Listen it’s a very important bottle opener ok

Happy Friday! Quick list of stuff

-Patrons can still read full sketch pages up until page 516 here

Little post about the deSadars

-The Elements KS is nearing full funding! So fast! Might be there within the hour. Lots of great artists, and I’ve got a little scifi short in it too, so give it a look if you haven’t yet!

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  • anameer

    GDI now that Suda made that promise he’s guaranteed to die at some point. Way to go big bro. But at least he tries.

    • David

      I kinda feel like Suda is such a doofus that his father would not assign him anything remotely dangerous. Of course, if Daddy dies, it might be a different story.

  • jnkteer

    Rana’s eyes are very brown like Luca’s, and Suda’s are green like Phe’s. Hyla’s are mysteriously very very blue.

    • Pasori eyes are generally brown or blue! Suda is the weird one of the three :]

    • David

      Hmmm, what other characters have green eyes?

  • Evilbob dA

    Death flag!

    • Restposten

      that was my immediate reaction as well

  • Spark

    Noooo Suda better not die D:

    • I scarred you guys for life haven’t I XD I’m so sorry

  • I have a feeling, Suda will return for bottle opener faster than for trinket from his father.

  • Doodledamage

    “Lala, it’s a promise”


    WHEEEELP….. pleasebearedherring….

  • DS

    Lala! How sweet. <3 Suda is setting the bar high for lovable older brother. And Rana is keeping eye on them both. I have a feeling she can be very protective of her younger siblings if pushed.

  • Crestlinger

    Now just give her access to dad’s medicine Bottles…..

  • Android 21 3/7

    Bye, Suda! Say hi to Phe for me!

  • Pylgrim

    Haha, I always love in stories the shock when a seemingly dumb or silly character is shown to be an emotional-intelligence savant.

  • Javi

    So there’s this thing where I somewhat randomly get a fixation with some detail in the story that I feel doesn’t fit for some reason. I mean don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t even cross my head that I might outsmart Der-shing with her own story (not to be unctuous, I just know that’s like it is), but it suddenly occurred to me that I wouldn’t have thought bottle openers exist in this world. Like, do they even have the technology to tap bottles like we have? Then I realized there were tanks a few pages before, which seem arguably harder to craft than bottle caps, so I guess they do, even if more rural folks like Pinter would rather rely on a good ol’ jar.
    I suppose what I mean is that I realize I haven’t quite got a grasp of the Meek-verse industrialization level yet. Surely my fault, should have binge-read everything again after The Hiatus.
    But yeah, bottle openers, tho.

    • The level of industrialization will be something we see more of! But feel free to draw clues from what’s been shown so far. As for bottles, all you’d really need is a metal cap and glass lip to press/ crimp it around, which isn’t too difficult~

      • Javi

        Yeah no I mean obviously they are capable of making bottle caps, I meant I wouldn’t have thought there is a bottling industry, like with factories and stuff.
        But yes as for now it feels (for me anyway) there are three stories that almost look like they take place in completely different historical and geographical setups and I can’t wait to see how they all clash!

        • David

          They have a bottling industry, but the bottles are mostly capped using sorcery.

          • Javi

            Haha, yeah that must be it!

  • Still kinda wish the star still said “u tried.”

  • Corbie

    About the industrialization of the Meek world, I get a faint vibe of Songmaster atmosphere especially in the deSadar chapters. Or maybe I get a Meek vibe when reading Songmaster (SciFi novel by Orson Scott Card), if it matters at all – it means the world is both extremely foreign and at the same time stunningly “normal”, and manages to put big differences in tech levels together believeably. Melikes. :)

  • As far as industrialisation, I admit I was really surprised in Chap 3 when Soli stumbled on the radio, and also had no idea what is was, and it seemed to be a very valuable.

    My guess is that Luca’s empire hoards tech. They seem to have a VERY tightly controlled society & are quite heavy-handed in enforcing laws. So I’ve the feeling they control most of the wealth of the world (or at least, this part of the world) and therefore also the technology (what scientist / inventor can fund their projects in an impoverished area, after all?).

    This would mean that surrounding countries are poorer and less advanced, and that makes technology very rare and very valuable both outside the borders and amongst people inside who aren’t affluent.

    Just my theories, anyway. :D

    Also, yeah.. bye Suda. :( He was my favourite of the Pasori bunch. I learned from growing up on Disney movies that whenever there’s a touching parent / older sibling scene, that person’s gonna die shortly. I remember in Big Hero 6 it was in the middle of Tadashi & Hiro’s bonding moment I suddenly sat up and said ‘Aw, crap, Tadashi’s going to die.’ My mum was aghast and yelled ‘NOOO, THEY WOULDN’T!!’ Five minutes later………

  • jerem



  • Natalie

    I really like hylas bunny. I want one.

  • Frost

    I just wanted to let you know that in the archives page 5.12 is appearing at the end of chapter three instead of where it should be :)
    Also, this comic is amazing, as is Mare Internum! You’re so talented and I look forward to every update!

    • Thanks so much for catching that! I accidentally tagged it with the current MI chapter, haha XD And thanks for reading~

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