In case you hadn’t noticed, Rana is more of a hands-off sibling.

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  • I love how Suda is smiling and waving at everyone :) That’s really why he’s popular, he’s a ray of sunshine. Rana, take notes.

  • Suda you can speak louder. We don’t know what you know, you know?
    Rana you are really great sister. Nobody knows what’s going on with Hyla, so you left her that way… Bravo. Bra-fragging-vo.

    • Lizzy

      I’ve got the feeling they’re talking about Phe’s death , but I could be wrong.

    • DukeBG

      He’s asking if anyone has been talking to a little girl about her mom dying.

  • DS

    I feel bad for Rana. When Phe died, I seriously doubt their father made a grief counselor available to the children. If she has trouble empathizing, she very well may be out of her depths in dealing with Hyla’s outbursts. Suda’s friendliness is just part of who he is, very much like his mother. Rana’s surliness is straight from her father and if being outgoing isn’t part of your personality, well…

    As much as Rana may be seen as a terrible sister, I think she should be pitied more than reviled at this point. It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll grow and mature as the story goes on. She may be self-centered but I also think they’re all moving forward as best they can after Phe’s death even if it’s not in the healthiest way.

    • Jen

      Yeah, Rana has never seemed all too pleased with her surroundings in general. Her behaviors remind me of some of my relatives who get stressed easily with lots of people and attention around. They just kind of isolate themselves from the mess in order to not have to deal with the stress.

    • Fridge_Logik

      It’s also possible that part of Suda’s outgoingness is an anxious outgrowth of growing up with a miserable hard ass father. He wouldn’t be the first extrovert who was compensating for a shitty home life.

      So Phe dying would turn up Suda’s need for public gratification to 11 as he tries to shore up his world. This also means trying to help Hyla and possibly Rana since he totally needs them to love him too.

      I could be wrong, it’s just a possibility, but something about how hard Suda tries to be non-serious and just one of the guys tells me he’s uncomfortable with who his father is and is trying a bit extra hard to not be him.

      • DS

        I definitely think you’re on to something there. We haven’t really seen Suda by himself so we don’t know what he’s like when he’s not “performing.” Safe to say that whole family is pretty messed up and giant drooling tigers aren’t going to help AT ALL. D:

      • Ceceoh

        I always saw Suda as one of those fortunate people who is always confident in his ability to love and be loved, without effort or even conscious thought. His conversation with Rana about Hyla seems so cavalier and heartless, yet he was able to do and say exactly what was needed to comfort a confused and scared child. As for being afraid of his father, all you need to do is look at his expression in the last panel here: http://www.meekcomic.com/comic/2-08/ . Talk about a kid who has daddy wrapped around his finger!

  • TorgueRND

    Thanks, that perfectly summed up my thoughts. Rana’s gloom doesn’t seem to me like a character flaw but Suda’s madcap cheerfulness is starting to look like a sport of denial.
    Also, a skinny man with the metabolism of a wolverine on crystal meth, I feel your pain, Suda. It’s been three hours since I had breakfast. :c

  • Ambroise

    Hey, Bolin’s a guard here!

  • Jen

    So should we assume that little is known about therapy and mental illnesses in this world is Rana being especially neglectful of Hyla? Not that I’m judging ( I like the depth this creates), I’m just curious how progressive Suda is in terms of how he compares to the world as a whole.

  • Binge Reader

    Well I’m glade that 1: I missed the huge hiatus this comic had & 2: I’ve finish catching up on an update day.
    I love how this story is slowly bringing everything together. Like a spiral, bringing the three main characters closer and closer til finally they’ll collide in an explosive climax. Probably resulting in Luca’s death because he’s stuck under the villain’s thumb er paw.

  • Herp McDerp

    Is Suda’s middle name Chris? You seem to have a theme going …

    • Haha, it’s just one word (they don’t have middle names, just long family names). And yeah there is a theme as your username implies, but it’s just for me/ fun and doesn’t mean anything in the context of the story.

      • Herp McDerp

        Heh. My username is just a happy coincidence.

        Anyway, I’ve been enjoying this comic and Mare Internum. Thanks for the entertainment! When I’m feeling a bit more flush, I plan to contribute to your Patreon.

  • wrbwrh

    is it wrong that i desire to see a naked rana…

  • Metrophor

    Is it terrible that every time Suda says anything, I hear Sokka’s voice in my head?

  • Times New Logan

    After going back and re-reading “The Lady and the Tiger,” I have to ask: has Rana gained weight between then and now? She said she was on a diet back then, but she seems a bit bigger here.

    Has she been stress-eating after what happened to Phe?

    • Yeah, she’s definitely put on a few pounds.

      • Times New Logan

        I had a feeling. Poor girl… with how much stress she’s probably under, I can’t blame her. Especially since she seems like the type to suffer in silence.

  • RichWalk9891

    The woman from the middle panel scares me. Those teeth…

  • Dark

    I misread your Patreon thing as “Supporters can read the next 516 pages here” and I was confused.

    • I need to sub to my own Patreon evidently

  • Crestlinger

    Ranan needs a hug too by the sounds of things.

  • Times New Logan

    Just noticed the windows are barred as they descend… just where are they going?

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