Shut up Rana you’re not even holding your own umbrella

Lots of cool stuff to share… first, got a nice podcast review from the Comics Alternative, that was awesome.

Second, I finally got my wiki access back! We had a spam issue a few years ago during hiatus and the system got locked, now The Meekipedia is back up and updated with everything from Chapter 4, with Chapter 5 being added as relevant. Also Hyla was finally added to the Cast page, filling out that little “?” that had been there since 2008 :] Very satisfying.

On Patreon, I made a post about the Castle, and another one with an older version of the worldmap. I’m updating the map currently so I don’t want it floating around everywhere in an official way, but it is nice to have a little geographical context. Maybe.

Today’s bonus art are some pencils from this page, which I like a lot. Usually it’s easy to like the pencils more than the inks but I like these more than usual even.

AND if that isn’t enough, I worked on 2 Meek pages at once this week so hopefully another update tomorrow.

Last but not least, an official thank you to our $10+ Patrons… everyone with 9 pips is getting a little gift from me starting this month as a bonus thanks. But of course, thanks to all of you for reading.


  • Max

    As a (not all that young) grown-up, I can totally relate to this – at some point, physical hardship simply becomes the enemy to be avoided at all costs. There’s a mountain of gold outside you day? I’ll consider getting up to look at it sometime later – but definitely not right now…

  • Luces

    The Meekipedia is fantastic! Right what I needed. Thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    Rana looks so much like her father with her hair pulled back. She’s practically the spitting image of him.

    • Gathe

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Arianwen

    Hmmhmm sunshine hm shine together, hmm hmm nanana forever… now that it’s raining hmmhmerner… nernernerner each other, nananerner ella, ella, ella, ella.

    Thank you.

  • neptune432

    Jesus. There’s probably some reason for why Rana’s this way, be it a simple or serious reason, but damn. She hasn’t even found out what happened to her parents yet and she’s pissy.

    • kate

      well, if you had reason to suspect your dad had killed your mom…

    • Well to be clear, Rana knows her mom is dead for sure; the end of Chapter 2 shows her and Suda talking about it, and in Chapters 3 and 4 it is public info being talked about by normal people. But yes she is pissy.

  • DS

    Man, that is a bleak-looking front door. Wouldn’t have looked out of place in Soviet Russia or its neighbors. Get some potted plants in there or something! Also, I’m madly in love with Rana’s eyebrows in this page and her profile in panel three is stunning. Like Anon said, she definitely looks like her daddy.

    • Tom

      I’ve heard it said (By John Krikfalusi, I think?) that one should always start a drawing with the eyebrows, then build the rest of the face around them, so fundamental are they to expression. No idea if this is a hard and fast rule or just his particular style, though. I, for one, can’t bring myself to say the eyebrows on this page are the best bit, though, simply because everything else in every single panel is EQUALLY AWESOME :-P

  • kate

    are those lil’ wolverine statues?

  • DukeBG

    Rana’s three-storeyed umbrella is… weird. If it’s not a spherical/cone shape, the water wouldn’t pour down from it

    • Yeah, lol. It is one of those stupid formality/ royalty things. She would rather have a normal umbrella but if her dad comes home and sees family and staff mixed together without any semblance of order he will be pissed off.

      • DukeBG

        Yeah, but this umbrella is only good versus the sun! In the rain it would probably collect a puddle of water on it and then either drip on Rana, or the fabric would tear and a huge blob of water will show our poor princess.

        I totally see this coming, btw. Something like this would fit right with everything else happening so far today for her.

        • DukeBG


        • True, not the best design, but, customs. Also, thighfriend really wanted a cameo part :]

          • DukeBG


  • RichWalk9891

    I’m assuming that this is not a flashback of some kind and continues from after Chapter 2?

    And Rana really does take after her father, I can see the resemblance as she frowns in panel 2.

    • Nope, you can assume the comic reads roughly linearly, even across chapters (for a estimate of the day you can look at the phase of the moon, if it shows up in that chapter). Flashbacks are always denoted by rounded corners like on this page or this page.

      • RichWalk9891

        Cheers, at least I won’t be lost when it comes to present time and flashbacks.

        So this means that either Hyla took the news of her mother’s death very well, or no-one had it in them to inform her of what’s happened…and I’m worried about what will happen down the line.

  • TD

    I listened to the podcast you linked to, and they were talking about the site layout and it reminded me of one particular feature I really appreciate. Your archive layout is brilliant, it is more navigable than any I’ve ever encountered. The use of a visual archive is something I would have never thought of but it makes so much sense for a webcomic. Trying to navigate the archives other webcomics is often a bit of a guessing game, but yours is perfect, unique and inspired.

    • Haha, thank you. I designed it with burning hate for searching for archived pages via text links

  • Hansontoons

    The atmospherics are so well done I can feel the rain upon my face…

  • Ceceoh

    Those Pasori really know how to put on a show!

  • David G.

    And continuing with the “Shing’s names sound funny in Spanish” trend, now we have Suda, which means “he sweats” XP
    I’m sorry, it’s just really funny. I love your comic and mean no disrespect whatsoever :)

  • Deenight

    Rana is sooo cute ! Thanks for another wonderful piece !

  • Lar

    That glower makes me think of her father hardcore.

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