I wasn’t able to update before I had to leave for a trip :[ I’ll be updating when I return, after the 9th of this month. I did my best but!! you can’t win them all. In the meantime, MI updated a lot and is having a brief contest while I’m away. I also made a recap of the crazy last month here. See yall when I get back.


*angel chorus*

I want to explain/ apologize for any update spottiness… a member of my family died in an accident this week. It’s also the most work-heavy month I’ve had in over a year, so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I’m going to be updating Mare a bit more than Meek in the remainder of the month. When I’m in a bad mindset it’s a little bit easier to get MI of my system than TM, since TM requires me to be a bit happier to keep the lighter tone consistent. I usually do a 4:8 comic split between TM and MI updates, but I’m anticipating May to be more like 2:10 just because I’m having a rough time. Technically comics is my job, and I think in a professional environment you’d need to share this info with the people you work with/ for (that’s you) so they aren’t confused. I’m still a professional tho, and we’re still gonna get all 12 of the updates that Patrons are supporting for May. I know it’s frustrating for the updates to come less frequently, but I really don’t want to compromise the quality of my work if I can avoid it.

Anyways, “interesting times.” Thanks for understanding, and see you for next week for another update.



  • Hi Suda o/

    • Chyro

      Fancy meeting you here

  • Fridge_Logik

    But if Suda was sitting in the commanders seat then who was driving? Really it’s their fault the tank hit the fountain. Although driving the tank all buttoned up certainly wouldn’t have made the fountain easy to keep in view.

    Still though Rana, don’t blame Suda he wasn’t the one who couldn’t keep the tank in a strait line!

    • Oh, shit can you correct me on the visibility thing? I honestly don’t understand the ins-and-outs of how it would be driven, did I cover some piece of equipment that needed to be open, or something… if so I will defs fix that since they shouldn’t be driving that blind, haha

      • Chyro

        I’m sure it’s OK. Tables tanks don’t necessarily need to have the same layout as our universe, do they? Plus he’s rich enough to have a customized non-standard tank.
        About the… other topic… Well, that stuck sucks. Best of luck for everything.

      • Lost Yoopee

        I have been in a Sherman, I know that had a 5 man crew, I would imagine the era this comes from might be 3 – 4 man crew. Though even if Suda was the tank commander he seems like the type that want to drive it as well. If it’s anything like driving an ARGO which has similar driving controls to a tank, it can be a difficult to steer, especially if you are trying to correct your over steer.

        • They passed the narrow door just fine ; probably just messed up because the leader asked them to do a dramatic slide/drift

        • Tadrix

          If you have an autoloader, you really need a 3 man crew: commander/navigator, driver, and gunner. Driver would be positioned in lower forward part of the hull, the other two ā€” in turret. Usually there’s no way for the commander to steer a tank, since there’s rarely an easy way to crawl from driver’s seat to the turret. Driver has his own hatch.

          If you don’t have an autoloader (which is a relatively advanced piece of machinery, and is yet to fully replaced its human counterpart), you need an additional crewmember in the turret ā€” yo’ve guessed it, the loader (gunner is responsible for aiming the cannon, loader is responsible for loading it with the correct type of ammo).

          • YetAnotherTroper

            Some tanks have a dedicated radioman as well.

            In fact, some very small tanks (especially early French light tanks like the Renault F2) have only two crewmen (in the F2’s case, a driver and an everything-else-guy).

      • Kastel

        Usually when not in combat, the tank driver and commander would be peeking out of the driver’s hatch in the front and the turret for the commander. This makes for much easier steering such a huge and clumsy vehicle. So I guess Suda wanted to show off a little… That didn’t work! XD

        I don’t know if Suda is intended to be the driver here, in which case he’d have a hard time doing so from the turret because a) you drive a Matilda from the driver’s seat in the front b) it’s really hard to go from it to the turret* and (most importantly imo) c) Suda’s super tall! ^^

        *A Matilda II is an extremely cramped tank, wether you were the commander inside the turret or the driver in the front you’de have very little space to move around. For example : in order to exit through the turret, the driver apparently had to rotate it at a certain angle to get (most likely super tiny) access to the turret.

        Here’s an exploded view of a Matilda II to give you an idea : http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x462/Dowly/Matilda.jpg

        And a video where a guy (tries to) show the inside of one :

        • Tadrix

          Why using Matilda II for reference? There’s planty of other examples. Today’s most known main battle tanks are US’s Abrams, Israeli Merkava and Germany’s Leopard 2. For WW2-era you could probably look at Panzer IV and Soviet T-34 ā€” the tank in the comic somehow reminds me of these two.

          • DukeBG

            Because the tank in the comic is actually based on Matilda II.

          • Tadrix

            I bow before the expert. It really looks like that. If specs are from it too, than the crew would be as I outlined.

            Nevertheless, here’s a little more theory:

            If there is a fifth crew member, then he would be the radioman (taking this burden off commander’s shoulders), manning forward mounted machine gun, and positioned in the lower hull right (alongside the driver/mechanic). Speaking of which, more places for a machine gun on a tank to be are coaxial one (coaxial to the main gun, that is), for a gunner or loader to operate, and one on top of the turret, for the commander (usually in the front of his hatch). Additionally, a tank can have smoke mortars (to create a smoke screen when, for example, retreating), grenade ports (to lob out a hand grenade, if some enemy soldiers managed to get on armor), and so on.

      • Cthulhufish

        Well, Suda is being a show-off, clearly, so it seems like he was commanding with the hatches closed for the dramatic entry…

        More generally, for driving around, the driver drives the tank, but can only see forward (usually)… The tank commander will have a bunch of prismatic sights or a rotating periscope or both. But if there is no danger of attack, the tank commander would raise the seat or stand (depending on tank) and command with his head sticking out of the turret. The driver would likewise open his hatch for better visibility. Some tanks allow the driver to sit high with his head above the armor and some don’t.

        • nick012000

          Even nowadays, there are some tanks that are supposed to be driven with their hatches open, even into combat: the risk of the enemy shooting the tank commander’s head off is worth the added peripheral vision allowing them to spot enemy ambushes and flanking maneuvers that could kill the whole tank better.

  • Brian

    Eek. So sorry for your loss.

    (Professionals are allowed to take some time when necessary to deal with tragic life events and the like, I’m pretty sure. Please take the time if you need it!)

    Thank you for the hilarious Suda tank-driving antics. I hope whoever he talked into letting him drive doesn’t get in too much trouble.

  • Vert

    Sorry for your loss, DS, and thanks for all your hard work!

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t care how the updates are distributed. I’m about equally excited to see what happens in both comics!

  • Ren-der

    My condolences, Der-Shing. But, please, take all the time you need…
    The best part about working with/ for a crowd like us is that we’ll always understand and support you so don’t be afraid to take a break when you need it most.
    Thank you oh so much for all that you do and I hope the bright colors return swiftly.

  • My condolences.

  • Ceceoh

    I’m so sorry for your loss Der-Shing. One of most wonderful things about the internet is how people share their talents so generously. The fact that I can log in and read tales like TM and MI still blows me away. Thank you for time and creativity, and my condolences to your family.

  • Kincajou

    My condolences for your loss, these things always hurt very deep :(, as others have said,i’m sure that if you felt the need to take time off/slow down it would be perfectly normal

  • Saberbeam

    Well Luca may miss the fountain, but Suda sure didn’t! :D *Cue laugh track*

    Sorry for your loss Der-Shing. I hope things get better for you soon.

  • Sabre

    So sorry for your loss! Echoing the others, do whatever you need to get yourself to a good place again, we understand and support you. And as always thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity with us and for being awesome in general. <3

  • LB

    I have been a long-time fan, and I know you’ve had some ups and downs over the years. Nothing is harder than losing a family member, though. My sincere condolences.

  • Jac

    I would never tell her this, but man, she looks SO MUCH like Dad.

  • Luces

    That’s so sad! Thank you for still trying to keep on, but perhaps it would be better if you simply take time out for the family. I’m sure everybody understands. Mourning needs its way!

  • RichWalk9891

    You’re welcome to take as much time off as you feel that you may need.

    Also, long time no see Suda.

  • Magdalene

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss :( I hope you and your family are doing alright.

    Your work is worth the wait, so no need to apologize at all. Don’t force yourself to do anything you’re not ready to do yet though–I’m sure people will be understanding.

  • hito_w

    Iā€™m so sorry for your loss, Der-Shing.
    Please, take your time and do things at your own pace.
    Thanks for keeping us updated in spite of it all!

  • Karyl

    May the grace of good memories sustain you, and the sharing with your family heal you all. Thank you SO much for your work and your desire to keep fulfilling your intentions, but truly, take the time you need to do what will keep you functioning healthfully.

  • Rebecca

    I’m so sorry for your loss and what your family is facing. Unfortunately, I understand where you’re coming from. Take care of yourself.

  • Lilian

    Sorry for your loss, Dershing.

  • Eyecager

    Sorry for your loss. Comic is amazing as always!

  • Rob

    So very sorry for your loss, you’re entitled to all the break-time in the world. Comic looks great as usual, keep it up!

  • Temmeh


  • Coldyham

    The Meek is meant to have a ‘lighter tone’? Perhaps MI is comedy in the face of adversity, but TM’s been nearly nothing but sads.

  • Mari

    I hope you are able to get through this month as best as can be expected. I know what loss is like, and just want you to know that there are people who care. ~Hugs~

  • Craig Trautman

    Our condolences our with you and your family. We hope you’re all getting by as best that you can and want you to put your needs in this situation first above all else. We’ll always hold out for whatever happens. We’re sorry

  • Arianwen

    I heard the angel chorus before it ever appeared in your description.

  • Heather

    Ah now I know who Suda reminds me of, Sokka from Avatar, which was one of my favorite characters at the time.

  • Coldesta

    Am I the only one hearing him doing that one Patton Oswalt voice?

    “And I’m wearing matching sweatpants and a sweat shirt, oh ladieeeees”

  • Spencer

    I feel like Suda would be the kind of guy to be driving the tank alone (in a “I totally know what I’m doing but not really” kind of way) and then pop out of the commander hatch just to impress the ladies.

  • catherine king

    I’m really sorry for your loss. Thank you for this page, even in the midst of such grief.

  • Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find good quality writing
    like yours these days. I really appreciate people like
    you! Take care!!

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