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Ah well at least daddy’s coming home

Obligatory Patreon exists message, gonna send out emails soon for those of you who have rewards. I also have one commission slot open at the moment; I’m probably going to permanently delete it tomorrow to make some room in my work schedule, so if you’re interested in some custom art from me now is your chance~

Today’s bonus art: A line portrait of Rana that I still like



  • Lilian

    Hyla is cute in all of her wide-eyed, saucy, loudmouthed annoyingness. I’m curious about the relationship she has with her father… at least before Phe died.

    • Rue

      She doesn’t know about her mother’s death yet, I think.

  • Emperial

    Sigh. I miss that dreamboat whose existence was terminated when Rana woke up, LOL!

    Hyla is so crazy adorbs! And Rana’s morning hair is amazing. ;D

  • That second panel is adorable <3

    • Beta


  • Charles81

    Blue eyes… I feel like that’s somehow significant.

    • Genetics amirite~

      • Lilian

        I have a brother with blue eyes. Our parents have dark eyes. Our maternal grandparents, however, both have blue eyes.

        • Lilian

          Genetics are cool.

    • Ceceoh

      They match her dress, which is probably not significant, but is adorable.

  • DS

    Poor Rana. I love Hyla’s conviction in her own awesomeness. Also love her little beauty mark and startling blue eyes. Perhaps a certain belted sweater man is accompanying Luca and Suda? :3

  • JJ

    Ooh, that’s Hyla’s beuty mark in panel three? For a while I saw that as her eye in a stylised perplexed face

  • Sillydraco

    You have to make ‘Daddy’ look like Mark Wahlberg from Daddy’s Home or I will be dissappoint

    • Corbie

      Heh no, that would be Luca: http://www.meekcomic.com/cast/

      I never recognized she’s the only one with blue eyes until Charles81 mentioned it above. :o

  • RichWalk9891

    I really like the facial expressions between Rana and Hyla. My favorite one is Rana’s on the very first panel, so many different emotions and feelings between embarrassment, stunned, and incredulous.

    And since we now had an official introduction with Hyla, I guess she’ll no longer have a question mark for a face on the ‘Cast’ page soon.

    • Haha, yeah I had to ask my web guy how to log in to my own FTP because I am stupid as hell XD Gonna update it soon, as well as some stuff in the wiki.

      • RichWalk9891

        I’ve just looked up the page.

        Hurray! The ensemble is complete.

  • Oh. NOW I understand the chapter-start sequence >..<

  • Android 21 3/7

    How old is this girl? She looks about 10-ish. At what age do children think they’re great even when people say to their face they’re being bratty? … I don’t think I ever had such a phase, but then again, that’s likely because I was and still am a crybaby…

  • Spav

    That kid has got some unassailable self-esteem.

  • Person

    Honestly, to me, Rana is being far more bratty than Hyla. Hyla is YOUNG. Like.. I’m assuming she’s not even a teenager yet. You can kinda assume she’ll be rambunctious.
    I’m guessing Rana’s being a total (excuse my French) bitch to Hyla because she’s a half-sister, right? Not cool. Get over it.
    I liked Rana in the beginning, but that’s been kinda wavering these last couple pages. :T Just my opinion, though..

    • Hyla is her full sister! But yes, Rana is prone to over-negativity.

    • Android 21 3/7

      Even though I am a younger sibling, I find myself sympathizing more with Rana. But then again, my sister is more authoritarian and I was shy and quiet, so it was pretty easy for her to set up a sort of unspoken rules between us (which, in fairness to her, she abided by as well). We stayed out of each other’s rooms and things unless we had permission first.

      Though if it ever reached a point where she flat out told me she didn’t want me around her, I probably would have ran into my room (and cried). So props to Hyla for having a stronger personality than me at that age.

      • Person

        I’m a younger sibling as well. I’m actually the youngest in my family (I have an older brother and sister). But I guess I’m a little sensitive to it because, not only am I close to my sister, I’m just really close to my whole family. xD
        My sister and I share a room (though I would like my own room, we just can’t afford a 4-bedroom house or apartment), and we pretty much share everything.. Clothes, accessories, makeup (even though I don’t really wear it, I know I could use it if I wanted to), etc.

        I know that all siblings act differently with each other, but I just think.. You’re FAMILY.. You should be close. I mean, yeah, fights happen.. But I still can’t stand it when siblings are just.. mean D:

  • Ceceoh

    I want to know if Dream Lover is going to show up in the palace, or did Rana make him up out of whole cloth? (Or pillow.)

  • Crazyguy1990

    Something tells me that this Chapter can only end horribly…

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