


    • David

      Ohh, I get it- he was saying “Is that my liquor flask?”

      When I first read it, I thought he had just realized that his blindness was due to his eyes being closed :-P

  • Jonas


  • jo


  • Brett

    Panel 3: “Farewell, fourth wall, we hardly knew ye.”

    • Jędrzej

      Yup! That was, as meTA[N] as it c[T]AN be.

  • Carolyn

    “You were supposed to be one of us!”

    “An intolerant jackass? No thanks.”

    Also, I’ll give Pinter a pass on the booze for this page. If I’d just been stabbed by a nutjob with a trident, I’d probably need a drink too.

    • David

      Yeah, I think he’s earned it

    • DukeBG

      Now I’m thinking about booze cartoonishly pouring out of the holes in the body.

      Jeesh, that is actually a pretty bad injury. If not for alcohol, he would probably be writhed with pain. Looks like lungs are more or less intact, though.

  • Ar

    But seriously, I like how Etan has X-eyes as a result of getting hit in the face with a flask.

    Also, this is why I like Pinter.

  • Bakamoichigei

    Haha… That last couple panels got me laughing so hard. And now Pinter’s just like “Welp, screw these people… I’m back to following the crazy naked girl, who is somehow sane compared to these two.”

  • Jędrzej

    Fall of eTANome.
    That is a relief. Also, Etan, it is not your liquor anymore, but if you insist, you can ta[n]ke it. CaTch[AN]!
    Tan puns… or could i say… Tuns?

  • Lar

    I think…this is my favorite page out of the entire comic so far.

  • Crestlinger

    The things that have to happen for Pinter to get a shot of booze around here is remarkably similar to what that animal had to have happen to get some fruit for chapter 1.
    *Loots trident, pack, empty flask, pouches, and two pairs of boots.

  • Lilian

    Don’t be fooled by the gut. Pinter is strong.

    Etan, maybe you should focus your attention on your wife.

  • Black Chitinous King First Navigator Forger Of Truth Subjugates The Broken

    He’s no man. He’s a tool in his wife’s hands.

    Break it.

  • clam

    brock shoulda blocked it with his drying pan

    • Jesse

      Best comment.

  • welp far has i am concerned pinter just got like +10 cool points, and damn good aim!

  • DS

    Sooooo… Should we be concerned Etan dropped the torch?

  • Vilkas

    When you realize Pinter’s line in panel 3 can be taken literally or metaphorically. Or spiritually.

    Best writing ever.

    • Haha, I don’t know about “ever,” but I try my best

  • MiniMoose

    Ohhh I lol’d. Pinter is has really been speaking the audience’s mind in the last two pages! He is us and we are Pinter.

  • anton

    You know he’s knocked out cuz his eyes are crosses and I am way more drunk than pinter but the old bugger can have it.

  • jsfury

    Can’t reply to Ar’s “KHAAAAAN!” For some strange reason (Reply) is not there. But Ar wins the prize for the name array. Made me laugh.

    • David

      I think it only lets you nest the replies down to a certain level. At least, that’s my guess.

  • David

    I have been wondering whether Etan has a magic power that he wasn’t aware of, and that’s why he can see. What do you guys think?

    • jsfury

      Perhaps, but my feeling is he is being drawn as, ‘the stoic type’ thus the eyes closed with almost a smarmy wisdom to him. This is a fun comic to opine about. ;)

      • David

        Aye, that it is. It’s a sign of good art if it gets people talking and thinking.

  • Shilin

    I love all the believably despicable characters in this comic

  • Antonia

    Ahh, I love Pinter. So much. He has a lot of issues, but when you get right down to it, his heart is in the right place. And he’s protecting this person that’s been nothing but trouble for him!
    You go, Pinter. You go.

    • Malla Finesilver

      Yup yup to that! Plus, he’s still got that trident-thing sticking out of his left side (you can see it in panel Two), and he somehow manages to keep on going. I’d bet on a mixture of adrenaline and that booze he just chugged.

      Either way, he jumped directly between Angora and that tiny pitchfork, knowing it would cause some level of injury and would hurt him. He just got a million 1Up’s in my book!!!

  • bird school

    Pinter asks the important questions

  • MikeLinPA

    Hey! Pinter’s a southpaw…

  • “Nah, I don’t need a gun–I’ve got a Donk!!”

  • Corbie

    Been away from the computer for some weeks and return only to find these last pages … simply glorious. :)

  • Black Chitinous King First Navigator Forger Of Truth Subjugates The Broken

    I like how Angora made the wood that pinned her in the shape of a trident.

  • Bill

    nice to see Pinter has huevos after all.

  • That’s some serious manboobs there, torch guy O_O

  • Copacetic

    Not only can he see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, he is privy to the ancient art of turning a frying pan into a drying pan.

  • Koaba

    I love how one person made a silly comment/reference , and it led, like, 10 people into a string of insanity.’p

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