*July 2 edit* THANK YOU for your understanding re: the schedule slip this month! Everyone who is paying for me to make comics (ie all Patrons) are already probably aware of the delay already, and can read the pages that were meant to go up in June now on the Patreon regardless of pledge level. Yes even that guy who is pledging $.01, you cheeky bastard.

Everyone else will start seeing these updates either here or on Mare Internum starting on the 5th! July is going to be massive update month to make up for June, so I’m looking forward to it and hope you are too~


Good to see the fam doing well

So, I’m going to be updating as much as possible in the next week. Meek Week got off to a Meek Weak lame start as life is hitting me hard right now; I should probably not make too many extravagant promises, but please rest assured I am doing my best to get as many pages out as I can. I just want to sit down and work ;__; haha. ugh.

Again, all Patrons will be getting access the full 12 pages of updates this month, likely in pencil/lettered or inked/lettered form because my plate is so full. July is going to be a major comics catch-up month since most of my deadlines are hitting this week and thankfully won’t carry over into the next few months, phew. New content going up on the Patreon soon as I finish up a few things.

OK shutting up/ getting back to work.



  • Laurens Blei

    Don’t worry if your releasing of comics gets bumped because of life. Your loyal fans are patient. (Been there since the beginning).

  • Thanks for being so transparent about the update schedule. Don’t overwork yourself!

  • egg

    do you think she’s having some problems trusting the lateness of family members because they didnt tell her immediately when phe died

    • Well, she doesn’t sneak into her sister’s room to sleep with because it’s fun.

  • Ava

    Little siblings are just the worstest, aren’t we

    Good luck!

  • Reed

    Hmmm… something is up with Hyla, I’d say. I wonder if this kind of extreme behaviour and mood swings are new since the death of her mother.

  • Crestlinger

    Hmm PTSD by any other name. Makes sense but hoo boy.

  • Ceceoh

    Suda is a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow,, but not much good at responding to strong female emotions. (Hint: Hyla is really not worried about her dress right now.)

    • Paula

      Seems to me like he’s acting like a proper big brother rather than misinterpreting her emotions. Notice how Rana is the one trying to get Hyla to be logical but Suda goes to comfort her. “We don’t want to get your pretty dress dirty” is a pretty common thing to say to upset children, in my experience. I think it’s supposed to distract them/get them to calm down.

  • Some_Douchebag

    I think Hyla may be having a bit of a “My mother is a fish” moment, here.

    • David


      • Vert

        Faulkner. “As I Lay Dying”.

        Not a particularly enjoyable book. The aforementioned quote is the entirety of a single “chapter”.

    • Kozzy

      I laughed

  • TheSleepyMystic

    Love when you update. I’ve been here for years and this stuff is worth the wait. High quality, great story, great characters! :) will be waiting patiently for the next page!

  • RichWalk9891

    Hopefully Luca contacts Hyla to put her fears at rest, though I think it’ll take more than that to calm her down after what happened to her mother.

  • GaberahamLincoln

    No Hyla, he’s not dead. He’s dad! Dad dad dad dad dad dad!

    • Wow, the ultimate dad joke~

      • Corbie

        Damn, I read that too upon first look, for a fraction of a second. That’s some real mindfuck considering which thought might upset Hyla more. Great writing as always!

  • JepMZ

    Aw man. I’m sorry about the situation you’re going through. That’s really sad :(

    On topic : You did a really good job making Suda super handsome

  • Sean

    Hey, it’s still alive and active! I read this comic at the beginning, but then it got moved to my “morgue” file, of comics that had come to an untimely death. I sometimes look through that list to see if any are active again, and today I just found … well, you know what I found. I’m happy!

    • Haha, yeah I got my legal issues cleared up and am back to work~~ which is awesome. Thanks for finding it again, and you can also check out my other comic if you want, which is also currently updating! There’s a pretty good archive built up now.

  • Hyla

    I’m so invested in this comic since I came back to it, but it’s so hard to focus (in a good way) when my name’s getting slung around! I never hear it so it’s always a little shock when I see it in the comic or in the comments! :)
    And yes, please, take as much time as you need to put pages out, it’s worth taking care of yourself!

  • Tadrix

    Hey, Der-Shing, are you all right? Such silence is scaring (and I’m genuinely concerned about you xD).

  • Daniela

    Well, honestly I stopped being a Patreon since a while because of this.

    I love your art, your comic and I understand you’re occupied and everything but I don’t find worth paying when you are not fulfilling a schedule. I know art cost -that’s why I paid at first-, but also my work from which the money came from the 5 dollars I was paying you cost efforts too.

    • Yeah, that’s valid! Lots of people are pledging for different reasons; if your main reason is for complete updates then you are correct, June did not have 12x public posts. That said, everyone who pledged $5 in June did receive the full 12 pages of new content in the form of pencilled pages in addition to the extra content, an exclusive new tutorial, a wallpaper, and normal update and preview posts. And I have fulfilled everything for every month prior to this one. In case it wasn’t clear, these updates are spread between BOTH Shingworks comics, The Meek and Mare Internum, and not just The Meek. So depending on various factors, usually time, I will skew towards one comic or the other. For receipts you can visit the Patreon page; there is a post in the beginning of each month clearly showing what work was completed.

      To remedy the time crunch issues I’ve spent the past 2 months slowly phasing out commissions and tutoring sessions, since they were eating significantly into comic production time. Pages that weren’t fulfilled to complete form in June will be posted this month, along with the normal July updates, so we should be back at starting position for August.
      Hope that addresses your concerns! You can always PM me directly on the Patreon page for further questions or concerns, I take them seriously and do my best to address everything right away. Thanks for your past support and hope you continue to enjoy the updates :]

  • Anon3000

    Ooh, SOMEBODY knows some mystical being has come to collect on Daddy’s soul


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