Not exactly Hallmark card material there, Hyla

First, thank you for your compassion re: my shitty month May and my brief absence in June (I was away for about a week, my first break in a long time). Losing a week is never great when you’ve got a tight output schedule, and I figured back in May that I’d probably fall behind on updates this month, what with not being a time traveling work robot. That said, Patrons of ANY level who are directly supporting the current 12pg/ month rate WILL be seeing the 12 pages this month, though they will likely be in unfinished pencils format. Anticipating a slip this month I already prepared those files, so those are ready to go in case I don’t get to finish everything on time. I’ve got 8 pages of Meek and 12 pages of MI lined up so we’ll see how far we get! And Patrons will also be getting the new tutorial which is going up next week sometime. I’ve been kind of busy juggling my own stuff, the upcoming Meek Kickstarter (!!!! I’ve already got blanks and it’s looking tight !!!!) and wrapping up some anthology work. And all my other work lol. What was I thinking~~

Getting kinda excited about that KS though, this will be TM’s first time in print (and also my first solo book ever) and I’m very nervous about fucking it up.

Anyways the point is, thank you for understanding these little speedbumps, I’m defs back to focusing on TM and putting out more quality pages. Gonna try for a Meek Week next week :O So check back for more updates soon~

And, of course, thanks for our $10 Patrons for the month of June!


  • Nessa

    OH MY

  • Derkasnake

    Meek week makes my interest peak! Should be sleek for a webcomic geek clique, so to speak.

    • squidlifecrisis

      Peak, peak, it rhymes with pique.

  • Whoa that took a swing for dark real fast! D: I love that he got Rana to smile for a moment though, I love the way these siblings interact.

    • It really did.

    • David

      It freaks me out to see how fast Hyla switches from “YAY MY BROTHER’S HOME” to “Dad’s dead”

      • Lilian

        Some kids are naturally emotionally intense, and can go from sunshine to thunderclouds multiple times throughout a day.

        Hyla is also coping with the loss of her mother. It’s not unusual for a grieving child to experience anxiety at the absence of other loved ones. “Mommy was away and she never came back. Now Daddy is away – how do I know *he* won’t come back too?”

        Hyla’s behavior may be influenced by Dagre, but it also seems feasible in the absence of giant supernatural tigers.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, no. Is Hyla making a connection to Phe never coming home?

    • jsfury

      That would be my guess, daddy is dead emotionally.

      • adam

        Or she knows about the tiger-thing.

      • David

        My call is that Dagre told her. Hyla seems a bit too immature to come up with a concept like “Dad is emotionally dead”

  • AnAverageLoser

    Well, that gut punch was totally worth the month’s wait. I’m ready for more.

  • “Daddy is coming home”, “No, he won’t. Daddy’s dead.”
    I suspect Hyla’s nightmare showed her that, Dad’s body is coming home…
    Possession of only parent isn’t good for growing children.

  • gfdgdfg

    Is this a Jedi truth?

  • das-g

    Is Hyla reading too much into Suda’s “the last thing he said” phrasing?

  • Ami

    The Meek in print?! :O would it be the first four completed chapters?

    • First three! Since the chapters rotate in 3’s. There will also be some new bonus materials in the book as well since it’s a bit short, probably a book-exclusive comic.

  • Oooh. I was confused at to which sister was which. I though Suda was continuing to hug/ rough-house with the little one until I read the comments.

    • Lilian

      I was also confused.

    • Molly

      I was too, and continued to be after reading the next comic, coming back and reading this one twice more, and then scrolling down through the comments. I guess the sisters’ outfits and hair are too much alike.

  • Ava

    Looking forward to when Hyla meets Angora…

  • Lilian

    I’ll admit it – Suda cuts a dashing figure in that uniform.

    Nice to see him get laughter out of Rana.

  • Toozday's Child

    “Of course Da’s coming home, Hyla! He’s a main character! YOU, on the other hand, need to watch your step if you don’t want to get GRRM’d.”

  • JJ

    Are the white belts (belt-sashes? girdles?) symbols of mourning?

    • squidlifecrisis

      iirc Suda’s is because he hasn’t had his coming of age ceremony (after they’re blooded, men wear a red belt, like Luca’s), and women always wear the white. it’s somewhere on the Meekipedia, I could be wrong :c

      • Yep, that’s basically it. Blooding was traditionally when a person killed someone in the name of their tribe, and soaked the sash in their enemy’s blood (or dyed it to convey the same info). Women could have it too of course, and often were just as capable of violent defense as the men, but it has an unpleasant connotation… so in most tribes, a lot of women did not wear the red, or would only dye a portion of the sash. The sash is tied to the right or left depending on if the person is post-pubescent/ of marriageable age.

        In the old days it was more common to see younger people with red sashes as intertribal conflict was also more widespread. In modern times these damn kids have it too easy etc etc etc.

        • DukeBG

          So which side should Hyla’ sash be? It’s on the left on the 3rd panel and on the right on the last…

        • JJ

          Ah, thanks :-)

      • Ceceoh

        Do the fish in the fountain count?

  • KH

    “Daddy’s dead.”


    • Comment of the day!

    • das-g

      The dad is dead, long live the dad.

  • RichWalk9891

    I like how Rana’s icy and aloof persona quickly breaks into fits of giggles when Suda hugs her. Gotta love the brother and sister dynamics right there.

    Though if I were hugging my sister like that, I’d get a mouthful of scorn. Probably.

  • Heather

    Oh look there’s my name, but that isn’t me. I like the second to last panel, her face, haha.

  • Crestlinger

    Horrible grin on Suda’s face that only they can see:

    Fortunately there are a Large number of other webcomic authors who have had recent kickstarterers themselves. Awaken and Stand Still Stay Silent come to mind myself for aides in hurdle demolishing
    *Pictures that tank on a olympic competition field.

  • David

    I would like to purchase this “book” of which you speak, that I might peruse and take merriment therefrom…

    Will you post a link? Are you talking about a physical, paper book, or a downloadable PDF?

    • All of the above~ Gonna be running a Kickstarter with those options, and some bonus content options. I’m working with a really experience team of indie book makers so this book is gonna be noice. But the PDF will be too… I’m in the process of cleaning up the old pages and rebalancing them so everything looks nice and clean for this edition.

  • It almost looks like in panel 3, Suda has no pupils.. Thought he was blind for a moment lol. :)

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