(no really you better be sorry)

GUESS WHAT, I am going to finish this chapter before the month is out or else, so check back tomorrow and probably Monday for the final pages.

As promised, the bonus comic from the original print version of Chapter 1 is up for $5 Patrons… on Monday I’ll also be putting up the entire 45 page pdf of the original version of this chapter (plus commentary), followed by some Ch 2 Meek stuff, so if you like those things, das Patreon might be cool to check out soonish.

Anyways, enough chatting, gotta get back to work~


  • Juanlink661

    Yes, they got away together XD

  • Kelsey Raabe

    Love the dismal mood of this page.

  • RazorD9

    Yeah, tiny pitchforks may mean tiny torches and then that can lead to tiny angry mobs. From my experience, angry mobs don’t ever stay tiny.

  • Jędrzej

    Tiny pitchfork… Or could that be… TANy fork? (I’m don’t regret those terrible puns )
    But yeah… Tiny pitchfork probably is attached to tiny tiny creature with tiny horns, tiny tail, tiny bat-like wings and tiny sharp teeth… And it probably has hunger for tiny souls…

  • Don Simpson

    Pinter doesn’t know what a fishing spear is?

  • Dreampiper

    Wait? Is this the right page?
    Or are we fast forwarding a bit?

    • Super Bitch is imprisoned in a tree, Torch Guy has been flasked out. Time to run.

    • We are fast fowarding a bit. I took a gamble on closing with Donk and moving straight to this page, but hopefully the zoom/ color change is clear enough of a transition. IDK anymore haha. If it ends up not working I’ll add another horizontal.

      • David

        I thought the transition was fine.

      • Dreampiper

        No it was fine! XD Just making sure!

      • Brian

        I think the time/place shift is pretty clear, as well as the implied action (Pinter grabbed Angora and took off into the woods).

        I’m guessing he’s not *horribly* wounded as he seems to have made some distance before collapsing.

      • Fridge_Logik

        I don’t know if it would fit with your style, but instead of adding another panel softening or blurring the lines in panel one could give a cue to fade in and also communicate distressed state of both Pinter and Angora.

      • Tadrix

        Am I the only one thinking there are too much loose ends? For example, if Pinter just took Angora and headed to the woods, why he didn’t bring along his bag with map? That map was important to him. This leads to think that something else happened, possibly important, and it has been left out in unusual manner.

        Not for me to judge, but isn’t Der-Shing just cheating to meet her deadline?

        • Patrick

          Maybe Pinter panicked a bit (thanks to alcohol) and decided to run away and Angora was too disoriented to protest. So they kind of forget about anything else.

          Or the Brock guy (forgot his name) wasn’t knocked out for long and tried to hurt them or something?

          Dunno, still like the first option more.

        • Cheating? Is a weird word to use. I’ve had the script done since fall of 2015, and the thumbnails done since Xmas or so. My deadlines are arbitrarily set by myself to motivate me to get as much done as possible. If I can’t finish a page to my satisfaction I will just be late with it. So please don’t use words like that :\ I do make mistakes, but if you think you catch something you can simply ask.

          • The transition works absolutely fine by the way. I actually think it adds to the comedy ending of the last page.

        • David

          My thought is that with his injury, Pinter wasn’t able to carry both Angora *and* the backpack.

          As far as the map goes, he probably has the thing memorized. If you’ve explored enough to draw a map like that, you know the region pretty well.

          • Gathe

            Pinter didn’t draw the map; his father did.

        • David

          Whenever I get impatient with a webcomic artist, I remind myself how much I am paying to read the comic: nothing. In return for my nothing, I get something beautiful that helps chase the Mundane out of my life. So, I am grateful.

          Der-shing- you’re doing a great job. Absolutely, take the time to do it right. Avoid rushing, and also avoid burning yourself out.

          I plan to support a couple of my favorite webcomics, once I have a steady income. To that ends, I also wanted to ask: can the comic be purchased as an ebook? I lost Chimneyspeak because the artist took it down after it was finished. So, I’m thinking of buying ebooks to avoid that in the future.

          • I’m not sure where this “rushing” thing is coming from tbh, this has been the way it’s written for a while~ I don’t rush my work in general; I usually go on hiatus if I can’t produce at my normal standard. The only thing that causes me to go slower is just the fact that I have other jobs in addition to this one~

            I definitely do always have in mind that this not a free comic anymore, it is actually being supported by Patrons. Gotta keep it tight for them and for all other readers.

          • Patrick

            Can’t reply to Der-shing post, so I’m replying here…

            Hey Der-shing I think what was David just trying to tell you is that you shouldn’t start rushing. We know you don’t do that. :)
            And I’m personally satisfied with that.

            Just keep up with the splendid work you’re doing, whatever it takes you to do. You’re awesome.

        • This is called storytelling. You don’t show every single detail that is not important. (For example, Pinter and Angora walking away from the scene) And if important info is being left out it is deliberate. Either to give the audience the wrong idea or to bring it up at the right moment. If it’s not shown it is simply not important. Why would the author leave out important info to meet a deadline, that doesn’t make any sense.
          The map can be inside Pinter’s pocket or something happened to make him lose it. But the map has been brought up so many times that we will probably figure out what happened to it, if not now then at a later point in the story. Have some faith.

      • Fal

        It’s fine for me.
        When you read one page at a time, you are easily afraid of having skipped a page, but I re-read last page then this one, and the transition works fine.

  • Gathe

    They had to leave all their supplies and equipment and stuff? That’s gotta suck.

    • Anon3000

      Pinter would then be officially “lost”

      • Lee M

        So he really IS the Lost One!

  • JJ

    Is that a cliff straight ahead of them?

  • David

    dawww, the feels!

    I’m having trouble remembering, though. This whole situation is not Angora’s fault, is it? Other than not wearing a shirt, which pissed Tan off. However, I think Tan would have been violent regardless of what happened.

  • Vert

    Der-Shing, on a scale from 1 to Plaid, how glad are you to be almost done with chapter 4?

    • Uh oh, you jinxed it *5 year hiatus induced*

      • Anon3000

        The story

        of an artist

        who fell into a webcomic-hiatus-coma-thing

        for FIVE YEARS



        (seriously, this is a great comic)

      • Vert

        noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *claws out own eyes*

  • Mirefrost00

    Hey! Don’t burn out the tools. >:/

    But seriously, your dedication is admirable. :D

  • BismuthElement

    Aww, Pinter, you’ve got a bigger heart than you realize.

  • Anon3000

    “You move impressively well for a dude who just got poked with a pitchfork trying to carry a dude-ette to safety at the same time.”

  • whatagrump

    I have no idea why, but when I read this page I was reminded how long I’ve been reading this comic (when did you start posting thumbnails? 2007?) and how much I adore it. Your art style is one of my absolute favorites, and your tenacity is really admirable. It’s inspiring to see someone stick with a project for so long.

  • Spark

    Oh no, what happened to all their stuff? The map?

  • Shaepunk

    Is it just me or does Pinter not have a second leg in the first panel??

    • It’s behind the leaf! Most of his weight is on the front leg

    • David

      His second leg is removable, and he sometimes uses it as a club in battle.

  • Steelbright

    oh man, i love that all it took to get them back to working together was some more people who want to kill angora <3

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